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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Reminder: PoPville unofficial HH tonight at Lost & Found bar, 1240 9th St NW, starting at maybe 6ish? Look for the records in the window. If you don’t see a group, ask random people if they’re there for the PoPville HH. Seriously do it! You might meet somebody new and that’s probably a good thing.
    Also, Gary may or may not make a cameo around 7/7:30 pm….

  • Rant: Finished my taxes this weekend. I make $50 too much to qualify for a $2500 education credit (part time MA degree).
    Rant: Had to come in yesterday because apparently I am essential. Ha.
    Rave: Carolina vs Duke tonight. The best rivalry in college basketball!
    Rave: Dickie V isn’t calling the game. At least now I won’t have to mute it.
    Revel: Done with work for the week by 1:30 today. Life ain’t so bad.

  • rant: the sidewalks in Columbia Heights are so slick! I nearly fell twice walking to the metro.
    rave: my unexpected day off was soooo nice.

  • Rant: Being asked the question, “Where do you work?” or “What do you do?” It’s rather humiliating having to explain taking a break, putting a career on hold, and being the “stay home”. The inevitable scowl of some folks who just can’t relate to the choices I made is rather disenchanting. And it makes me sad — not just the lack of social graces on the part of the folks who ask this question of everyone they meet, but the stigma some attach to those of us who don’t define ourselves by what we do for a living. There’s so much more to me than my W2.

    Rave: Having the time off to clear my head and figure out what I want to do next.

    • “There’s so much more to me than my W2.” Hear, hear! FWIW, I’m guessing that at least some portion of people who may be critical of your choice to take time off wish they had the option to do the same. Too many people express jealousy by being critical and judgmental. That said, I hope you feel lucky you have this option! There is no reason to be humiliated. There are a lot of very legitimate reasons to take a break or be the “stay home.”

    • I got the same reactions when I worked in a restaurant. Flexible scheduling and more money than pretty much any entry level job I’d get. Anyone judging you for your choices probably wishes they could do the same thing

      • skj84

        I once had someone express sympathy to me when told him I worked in a restaurant. Like I should’ve felt bad about being a host or somthing. I told him I liked my job, my hours and my benefits. There is no shame in making a living.

        • Yea, I’ve gotten sympathy too, but some of it has turned into great opportunities like help with my resume, job searching, and I even got a paid internship from someone I met in a bar. I served mostly, and I had no trouble with the fact that I made more money than MANY of my detractors, and I own a home while they’re still living in a giant grouphouse.

    • hammers

      it sounds like you are judging yourself as harshly as those other folks you mentioned. I don’t think you owe anyone any justification for your place in life, and you can say you are staying home (presumably with your child, since you say “the stay home”) with pride. Maybe frame it with–my background is X but I’m at home right now focusing on Y. Otherwise, just blow of those who would shame or stigmatize you.

    • skj84

      Screw anyone who judges you for your work choices. Do what’s best for you and don’t let nasty people get to you. For some of us a job is a way to pay the bills and nothing more. I give 100% when I’m at work, but I don’t define myself by how I make my living.

    • Mug of Glop

      “I’m on sabbatical.”

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Back home
    Rant: At the other home, weather is nicer
    Rave: that moment when the plane lands, someone opens the overhead compartment and the whole plane gets inundated with the smell of coffee. I could smell it several rows away :/
    Rave: That 737 has never smelled that good.
    Rant or Revel: I left all of my clothes there, so I had room for bringing more coffee. I know, I have a problem.

  • Rant: Dating a teacher apparently means I get all those student germs too.
    Rave: All better just in time for PoPville HH tonight!
    Rant: Desperately need to do laundry but the pipes in the laundry room are frozen.
    Rave: I still have water in my apartment.

    • hammers

      treat yourself to some wash and fold!

      • I might have to! Do you have one that you recommend?

        • We use Besson’s for everything other than socks, underwear, etc. and are super happy with them. They’re a bit pricier than some competitors, but get everything 100% right every time. They do pickup and delivery. (They also do socks, underwear, etc. We just haven’t sent that to them before.)

          • Thanks! I’m going to give the pipes until Thursday and if the machines still aren’t working I’m going to check this out. 🙂

        • hammers

          depends where you live– I go to to Spring Laundromat on Georgia and Park and have always been happy–it’s only $.80/lb so I can have 15 lbs of laundry done for 12 bucks and pick it up and its nice and folded same day. It costs almost that in my coin-op.

  • janie4

    Rant – I’m in the process of starting a dig out of my basement to convert it to a legal rental unit. I sent my required notices to my neighbors, and got formal acknowledgment from one neighbor that I was good to go. He sent it through an attorney with a documented engineering report of his place, showing all the problems with it. I’ve been requesting permission from his lawyer to get in myself to the basement, see if there is anything I can do to prevent damage to his place, and document the basement (which he didn’t send photos of). Saw him outside yesterday shoveling out his place. Asked about getting permission. He said “Oh you’re not getting access. You have permission, you don’t need access.” So I’m being set up for a lawsuit.

    How nice that my absentee neighbor, who abandoned his property long enough for the addition to the back (where the porches were) to fall off the house, who allowed the roof to fail to the point that his entire interior is scrapped, is prepping to sue me. He gets to neglect the integrity of the house, and try to make me pay for it. Some people are scum.

    • Is there anyone at DCRA that can help? Have you visited the homeowner’s center?

    • Did you use the standard DCRA form? It is a little confusing, but the point of the form is to get permission to access. Many misconstrue the form as “permission to do the project.” That is not right. It is your right to do what you want with your home. (That is why if the neighbor doesn’t reply in XX days, you can proceed). The point of the form is to allow you access to their home to document any trouble you may be blamed for, or to fix any trouble you cause. If the neighbor signed the standard form, he has already given permission to access. Hate to say it, but you might need to lawyer back.

      • janie4

        I used it, but that he sent a letter back from his attorney saying that he gave permission, so he didn’t sign the form. I have an attorney I can use, so I will contact her about it. I think this is going to get messy.

        • Interesting. I wonder what he thinks he gave permission for. If he is expecting you to pay for any problems associated with your work, he has to give permission for you to access the property and document its condition. The form (and code) makes that pretty clear. It is good you have a lawyer. It sounds to me like he may actually be forfeiting his rights to make a claim against you by denying you access but a lawyer can tell you for sure. This course of action might actually hurt him in the end. The best thing for a neighbor to do is the sign the form and provide access. It puts the home owner doing the work on the hook.

  • rave: a gloriously unproductive four day weekend
    rant: it was really unproductive
    rave: monster hunter 4~
    rant: not enough time to play monster hunter 4

  • Rant: No parking enforcement during the snow emergency yesterday meant that our driveway was blocked ALL DAY AND NIGHT by someone who decided in the middle of the snow Monday evening that it was a parking spot. We could not get them ticketed or towed and could not get out of the driveway all day. I completely understand and agree with not enforcing the two-hour limit or rush hours during a snow emergency when it’s dangerous to drive, but why can’t they ticket and/or tow folks that are parked in illegal spots blocking driveways/hydrants?

    • Parking enforcement was out yesterday ticketing cars in the emergency lanes, so I’m surprised they wouldn’t move the car. Why would someone stop in front of an occupied driveway. It was dicey out there but still.

      • We called and reported via the 311 app and were told that they were only enforcing snow emergency route restrictions, not residential parking restrictions. As to why someone would park there, I have three theories: (1) there was enough snow/dark when they parked that they didn’t see the curb cut and realize it was a driveway (unlikely because of the car parked there and the garage at the end), or (2) they figured they would only be there for a little while and then realized they couldn’t get the car out once the snow had really picked up, or (3) they were just huge assholes who didn’t want to look for a real spot.

  • Rant: I did not want to get out of bed this morning. Seriously, I could use four more hours of sleep. I think I am officially in the hibernation part of winter.
    Rave: Dinner with my adopted mom this evening.
    Rave: Apparently I use snow days to organize closets and make delicious snacks. My closet is so orderly now. Let’s see how long that lasts.

  • Rant: Cough and cold don’t want to quit. Up coughing until wee hours of morning the last two nights.
    Rant: Cough aggravates back pain
    Rave: Back at work today where i can sit at my computer in peace and not try to entertain a toddler with 100x more energy than I have 🙂 May even go to the nurse’s office for a nap. (Ha! who am I kidding….)

  • Rave: I got so much done yesterday. I almost finished my entryway re-do and any time I can take a metallic Sharpie to my walls I’m happy, made art for my bathroom, did laundry, made delicious pulled pork stuffed into roast sweet potatoes, and went sledding.
    Rave: PoPville HH tonight.
    Rave: stopping home to pick up my Emilie trolling package that should arrive today.
    Rave/Rant: Yet another Caps win versus the Pens this season. But what was up with the reffing? I think Alan May was on to something when he said the game was reffed by out of work WWE officials. And the camera man/editing crew also win an award for never actually showing the last goal.

    • Accountering

      I missed two of the goals. I still didn’t see the Penguins goal go in. As far as I am concerned, we won 2-0 haha!

      • Rave: Awesome win on the road, this has been a great season!

        Rant: The refs let the game get out of hand, but CSN does a poor job of presenting the whole picture. The nhl.com highlights clearly show the Pitt goal and the Brower goaltender interference (CSN made it look like a blown call). http://www.nhl.com/gamecenter/en/recap?id=2014020848

        Rave: Caps and Wizards both give hope for an end to our 23 year drought! (Nationals too, but that’s 8 months away)

        • It’s the Caps broadcast, I fully expect homerism and I take it all with a grain of salt.

          • That’s fair, agree I’d expect it, especially in the commentary. Guess I was just surprised by the revisionist visuals too.

          • I don’t think I saw what you’re talking about, or didn’t pay enough attention. Locker gets consistently carried away, but he the color guy. Joe B is more balanced, but he’s still calling it for the Caps (though he was out sick last night).

    • Emmaleigh504

      omg you didn’t get new Bean boots did you? you are dead to me. dead!

  • Rant: Teenage family member has cancer in a hard to get to spot. She starts chemo Friday. This is why I’m not atheist.
    Rave: I’m able to over her mom’s hotel stay and treat her mom to dinner.

  • Rant: fire in my apartment complex last night.
    Rave: massive response from DCFD. It looks like maybe only two people were hurt. I hope that was the case.
    Rant/rave: some guy jumped off the Conn. Ave bridge over Klingle Road fleeing the police. He apparently was healthy enough after that to walk out on his own, accompanied by police. I’d love to know more.
    Yesterday was an action-packed day for sleepy Cleveland Park.

    • Accountering

      What a dummy. Isn’t this a suicide bridge? Or am I thinking of the Calvert. Either way, what a dummy.

      • SFT

        I think that’s Calvert bridge. They put up the big iron posts to keep people from jumping, but the Conn Bridge (just around the corner) has no barriers. I wonder what the difference is? Is the Calvert bridge taller?

        • Klingle is in Cleveland Park, north of the zoo.

          The 2 bridges in Woodley are Ellington (Calvert) and Taft (Connecticut).

          They only put the barriers up on the Ellington bridge because the railings on that bridge are waist height, whereas the railings on the Taft bridge are shoulder height. Suicide is such an impulse decision that raising the railing height to a slightly higher level of effort was all that was needed to remedy the problem. The suicide rate on the Ellington bridge went to effectively zero and remained unchanged on the Taft bridge despite proximity.

      • No, not the suicide bridge – that is the Duke Ellington Bridge (carries Calvert over the park). Though the Taft Bridge (Conn. Ave over RCP) would be just as effective for that.
        From what I understand, this guy jumped off the bridge near the Kennedy-Warren, which is still a drop, but not huge.

  • Rant (?): A bird appeared in my house yesterday. I heard a noise in the kitchen, then a bird flew through the house. Big black bird, like a starling. I opened the door and it flew out — but HOW DID IT GET IN THE HOUSE?
    No doors or windows open, no fireplace, dryer vent sealed. But
    Rave (?): No shit
    And, because looking at cute pups and cats is always a good way to spend part of my work day (!), I joined Instagram. Late to the party, but there you have it. sharonwdc featuring my pup Mazie

  • Rave: Finally made it to the doc and got meds for my cold and upper respiratory issues.
    Rant: Meds make me sleepy!
    Rave: Finally got a humidifier! Not sure it’s working yet, but I’ll give a week to grow on me.
    Rave: Pooch is back in the house. He’s as adorable as ever.

  • SFT

    Rave: Took the kiddo into the snow for the 2nd time ever. He hated it. But it was sooo funny. I must have watched the video of him sledding and crying at least 25 times.
    Question: When do kids start liking snow? I didn’t see snow until I was 28, so I don’t know what’s normal.

    • I think it completely depends on the kiddo. My niece was born in December in Chicago so she’s seen snow her entire life and has always looooooooved it.

    • I was born and grew up in Niagara Falls, NY. Significant amounts of snow fall every year. My mother made sure we went out to play in the snow. I always hated it. We went to resorts for sledding, skating, riding snow mobiles and skiing. I always hated it. I haven’t lived in NF for over 25 years. I don’t visit during winter months. As a kid I never liked the snow.

      This year for the first time I want to go snow tubing and skating. I’ll be at Massanutten next weekend.

      • Western New York represent! +1 on hating the snow from a young age. To this day, all I can do is just try to brace myself for it with huge costs, hats, mittens, and the like. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to enjoy more like you have.

        • SFT

          I hate it too, but just assumed that was from growing up on the beach. Warm weather beach. I’ll never get used to all of these winter clothes. and piles of snow!

        • saf

          Former Rochesterian here – and I left for many reasons, but one was the winters.

      • I grew up in Maine, and didn’t like how cold the snow was (I was a constantly cold person, and I still am). However, I did like eating snow, skiing and ice skating (until I couldn’t feel my appendages), making snow angels (until the snow went down my jacket) and building snow forts with my brother (but he would otherwise ignore me, so I don’t count that as liking snow). One fun thing to do with kids is fill a spray bottle with water and food coloring and “paint” the snow – he doesn’t have to touch the snow, it won’t stain anything, and gives him a new way to interact with it.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The Golden lab I frequently see playing outside on the 1900 block of 13th SST NW Vwith his human partners. Rant: On 2/14 (okay I’m behind) I walked by and the dog had just come outside with two young guys I’ve never seen before. After I walked by the guy with the beard said to my back “Sir, what are you staring at? I’ll kick the sh*t out of you.”
    Rave: I guess since he called me “Sir” he was politely threatening me.

  • skj84

    Rant: I don’t’ think I’ll be able to make HH tonight. Bummed, I was really looking forward to this one.

    Rant: I’m having trouble sleeping. I may fall asleep, but I usually wake up 2 or 3 times each night. Lots of tossing and turning.Or I’m overheated.

  • Rant: Car broke down yesterday. It just completely stopped when I was driving, but I was able to start it again and get it to the mechanic today.

    Rant: I’m in a relationship that should have ended quite a while ago but for some reason it’s still going on. And even worse, I recently met a really cute girl who is also very funny and smart, really my type. She wants to see me this weekend and doesn’t know that I have a gf (unless she’s checked my facebook profile.) I guess I shouldn’t have flirted with her when we first met, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I guess I better be responsible and tell her that it’s not a good time for me to be dating. I hope she appreciates my honesty instead of thinking that I’m some kind of scroundel or heel.

    Rave: Don’t have any today. I want to go back home and go back to sleep!

    • Please, please tell the cute girl sooner rather than later that you are in a relationship. As in, within a half hour of sitting down to a table with her, not after the end of a lovely *date* where she has other expectations.

      And I am going to challenge you a bit here. Regarding your current relationship, you say “for some reason it’s still going on.” Relationships aren’t something that just happen to us; we affirmatively decide to be in them each day. Non-action/staying in a relationship is a decision you’ve made. So own it, and then if you decide you don’t want to be in it any more, end it.

      • Honestly, I might tell the girl BEFORE you go out this weekend. If I were interested in someone and they agreed to hang out I would definitely be thinking “date” and I would be annoyed to have wasted my time with someone who wasn’t in a position to date at all. Maybe she is looking for a friend (and is more understanding than I am) but I’d suggested laying that out upfront, before you embark on plans.

      • +100000. It’s not fair to this girl, or to your partner. If your relationship should have ended a while ago, end it now. THEN you can go out and flirt with other girls.

      • Thank you, this is lovely advice and very well stated. I wasn’t the poster but what you wrote really clicked and nudged me into doing what I need to do, not what I want to do (which is nothing). anyway, thank you.

      • +1 to everything artemis, kserasera and Erms said.

    • Andie302

      I read it that you don’t have plans yet with the cute girl. I would say that you may want to postpone until you sort out things with your relationship (which may take longer than you antcipate). If I were the cute girl and you pursued plans with me without disclosing that you have a girlfriend, I would see that as a red flag. If I was the cute girl and got a text that said something like “I’m just not in a position to spend time with you right now, but if that changes, can I hold onto your number?” that would seem like you are being above-board. She may not appreciate that you flirted with her while you were in a relationship, but I would hope she would appreciate the honestly. Good luck, and please let us know what you decide if you’re so inclined.

      • I don’t have plans to see her yet. We’ve been emailing each other and she asked me if we could meet for coffee some time this weekend. I told her I’d get back to her. I’m planning to call her and tell her that I can’t go out with her (I’d rather talk to her than do this via email.) I don’t really feel like getting into the details of my current relationship, but when someone you’ve been with for several years pretty much stops communicating with you, the relationship is pretty much over. I really need to talk to her as well. Why does life have to be so complicated?!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Why are you calling when you’ve been emailing? So she’s forced into having this awkward convo for this situation you created? Maybe it’s just my phone phobia coming out, but I just email her the situation.
          Good luck with the other conversation that has to be had. That’s never fun.

          • Andie302

            The additional benefit of email being you could edit what you say – who knows what happens on the phone?!?! What if she pushes you for a reason? If you’re uncomfortable letting her know the situation, I’d stick to what you’re comfortable saying via email.

        • “…but when someone you’ve been with for several years pretty much stops communicating with you, the relationship is pretty much over.”
          Um yeah, you should get out of this relationship as quickly as possible. Hopefully you’re not married and don’t own joint assets *knocks on wood*

        • If the relationship is basically over, and you want to date other people, then why isn’t the relationship over for real/in reality? Sometimes you just have to break up. Or, you can do what many do who are too chicken to be honest do, which is sleep with someone else, and let the other break up with you. Which kind of person do you want to be?

  • Accountering

    Rave: Beating the Penguins
    Rave2: After a semi legit no-call, the Penguins absolutely lost their minds, and gave us the game. Thanks for that!
    Rave3: We beat the Penguins again! Normally playing Pittsburgh is like the House of Pain – this year we have been handing it to them.

  • This isn’t so much a rant or revel as much as nosy curiosity. Every morning when I’m riding the 64 bus into downtown, there’s a long line that appears to be waiting to get into 1010 M Street NW. It’s beside the Eleven M Market. I’ve googled, but can’t figure out what in the world the line is about. I assume shelter or free meal, but I’m one of those people who just has to know. Any ideas?

    • I had the same question a few weeks ago and came up with two potential answers. The Consulate of Honduras is right there along with a legal aid organization called Equal Justice Works. I am guessing that the lines are to deal with visas or other consulate matters, or to get legal aid.

      • jim_ed

        I’m pretty sure that line is for the Consulate. There’s often a similar line to the Consulate of Guatemala off Georgia Ave in Silver Spring.

        • That’s my guess too. But the odd thing is that the consulate is at 1014 M NW and Equal Justice Works is at 1010 M NW. The line definitely feeds into 1010 M NW but the people in that line look like they very well could come from Honduras or have family there.

    • Unexplained lines always fascinate me. In a previous city I lived in, I’d often run past a long line even at 6AM at a very nondescript, unsigned storefront. The folks never quite looked homeless, but were still a bit scraggly. For the longest time, I guessed some sort of temporary employment agency. I eventually found out it was a methadone clinic.

      • I also investigate lines. One time, I saw a line of people waiting to get into a non discript store on H Street, finally found someone to give me the 411. One day a week they were giving out cigaretts when you purchase your booze. Not a complete pack, a few at a time.

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: Kennedy Center Book of Mormon presale. The website has been crashing for 45+ minutes–can’t even get logged in! Really frustrating to get a membership only to have the site not function at all when you try to take advantage of a presale to purchase tickets (and especially frustrating to know this has happened before and they didn’t do anything to remedy it in the past year).

    • When this happened to me last year I just gave up the first day and then got online at like 6am the next morning and was easily able to book. But I did the same thing – got membership just to get early access for that show – and then didn’t renew because I was so frustrated.

      • msmaryedith

        Ugh! Yeah, you would think they may have learned their lesson. The sale was already postponed by a day because of the snow. My fiancé has been on hold on the phone with them for 45 minutes now but has to go into a meeting soon so will probably hang up.
        There are also 120+ prime seats already available for the night we preferred on Stubhub (for much more, obviously). Really makes me angry–I want to tell them we want a refund on the membership. I am sure they knew they couldn’t handle the volume this time any better than last.

        • To play devil’s advocate, I have never heard of this happening other than for Book of Mormon. If that’s the case, it’s unrealistic to expect the Kennedy Center (or whatever contractor handles their website sales) to make expensive upgrades to handle a one-time event.

          • But perhaps they could set up a system so this same problem doesn’t happen again – for example, limiting the number of tickets purchased at once (ticketmaster and stubhub buy a TON and then post online which makes it harder for everyone else to buy at face value), staggering sales windows by membership level or random assignment, setting staggered availability by performance date, etc.. There are plenty of ways to address the annual clusterf*** without upgrading their systems.

    • Rant: I was in Miami in December for a few days for a mixed business/pleasure trip. Passed a billboard advertising Book of Mormon at their performing arts center. On a whim, checked online for tickets and there were tons available, even same day. I tried, but just couldn’t jam a show into my itinerary. I was really surprised, as it seemed to quickly sell out every other city I’ve tried to see it in.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Work is stressing me out. Why is everyone dumping all this extra work on me?
    Rave: Motivated to finish work quickly so my brain can go on vacation early.
    Rave: Snuggly warm kitty cat last night.

  • Rant – I was completely convinced that my bf and I had a queen sized mattress, so we bought a new bed frame from IKEA. After we spent 3+ hours building the thing it turns out that we, in fact, have a full sized mattress.
    Rave – We were toying with the idea of getting a new mattress anyway and found one we liked this weekend. We decided not to get it and see how our mattress would do on the new bed frame first. As soon as I realized that our full sized mattress was not going to work in our queen sized bed frame, I went online to buy the mattress we found this weekend.
    Rave – new mattress! our current mattress is over ten years old. It came with my BF, who got it from his grad school roommate who used it for less than a year (this is my excuse for not knowing what size mattress we had 😉
    Bonus rave – camping out in the living room is always a fun adventure.

    • emvee

      Congrats on the new bed! The upgrade from full to queen is especially glorious when you’ve been sharing a full with another person for some time.

  • Rant: Interviewees who wear entirely too much perfume. I have to sit there for an excrutiating period of time and then spend the rest of the day with swollen eyes, a headache, and runny nose while trying to fumigate the office.
    Rave: Not hiring said interviewee.

  • Rave: Snow day! So nice to get a break.
    Rave: My tax return came in today!
    Rant: I’m being good and using it to pay down credit cards, rather than using it going shopping and booking my next vacation like I want to.

  • Rave: Coming off a surprise four day weekend, feeling thankful to the snow gods for delivering and well rested.

    Rave: Going to be able to come to the HH tonight at Lost and Found!

    No rants ’round here.

  • Rave: My hair wasn’t cooperating this morning so I tried a topknot. I think I like it.
    Rant: My hair is too heavy so it will probably fall down soon.
    Question: I remember people raving about an Ikea mattress on here recently– which one was it?

    • Andie302

      Accountering always raves about Saatva, which sounds like it comes from ikea, but is a separate company. I will defer to other posters (or just textdoc) for the name if the ikea mattress. See you tonight? I’ve never been able to pull off a topknot – I’m interested to hear how yours went today!

      • Oh yeah, I remember the chain about Saatva now. I will look into them! I don’t need a mattress for a couple of months but I’m a planner.

        I’ll be there tonight, looking forward to seeing you. So far the topknot still stands. We will see if it makes it to HH.

      • Accountering

        Saatva!!! Order from them, they are awesome and you can thank me later!!!

        • anon here (not accountering) coming out of lurk mode to give another +1 for saatva. have a luxury firm and it is the best thing ever.

    • Yep, I got a Saatva mattress on Accountering’s suggestion and it’s been great. Really comfortable and great customer service. 🙂

      • Glad to hear it! Which firmness did you go with?

        • I got the luxury firm. At first I thought it might be a little too firm for me (I like soft beds) but it’s ended up working well for me and I definitely sleep better than I used to.

          Also, I didn’t get a box spring with it – I got a metal platform mattress on Amazon that was recommended to me, and it works fine with just a mattress. Makes it easier for moving!

          • Oh great, that is the one I was thinking would be best for me. I use one of the metal platforms from Amazon too so I will probably continue to do so, glad to know it works well with the Saatva mattress. Will I see you at the HH?

          • Yes, planning on being there! 🙂

    • AliceInDC, if you’re in the market to get a boxspring as well as a new mattress, make sure to get a split boxspring. I can’t remember whether you’re in an apartment or a rowhouse, but un-split queen boxsprings generally can’t make it up D.C. rowhouse stairways, and even my full boxspring was a tight fit. (It took off some plaster in one spot.)

      • Thanks, textdoc. I think I’m going to stick with a folding metal platform (like the one littlen describes above) since I move a lot but will have to get a true boxspring down the road. I am upgrading from a full to a queen so this is good to know for the future.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Finally got my new computer password memorized, and now it’s time to change it again.
    Rave: Eldest Zelda is getting veeery close to a college decision.
    Rave: The snow day was just what I needed. I got lots of organizing/decluttering done, with donation scheduled for Saturday.

  • Rave: Great wedding this weekend in warm(er) FL!
    Rave: Snow day yesterday meant I got a large chunk of homework drafted, baked cookies, and was able to be a friendthapist for 3 hours, and still was asleep by 11!
    Rant: Did not manage to clean my apartment. I feel like I live in Hoarders with all of the boxes I have piling up.
    Rant: Friend is having a rough go of it, recognizes the problem, but hasn’t been able to fix it because her heart isn’t recognizing logic.
    Rave: ski trip this weekend!

  • palisades

    Rave: Nationals tickets going on sale. So many awesome giveaways this year. The Rendon garden gnome will look great next to his Werth counterpart on my desk! Can’t forget the Werth chia pet or all the awesome bobbleheads.

  • Rant – cannot stop sneezing, nose hates me.
    Rave – got a Jawbone yesterday – a little obsessed and hoping this helps me develop some healthier habits
    Rant – it’s confirming what i knew about my crappy sleep patterns.
    Rave – impromptu snow day dinner with friends at a new restaurant – lots of fun.
    Rave – dinner with the boy tonight 🙂

  • Rant: My drinking is out of control. I’ve already missed six days of work since January 1 because of it.

  • epric002

    rave: doggies playing in the snow yesterday with neighbor dog. so glad they finally got to burn off some energy.
    rant: glassbowls who don’t shovel their GD SIDEWALKS! especially you, 1200 Shepherd St NW. i am coming to introduce myself this evening and ask why you have never bothered to shovel your walk.
    rant: idiotic monthly interagency meeting run by FEMA. they insist on holding monthly meetings even though it’s been MONTHS since they’ve had any new information to share. quit wasting our time!

  • RAVE: got reimbursed for a large amount of business expenses within 24 hours of submitting two weeks worth of expense reports. $$$$.
    RAVE: booked for this weekend in a lovely mountain lodge/B&B in the French Alps. And stupid cheap – 35 Euros per night for the room.
    RAVE: an old friend from grad school is meeting me for skiing on Monday and Tuesday. It will be great to catch-up 😀

  • Andie302

    Rave: HH tonight, see you there around 6:45 (hopefully)
    Rave: I don’t use instagram much so I’m thinking of hitting you all up for your pets names so I can use it as sort of a local adorable animal cute break when I need it.
    Rave: Possibly meeting Gary 🙂
    Rant: The guy in the next cube took an online training course for several hours yesterday, and now it’s not showing up in the web-based training program. He’s explained this six ways to Sunday to whoever is on the phone, and they just told him to go ahead and take it again. He’s definitely not willing to do that (and I wouldn’t be either). I hope he calls back and gets someone that’s actually helpful. He spent at least 20 minutes on the phone with the woman trying to get her to assist.

  • skj84

    Neither Rant nor Rave: I found a job posting that requires a hand written cover letter. Like literally with ink. That must be faxed. Who does this in 2015? What kind a twee shit is that?

  • I forwarded a sensitive email to our program’s Director and senior staffer and asked that she keep the people I named in the email anonymous. The Director replied and ADDED the emails of people that I asked that she NOT name due to potential conflict!!!!!!

    F*^K…now one of these people is going to hate me even more than she already does and the other person named will most definitely feel her wrath.

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