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  • Anonynon

    I think this is good, there burgers were anything special really. Hopefully something a little more fast casual/healthy will move in

    • More likely something trendy, meh, and more expensive.

    • I remember when they first opened, it was our favorite burger place. I don’t know what happened, but they started to steadily decline after a couple months. Soon, every order we placed would have something wrong with it. They’d get the wrong cheese, or forget the fries. The quality started declining too. I’m not surprised they’re closing now.

      • Definitely agree. I loved the Dupont one when they first opened, but it went downhill VERY quickly. That, combined with so many other, better spots opening probably did them in

      • brookland_rez

        I ate at this one when it first opened and I thought it was good. Haven’t had a chance to go back.

    • I’d be surprised if anything re-opened there. If a developer could get control of this building and the shoe store, that’s a prime corner for apartments. A single story structure is inefficient for this strip.

      • Yeah, this ought to be built up up up. Given that the studios across the street at the Harper or Louis rent for like $2000+ for a glorified walk-in closet, there’s clearly still demand for way more housing in this strip.

      • The empty space next to the Black & Orange is being gutted and an apartment/condo building (to be determined) is being built. They are in the beginning stages, but it’s coming. I think the plans call for the burger place, DTLR, the cheesesteak place and Boost Mobile’s building to stay, but maybe not the tenants? Maybe they are phasing the current tenants out to renovate the entire thing and Black & Orange is the first to go?

        I live across the street so I’ll have to scope this out tonight.

        • brookland_rez

          Makes sense. The cheesesteak place and Boost are historic facades. the DTLR is crappy 80’s in fill development. They’re going to do to that block what they did across the street when they tore down the Foot Locker/Kentaco Bell.

      • Maybe luxury apartments with stainless steel appliance ans granite countertops, and small plates restaurants on the ground level. 14th Street could use more buildings like this.

    • I Dont Get It


  • Bummer, I dug them. Inexpensive, decent burgers with interesting combinations, and the ambiance was a step above Five Guys. Coming soon: More small plates for $30 a pop.

  • They were too close to Desperado Burgers, which is much better. Maybe that’s why

    • Am I alone in being totally underwhelmed with Desperados? I’ve been three times, and each time i really wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it was just plain meh every single time.

  • I was wondering what was going on, they took their sign down, but when I walked by yesterday they were still open. Strange.

  • justinbc

    The service and food quality at this location was significantly worse than the Dupont location, which I actually enjoyed. The employees here were the epitome of people who DGAF about their job and late night it was a total sh!tshow.

  • Those french burgers though…

  • I live across the street and I could of swore when I walked by Saturday night that they were still open. (The sign has been missing for a few days now). Maybe the strong winds swept it away?

  • DC1

    This location was always crap. The one at Dupont was so much better and consistent.

  • I was carving a burger last week and found them closed. At least there’s falafel nearby.

  • Agree that B&O was decent at first, but outpaced by better places. Hope JJ’s Cheesesteaks stays open. Those cheesesteaks are the real deal, not the trash sold at other DC places. Healthy? Definitely not. But at least it’s arguably worth the calories and fat.

  • They are open tonight — and they even have chicken wings now (for those of you who may like that sort of thing).

  • I just ate at the 14th and U location last night… There were also no signs that it was going to shut down in any way

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