Friday Question of the Day – “Close to One Metro Line vs. Kinda Close to Two?” and How Far do you currently live from a metro stop?

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Today’s question comes from the forum:

“Close to One Metro Line vs. Kinda Close to Two?

It’s time to play a game of “Would You Rather!”

Would you rather live really close (say within 3 blocks) of a single metro station, or kinda close to two different lines — say about a 12 minute walk to one and a 15 minute walk to the other? I currently live over in South Bloomingdale and therefore use the NoMa and Shaw stops, but sometimes that 12 minute walk can be fairly daunting in harsh weather. I would love to hear what y’all think!”

I’d also be curious to know – if you currently commute by metro – how long does it take you to walk from your house to the metro?

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  • Big ups to Bloomingdale! I’m 0.7 miles to NOMA and 0.6 to Shaw Howard and I love it. I only use Shaw Howard if I’m going to Columbia Heights, Petworth, or National Airport though. Otherwise I go to NOMA since I can get to Metro Center easier.

  • I live 10 minutes to one line and 20 minutes to another, and I love it. It really comes in handy when one color is closed or severely delayed.

  • 2 blocks to the red line. 1 block to a major bus line if/when metro is acting up. I love it.

    10 mins would be the maximum I’d be willing to walk for a commute.

  • Blessed to live .5 blocks from the Stadium Armory stop. Blue, Orange, Silver and lots of bus lines are only 3 minutes away.

    • 2 blocks from Stadium Armory and love it. Plus, the trains are never crowded at that end of the line so I can usually get a seat.

  • I live a quarter mile from the Cleveland Park stop, right on Connecticut and thus a bus line, and I think it’s the perfect situation. We weren’t necessarily looking to be THAT close to a stop, but boy am I glad we are and I’m going to try and keep it that way for as long as we live in the city. I”m also lucky to have just a two-stop commute, which I’ve enjoyed. Yes, there are some times when I need to Uber or drive somewhere that’s off of the Yellow or something because it takes half the time the Metro would, but I’m ok with that.

    Was just talking with an acquaintance who lives just off of Wisconsin, about a 10-minute walk from the CP stop, and he admitted that on mornings when it’s cold he drives his car closer to the Metro stop so that he doesn’t have to make the walk. Wasteful but I could see myself doing that.

  • In Capitol Hill, 10 minute walk to blue/orange/silver, and 10 minute walk to Union Station. It doesn’t get better! I prefer this over being a block or two away from either.

  • I live in Penn Quarter. The closest one is Gallery Place (2 blocks to the red line entrance). Metro Center is fairly close (about 5 blocks). I can easily get to Archives in 5 minutes. I usually go to Gallery Place for red, Metro Center for blue/orange/silver, and Archives for yellow/green. There are also tons of bus lines nearby.
    I don’t think it can get any better than this. So sad I’m moving to a less metro-friendly neighborhood in a couple months 🙁 My goal is to move back to this neighborhood near retirement age!

  • A few years ago, I moved to an apt that was only a block from the metro. It actually increased my daily commute by 50% (I went from a spoiled 20 minute commute to 30 minutes), but since that 30 minutes was essentially all underground vs the old commute which included 7-10 minute walk in the rain, snow or humidity, it was a major win.

    I prefer being super close to one (fortunately, it’s two lines), although I’m glad to have enough nearby bus options to get me to alternate metro stops as a solid backup when there are the inevitable issues on my line.

  • Trinidad. It’s .08 mile from house to NOMA station. Usually takes me about 12 mins. There’s also a bus stop 30 seconds walk from front door.

  • I live practically on top of the U St. metro. For the first few years, I thought that was great. And of course, I pay a premium for it. But then I started realizing how close everything is. I could metro to work downtown in 25 minutes…or walk in 35, or bike in 15. Now I basically walk or bike everywhere. If you are lucky enough to live within a few miles of where you have to commute to, and you are lucky enough to be physically able, then I recommend abandoning metro all together and hitting the streets. I have not been on metro in about 5 years. And oh, I’ve lost 10 pounds.

  • The 16th St corridor from about Q St to Meridian Hill Park is pretty awesome for this. Being roughly equidistant to two stations (Dupont & U St) with independent lines (Red & Yellow/Green) is very nice.

  • 10-15 minute walk from all the lines, with a choice of stops for Yellow/Green.

  • Yup, I hear ya. I live 3 blocks from Columbia Heights metro and just decided to walk to Southern Efficiency last night instead of metroing. It was about a 25min walk; and the weather was nice! Great way to work off (some) of those booze calories.

  • I live about a 5 minute walk from the long forgotten Fort Totten Station where I have access to 3 lines. It made it easy to get rid of my car when I moved there.

    What if most people in the District lived a 10-20 minute walk to the Metro or some other faster transit option… hmmm.

    • Fort Totten!

      I live 12 minute walk from Fort Totten – Being metro-accessible was a major criteria on house-hunting list, but I didn’t realize just how much of a benefit it is to live on multiple lines until after we bought. Totally lucked out.

      • I’m a 12 min walk as well, down SD towards mcdonalds. It’s not bad, but damn if it isn’t hard to convince people that it isn’t that far. I can’t believe how little some people do/are willing to walk

  • I live halfway between two metro stops, and it takes me between 5 to 10 minutes to walk from the house, depending on the weather and my shoes! I Also have a bus stop directly across the street from the house, which i thought I’d use in the winter, but actually I’ve never not walked to the metro so far! I say it’s better to live close to one stop than further from two.

  • 3 miles from Fort Totten, 2.5 miles from Takoma, with two bus stops directly in front of my house, and a very generous husband who drives me to Fort Totten every morning–that takes about 15-20 minutes in SB NH Ave traffic. Unless I’m very determined, these aren’t really within walking distance (if I did walk, it isn’t a nice one).

    (If money were no object) I’d like to live about a 5-10 minute walk from a metro, ideally with more than one line (i.e., Fort Totten) so when the red line inevitable is terrible, I can always use the green/yellow even though it takes a little longer to get to work.

  • northeazy

    I live in Near Northeast, which is pretty inaccessible to a metro. Union Station is a solid 20 minute walk, but I bike weather permitting and it takes only 7 minutes. The X2 bus, despite the notorious danger and rap concert atmosphere, is a very frequent bus and takes me to Gallery Place in about 20 minutes. Even if the streetcar becomes operational, I do not see any reason to use it as it would take longer to get to Union Station via the street car (walk from 11th st where I live to 8th st where it picks up only to then walk to the metro stop from the upstairs parking garage of Union Station where it lets off) even if I did the 20 minute walk.

  • Quotia Zelda

    2.5 miles, but I’m out in the burbs, so it’s only a 5 minute drive.

  • Live about 2 blocks from the Cleveland park metro on Connecticut ave and love it. Also live right by major bus stops which help when metro is acting up.

  • The Fort Totten stop is 10 minutes from where I live which is totally convenient, plus three lines stop there. I’m not crazy about the walk through the park though, but the distance is perfect. I wouldn’t live farther from a metro stop.

  • Less than a block from the Columbia Heights metro. I much prefer this to living a 12 minute walk from 2 stops. Yes, you sometimes have to change trains, but in bad weather (which I consider to be rain or hot weather) it’s nice to be right on top of it. Though as others have said, in good weather I much prefer to walk everywhere.

  • I live in Crystal City (though moving soon) and it’s great being on the Blue and Yellow. I mean, they’re the proverbial redheaded stepchildren of the Metro system, but it’s nice never really having to change lines.

  • theoutregirl

    In between two. Just over a mile from Petworth and I think 1 & 1/2 to Ft. Totten

  • I used to live less than 10 minutes from a metro station (first in Bethesda, then in Columbia Heights). I now live about 25 minutes from 2 different lines and 3 minutes to a (sporadic) bus route – and I love my location here more. I have more choices for commuting, it’s convenient to more locations, and I love being in a bit more of a neighborhood. Granted, I’m from Maine so I’m always like “what bad weather? This is nothing!” I do miss being about 15 minutes from a grocery store, but I’ll survive 🙂

  • I’m in-between Union Station and NoMa… NoMa is about a 10 min walk and Union is probably more like 15, but you have to stand outside @ NoMa which can suck in the cold with delays. Sometimes I bike to Union Station if it’s cold and I want it to go faster and then be inside… takes 5 min at most! I have a bike share at the end of my street and at the station.

  • I live in Logan about a 10-12 min walk from Dupont, MacPherson, and Shaw. It’s great to never have to transfer.

  • I think I may be neighbors with the OP. Personally, I don’t mind the 10-15 minute walk to either line, but I rarely take the metro. We’re really convenient to a number of bus lines that will take you downtown (P6, 80), to the Kennedy Center (80). I find myself taking the 90s busses quite a bit as they’ll take you anywhere from Navy Yard, Eastern Market, H st, U st, Adams Morgan, all the way to the Calvert Bridge. The G8 runs down Rhode Island into downtown. Though I find myself mostly walking as it’s a nice 20-30 minute stroll to get downtown, about 15 to get to U st.

    • Totally agree. I love that Bloomingdale has multiple metro/bus options. But I really really love that its easy to walk downtown.

    • OP here, I’m on Quincy Pl. The buses are great and I too often take the P6/80 and 90s. I’m lucky enough to walk to work (near Union Station) right now but am anticipating a change in commute when I get a new job.

  • We used to live on top of the Petworth metro and now live about 12 min walking away. Made the trade off when buying and it was about affordability, location, AND a yard. I was nervous about adding to the commute since I have about the same walk on the other side, but it’s been really nice to log a bit under 4 miles walking every day. When the weather is rough, I just deal or take the buses which are 2-3 blocks away.

  • As others have said, being between two lines is the best. I used to live .3 miles from the Dupont Circle station. Now, I live .7 from Woodley and .7 from Columbia Heights. It’s so much better. I still take the bus like 90% of the time though, as I’d imagine most do in Adams Morgan.

    • +1. I live in the same neighborhood and I love being between 2 different lines and have lots of bus options. Except for the work commute, I generally take the bus.

  • I currently live about 0.7 miles from the Petworth Station. I have a couple of bus stops within a block of my house. I love my proximity to the Metro. I am far enough away that it is quieter where I live but I can be down to the Metro in less than 15 minutes. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is a near perfect distance. BTW, when Metro does their studies they consider a half mile radius to be the walkshed for a station, but from the comments so far and my personal experience, this assumption could be modified.

  • 0.7 miles from Columbia Heights/U Street
    1.0 mile from Dupont/Woodley
    1 block from major bus route
    i usually bike or bus — i prefer being above ground! my stomach does a little flip each time i walk down an escalator.

    • Sounds like you live in my old building (right by Meridian Hill Park).

      I thought it was pretty ideal living there.

  • Bloomingdale, a little less than a ten minute walk to Shaw metro.

  • I would say that it depends of your use of Metro.
    – If you use it only on week days, rush hour, I would go for the closest option.
    – If you rely on Metro on week nights or during the weekend, clearly I would move at a place between the 2 lines. Station closure and track “maintenance” make the metro to unreliable to depend on only one line…

    • maxwell smart

      “If you rely on Metro on week nights or during the weekend.. then take a cab.”

      • I try to use Metrobus on the weekends because of all the track work, but if time is of the essence I’ll cab/Uber it. Sometimes car2go just because I miss driving.

    • I have to agree. While, in theory, a mile walk to the metro each morning is a good way to start the day, I’m not a morning person. It would just increase the number of times I’d give up and cab/uber/car2go to work.

  • I’m about 15 mins from red and blue/orange each and I just take the bus and uber a lot. I’d much rather be close to one than my current situation.

  • maxwell smart

    1.25 miles (20+ minute) walk from Friendship Heights or Tenleytown. But I ride my bike 9 months out of the year and take the bus (which is 2 houses down) the rest of the year. Accessibility wasn’t as important as finding a 1 bedroom in my price range with washer, dryer, hardwood floors and parking.

  • If you live really close to only one Metro line, you should become familiar with the nearby buses for when that line has problems. A few months ago I moved to Takoma and I live very close to the Metro station. As long as the Red Line is functioning, it’s great. I love knowing that when I get off the train, I’m basically home. Takoma has some really quiet, empty streets at night and I’m glad I don’t have to walk far to get to my door. I’m also close to the 50s and 60s buses, which give me access to the Yellow and Green lines. Before that I lived in Glover Park, which is not convenient to any Metro station. I took buses everywhere, which worked great for commuting or going anywhere near downtown, but going from Glover Park up to Petworth or Columbia Heights to visit friends was a huge pain.

  • Accountering

    I am currently 300 feet to the Stadium-Armory Metro station. When I move I will be 300 feet to the Shaw-Howard University Metro. I would definitely prefer being very close to one, than closer to two. One a weekend, if the close one is shut down, I am just going to CaBi or Uber anyways.

  • I’m about 15 min walk to the Petworth station and a 20 minute walk to the Ft. Totten station, but the 62/63 stops 1/2 block away and the 64 is only a couple blocks, so it is pretty convenient.

    However, when I first moved there in 2003, it was far less convenient. At that time my office was at 20th and L, NW, so I either had to take two buses to work (the 68 back then and then any bus along K, which is so crowded it was typically faster to walk) or take the 62 to Petworth and then use both the Green and the Red lines. My commute went from 30 min living in Silver Spring to at least 45 minutes, even though I was 50% closer in terms of miles. I tended to use my car to get to work a lot. Then in 2007 we moved to 13th and L, NW, and my life got a lot better. Now it’s either a 1-hour walk on pleasant days, or an easy 25-minute ride on the 63.

    As an aside, I think the best improvement Metro ever made was installing smartcard readers in the buses. Before that it was either exact change, which was a pain with the fare was, say $1.35, or a pass that I wouldn’t use enough to pay for it. When the smartcard readers came in, it wasn’t just easier to pay, I learned about an entire part of the Metro system that is often sadly underused.

  • epric002

    really close to one. am currently a 7 minute (about 3 blocks) walk to petworth/ga ave.

  • I’d rather live really close to one. Used to live at 15 min. (0.6 mi) walk from Blue and Orange on Capitol Hill. Totally doable but just a little t0o far to make it the easy decision to just hop on to go somewhere. To most locations in the city, I could almost be there by the time I got to the station. Now I live three blocks from the Red line in Upper NW and I use Metro all the time. If timed right, I’m on a train in 7 min. from the time I walk out the door. Proximity has made all the difference in the world for me.

  • I’m blessed to live two blocks from L’Enfant in Southwest, so I have both – close to the station and there are five lines at my disposal. The irony is I work near the red line at Union Station and metroing at rush hour was awful (think about it – leaving busy L’Enfant, transferring at the clusterf*uck of Gallery Place, and then fighting the hordes up the escalator at Union Station). I finally figured out that I could walk to the main building of my agency and use the shuttle they provide between other agency locations. It’s about 10-20 minutes longer but I get more of a walk everyday and I don’t have my mild agoraphobia riled up.

    • Also we have three homes for sale in our development (Capitol Square at 7th/G SW) if anyone is looking to buy and wants to be close to a metro. Prices are low for what you get and homes will appreciate fast when the Wharf is completed. Just sayin’ 🙂

  • Emmaleigh504

    I live between 2 lines and it’s great. If red is fubar I hop on the green. My walk to the metro takes about 15 mins, but if the weather is gross or I have a lot of stuff I take a bus to the metro stop.

  • Live in Mt. Vernon Square. About a 7-8 minute walk to Chinatown/Gallery Place or Mt. Vernon Square Metros, and about another 2-3 minutes added to get to Metro Center. Now that I’m so spoiled, I’d have a hard time not living nearby all Metro lines like I do now.

  • jim_ed

    We’re about a 20 minute walk (but a 5-10 minute bus ride) from Petworth, and about a 25 minute walk (or 10-15 minute bus ride) from Ft Totten. Rarely go to Ft Totten unless heading somewhere on the east side of the Red Line. And since I work in the suburbs during the week and Metro is worse than useless on the weekends, I spend far more time on the 70/79 bus than I ever do using Metro.

  • I’m a 25 min walk to redline – but on bus line to Dupont or Foggy Bottom. Now that the suns out – biking is back on – so much better than trains/busses.

  • Less than 10 minutes to Shaw, roughly 15 to NoMa. (I’m in the Truxton/Shaw/Bloomingdale/Ledroit Metro Neighborhood at Florida and RI.) It’s handy being pretty close to two, but I rarely use it anyway.

  • We live with a block of the petworth station. I’ve lived near a number of stations and quickly found metro is not that great. It’s great for suburban commuters who live and work on one line, but getting around the city it’s terribly inefficient. I almost always bus, walk, or bike. I pretty much only take metro to the airport. We bought near the metro because it does seem to have an impact on property values.

    • I should add that the 79 bus is amazing, and a well designed light rail or street car on that route would be fantastic. Well designed is critical though. Tons of traffic on ga ave.

      • Accountering

        You mean, take a general traffic lane and dedicate it to streetcars and buses, and run it all the way to the mall? That would work very well. I really don’t much care about inconveniencing the commuters from Maryland. I don’t think we will see a mixed use streetcar proposed anytime soon on GA Ave.

      • jim_ed

        I love the 79. My biggest gripe is that it stops running so early. Considering how full the 70 is at all times, I’d say there’s clearly a demand for full time 79 service into the evening. Outside of rush hour, it’s usually quicker to take the 79 from Petworth to Chinatown rather than Metro.

        • +1000 on a later-running 79. The difference between the 70 & the 79 for a longer distance is night and day.

    • hammers

      I disagree that it’s only useful for suburban commuters. I live in the same vicinity as you and am happy with the metro most of the time for my commute; it isn’t great for getting around the city but I mostly live and die on the green line for that reason. I love the bus or walking for short trips but coming from downtown usually takes so much longer.

      • Same here. I love being able to hop on the Metro not only for my work commute, but also for going to the 9:30 Club, U Street Music Hall, etc.
        I usually even take Metro to Columbia Heights, which feels a little silly since it’s just one stop, but it’s usually faster than waiting for the bus. And the last time that I took the H8 home from Columbia Heights, it seemed to take FOREVER and was packed. Plus I saw a young woman throwing her soda cup (and ice) out the window right before I boarded, which put me in a bad mood.

  • 10-12 from there stations, but I’m an infrequent metro rider. Near lots of buses, so I’d choose further from metro because it’s cheaper if there was plentiful bus access.

  • emvee

    I’m at the north end of LeDroit Park, so it’s about a ten minute walk to Shaw, or 15 to U St. I walk or bike to work, though, so metro isn’t as important to me. Like others have commented, I rely far more heavily on the buses. The 70/79, the 90s, the G2… if those break down, I can get off and walk/CaBi. If the metro breaks down, you’re stuck in an underground tube with angry people for god only knows how long.

  • janie4

    Three blocks to the Petworth/GA metro. I specifically bought my house because it was close to the green/yellow line, because I commute to L’Enfant. I like being near one line, because I use it for commuting, and I drive or walk on the weekends unless I’m going to Gallery Place for a movie. Also, it makes getting to the airport easy. But I have always been spoiled. I grew up in NYC, over an express stop for the 2 and 3, which meant the 1 and 9 stopped there as well. So to me, close to public transportation seems really normal.

  • I’m an easy 10 minute walk from green/yellow & a bus ride or 25-30 minute walk to the red line. I’m a fan of being closer to a particularly convenient metro line but it’s nice to have another line accessible for random transportation needs.

    • Same here. Though I almost would say I prefer being close to the grocery store than to the metro station. But that’s only because the bus line is close enough that a metro station becomes less essential for getting places. I honestly don’t think I’d want to be closer to the metro because I love the forced exercise my 10-minute walk provides.

      • Also a good point. I’m a 10-minute walk to Giant/Target/etc in Columbia Heights and it is SO damn convenient. The Safeway and Harris Teeter are also pretty close in Adams Morgan. Also forgot to mention–love love love being a block or two from several major bus lines (16th street series, 42/43/H-series). So many options for getting to different parts of the city.

  • Of those options, my preference would probably be to have a moderate walk to multiple lines. Currently, I’m 2 blocks from Yellow/Green, 10 or so minutes walking from Red, and 20 minutes walking from Blue/Orange. But I like to walk a lot anyway (including to work) and on weekends I generally Uber, so I rarely use the Metro. When I do use the Metro, my most common destination is the airport, so that’s easy. And f I am headed to Union Station or to visit friends in VA, I usually just walk to whichever line I need, rather than transferring from Yellow/Green. Waiting on weekends is a huge pain, so minimizing the need to transfer is key.

  • my nearest station is two blocks away (waterfront), but i’m within a half mile walk of every line but red (l’enfant and federal center SW). given how rarely i do anything off the red line, i almost never have to deal with transferring, and it’s one of my favorite things about where i live. at my last apartment, i was within a half mile of all lines. it’s made me spoiled.

    • I live a little north of this, so about a 10-minute walk to federal center SW and a little less to waterfront. It is great! It’s good having L’Enfant Plaza so close too, though I really only use that to go to the airport.

  • Less than 10 min walk to Columbia Heights or 10 min bike ride to Woodley Park, a few blocks from multiple bus lines. I’d prefer to be close to one metro.
    But my bike is my #1 mode of transport followed by the bus.

  • I would probably choose to be close to one station, preferably with a good bus connection to a different color line when I needed it. I used to live in Mt P and I appreciated being able to walk to the Columbia Heights metro in less than 10 minutes, but also hop on a bus and quickly get to the Red line (Cleveland Park by H-bus, Dupont Circle by the 42) because I occasionally needed to go to Friendship heights, Bethesda, Rockville, etc. From my current apartment in the Palisades, it would take me 30-40 minutes to walk to a metro, so I mainly take the bus everywhere. I’m happy to see a lot of love for buses in the comments here.

  • I’d rather live very close to one, so long as there were a number of bus lines also close by.

    We live very close to the Metro – we can go from our door to the platform at the Waterfront station in 3 minutes. Orange/Blue/Silver is a 10-15 minute walk away (L’Enfant or Federal Center SW).

  • I live in NE about 12 minutes from NOMA, maybe closer to 20 minutes to Union Station. Ideally I would like the walk to metro to be a little shorter, and also, would like to have more options than just the red line. I do use the X2 and the 90 buses, but it’s tough with 2 kids to do that. Would love a direct way to get to the mall that doesn’t require a transfer or a long walk to the metro!

  • I currently live less than a block from one Metro line. I much prefer it — when I was in Adams Morgan, I was about equidistant from the Red Line (Woodley Park) and Green/Yellow Line (Columbia Heights). I could go to most entertainment destinations just by bus, but I hated having to take the bus to Metro (the Farragut West station, since I was working on the Blue/Orange Lines) for work. It felt so slow.

  • They should have applied the street car fund to a new metro line, this system has very few connections that always get overloaded making commutes way longer than they need to be. I live right next to a stop, but rarely use it because my car is much more comfy, and the cost of driving is shrinking in comparison to metro costs every year. I get a lot of panhandlers and stragglers on my doorstep because I live close to a stop, so that too is a bit annoying.

  • lindz0722

    I’m just north of Thomas Circle and feel like it’s an amazing spot from a transportation options perspective. I’m 10 minutes to McPherson, 12 minutes to Dupont or Shaw or about 15 to U Street. Multiple bus lines on both 14th & 16th Streets. Easy access to 15th Street, M Street, and R Street bike lanes. From a commute perspective, my office is about another 8 minutes past McPherson, so I typically just walk.

    Interestingly, when I first moved into the city, I would not have said that. Previously, I loved having a metro stop right across the street and my car in the building’s parking garage. I’ve since gotten used to the walk (although I still grumble when it’s freezing cold or snowy/slushy). But now, being close to just one metro line in the future is much less appealing.

  • andy

    I’m 1 mile from Ga Ave Petworth and 1 mile from Columbia Heights. Since I commute downtown, Columbia Heights is one stop closer and there is a bus line. Said bus line, however, is slower than walking most weekdays.

  • My forum question on the front page — MAMA WE MADE IT

  • I’m a 5 min. walk to Van Ness station. Both my wife and I work very close to metro stations, so being as close to one was best for us, especially since she works on the red line. I’d rather be as close as possible to the line that I have to take the most for work than be kind of close-ish to multiple lines, but it might also depend on the specific location. Our location works for us.

  • I Dont Get It

    One block to U St Metro Green Line.

  • maxwell smart

    As others have mentioned, it really depends on how important the Metro is to you – for me, I’ve now experience far too many delays and problems on the Metro (Red Line) to put any faith or trust in it being a remotely reliable means of transportation to the point where I basically flat refuse to use the Metro, even if it means taking 3 buses to get where I need to go (I’m usually too cheap to pay for a cab)

  • I commute from Petworth to Dupont. It takes me 1 minute to walk across the street to the Petworth metro from the corner of GA & Quincy, and my office is at the end of the block of the southern entrance of the DuPont station. I consider myself very lucky.

    The “would you rather” question is one that I ask myself a lot these days, as partner and I start thinking about where we might want to buy a house in the next couple years (or just stay where we are forever because it’s a great deal). Personally, I would rather live a 10-15 minute walk to different lines than very close to a single line.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I live 0.7 miles from Takoma, which takes me 12 minutes walking fast or 15-16 more slowly. I’m content with that. I wouldn’t mind being closer to a better bus. I used to be almost 2 miles from the nearest metro but one block from the S2/S4/S9. Back then I hardly ever used the metro, but the bus served me very well back then. Given real estate prices in relation to proximity to metro, if I move, I will probably seek out a place that is closer to a good bus and be ok with being further from the metro.

  • I live in Brightwood. I am a 10-15 min walk/5 min busride to the red line at Takoma, and a 15 min busirde/ hellno I wouldn’t walk to the green line at Georgia Ave. I live on two great bus routes – the 62/63 and the 70/79. I work in the city away from a metro stop, but can take either bus to work with a 10 min walk. For me, I am perfectly happy with the bus lines, although the 70 has some extra special characters from time to time.

  • hammers

    I’ve done both. I live really close (<2m) to the green/yellow line now and I love it. I used to live 15m walk from green/yellow and 15 min from red (North Cap and RI Ave) and I hated it; perhaps in a city with more mild weather. I'm in the really-close-to-one camp, but I commute every day via metro.

  • For my daily commute via Metro, I’d much rather be very close to one station. And I am, just 1.5 blocks up 12th Street from the U Street Metro. I take the green/yellow to Alexandria for work.

  • 10 ish minutes from the Fort Totten station, or less than 5 on bicycle. Not as close as I’d like to be, and there’s not much good stuff nearby it, but it’s red, green, and yellow all in one stop.

  • About 7 min walk to metro. 3-4 mins from major bus lines. It’s great to have options!

  • I live in North Petworth, and from my house to the Fort Totten metro, it’s about a 10-12 minute walk door to door. I’m about 0.8 miles. Or, it’s a 2 minute walk to the 64 line which will take me down to the Petworth metro (10 minute ride) or to the Ft. Totten metro (5 minute ride) when I’m feeling super lazy.

    All in all, my commute is about 35 minutes give or take. From door to door if I’m hustling, 30 minutes. If it’s leisurely, 40 minutes. Some days I wish I were only a block or two away from the metro (on days with tons of snow or rain) but in general, it’s not bad. I like the walk in the spring and summer.

  • skj84

    MoCo resident here. I’m a 15-20 minute walk from the Bethesda metro. It’s not terrible, but not preferable either. The next closest is Friendship Heights which is 30 minutes. I really do want to move closer in to the city, but this is what works for me.

  • Bloomingdale is so well-located and has such great bus service that I’d probably opt for those options before Metro. But in general I’d rather be really close to the Red Line (when it’s actually working) than more than a 10 minute walk from any two of the other lines. I used to live on Blue/Orange and while it was fine for getting to work, it was note very convenient to night life
    I am an 8 min walk from the nearest Metro station.

  • I’m a 12-minute walk to Rhode Island Metro, and an 18-minute walk to Shaw Metro. I don’t mind the distance at all, though, because I love walking, so that distance is really nothing to me. More fresh air, less time spent at the gym.

  • I’m about a 10 minute walk to U St. and to Dupont, but I hardly ever take the metro – I generally walk or bus everywhere.

  • I’d rather be very close to one. Now no more than 10 min walk to red line (Brookland).

  • We live 3 blocks from a metro. Prefer that over living in between two metro stops.

  • I live in Logan which is awesome because it’s within 10-15 minutes of all Metro lines and has great bus lines close by. With that said, I don’t take metro very often because I can walk (~15 minutes) or bike (~5 minutes) to work easily.

  • Neither!! We are 2 miles+ to Col Heights and a mile or so to Petworth. That is why we could afford our place.

  • about a 3 minute walk to potomac avenue metro.

  • I’m a block from the Shaw-Howard metro. When I was looking to buy back in 2000, I prioritized metro access above everything. I passed on larger houses or more restaurants (then) and I’ve never regretted my choice. Obviously everyone has different priorities, but this has been an awesome 15 years.

  • I walk out of my door and can make a train coming in 5 minutes which I love. This is blue/orange/silver so on the whole is a reliable set of trains during the weekdays for commuting. On the weekends, I may try to Metro if I’m traveling far and my destination is also very near a stop because I’ll keep an eye on the trains arriving and time my departure so that I’m not standing on the platform for 20 minutes. It depends what I’m doing as to whether that’s also an option on the return trip home. But if it’s nice weather and I’m going a reasonable distance on the weekend, I’ll just walk and I’ll usually grab an Uber for any evening activities further away. Once I’m dressed up, I like to just hop in a car.

    I have lived between two subway lines elsewhere, though, and that has its advantages as well particularly when taking cabs regularly would have been an unheard of expense for me at the time. I just think for my current situation, I prefer being super close to one station.

  • I live one mile from Ft. Totten and there’s a bus stop a block away. I will walk/ride in decent weather.

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