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  • hispanicandproud

    Fantastic event and great job DC! Had a blast selling stuff in the club store. Super cool fans.

  • I had an awesome time at the game. The weather was perfect, our seats were high up, but really great, and the atmosphere was really fun. I can’t say the same for the officiating, which was tough for fans in the stadium because none of the penalty calls were replayed. But, we won in stellar fashion and Brouwer’s dad who has been ill and doesn’t get to go to a lot of games was there to see his son score the game winning goal with 12 seconds left.
    It couldn’t have been better if it was scripted.
    I split an Uber with friends to get home, surge pricing was something like 4.9x but with a handful of us it wasn’t bad.

  • The game was awesome! I thought Nats Park handled things pretty well, with plentiful vendors selling hot chocolate and decent crowd control. I took the Metro both ways, and it didn’t seem any worse than for a typical Nats game. Then again, at the end of the game, we left through one of the back exits and went to the secondary Metro entrance. My only gripe is that the Ben’s Chili Bowl behind second base ran out of chili in the second period. No bueno, Ben!

  • Can you see the puck from the upperdeck seats? It looks like a cool event but I did the college football thing yesterday.

    • We were in the last row of an upper section and it was an excellent view. There were a few times when I lost the puck, but it wasn’t that hard to see. I also brought binoculars, but they were really only helpful on the power play, when there was more concentrated puck movement. I did get to see some cool details in the set up and such with them though.

  • I too went and thought it was awesome. I was expecting to be underwhelmed, but it was great. We were in the upper deck near first base and had a surprisingly excellent view of the ice and could see the puck. The concession stand lines were huge (due to the nature of hockey and intermissions), and they ran out of food and some beers by the time the second intermission rolled around. Despite this, it was all in all an awesome event.

  • Awesom event! Please take down the picture with the fake/counterfeit Nicklas Backstrom jersey. It’s a travesty having that be a key popville picture representing the WC.

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