Castello Restaurant and Lounge with Live Jazz coming to North Petworth

931 Hamilton Street, NW at Georgia Ave

Been getting tons of emails asking about who’s coming into the former Mother Virginia’s space (2nd location) – finally an answer – Castello Restaurant and Lounge:

“Restaurant serving International and American cuisine. Entertainment to include a DJ and a live jazz band. Sidewalk Café with seating for 46 patrons and a total occupancy load of 159.”

Updates when they get closer to opening.

Georgia Ave looking south

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  • jim_ed

    That place is perfect for sidewalk seating along Hamilton, and it could go a long way to clean up that part of the block (in the literal sense, it’s always full of broken liquor bottles and trash). God I hope this is anything but another dumpy GA ave nightclub, and I’ll be there all the time.

  • This place could go in any direction. Let’s hope it works out for everyone in the neighborhood. Good luck to all involved!

  • It will be up to us as residents to ensure the ANC does a thorough vetting this business before approving any permits. We’d all love a nice restaurant and jazz lounge here. However, given the track record of other simarlily described lounges in the area, I’m not without concern. Who is the ANC Commissioner for this area?

  • Agree with the above comments but let’s not chase them away. 46 sidewalk seats does not sound like a shady nightclub.

    • 46 sidewalk seats sounds great. But a license to serve alcohol and have live entertainment until 2am during workweek and 3am on the weekend (per ABRA-097302) makes me a little nervous that it will be more of a night club than a neighborhood restaurant.

  • Sounds like a nightclub. DJ til 2 am? Not sure if that’s gonna clean up the block. Hope they have good food and are a fun place that contributes to the neighborhood, not sketchy mcsketch.

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