“The Pitch Sports Bar: Awesome Addition to Petworth” – Have a Look Inside and at the Menu

4015 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

The Pitch: Awesome Addition to Petworth

This restaurant/bar is a great addition to the neighborhood. I had the shrimp and jerk chicken tacos tonight, which were really good. The beer was fresh and tasty, and the owners and manager were friendly and welcoming. Great atmosphere and this place definitely deserves a shout out.”

Ed. Note: I gave them some love last week. Here’s a look inside:


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  • Anyone know if they have high chairs?

  • Respectfully disagree. Staff was clearly not trained, no idea what the happy hour specials were, waitress clearly never waited tables and I’m going to guess has never had a drink before (not that its a requirement, but she was pretty clumsy with giving information about beer/wine/drinks) . Ordered a vodka soda and was asked what type of soda I wanted . . . Tried to get the Wizards game on and the manager didn’t know how to use the remote, and then proceeded to put the Heat game on every TV. Very pumped to have a sports bar in the neighborhood but they really need to get their shit together. I know they have been trying to open for a while, you’d think tv operation would have been covered at this point! Hope they get the kinks out and move forward. Just get the drinks and local sports on tv (Caps and Wiz played last night, neither on the tv at 715 last night) and we’re probably all good!

    • This is a ridiculous review. “Taylor st” has obviously never been to a freshly-opened restaurant. Give them a break, they probably had a hundred kinks behind the scenes that they were working out.

      • I don’t think my review was particularly ridiculous, I just posted to give a heads up and hopefully these things will get worked out. Not sure what in my review makes it obvious that I’ve never been to a new restaurant but living in DC for 14 years, it’s safe to assume I’ve been to many new places at this point. Also, like many, I have waiting and bartending experience through college and grad school so I’m fairly knowledgeable about expectations of new places. And I don’t think asking for the local hoops team to be on the tube in less than 20 minutes from the request should really be heavy lift. I hope they get it together, and like a poster below mentioned, a sports bar in Petworth should work, if executed properly.

        • “What type of soda?” haha


          • With vodka and soda, I’d cut them a break. But I’ve been known to order scotch and soda in bars around DC, and you’d be surprised how often I get asked which soda I’d like. Since the correct answer is Apollinaris, I’m always at a loss…

      • Yeah but if you’re a sports bar (or any bar, really, with TVs) and don’t put on the local teams? That’s shitty.

  • I stopped in with my wife on Tuesday night, it was fairly crowded for a weeknight. It’s a really nice place and the staff were friendly. Good beer selection and nice menu for a sports bar. The owner said hello, seems like a good guy. I’m looking forward to watching Nats away games there this spring and summer (and maybe through October?).

  • Myself, my wife and my friend went last night and oh man was it rough. I don’t want to tear this place apart because it’s so close to my house and all I’ve been asking for is a place set up like this but everything they did needed to be done the exact opposite way.
    I know they are new so I’m really, really hoping that it will improve but they don’t even have the basics down right now. We sat at a table in the upstairs bar and it was cold as hell. MY buddy put his coat across the bottom of the patio door to keep the wind from blowing directly on us 12 feet away. You can see daylight because there’s such a big gap between the door and the floor. Seems like it can be fixed easily. Problem is that when we were leaving the downstairs bar was full of people still wearing there jackets because it was so cold in there too. Also seems easily fixed so I’m hoping it gets done quickly.
    The bartender and our server can’t have worked in a restaurant before and were not trained on the menu, happy hour, drinks or general service. From start to finish it was just plain awful. They were nice enough but when everything is confusing to them then it’s not worth spending bar money to be waited on.
    Also, it’s $6 for a Budweiser bottle. I know DC is expensive but HELL NO. They need to separate domestic macro brews from micros and foreign beers.
    I just think that this owner might need some basic help with getting the staff on the same page. The manager couldn’t get any local sports on the tvs which was what they promised to have all the time. Went in to watch the Wizards and and got about 3 minutes of it while the manager dicked around with the remotes and settled on a completely different game after we’d specifically asked for the Wiz.
    Like I said I really want this place to work but they have so very far to go I’m worried. Best of luck to them.

  • It’s been open for less than a week people!!! Sheesh.
    Take a page out of Tom Sietsema’s SOPs and wait at least a few months before tearing a place apart.
    Give them a chance to work out the kinks and find your sports game in less than a minute. I’m sure printing out a channel guide cheat sheet for the bartenders was not on the priority list between DC bureaucracy licensing, build out, negotiating contracts with the distributors, hiring staff and so on.
    I’m sure if the place was sitting unopened we would be complaining about how long it is taking.

    • It did sit unopened, that’s the whole point. I’m not suggesting the place run like a well oiled machine (and if you look at my post I clearly am interested in this place succeeding) the fist week, but when you cant put the god damn Wizards on after nearly 25 minutes of diddling with the tvs, my patience wane. I just want a drink and a game, this is not a huge request. Places open and close daily in this city, this is why when opening you must have a team of people so when some are focused on the permits, others are focused on getting the place reaqdy to run from day one. This is a sports bar, not a restaurant, concept is pretty simple!

    • It wasn’t less than a minute it was the entire time we were there which was a good hour and a half. And yes a sports bar’s priority should be knowing how to turn on a game especially when it claims all the local games will be shown.
      The staff was completely untrained. They also are clearly not veteran’s of the industry. If you’re going to wing it with training at least have people that know that vodka soda does not mean vodka and sprite or coke. These aren’t kinks these are lack of business know how. Everything that went wrong was really basic stuff. I didn’t tear the food apart. I didn’t complain about decor, etc. I simply stated that there is a lot of work to do and I feel that it’s much more than tweeks and what not.

  • Hopefully the managers and staff realize/figure out that they are doing things wrong. If I were opening a business, I’d scour the blogs and yelp reviews to see what I can improve on.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Looks like it needs more TVs. If you get people in there wanting to watch different games, it just won’t work.

  • I’m going to give it a month and check it out. Excited that I can watch PL matches here!

  • Comic sans menu! C’mon man

  • I wonder if one of the problems is that they have all or majority of TV’s hooked up to one Cable/Dish Box. One of the reasons I miss Momo’s was because each TV had it’s own box and they would switch to the game you wanted (with cheat sheet).

    Redline is kind of a sh*t show but it’s probably the most legit Midwest Style Sports Bar in the City. Some of these smaller ones should take after Duffy’s and keep it focused on Local teams.

    • and play the Audio of the game(s) too.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Duffy’s is gone, so that may not be the best business model to follow…

      As for Redline, that place is “upscale” and insanely expensive (especially if you get a tap table). I can’t imagine most sports bars in the Midwest are like that (certainly not the ones I have been to in Chicago and Madison).

      • This logic doesn’t necessarily follow, as there could be many factors as to why Duffy’s closed beyond the concept (as alluded to during all the articles about its closing). This is the same type of logic used when people say a sports bar wont work in Petworth and reference Blue Banana – it’s not that a sports bar wont be successful, it’s that their execution was poor. This does put some pressure on the Pitch… 2 sports bars failing in Petworth because of poor execution might mean we never get a successful one.

        • I hate when people referenxe the “Blue Bannana” as a sports bar. That place didn’t know what it was. They tried to be a sports bar, but then tried to be live music. The main thing that killed it was that they didn’t have a kitchen and no food aside from toaster oven pizza. A sports bar MUST have good food. Nothing fancy, just solid bar fare. Sounds like The Pitch has been packed all week. There is definitely a market for mor sports bars/pubs in Petworth. Hell, there is a market for more retail in general! Petworth Citizen, Lymans Tavern and Crane & Turtle are crushing it.

      • Duffy’s had a huge Nats following. Somebody in town would be wise to step up and take their place.

      • Duffy’s had a whole lot financial issues that probably doesn’t apply. I’d also imagine rent is much cheaper at The Pitch, but that also comes with less traffic. The Blue Banana was not really a sports bar, even though they claimed to be, and they had no food. This place would be wise to feature the Nats games, but with their name and devotion to international sports, it seems like they are pretty intent on being a soccer bar.

        • My partner and I ventured in there a few weeks ago thinking it was open. It wasn’t but they told us to grab a seat and fed us some beers nonetheless. Apparently, it will really focus on Soccer, Track and field, and local teams. They said they will be opening as early as need be on big game days to show matches from all over the world.

  • On the last POP piece, it listed opening time at 4pm. When will it start opening early for EPL games?

  • So there’s a whole turkey leg on the wild turkey club? This I gotta try!

  • I plan on going tonight. I was pretty excited, but now I’m kinda concerned. Sounds like service and operations were pretty bad. We need to give them a little honeymoon period. It’s only been a week!!! The pics look cool and I’m beyond excited to have a sports bar with food in the neighborhood. Truth be told, there is enough demand to warrant a few more (legit) sports bars! They need to fix the TV situation quickly though. That’s basic sports bar 101.

  • Nellie’s seems to be pretty good about showing multiple games across multiple TV’s. They even have tennis on sometimes too! …. though mostly the basketball, baseball, football, and hockey that everybody but me seems to love so much. 😉

  • Am I out of the loop, or are some of these prices crazy high? $9 for a house salad, with an extra $5 to add chicken? $3.50 for a soda? $13 for a calamari appetizer?

  • djdc

    We went on Tuesday (day 2) and didn’t have any problems. The staff and management were very friendly and helpful. We received some free samples of the potato salad. All the food I saw coming out of the kitchen looked very good. It was a bit chilly in there. Everytime the front door opened a short blast of cold came racing up the stairs. I’m sorry others had some issues — let’s hope those diminish and disappear with time. This will be a great place.

  • Lived in Petworth since 2009 and was stoked for a new bar, especially a sports bar.

    BUT…gotta say that I was REALLY disappointed with the prices.
    $6 for a yuengling, bud light, etc? Pretty unexciting $7 options on draft? $3.50 for a soda? Weak happy hour?

    I ended up paying $12 for a knob creek on the rocks, because I figured the beers were a waste at the price. Had one drink and headed down the street to the looking glass, bought some $4 yuenglings, $8 knob creek and watched the Wizards game there.

    Listen, I’m not saying the place was bad. I just don’t see myself (or most people) going there with those prices. You have Reynolds & Looking glass right down the street for cheap drinks, you can go to Chez Bills or the Citizen for the price of my knob creek and get a real cocktail, the happy hour is nothing stellar, I can get my caribbean food cheaper at Pink Snapper or Sweet Mango, and the atmosphere won’t draw in non-Petworth folks. My one interest would be some weekend EPL, but they didn’t have much info to offer there and I don’t see them opening up for 10am games.

    Unless they switch some stuff, I don’t see it lasting since they’re targeting a pretty small pool. Here’s hoping that it improves (and that the outdoor section becomes a bonus in the spring).

    • LOL, $3.50 sodas. Can’t see this place lasting long.

    • Prices don’t bother me at all. If you want a dive-y place with cheap drinks there are plenty of options in Petworth. DC is an expensive city whether it’s food or real estate. Houses in Petworth are selling for upwards of $700,000 so I think The Pitch will do just fine. That being said, the food has to be quality. I don’t mind paying, but I generally won’t watch games at a place with subpar food. But it’s pretty hard to screw up a burger and wings! This place will succeed and likely lead to more development (I hope!).

      • Houses may be expensive now, but most of the residents living their purchased when it was below $100s. If you’re gonna survive on those that dropped a ton on petworth real estate, they will all have to be regulars.

    • Word. You can’t compete with $7-9 microbrews very nearby with $6 for domestic pee-water. You just can’t. Most sports bars go for quality with the good stuff or quantity with the bad stuff (figure a fan will stay 2-4 hours to watch complete games). If everything is $1-2 too much then I’m going to spend $10 more than I should. And a table of four just dropped $40 more than a nearby place. You better have something else awesome to offer if you expect people to keep coming back.

      Has anyone seen HH prices yet?

      • They told me 30% (which isn’t great when a Bud already is $6), but the other day I read $2 off rail, domestics, and drafts…if you’re a sports bar, gotta get a better HH or extend the deals for games to make it worth it.

  • I went the other day and happened to run into other neighbors checking it out. We all enjoyed it. A nice looking place. Attentive/friendly bartender on the main floor. Another set of gentlemen welcomed us in and, later, brought out some food samples. It looked like everyone was working hard to get acclimated to a routine after being open just 2 days. Everyone was very engaging. Thanked us for coming, upon departure. Hope it does well. I certainly plan on going back.

  • I went on the first night and was pretty disappointed. I asked the server what the happy hour specials were and he said he didn’t know if they had any, that this was really a “soft opening.” It had been pretty clearly advertised Monday was the regular opening, and that they’d be having specials all week?
    Beer list was very uninteresting, and pricey. Only 4 beers on tap. Food was mediocre. On a positive note, everyone who worked there was very nice and asking for feedback.

  • A ton of people bitched about the Coupe when they first opened and now it’s good enough for Obama. I’m sure the Pitch will be just fine.

  • Went on Friday for their opening night. I wanted to go easy on them, especially knowing that there are always kinks in an opening weekend, but honestly it was a nightmare. Clearly had an untrained staff that was forgetting simple orders. I got fed up when it took us 45 minutes to get our check and the waiter never even brought change back to the table. Granted, we left enough for a normal sized tip but no server should assume that you don’t want change without asking first. Again, this is probably just a training thing.
    Aside from the chaos of an opening (which can be forgiven if improvements are made,) but $6 for miller lite bottles, and a totally uninspired draft menu? I get it, prices are high, blah blah, but it mostly struck me as tone deaf. The whole place had a really club/cocktail feel, which is fine, but when i think of a Tavern named the Pitch to watch sports, I’m not thinking white formica and glass and blue lighting on the bar. This place would be 100% at home in a hotel bar, but not a neighborhood sports place. I’ll stick with Looking Glass.

    • Big +1 to “no server should assume that you don’t want change without asking first.” There is a bartender who apparently now works at Jack Rose who has been on my bad list for several years because of pulling that move at Science Club.

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