Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Adams Morgan

1945 Columbia Road Northwest

This rental is located at 1945 Columbia Road, Northwest. The listing says:

“A large studio with a smart floor plan is now available in Kalorama. Separate dining, kitchen and sleeping area. Full of historic character and charm blended with the most convenient location and price. Enjoy large walk-in closes, hardwood floors and natural light. Most of your utilities are included. Tenant is responsible for electricity and cable.”

You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1,500/Mo.

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  • Ah, this is really cute. If my budget was just a little bigger and it was closer to a bus/metro to work….

  • It looks really nice, but who are these people who can afford $1500 studios?

    • Good question. I’d counter with “Where is anyone finding studios that are less than $1500 and actually in DC proper” (aside from maybe columbia heights and petworth).

      • The Calverton! That’s where my husband and I live- ~500 sq feet, updated kitchen, awesome location, and about $1300/month. Still obscene, but we had moved from a $1600/month studio in Van Ness- blah!

      • Studios can still be found in the $1300-$1400 range in Mount Pleasant, in rent-controlled buildings. I looked at an $1125 studio in mid-2013 on Mozart St NW in Adams Morgan.

    • maxwell smart

      Considering there are studios in DC renting for $2400 on 14th street that are maybe half the size of this studio and a far worse layout, I’d would start expecting studios in DC, esp. ones with proximity to Adams Morgan and Dupont to easily ask $1500.

    • I think it’s pretty affordable for consultants, World Bank / IMF people, finance folks, lawyers, etc. I’m none of these so it is definitely out of my price range :/

    • The 2 people I know renting a studio in that range: teacher (living way above her means) and government worker bee. If you only have 1 bill to worry about besides general expenses, these things become much more affordable. Still a crazy price, but it’s likely a good deal for the layout.

    • I earn 50k, pay $1500 for my apartment, and save plenty. No student debt, which helps. But given that’s way under median individual income for the city, I would imagine a lot of people can….

  • Good price, but one coat closet for the entire place? All the studios I’ve seen have had at least one really big closet/dressing area.

    • maxwell smart

      I usually feel like big closet = compensating for bad layout and tiny kitchen. This is probably one of the best laid out studios I have seen – Having the kitchen in it’s own “room” is a big plus, IMO. I hate the idea of sleeping in the kitchen. I can’t imagine going to bed and my sheets smelling like curry.

  • Great for the single person who likes to cook–much larger kitchen than your average studio.

  • Wow, really cute. If it had a washer/dryer I would move in in a heartbeat. Alas, I am spoiled with mine.

    • W/D is in the basement in this building. Not as convenient as an in-unit W/D but hey, you can meet your neighbors over laundry!

  • This is a good deal. Nice to have separate kitchen. But it isn’t a large studio like later-designed studio apartments, with more living space, and a row of closets in the entry hall. It’s a bedroom (a room about the size of a bedroom in a lot of old row houses) with a real kitchen, a dining area and bath attached. However, if you can live in a room this size, and can deal with not having great views, it is a great location – I used to live on that block, and still wish I did. And it IS close to the metro – 10-12 minute walk to Dupont, 12-14 minute walk to Woodley Park.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Good deal! Super cute! Not as cute studios in my building are creeping up to $1700.

  • If you want to stretch another $175-275 in rent, and can deal with being a bit further out in DC, you can usually rent much larger one bedrooms – with a big bedroom, bigger living room, and similar kitchen and dining area – 650-750 sq ft. total, far up Ct. Ave. in the District, or in Glover Park.

  • Nice layout, and that kitchen is better than the kitchen I have in my 1BR. The living space is kind of narrow, though, with only one closet, which could make it a tight squeeze. Good price for the area though.

  • Looks like a good deal to me. Nice kitchen & eating area in separate space, not too cramped, and great location for the price+space. I think the lack of closet space is more of a problem than no dishwasher, but you could do something in the dining area.

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