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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Aglets

    Rant: I don’t know how to handle a coworker. Now, I have to say- my workplace is bonkers. There’s just no other way to describe it. Not the fun bonkers either. It’s service work- as in working with special needs population so it can be very emotionally draining and one person has a bad day and that’s it. The day is done.
    I have a new coworker who is young, and they are part time but they have this….well, at least to me their attitude comes across as kind of entitled. Asking them to participate in opening proceedures and stuff like taking out the trash is greeted with a stunned expression. Maybe i am being too sensitive and reading too much into it but another coworker feels the same way. This person is really slow to roll up their sleeves and pitch in and i don’t know what to do. My boss and I are pretty close and I DO feel like i can and should go to her about this. I just 1) don’t want to come across like a see you next tuesday when i bring this up and 2) want this person to continue this attitude when that position eventually will start reporting to me in a few months.
    Any ideas?

    • skj84

      When you service do you mean like servers? Or hosts? I worked in hospitality for years and always pitched in, even if it wasn’t my job. I was lead host, yet I would buss tables, carry drinks, and break down the buffet if needed. They need to be reminded that everyone is in it for the same common goal. Especially if the goal is to make tips.

      • Aglets

        No, i mean like we work with adults with special needs. Although I feel like a waiter a lot of the time. I think ‘everyone being in it for the same common goal’ tho is great advice. thanks!

        • I also wonder if the new coworker genuinely doesn’t realize that these responsibilities are part of the job and would step up if s/he better understood what is expected. Perhaps there is a way to communicate that in a neutral, non-confrontational way. e.g. “I realize the job description may not say this, but a part of this role is to participate actively in opening procedures and cleaning up. We really can use everyone’s help here. None of us enjoy doing these things, but we all do our part.”

          • Aglets

            That was my approach this morning…I’m hoping it helps! thank you!! I told them ‘i know this place is bonkers- there’s just no preparing for it’
            I actually did write out opening/closing/daily stuff but they seem kinda timid to do anything….

    • I know the feeling. My team, along with some folks from other offices, had to do some outreach to disadvantaged groups last fall. Well, certain people on the team (junior to me) felt like they shouldn’t have to do things that they felt beneath them, like unpacking/packing our materials, laying out the office’s tablecloth, etc. A talk with one of these folks yielded nothing but acrimony and excuses.
      If you find a good way to deal with an entitled brat, I’d love to know that secret.

    • Andie302

      This might be the time to identify the universe of tasks in writing and split them up evenly. It could be that the person wasn’t anticipating this kind of stuff when they arrived (hence the attitude) but if they see it on paper it could help them shoulder their fare share of the work. It’s possible you could point out that when they choose not to do this, someone elses workload increases. Trying to do this in a tactful way could be difficult, especially if you’re already peeved at the new person.

      • Aglets

        i put together a list of all the tasks because of this-we’re so small that we all kinda have to do everything and right now is even more difficult as we’re a person down.
        i asked if they had any questions and apologized for how chaotic this place is….i hope they get it. there’s a level of ‘gotta roll up your sleeves to get it all done’ that i just don’t see this person having much intuition or drive. 🙁

    • Ally

      What’s the person’s actual job title? I still think they should pitch in and help (we have to wear a ton of hats where I am), but I’ve had coworkers who somehow think that doing anything outside of their actual job title is not something that’s supposed to happen.

  • Rant: When metro gets that awful burning rubber smell and you can’t breathe well
    Rave: My SIL had a baby, I’m assuming everything is fine because
    Rant: I have a hard time really caring about people who have zero cares for us. My husband has tried so many times to find ways to spend time with her, meet her older child, have ways to get our family and theirs together. She just comes up with excuse after excuse and I can tell it hurts my husband’s feelings, since he very much wants to be a good uncle. So I’ve sort of written them off – they had zero interest in our child when he was born, for the most part, never cared about us when we were expecting. I went through a phase where I felt guilty, but to be honest, I’m tired of attempting to make an extended family where one isn’t wanted.

    • binpetworth

      I feel ya on that second rant. I have both a sibling and a parent who are the same way–have no investment in having a relationship beyond superficial once-a-year holiday cards. Don’t feel guilty; keep the door open but spend your time on cultivating relationships with those family and pseudo-family members who care instead!

      • Well, add to that the expectation that I’m supposed to be over the moon – my MIL spends so much time telling me how great my SIL’s kids are, they live in a big house (in the middle of nowhere), ect….yet, interestingly enough, my SIL never visits her mother. Every single holiday – and, we’re Jews, so there’s a lot – my MIL is with my parents and us (nevermind that my mom would enjoy not entertaining my MIL for every holiday). My SIL will travel to Texas or elsewhere to visit my husband’s family. We asked if we could spend a long weekend up near them to visit, and they never came back to us with a weekend that worked, yet spend 10 days in Vermont with her husband’s family. It’s shit like that I can’t stand. AND I’m expected to buy all the cards/gifts for various life events for their family. I’m just tired of feeling BAD for feeling this way about them.

        • It’s crappy for your husband and MIL, but I completely understand why you would want to disengage from such a one-sided relationship. Your SIL’s actions make it clear that her family is not a priority, so I wouldn’t feel bad at all about dialing back any involvement with her to the bare minimum. Just because someone is family does not mean that they get a free pass to treat you badly.

          • Part of me wonders if my MIL spends so much time bragging about my SIL and her family to make it seem like – to other people – my SIL is just too important to take 3 days to visit her mother, or too important to spend one Passover (or other holiday) in 7 years with my MIL.

          • Emmaleigh504

            My Grandpa is always bragging about his other grandkids to my parents, but my aunts and parents talked about it, and he’s always bragging about whoever is not with him in the moment. It’s equal bragging we just didn’t know until the siblings talked. Maybe your MIL is doing a little of that.

        • Andie302

          How was their childhood together? My grandmother married a man and was devastated that his family didn’t welcome her. After some time, one of the adult children mentioned to her that she was enjoying the best side of her husband. He was previously an alcoholic and when he wasn’t away with work he was drunk. Is it possible your sister-in-law is just trying to distance herself from something difficult? It’s also entirely possible that she’s just flakey. Sorry you’re in the situation, that is a tough one!

          • I mean, their childhood was as normal as my nutty MIL could have made it (there are things that, when I hear about them, I can’t imagine…like my DH living in a bedroom with no heat source while he was a toddler….wtf?). My MIL is amazingly overbearing, but she’s got her heart in the right place even if it causes me extreme anxiety. Their dad is a sociopath, but estranged (my FIL doesn’t even know my SIL has kid(s) ). I have no doubt that my SIL is trying to distance herself from something. She has attachment issues – she’s a ER doctor (no patient relationships), she doesn’t provide any info on her life to her family without many invasive questions. She’s not flakey. But I’m the only one who sees her for what she is – not interested in being an active member of their group. There’s nothing WRONG with that, but they refuse to accept it so I’m supposed to be as interested in her and her life as they are. “Are you going to get our new neice a gift?” NO!

    • I never understand that metro smell. Why does it happen? It’s really disgusting.

    • Ally

      I’m in a similar boat. My future brother-in-law feels weird that my fiance and I are getting married this month and he’s only met me once or twice, but the fact of the matter is, we’ve been dating well over a year, they live way out in the boondocks, they have never hired a babysitter so they can’t/don’t go out, and can’t ever meet us for dinner ever because their child doesn’t do well in restaurants. I’ve suggested miniature golf or just hanging out, to no avail. So the only times I get to see them is when we happen to be at my future mother-in-law’s house together (when they’re usually on their way out). I tried. Just planning to get married and the brothers can sort it out among themselves.

      • Ally

        Additional note: each time, we’ve offered to go out and meet them and even hang out at their house. You can only do so much. Sometimes folks just aren’t at a stage in their life when they’re able/willing to be social.

    • Although you say you don’t (can’t) care about SIL, it’s clear that you do. I read a lot of hurt in your description.

      I guess you’ll have to get to the point where you really do accept this as the way it is. It doesn’t sound like it is about you or your spouse, and it doesn’t look like things will change. I’m sure you’ll have friends who over time fill the niche that would otherwise be addressed by the SIL, but keep the bridge open in case your spouse ever needs a kidney transplant.

      • I’m not hurt, personally – I’m hurt for my husband who is a nice person and genuinely wants to be involved yet ironically never sees any fault in her behavior. That’s not healthy because he’s regularly setting himself up for failure. We were very close to booking a trip to visit them (even though I’m very short on leave) and they just kept saying it wasn’t a good time. I felt really bad for my husband who was so excited. He tries to give his sister notice of when we’ll be in PA visiting family so in case she wants to come down at the same time….and nope. They’ve even driven from where they live to North Carolina to spend two weeks in OBX with her husband’s family, driving past DC, and never said anything until after. You can just tell he’s sad about that.

      • Also, not sure what the “I’m sure you’ll have friends that fill the niche” means. My SIL is my child’s aunt. If she chooses not to be an aunt, that’s her loss. We are very different people who, in the non-family world, wouldn’t be friends. we aren’t friends. But she’s my husband’s sister. He’s very excited to be an uncle, and even if she doesn’t want to be an aunt, I feel for him in not being able to be an uncle really. But if you were trying to imply I have no social life, you’re right! Stupid tiny dictators!

  • Accountering

    Rave: Heading to the Bahamas for a 5 day weekend from 2/20-2/24 with Andie. Very excited!
    Rant: Christopher Barry. The fact that he is even a contender is absolutely embarrasing. No college education, seems to be even more out of control then his father, can’t manage to file his campaign finance reports on time, has NEVER voted in a DC election, yet somehow may get elected to council. I am certainly hopeful that W8 doesn’t elect this fool. If he is on the council, he will be wildly ineffective. I can’t fathom any of our current CMs actually working with this idiot. That is the last thing W8 needs right now.
    Christopher Barry, you win the Pete Carroll/Rand Paul Dummy of the Day Award.

  • Rave: More information is coming in about the Big Family Decision. We’re no closer to making the decision, and in fact the new info complicates things, but every day I’m more certain the outcome will be a good one. I got my first full night’s sleep last night in a week.
    Rave: I had a Taylor Swift dance party with the puppy last night, and we shook of his biteyness 🙂 Okay, he’s still bitey, but we had a few really sweet snuggly moments that more than made up for him being a little biteybeast. And Gary seems to like Taylor Swift, so that helps us get along.
    Rave: I found the sweater I thought I accidentally donated! I had correctly put it in my bag for the dry cleaner. Today’s feeling like it could be an A+ day.

    • Don’t let impending decisions or changes consume you! I let this happen, and it makes it difficult to enjoy welcome changes or embrace difficult ones.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Do you know the names of Taylor Swift’s cats?

    • Oh and Emilie504, don’t forget to check Instagram. I made you a special surprise.

    • Every day, I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting to read about the mysterious Big Family Decision!

      • I hope this is sarcasm — really I do! Just in case it’s not, I will indulge you and say that my family is weighing a decision to potentially move to another city far away for a work promotion. It’s a tough call because we just bought a house here and love DC and our friends here, but the promotion could open a ton of doors and the city is a nice one. We still don’t have enough details to make any real decision, but have to go through all of the motions of prepping for the move because once we do have the information we need, we may have to decide and move really quickly. Fun times 😀

        • Blithe

          Thanks for indulging squish’s question Shawess. I’ve been — not literally — on pins and needles, patiently trying not to pry. I’m glad that the options that you and your family are weighing are good ones!

          • Thanks, Blithe 🙂 Despite all of the hurry up and wait and the like, I feel really lucky to have good options like these!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant/Rave? I regret to announce that after a short illness, the euthanization of Lucy the Rat of Senior Citizen Land FL and Southwestern Indiana. She was preceded in death by her sister rat Ethel whom she has already joined in the freezer until the funeral because her parents, IDGI SR and Crazy Wife leave for a cruise on Friday. She is also survived by 2 dog brothers and 4 declawed cats. In lieu of flowers please donate aluminum foil, Ziploc® bags or gift cards to the Golden Corral.

    • Andie302

      That was quick! So sorry for your loss(es). Let’s all clear out a little freezer space in their honor.

    • Emmaleigh504

      They are never going to get to rat heaven at this rate! Poor dears. My sympathies to you and your family.

    • Are they being frozen so that they can be cryogenically resuscitated once technology progresses to the point where your departed loved ones, like Walt Disney and ted Williams — can be brought back to life?

    • Blithe

      My condolences. I sincerely hope that Lucy didn’t suffer. I also hope that her parents are the sort that carefully label the miscellaneous packages in their freezer. (I’m not, so I have great sympathy for “surprises”.) Will you be traveling for the service?

      • I Dont Get It

        Have you ever see a SR Citizens freezer with the dozens of mystery packages? I will *NEVER* eat anything out of the freezer again!

    • Poor Lucy the rat – may she find peace wrapped in foil/etc lying in the freezer next to her beloved sister Ethel.

    • I Dont Get It

      Thanks all for the kind remarks. IDGI SR owed me a phone call so I assumed that he wasn’t calling just to tell me of Lucy’s passing but later I got text messages from my sister, nephew and niece all saying that he had called them to tell them that Lucy had crossed the Frozen Bridge. Needless to say we spent hours text messaging tasteless jokes. We are going to try to sneak in rat themes into our family Ugly Christmas Sweater contest next year. Yeah we’re THAT family.

  • Rant: Had a rough day where I focused on everyone else’s troubles but then ended up being hit by my troubles as well.
    Rant: Knew I should have gone for a swim yesterday. Those endorphins are real and help keep me balanced.
    Rant: Still waiting on organizations to make up their damn minds.
    Rave: Heading to the barn.
    Rave: Tickets to a play tonight and dinner out with the husband.

  • Rant – DCWater – I just got a bill due early march that is 3-4 times my normal bill. As far as I can tell I have no leaks nor any odd usage that would run the cost up so much. Any odd usage that is other than having to run off all the bad water from the recent Shaw outage. Anyone else in Shaw/Logan just get a hugely outsized water bill?

    • You can write to DC water and ask them to review your bill. I did that for mine once (I hadn’t realized how much extra water it takes to water grass in the lawn, so it actually was legit usage).

    • Yes, I live in the south end of Shaw (Mount Vernon Square) and this has happened to me twice in recent months. In July, my monthly water usage tripled (went from 5K gallons to 15K gallons) because of a 10K gallon “spike” over a two-day period. I just had another two-day “spike” over Christmas, which doubled my usual water bill. Like you, I haven’t had any leaks or odd usage, and the DC Water person I spoke with in August conceded that the July overage was essentially “industrial-level usage,” so it would presumably be noticeable.

      In talking with DC Water about this, they won’t even entertain the suggestion that there is any problem at all with their metering system. They referred me to their website, which allows you to track your daily usage, so I will do that from time-to-time to see if there are any more unusual “spikes.” DC Water also alows you one free system audit a year, so if this happens again I plan to call them and request one.

      None of my immediate neighbors has reported a similar problem, but I’d be interested in knowing if there are others in the Shaw area who have had this issue. It’s really a complete mystery to me, and other than a potential meter problem (which I doubt that DC Water would ever admit) I’m really at a complete loss to figure it out.

      • i did submit a review on their website and i hope there is something wrong on their end. I looked back to the beginning of 2013 and my usage cost is pretty constant – cost between 90-150 a month. Then this month – BAM! 375 bucks. Also interesting that they call that February usage….
        I have had running toilets and other issues in the past that have pushed it to the higher costs before they were fixed but nothing even close to this.

      • I just received my Dec 2014 bill and feel as if I’ve been overcharged. Between the 9th and 10th I apparently used 4200 gallons of water. Now mind you the most water that I used in the month was 187 gallons in a single day reading. The interesting thing about the 9-10 reading is there was no reading on the 9th just the 10th and with that the “usage” of 4200 gallons in that 2 day period. My average bill is between 35-50 per month and December was $100. I live and work out of my home. I use both the upstairs and downstairs toilets throughout the day. I work out of the basement and can hear when water is being used upstairs because it drains through pipes in the basement. There was no unusual use of water and no leaks since the problem only persisted for those 2 days. I called DC water and requested to a hearing and received a letter saying that; “It is our determination that the charges are valid and an adjustment to the account is not warranted.” Now that I’ve been searching about this online, i’m beginning to see others with the same issue. My neighbor has also had a similar issue this past August. The fact that they don’t allow you to visit their office or even entertain the fact that the problem can be on their end is very frustrating. Is there a way that WE can ask more people in the district if they too are having this kind of an problem. If this is happening to many people, then we may have a case. It’s very difficult to prove anything on our part due to the burden of proof that we don’t have. It’s just my word against their meters, however I wouldn’t be typing this if I didn’t feel like there is something else amiss!

        From their website…

        DC Water has changed all the meters in our system to a fixed network, radio technology system called the automatic meter reading (AMR). This program provides us with a new state-of-the-art technology that allows us to get actual reads from your meter without sending meter-reading personnel to your home. Unlike the old system, which sometimes depended on estimated readings, our new AMR system assures virtually 100 percent accuracy every month.

        So if this is the case, and it’s automatic, why did it not read on 9th? According to the customer service rep, it could’ve been that something was blocking the meter. Does that mean that something could also interfere with the readings? All I’m saying it that something is not right!

  • skj84

    Rave: I attended a screening of “Pride” at NPR last night. The movie was fantastic. It really stayed with me. There was a panel discussion afterwards moderated by Jonathan Capehart. I didn’t stay for the whole discussion, but they did touch on some good points on activism and singular goals.

    Rant: Co Workers discussing SI swimsuit issue and how chubby Kate Upton is. Really?!

    • Re Kate Upton – Just point out that it keeps her boobs big – “but that’s the first place fat hits! She’s doing this for you!” (even if it’s not true)

    • Fantastic movie – saw it the other week, so good.

    • OMG (re: your coworkers)

    • Reaction 1: The SI swimsuit issue is still a thing? People talk about it? At the office? People need to get a life.
      Reaction 2: I would say Kate Upton is chubby in comparison to most models that we typically see, but not in comparison to actual women that exist in the world.

      • skj84

        Yeah she certainly is voluptuous. I just think they were trying to find non existent flaws on a woman they will never attain.

  • Rave: Had a much needed talk with the ladyfriend, and she finally opened up a bit about what and why she felt a certain way.
    Rave: We still want to see where this thing can go.
    Rant: Having to explain planning thoughtful fun dates isn’t really anything special even if her ex never did it. What do people do when they’re dating if not that?
    Rave: Planning fun dates is taking me out of my comfort zone in a good way. Dc has so much cool stuff to do.
    Revel: Mom accepting my offer of a new tv even if her 10+ yr old one works fine. Treat yo self!

    • “Having to explain planning thoughtful fun dates isn’t really anything special even if her ex never did it. What do people do when they’re dating if not that?”
      Get drunk and have sex? Order pizza and binge-watch The Americans? (Not that there’s anything wrong with those).
      I agree with you. Thoughtful, fun dates are key. Plus, fun and thought-provoking.
      (To the crowd) Any good ideas for Saturday night? I’m thinking of a thoughtful date night myself.

      • Ice skating is good this time of year – especially at the Sculpture Garden. Get lobster rolls/etc at Luke’s Lobster (or something similar), picnic watching the skaters, then try it out yourself. Or create a DC scavenger hunt (I’m thinking outdoorsy since it’s supposed to be above 50!!!)

      • Haven’t checked it out but plan to: dcdatenights.org
        All the ads seem cool.
        On dates: Nothing wrong with those things, but we’re very busy, so I cannot justify sitting in the house when there is . I’m sure we’ll have our takeout and Netflix eventually.

        • When there is something interesting or fun going on. I 2nd ice skating. It was really fun and a great excuse for hand holding.

      • Have you all seen the website/app called Sosh? It has a lot of fun date night ideas and it’s updated regularly with one-time and recurring events taking place this weekend.

      • You have just described two of my favorite kinds of dates!! 😉

    • Anonynon

      my admiration for you grows 🙂 good luck with the date planning.

  • epric002

    rant: so tired i feel hungover. i think i maybe slept 6 hours total over the last 2 nights?
    rant: puppy did NOT want to sleep last night, especially in his crate.
    affirmed: i do not have the ability to function on little to no sleep. no infants in my future.
    rave: one medical. for taking care of one of the many issues i am having with express scripts!

    • One Medical is so helpful. Last year when I needed crutches, all the crutches that matched my height were being rented out so the woman at the front desk put me in a cab, ran to Walgreens to buy height-appropriate crutches, and delivered them to my office. I heart them.

      • epric002

        i agree. i had totally expected to have to take on this massive task myself but they said they’d take care of it and are already working it! i heart them.

  • Gah! Woken by screams at 5am. Grateful to my wife who got up & got her settled down & back to sleep for a little bit. Ugh. Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend? Going to try ibuprofen before bed in case we’re dealing with teething. So hard to tell & she can’t quite tell us yet….

  • Rant: major cramps. Bad enough to wake me up in the middle of the night
    Rave: free advil at my office; I need to buy more for home though.
    Question: food suggestions that would use up this quart of heavy cream I have? Other than another quiche, lol.

    • Andie302

      I made this cake recently and it was great: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/strawberry_cream_cake/
      You could also do a cream-based (seafood) soup. (I don’t have a link, that’s a family recipe that I don’t have access to at work).

    • … Scalloped potatoes? Wouldn’t use much but would use some.

    • There was a recipe for like cupcakes using heavy cream. I don’t have it with me, but a dessert could be good. Or can you use it for a sauce for like pasta?

    • How about a cream-based soup? Maybe bake up some winter squash and puree it with with equal parts cream and broth. Add some nutmeg and maybe some crusty bread on the side and it’s a tasty dinner.

      • Creamy potato-leek soup (use store-bought broth) is easy as heck and perfect for a winter evening.

        • +1 for this – simple and really good. I made some not long ago and added curry which gave it a wonderful warmth.

      • topscallop

        I second this idea. I turned a Yotam Ottolenghi recipe for roasted butternut squash and red onions into a soup after the texture was disappointing in its original form. Just added cream, vegetable broth, and assorted herbs and spices, then topped with a dollop of plain greek yogurt. It was delicious and this is inspiring me to want to make it again!

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s good on oatmeal.

    • I get cramps like that. They are the worst!

    • Alfredo sauce

    • Powdered sugar icing. Powdered sugar icing on everything.

    • Make butter! Whip it like you’re making whipped cream (with mixer or food processor) and just keep going until it turns into butter.

    • I’ve had this problem in the past. If your cycle is reasonably predictable, try taking ibuprofen prophylactically at bedtime. That might help.

      • If you have terrible cramps on an ongoing basis, consider going on Seasonale (and skipping the one-week placebo that comes at the end of each three-month package, going directly to the next package).

        • epric002

          doesn’t even have to be seasonale to make that therapy change- you can do it with most oral bc pills, you just need to talk to your doctor and have them rewrite the RX so you get enough packs.

          • Skipping the placebo pills is the way to go. I lived in menstraul misery for most of my life, and my periods only got worse as I got older. For the last couple of years, I’ve been on the pill specifically for the purpose of controlling my menstruation. No cramps, no bleeding, nothing. Total freedom!

          • epric002

            yup! can also help with hormonal acne, heavy flow, moodiness, and all that other lovely crap.

          • Even better, Mirena. It’s good for five years, no daily dose to remember. It has a very lose dose of the hormones, so unlike the copper IUD, it reduces or stops menstruation. It is not an exaggeration to say that Mirena changed my life. I used to bleed half to death every 3.5 weeks, miss at least one day of work each time (or go, but huddle in my chair and accomplish nothing), I was tempted to go black market for pain pills (though I never had the guts (or the know-how)), and I had chronic anemia and the fatigue that comes with it. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Also, I believe it is THE most effective form of reversible birth control available. Less than 1% failure. The pill has a 9% failure rate.

          • Allison

            Out of curiosity, how do you get insurance to pay for your BC when you skip the placebo? Mine won’t refill my prescription unless “it’s time” for me to get a new package, which includes the week of placebos.

          • I went on the pill specifically to control cramps, but my cramps were still pretty bad. No physician ever gave me the option of skipping the placebo week to get rid of cramps completely. It wasn’t until Seasonale came out that I heard that such a thing was possible. Makes me angry that I suffered for so long (14 years) unnecessarily.

          • epric002

            @ allison- your doctor has to re-write your RX to indicate that you will take them continuously and to specify how many packs/time period you need. (this was one of my massive fights with express scripts). i’d call your insurance company and ask specifically what language needs to be included in the RX, and then get your dr to issue a new rx with that exact language included.

          • epric002

            anon 11:32- though mirena won’t help with hormonal acne (or so i’ve been told). i really wish that i could do an effective long-term option, but am afraid it would ruin my skin.

          • Allison

            Yes, epric — people on Skincareaddiction have said Mirena gave them acne, or made their acne worse. Something about the hormone mix that’s used.

          • anon – have you had any of the bad side effects people talk about? (rejection, etc?). I’m interested, but nervous about it haha.

          • Erms – I can’t speak to the Mirena, but I have the Copper IUD and getting it put in hurt (a lot) but other than that, I never had any side effects. My best friend got the Mirena and LOVES it. She had a similar experience as me – hurt to put it in but no other side effects.

          • I’ve had no side effects with Mirena, although yeah, having it placed was like a bad pap, followed by 24 hours of awful cramps. After that, every cycle was progressively less problematic, til after six months, I stopped noticing it at all.
            I can’t say that Mirena had anything to do with it, but my lifelong adult acne cleared up within a year of getting it. My skin has never looked better.
            My experience has been pretty much ideal on all fronts. I’m aware that others’ mileage may vary.

          • Quotia Zelda

            Mirena absolutely changed my life. I haven’t had any bad side effects (I’m on my 2nd). It hasn’t made my skin worse, but that’s not really a problem I have to begin with.

        • +1 on the seasonale.

    • Ice Cream. Why even ask? 🙂

    • emvee

      Creme Brulee. Buy some eggs, sugar, and a blowtorch.

    • Blithe

      Have you tried alleve for the cramps? For me, it’s always worked a thousand times better than advil. Also, if you’re predictable enough to take it before you start to have cramps, or at least before they get bad, that can help a lot. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier to prevent the pain than it is to stop the pain once it starts.

    • I Dont Get It

      If there was ever a game where you read the RR replies and then try to guess the rant/rave this would be…interesting…

  • Rant: I haven’t seen my gf in over a month and we barely talk anymore. Looks like it’s just about over with us.

    Rant: My band is taking a long break, which most likely be permanent.

    Rant: My job is really starting to suck (even worse than before)

    Rave: Despite all of that, I have this strange optomism and confidence going on. I’m going to start playing with some guys I used to be in a band with (we’ll start rehearsing when the guitarist recovers from knee surgery). I’ll turn 45 in a few months and maybe it’s time for a major change – like relocating to somewhere warm. I have a TS clearance, which can help me find a better job and I’ve alread started looking into some opportunities.

    Rave: Getting a consult for Lasick surgery next week and there are some good Blues shows going on this weekend.

    • I’m sorry about all of your rants! Does your gf live nearby? I hate to say it but, if she does, it sounds like it’s already over to me.

      • She’s about a half hour away. She’s been pretty depressed lately since she got laid off and that might be part of it. She knows I don’t want to get married, and that’s become kind of a deal breaker for her. The fire pretty much went out (to paraphrase Johnny and June Carter Cash) months ago.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hold on to that optimism and confidence. You can do a lot with that. good luck!

    • I think Zoo Bar may still have a blues jam if you’re looking to meet some blues guys.

      • Thank. I really should check that one out some time. I know the guys who run it and I’ve played the Zoo Bar a few times. The guys I’m going to be playing with are good and we’ve played together before. In fact, we get together once or twice a year to play some private events. We’ll just be making it more official soon and hopefully get some bar and festival gigs.

    • Another minor rant: I’m kind of disappointed by Bob Odenkirk’s book “A Load of Hooey.” I’m a big Mr. Show fan and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve seen him in. So far the book just isn’t very funny. Maybe it gets better. It’s a fairly short book, so I should finish it soon.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: One of my colleagues is being a bit of a drama queen right now. The office doesn’t revolve around you, cupcake.
    Rant: I sit too much during the day. Apparently, that is going to kill me.
    Rave: Tomorrow, I can work at home, in my jammies, and not deal with colleagues except by email. I’ll still be sitting too much, though.

  • Rave: Love my new laptop, (Lenovo Yoga2Pro), but
    Rant: Thunderbird isn’t working on it (freezes every time I try to do something)
    WPost quiz “How well do you know DC neighborhoods?”
    “Here’s your chance to prove that you’re the kind of engaged resident who can find a beer in every quadrant of the city. Are you ready to dethrone the Prince of Petworth?

  • I don’t have closed shoes that I can wear with work pants, only pumps or ballet flats that are open and can’t be worn with socks. Days like this my feet freeze into a solid block and take all morning to thaw out.
    The simple solution is to buy more shoes, but I hate shopping for shoes and feel like I already have too many! I wish my girlfriend and I were the same size so I could just wear hers.

    • That was supposed to be classified as a rant, obviously.

    • Ugh. I feel the same. Or the boots I have work, but they end up hurting my knee after a while (less mobility/small heal). Why can’t girls get away with the man-style work shoe during the winter??

      • topscallop

        I’ve seen some girls rocking the suede oxford look. I like booties with work pants or jeans, though lately I’ve been sticking with dresses and high boots and just throwing on my fleece-lined leggings underneath to stay warm.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I wear reverse saddle shoes are in winter. Since they are reverse there’s not too much bright white to be distracting. They are perfect for commuting and last forever.

      • Oxford or loafer-type shoes or even clogs would work. They’re just so boring that I can’t bear the though of having to shop for them. 🙂 90% of the time I just wear skirts/dresses so it’s not a problem, but I didn’t feel like dealing with tights today.

      • Allison

        I totally wear loafers with socks all winter. Chickloafers for the win.

        • Blithe

          Yup! Yay for chickloafers. For years I had some Bass loafers that I loved. I think they were called Venetian loafers — and looked like penny loafers without the band across the front. Those were my go-to work shoe for ages.

      • I love the menswear look and wear suede or black leather oxfords all the time. Bass has good options. I really want a pair of brown double monk straps from J.Crew but they are out of the budget.

        • Allison

          Yeah, I think the key to not appearing schlumpy when wearing men’s footwear is to keep the top somewhat feminine. I wear a lot of flowy printed blouses tucked in to balance it out.

        • AliceinDC, I’ll have to check out Bass’s oxford options. Thanks for the rec!
          I have a pair of single monk strap shoes that I probably ought to put into my office shoe rotation.

    • My feet get really cold if I wear flats/pumps/etc. at the office, so I’m always wearing some kind of loafer-type or oxford-type shoe.

    • Key socks! They are knee-length socks that cover the bottom of your foot and your toes, but not the top, so they can be worn with ballet flats or heels. Just google. They’re kind of amazing. 🙂

      • Wow, thanks! I need these!

      • epric002

        oh. my. god. do they actually stay in place? i tried those little mini socks for ballet slippers before and they wouldn’t stay put on my feet.

      • emvee

        Woah. This is a gamechanger for my feet.

      • wow- had no idea these existed. these are going to be a game-changer. I wear only boots these days

        • Well, they’re not going to keep your feet WARM. I’d consider them a mid-season product, for when it’s definitely not wool-and-boots season, but still too chilly for bare feet in flats.
          Mine stay in place just fine. The only problem is that they don’t work with all pants. I can’t wear them with my skinny cut pants, because they’re visible around the heel. They are best for boot cut and other cuts with more length/width at the hem. Like most work pants.

  • Rant: my coworker who came to work so sick last week she made me speak for her in a meeting, just had the gall to ask another coworker how he was feeling and then tell that coworker he should go home! Rage building.
    Rave: NYC this weekend to visit the former roomie.
    Rave: very good mid year review.
    Rave: having good relationships with the guys in IT is proving beneficial. It’s not a big thing, but one of them helped me out off the books.
    Rave: hanging out with my sister.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Getting a cold 🙁
    Rave: Heading to the Bahama’s
    Rave: Cooking for lefovers
    Rave: Today is my Friday

    • Andie302

      Forgotten rave: The trainer at the office gym provided me with a custom schedule to get ready for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler and increase my time. I told myself after I run 50 miles I’d get a message. With this plan, I’ll be getting the massage in 4-5 weeks! I am really looking forward to it.

  • Rant/Rave: Seeing people I know on Tinder.
    Rave: Taking tomorrow off. Woot woot!

  • Rant: Navigating the world of orthopedic doctors for a fractured hand.
    Rant: The near impossible to navigate world of insurance and the DC Marketplace. Trying to reinstate a policy that wasn’t actually effectuated because of a communication breakdown between the carrier and the marketplace, leaving me uninsured until this is resolved and my coverage is backdated. Have spent a month dealing with it, and my head is spinning from the incompetence.
    Rave: Assuming it is resolved and I’m reimbursed with a check, I’m getting points on my credit card for the several thousand dollars I’ve already had to pay out of pocket.
    Rant/Rave: Heading north to see the family after my great-grandmother’s passing, but it means I get to be home to celebrate the third birthday of my favorite cousin.

    • epric002

      i’m so sorry about the medical/insurance stuff. i’ve been fighting numerous insurance battles myself lately and it’s absolutely frustrating, draining, and takes way too much time. i hope it’s resolved quickly!

      • It’s just so hard to believe that this system was overhauled to be beneficial but the administration of healthcare has become so much more convoluted because of it. I’m just grateful I have recourse to get this resolved, and have been advised by many people to keep at it. Just grateful that I don’t work in that world! I would be so world-weary. Good luck with your own battles!

        • epric002

          i agree. and we’re paying more and getting a crappier service- so frustrating! i’m lucky to have enough flexibility/consideration to be able to make a lot of these phone calls while i’m at work. i have no idea how i’d be able to fix any of this if i couldn’t do it during business hours.

          • That definitely gives you a good advantage to be able to deal with it. At this point, I’m making a nuisance of myself and calling every day during lunch hour to have each person I speak with verify what I’ve been told, until this is resolved. I hate that it has to be this way, but no way I’m leaving it in their hands without staying in the loop.

          • epric002

            glad you’re making them confirm/verify info. i should have done that- i was told something different/some key piece of info was omitted every time until i got my company’s HR involved- MADDENING! my doctor’s office submitted (essentially) the same RX 3 times b/c each time it didn’t include something that was apparently critical, that of course they never told me had to be in it. and of course they didn’t tell me that there was a problem and that they weren’t processing the new RX until i’d call to check on it.

          • I just try to imagine what it’s like to work someplace where you’re not expected to try to solve problems, you are just expected to regurgitate information, even if it’s not correct or logical. And then I realize how grateful I am to work not have to endure that every day.

  • Rave: After seven months of a running ban (imposed by a bike-meets-front grille of a comcast van-accident), my doctor has cleared me to run! Starting small (one mile is the max. for the next month), but it’s probably my biggest rave yet this year.
    Revel: the weather yesterday!

  • Odd rave- F’ Brian Williams! Seriously, I’ve thought that guy was a put on for the longest time. I’ve always thought his brand of humility and personality was a fraud. The telepromter reader should be fired pronto, the fact that he is mentioned as a journalist is a farce.

  • Rant: Federal job application process. This is the first federal job I’m applying for so it’s a bit overwhelming and although I know I have the qualifications I’m worried if I don’t write my resume in the “right” way the computer will think I am not.
    Rave: Although am not thrilled with current job have put a lot of thought into what I want and have a plan for steps to get there. And am taking action on said steps.

  • Rave: Cap’n Jazz.
    Rant: guy who handles my travel reimbursements is driving me bonkers. My travel card bill has not been paid for a trip in September. The guy I give my receipts to keeps leaving things out, so the reimbursement is not approved. It’ll kick back down to him, but unless I follow up with him twice a day, he does not take the initiative to solve the problems (which are of his making).
    Rave/rant: looks like I’ll be making a quick trip down to Tampa in two weeks if I can get the leave approved… if.

    • YES! Cap’n Jazz! I haven’t listened to them in so long. Thanks for reminding me!

    • Rant: I want to start a roving speakeasy in my apartment building using apartments that are currently vacant. It’d be a bring-your-own cup and chair type thing. Maybe a $20 a month membership fee to cover booze. Management is not down with this.

  • RANT: Covered by Blue Cross Federal and there is literally NOTHING on the website about the hack and whether it affected the federal program participants or how to get more information (I assume it did, but the federal website is separate from the normal BCBS website, so I went there for info). FAIL. This is about the 4th time my personal information has been lost through something related to work. So frustrating.

    • I assumed that only people who were specifically signed up for “Anthem” insurance would be affected. I haven’t heard anything about other insurance programs being affected. Did I miss something? Either way, they said affected customers will be notified ASAP.

  • laduvet

    Rave: my friend’s band got a nice review on their new album and i get to see them play at 9:30 club on Saturday!
    Rave: Rebellion whiskey bar is new and cool
    Rant: soo hungover

  • Rant: Slightly hungover from last night. oops.
    Rave: Thanks for the advice about asking my date if we’re still on for Saturday. Sent a simple text and got a swift reply confirming. Well that was easy.
    Rave: Possibility of becoming real friends with a random internet friend (hey, twitter) long story short: cool guy thought I was someone he met before, but I wasn’t. Messages me often about the things we both like. Now coordinating schedules to hangout at the things we like. Can’t make this stuff up.

    • LA, you really have a way with the guys. Props. And teach me your ways. Haha.

      • FridayGirl: the secret is to have unique interests so you can engage with people who share your interests.

        • The problem is when you’re not interested in a relationship with someone but bonding over a shared unique interest. Everytime this happens the guy develops romantic feelings and then it gets awkward. But I could see it working really well for dating.

          • I wouldn’t say it happens every time. People develop crushes, and that’s okay. Having unique enough interests opens up possibilities for better connections with people. Those connections may lead to friendships or romantic relationships. Either way, it’s good to have your quirks and to find people who appreciate them.

          • Hm. Good to know. I think I need quirks – but ones that aren’t TOO quirky (like my slight obsession with korean dramas), because honestly, most of my interests revolve around what I work on/study and by the time I get home, I really don’t want to talk about those things anymore with someone. Hah. Will work on this.

      • Become a lesbian. Dealing with guys is so much easier when you take out the relationship stuff. Ha!

        • How I wish that were true.

          • True for me, at least. I’ve never had a guy friend try to change my mind. I can listen to their girl problems, and we can just shoot the breeze. It’s wonderful!
            You just need new guy friends.

          • Or maybe not everyone has the same experiences with friendships. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the guys I become friends with.

  • Hi all –

    This is a “someone is ranting right now and I hope I can change that to a revel” post aka I found someone’s license.

    Got on the Red Line at Union Station heading towards Metro Center this morning at around 10am and found a license lying on the seat. It belongs to Barry Ortiz Doyle of Germantown, MD. I’m going to mail it today to the address listed on the license, but was hoping to be able to give him the heads up that all hope is not lost, and not to get a replacement one just yet. Sadly the internet has failed me and I haven’t found any way to contact him. All I know is that he is recognized member in the FAA Certified Airmen Database so clearly an impressive guy.

    Thought I’d put it out there just in case he or a coworker reads Popville.

    If anyone has a tip or a way to get in touch with Barry email me at [email protected]

  • Rant: Considering giving up dating, or at least online dating, for a while. Fed up with the whole business, and no dating prospects on the horizon anyway.
    Rant: I hate that I keep feeling like my ex was a special one for me, and that I won’t find someone who I clicked with as well. I’ve never believed in the idea that there is just one person best for you, and I still don’t, but I guess my bad dating history has sucked a lot of optimism out of me. I wish I could get it through my head that our relationship wasn’t what I thought it was, based on how it ended, but I still feel like I should have pushed harder to stay with him. Even though he was pretty definite at the time, but he was also clearly a mess, so… Bah. Darn it, I was doing better with getting over him until this happened, so frustrating!
    (I apologize for my constant dating posts and negativity, by the way. I’m going to make this be the last time I vent about my ex. I hope.)

    • Andie302

      Don’t apologize! Also, there’s a (likely) chance that at some point you will meet someone that you click with as well or better that isn’t “a mess”. From what little you’ve said it could be a blessing in disguise that you don’t have his issues to deal with. Fingers crossed that you meet someone great soon. I know I was super impatient and frustrated, but it will get better.

      • Thank you. 🙂 I know that intellectually – and my mom keeps reminding me of how tough it has been for her to deal with my dad, who has bad depression. I feel so silly, like I should know better by now – I’ve just never been as happy as when I was with him so it’s tough to let go of that.

    • I felt the same way about my long term ex. She was accomplished, financially set, had loads of friends, and was an emotional wreck/nightmare. I know she couldn’t be the one for me, but it took a while to get there. I’ve had all the bad times including taking a long while away from dating, but now that I’m less busy and more focused on bettering myself, someone who feels very compatible has come along.
      Dating requires a high level of patience. Maybe take a breather then give it another go in a few months.

      • Agree that dating takes patience – and energy. Taking some time off sounds like a good plan – focus on doing things you enjoy plus trying a few new things (fencing, riding, pottery, improv….oh wait, that’s my list!).
        And taking care of yourself (massage, new music, good book, restorative yoga herb tea) can help you feel better about yourself and your situation

    • I totally feel you on the dating frustrations. It’s really hard not to be jaded after a string of bad experiences. Just anecdotally, my last ex was clinically depressed and while he generally made me happy, it really took a toll on my own mental health. So I agree that it might be a blessing in disguise — it’s hard to see it now, but might get easier with some time and distance.
      And personally, I think you’re kind of awesome so I’m sure you’ll find someone you click just as well (if not better) with. 🙂

    • These rants totally resonate with me, too. (Except my ex was not a complete mess. Just a serial dater. Unless you can count that as a mess.) I agree with Anon Spock’s comment. There are lots of ways I’d like to better myself (and work on my patience) — I’m just trying to find time to do those things at the moment. And I really think dating will go a lot better once I do. I may take a break from online dating along with you!

    • littlen: taking a year or two off of dating was the best thing that I decided to do. I joined social sports clubs, volunteered, applied to and got into graduate school, and gained confidence/self love, which I didn’t realize I was lacking before. When I was ready I decided I’d start slowly – first date with a guy I met while working at a store (didn’t work out), then a date with a friend of a friend of a friend. That one did. But I think it wouldn’t have worked if I wasn’t almost healed from a really bad experience going on 2 years ago…
      good luck. you’ll get there.

    • leftcoastsouthpaw

      It wouldn’t be rant or revel without any rants. I think most of us can commiserate. The heart wants what the heart wants.

  • Rave: Attended Jason Isbell concert last evening at Lincoln Theater. Amazing.

    Rant: Jerk behind me in his cups who sang louder than the artist. Awful man.

  • Rant: been insanely busy at work this week but…
    Rave: reading over the past few RRRR makes me realize I’m not alone when I’m stressed about work/life/relationships/etc
    Rave: Overall, pretty happy recently. Things seem to be taking a turn with work (promotion/actually getting a job description after doing 2.5 jobs for a while), dating, life in general. Now to get back in shape…
    Question: Any group workout classes that people love? I’m open to yoga/pilates type classes but also looking for something a little more cardio-intensive. Is Class Pass worth getting?

    • I don’t have Class Pass so I’m not sure if it’s part of it, but I looove Doonya (it’s sort of like Bollywood dance and aerobics mixed together) out of Jordin’s Paradise. Such a good work out! 🙂

    • Take any barre class. Great full body workout.

    • I LOVE classpass. It’s good for me as it let’s me do different classes at much more affordable rate. This way I can do pilates, yoga, spin, boot camp etc.

      • Wow, Class Pass looks like just what I need. I like to do a combination of yoga, barre, and dance classes, but that gets expensive if you don’t commit to one place. Worried I wouldn’t go enough to make the $99/month worth it though.

    • I was one of the people who recommended Class Pass a while back and have subsequently canceled my membership. It’s really great in theory, but there were only two studios near my house and the classes I liked there were almost always filled up by the time I wanted to book them. If you live in Shaw, you might have the same problem unless you don’t mind going further away and are the type of person who is willing to go online right when your preferred classes get posted.

      • Thanks, Shawess. I was just browsing through the ClassPass options and you’re right, there aren’t too many around Shaw. Definitely looking for convenience to my house at well, since my gym is at my office (which is convenient if I remember/have time to pack a bag before work but that rarely seems to happen).

        • SPShaw, FWIW, I’m a big fan of both Reformation Fitness and Solidcore. I also like the Zengo in Logan. They all are way too expensive, but I actually go to the classes and that’s more than I can say for classes elsewhere 🙂 I also like Xtend Barre in Blagden Alley but wouldn’t pay full price for their classes. It’s a little bit too Get In Shape Girl for me at times.

    • Anonynon

      I did zengo with a few friends in Logan Circle, not really into taking “work out classes” but i enjoyed it and felt really refreshed the day after…a lot of sweat, but I have to say it was fun.

  • Rant: Being interviewed soon for an internal work publication. I shouldn’t be so nervous — it’s read by maybe 100 people — but for whatever reason, I am.

  • Allison

    Rant: when people write policies without any explanation of the source of legal authority for the policy. It then takes 2 hours to find the source of authority. Write a freaking “authority” section at the top!!!

  • Rant: I can’t do math without examples to follow. This isn’t good for me in my field… especially since I didn’t finish my homework.
    Rant: Last minute schedule changes at work. I don’t want to go into specifics in case anyone from work reads this, but I’d appreciate a heads up first thing if it affects my eating schedule, and like a week’s heads up if you’re going to be out and I’ll be covering for you so I can take care of my own stuff/bring lunch/not be bitter.
    Rave: Seeing the boy later tonight. He always makes my issues seem less important.
    Rave: I just need to make it 2 years in this job, then I can do something directly in my field. I can do anything for 2 years, right?

  • Rave: Quantic is doing a DJ set in D.C. in March!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: It’s kind of hot in here 😀

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