“Mappy Hour” Monday at Meridian Pint – “tricks of the trade for fly fishing in the D.C. area

Photo courtesy Mappy Hour DC

From an email:

“We had so much fun at Meridian Pint last time that we’re back again!

This month we’ll hear from urban fly fishing consultant Rob Snowhite. He’ll cover how to start, where to go and other tricks of the trade for fishing in the D.C. area. Join this new outdoor enthusiast community with maps, adventure planning and beer. Don’t forget to bring a map to share!


March 30th, 2015 at 7:00PM


Meridian Pint,  3400 11th St NW


Registration is free.”

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  • This is awesome. I’m so glad the occupation ‘urban fly fishing consultant’ exists. Living in the city without a car is awesome but I do miss fishing and hiking.

    • You should come to the talk on Monday. Lots of places to fish that are easy to get to with out a car. The Tidal Basin, Rock Creek, the canal, and the Potomac. No need to let living in a city stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

    • Also, you should come out to meetings of the National Chater of Trout Unlimited, they’re across from the Bethesda Metro. They organize outings and there are always people car pooling from DC. In fact, Saturday, they have a trip to Big Hunting Creek and some of us are car pooling.

  • Very cool. I am not a fly fisherman (more of a saltwater guy) but this interest me. I may have to check this out and give a shot at fly fishing.

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