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  • Delicious Indian food.

  • +1 Andrew Jyoti is quality Indian food. Delivery can be a little slow on peak nights, but the service is friendly and the food tasty.

  • maxwell smart

    LOVE Jyoti – not only is the food amazing I have always had the best service there. Just incredibly kind, warm and friendly staff (which is very rare in DC) has always made this one of my favorite places to go in Adams Morgan.

  • I also have a lot of love for Jyoti! Really great food and super friendly staff… I love their baingan bharta 🙂

  • They’re a favorite of me and my husband, but we haven’t been in a while. Maybe we’ll go this weekend.

  • I love this place. Their closing is inevitable due to the rents along that strip. And when that day comes, I will be very very sad.

  • SusanRH

    When I lived in Columbia Heights I would eat here at least once a week. Great food!

  • One of my favorite places to get delicious Indian food… And they are easy on the $$

  • They’re my go-to Indian place. So good.

  • samanda_bynes

    wow, i love indian food (i’m married to an indian woman, so it comes with the territory) and often lament some really good places, so I just kept going to Le Mirch – but it seems that I’ll have to give this place a try!

  • My SO and I get delivery from Jyoti at least once a week. It’s always fast, and the food is always delicious. Love this place.

  • Jyoti is delicious! And although it may not look it from the exterior, it’s really cute inside!

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