Tel’veh Cafe closed again


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Tel’veh cafe (401 Mass Ave NW) is closed as of 1/2. Paper is in the windows, so there is hope something will fill the space soon.”

Ed. Note: Back in September Tel’veh closed and briefly became Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill before returning to Tel’Veh. Updates when we learn what becomes of the space.

401 Massachusetts Ave, NW

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  • I can’t remember so many closings before in such a short period of time!

  • Yeah- the city has been hemorraging businesses lately. Probably a result of stagnating local economy, high housing costs, and sky high rents and real estate taxes that are passed through to businesses. Also, most of the failed businesses just aren’t super compelling. In this case, Tel’veh was good but the location is very awkward (especially with the 395 construction ongoing) and not very visible from the street. However, really good destination places (like Wiseguy Pizza) can still thrive in spite of these challenges.

  • That sucks, Tel Veh was such a good place and the people working there were awesome. This is the first site I was able to find that had any information on it closing.

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