From the Forum – Car tagged with graffiti- 1400 block of Harvard St. NW

Photo by PoPville flickr user Thomas Dooley

Car tagged with graffiti- 1400 block of Harvard St. NW:

“Any other neighbors have this problem recently? I came out to my car this morning on the 1400 block of Harvard Street NW to find my car had been tagged.

I’ve reported it to the MPD online in case they keep track of this. Is there anything else I should do (aside from I already removing the graffiti, which came off eventually with a clay detailing kit)? Thanks!”

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  • Happened to me about 2 years ago (Shaw/Logan 12th & Q). I used acetone to get it off of the windscreen…

    Didn’t report it (maybe should have???). Hasn’t happened since. Sorry they also got you.

  • DPW will remove graffiti from private property free of charge (, but the waiver only lists structures, not vehicles, and the power wash they use would probably ruin the paint job on your car. So I guess I can’t help, but next time, if they get your building…

  • I noticed late last night that the CoHi metro entrance had been tagged as well. Looks like the usual degenerates in the neighborhood were out and about causing property damage.

  • I live a bit north of Columbia Heights and have noticed a major uptick in graffiti all over 13th St. I especially loved the tag “snitch” all over the stop signs at 13th and Arkansas. Several calls to DPW, the Mayors office and MPD have gone nowhere.

  • Was tagged 3/20 on Virginia Avenue. It easily came off with non-acetone nail polish remover. However, warning to the taggers: Some of us have baseball bats and are watching our cars. You never know who might come up behind you and tag you back.

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