Black and Orange becoming/becomes Bo$$ Burger & Breakfast at 14th and U St, NW

1931 14th St, NW

Last week a reader noted that Black and Orange burgers had closed at 14th and U St, NW. A number of commenters and twitter followers wrote that it still looked open. On Saturday Charles wrote:

“I just ate at the 14th and U location last night… There were also no signs that it was going to shut down in any way”

Last week I also noted that Black and Orange’s phone was disconnected and their website was down. Another subtle sign that Black and Orange is no more:


So I stopped by on Sunday to see what was up. Though they were closed at the time – it appears we have a name change going on:


Bo$$ Burger & Breakfast it is.  Or soon will be.


14th Street looking south toward Elysium development:


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  • The name and art for this new place are not at all promising. What demographic could possibly find that appealing? It reminds be of the “Corporate Bar” concept that terrible Bar Rescue show used on their PIratz makeover in Silver Spring before the employees came back and burned it all.

  • Bo$$ Burger and Breakfast? So what’s it going to be in 9 months?

  • I Dont Get It

    I don’t like the name either but we sure could use some more breakfast options in the ‘hood.

  • Two dollar signs in your name = expensive. What marketing genius came up with that? I thought the burgers at this place were fine, but perhaps the upscale burger trend is passing. Let’s see, we’ve gone through froyo, cupcakes, ramen, glitzy cocktail joints, small plates, 12 dollar tacos…..What’s next DC???

  • I don’t care what they call it as long as they’re more respectful to their neighbors. I live across the street from this place and the old GM used to have guys play drums and music loudly (plugging their amps in the building’s power) to attract customers. We didn’t care if it was before 10pm, but after that shut it down! The on-shift manager wouldn’t even give me the owner/GM’s email to contact him to discuss it!

    No wonder Black and Orange went under, if that’s how they treat the people that live in the neighborhood (i.e. your everyday customers, not just the drunks that come in on the weekend)…

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