Bummer – Bread & Brew closed in Dupont last Night

1247 20th Street, NW

@breadandbrew tweeted yesterday:

“True last call! All drinks $1 including top shelf, draft beer, free pizza ..while supplies last. Thank you for 6 wonderful years.”

Bread & Brew opened up in the former Greek carryout back in 2009. Barred in DC noted:

“The closing is not a surprise to sharp-eyed watchers of the real estate scene; the building that houses DC Bread and Brew was acquired in fall 2014 to be razed for a new office building, as reported by the Washington Business Journal.”

Plans are for a new office building with retail. Updates when construction starts.

RIP Bread & Brew – you were pretty damn cool.


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  • Sad about a new office building going there but good riddance to bread and brew.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      What didn’t you like about them?

      • Arash Arabasadi

        the place did stink, though.
        went there a few times and it was one of those places that smelled like an open sewer pipe 24/7.

      • I really wanted to like B&B, but the downstairs (and often the upstairs) smelled like a frat house basement and the food was always just sad.

      • I was going to write it all out, but the Dumpmaster summed it. The bathrooms were located right at the front door so it was either the smell of pine-sol or poop you were greeted with. I couldn’t eat or drink with a greeting like that.

      • On St. Patricks day a few years ago I was sitting on their porch and watched the bouncer accidentally drop a woman’s ID through the slats of the porch. The manager explained that they’d be unable to get it until the following Monday (this was on a Friday night) when the owner arrived. To add insult to injury, the bouncer hadn’t actually looked at the ID before dropping it so they wouldn’t let her into the bar with her friends.

      • Teri
        Rest assured this is not the sentiment felt by our office! We are hoping you reopening soon so we can once again enjoy your wonderful lunches and caterings.

    • I always wanted to go check them out in person, but they were the only place my company had internally banned as a caterer due to a string of bad experiences. Not sure what exactly happened but maybe we weren’t the only ones.

  • This blows- Beer & Welding, Pizza Parts & Service, and Bread & Brew all have closed in the last few weeks. all good places, victims of &Pizza buying up all the ampersands….

  • Dammit! First Mad Momo’s, then Mothership, and now Bread and Brew? I’m disappointed.

  • Sad, razing the last buildings on this block with any character for another boring office building.

    • What’s sad is that this building apparently passes for “character” in DC. I will miss the patio though …

  • Will miss the patio, good bar food, and awesome Tuesday trivia hosted by Barry, where the relationship between Hannah Arendt and Sartre (or was it Heidegger?) fit into the “pop culture” category.

  • The owner told me that she’s hoping to open in a new location nearby by mid-April.

  • AntiAlias

    I miss Georgio’s, the Greek place that used to be there. Great food and the portions were gigantic. You’d order a meal and it would come with vegetables, salad, Greek roasted potatoes, and a hunk of bread.

  • Good luck to Terri, Morgan, and all of the Bread & Brew folks that I dealt with in my firm’s catering needs. You delivered quality food, promptly, and with a smile. You, all, made my job easy. Especially, when I got caught off guard, or had a last-minute need. I am, forever, your champion.

  • LisaT

    No loss. Their food was horrible.

  • Well, can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. I tried to go once and it was inexplicably closed. I emailed the management/owner to find out what happened and never heard back. There are way to many options around here for me to beg you to take my money. Bye!

  • **LOVE** Bread & Brew..will so miss Fried Chicken Friday! Hope they re-open soon

  • Teri
    Rest assured this is not the sentiment felt by our office! We are hoping you reopening soon so we can once again enjoy your wonderful lunches and caterings.

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