Reader Reports Diego space to undergo renovations in February reopen with new name and concept in March

2100 14th Street, NW

Already plans for the former Diego space? A reader reports the owner says:

“we will be going renovations through the month of February and will be opening under a new name and concept come March. We won’t be a Mexican place anymore.”

Stay tuned.

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  • clevelanddave

    Well, that is a good start. The question is, will you be a good restaurant…

  • I’ve been so jonesing for fast personal pizzas. Such a shame there’s hardly anywhere to go in this town…

  • Could someone please open a Chipotle close to 14th and U?

    • There’s one at 14th and P, and there are 2 others within a mile. I mean, I’d prefer there to be a Chipotle instead of say McDonalds at 14th and U, but I don’t think it’s exactly a critical need for the area. It’s pretty easy to find a Chipotle in this city. There doesn’t need to be one at every corner, it’s not Starbucks.

  • 2nd all the above comments. All in favor…the ayes have it.

    Please choose a better “concept” this time. Might I suggest “restaurant that doesn’t care about concepts and just has good food and service”.

  • With any luck, this will become a small plate restaurant.

  • Whatever it becomes, I hope they start shoveling their sidewalk in the snow. They are the worst offender on that block – they NEVER shovel.

  • We were in for dinner just before the holidays and were told by the staff the “new” concept was going to be Mediterranean small plates with influences from South America. To which we said thank goodness, because nothing like that can be found within a two minute walk of the area.

  • I tried to go here for happy hour yesterday, but it was closed. No sign anywhere explaining that. I was waiting for someone, so I just stood out front and someone finally told me. Seriously, put a sign up, it’s not that hard. I’m disappointed Diego didn’t work out, they really just needed better food, but I fully supported Mexican food closer to my house on the north side of U St. I can NOT believe they’re going to do Mediterranean with Kapnos across the street. Anyway, I don’t know what that space needs, but I’m tired of southern, small plates, and expensive.

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