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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: people who schedule in-person meeting on my telework day. Ugh, I have laundry to do, folks.
    Rave: Starting watching Transparent last night and totally. love. it.
    Rant: I applied to a fed job a month ago and haven’t heard anything. In the job announcement, they said they wanted to fill the position within 80 days of the job closing (closed on 12/30/14).. I’d really love an interview for this position, but doubt I’ll get a call back because of.. well, just how USAJobs operates.

    • Fingers crossed for you, Squish!
      I rarely heard back for federal job applications until at least 2 months afterward, sometimes even 5-6 months. When I got the call to interview for what turned out to be my first federal job, it had been 5 months since I’d applied. I’d been applying for so many jobs that when the call came, I was quietly panicking and hoping that the caller would give enough information that I wouldn’t be stuck saying, “I’m sorry — which job was this again?”

    • Try calling the POC on the vacancy announcement if you still have it or call the agency HR office. You have to at least have the vacancy announcement number. More than likely a selection has not been made 30 days after the announcement closed. I’ve been in federal HR for over 20 yrs. You can find out the status of the vacancy.

      • How do you get ahold of anyone in HR? My husband has been trying to get info on a fed job out of the area (his SAME job, same agency, different city) and HR never ever answers the phone. The job closed in October. It’s super annoying that they can’t just do a transfer but…that’s the government!

        • There should be a POC name and number on the vacancy announcement. You have to have the vacancy announcement number. Try working with HR at current location. Someone should certainly be able to either contact or provide contact info for same agency but different location. Applicants have to be selected by the hiring manager. HR can’t just do a transfer.

          • yeah, his HR is located in Dallas and 9 times out of 10, no one answers. They used to have an HR rep in DC, but she retired and they did no replacing.

      • There is an HR contact listed. I’ll give her a call next week.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate when ppl mess up my telework day! My coworker had to come in on one of her telework days for a meeting the boss cancelled. I would have been so annoyed, but she took it in stride.

    • Transparent is just so good! I binge-watched the entire first season in one day.

    • emvee

      Transparent is all I did the other weekend. So good.

    • + one for Transparent – binged watched it last weekend with some friends and some wine – so good and I’m looking forward to next season.

  • – Rant: A stomach bug came of nowhere yesterday and left me feeling sick and out of it all day. I’m feeling a lot better today but
    – Rant? Rave? I think part of the sickness was brought on as a kind of response to some potentially life-changing news that came in the night before. I’m not ready to share details at this point, and promise I will when things become clearer. But I will say that some really big, unanticipated changes could be coming for my family (and those changes do not involve a little one, unless you count Gary). The changes are really big, a bit exciting, and a bit scary. It’s a lot to process.
    – Rave: it’s Friday and have some really great weekend plans. Counting down the hours!

    • Andie302

      Glad to hear you’re feeling better and hope the changes are more positive than they are scary! Happy Friday!

      • Thanks, Andie 🙂 I think they’re more positive than scary, but logistics … oy.

        • Very mysterious, Shawess!! 😉

          • I know. I was tempted to do an “Anon” post on it, but have a feeling I’d give myself away in the first sentence. I’m dying to share, but it’s really too soon to share. Everything is hypothetical at the moment, but it’s the annoying kind of hypothetical where we have to think through all the logistics of it as if it were real before making any decision. Annoying, but maybe exciting too?

          • Just to be a bit more of a tease, I’ll say that for the last two days, I keep thinking about the adage that people make plans and g-d laughs. G-d must be getting one heck of a chuckle over this one.

          • And now we can all speculate on the potentially good news that involves logistical challenges (and an uncluttered house?)
            Was there a big lottery winner in DC recently? 🙂

          • The uncluttered house is a pre-big-news development 🙂

    • Pablo Raw

      Have you tried the Neti Pot? it cures everyth.. ok I’ll stop right now.

    • Ditto on the good luck & also hope changes are positive more than scary. I’m looking forward to learning more 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Such a tease 🙂 Good luck!

      • Agreed, such a tease 😛
        But congrats on the potential good news! I’m rooting for Team De-Clutter! 😀

        • Team De-Clutter already won! House looks pretty nice, if I may say so myself 🙂

          • Andie302

            Do you want to come to my house this weekend 🙂 I need a football team of de-clutterers

          • Andie, hire a Task Rabbit tasker! I’m a big fan, especially with the introductory discount we got. We didn’t use a tasker for decluttering, but were super happy with the one who did our light garden work.

          • Andie, at first I thought you were OFFERING a football team of declutterers, and I was thinking I should take you up on it! 😉
            I have a friend from my hometown coming next week and need to do some serious decluttering/organizing/etc. over the weekend.

          • FWIW, our “method”* was to go through each room and pull anything that we didn’t use in the last year or don’t expect to need in the coming year. All of those things went into bags for either trash, recycling or donation. Donation was by far the biggest pile, so I’m glad we could get a Zipcar and take it straight to Goodwill. Our next task, which is much smaller, is to prep clothes for consignment by cleaning them and neatly bagging them..
            *This wasn’t extremely methodical and in our small place the whole process, including donation, took about 3 hours. I HIGHLY recommend it. The sense of accomplishment and feeling like LIFE became de-cluttered is huge.

          • “FWIW, our ‘method’* was to go through each room and pull anything that we didn’t use in the last year or don’t expect to need in the coming year.” I’m not sure I could do this with clothing, although I did manage to put a moratorium a while back on buying (most) clothes.
            Last time I was picking out a party dress to wear and had a particular one in mind — black, with black mesh at the top — I discovered that I had THREE black dresses with black mesh at the top. Oops. At least they were all somewhat different from one another.

          • Textdoc, I’m a bit more lenient with clothes, especially those for special occasions. Sometimes, there’s no substitute for a black dress with mesh (or three)!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Once my guy bestie was going through his closet to see what he needed to add before we went shopping. He had 50 billion blue button up shirts, and 1 red pullover. I left with the red pullover and he bought 3 more blue button up shirts. Sometimes you just know what a good thing is 🙂

    • Blithe

      – Glad that you’re feeling better Shawess! I hope that your potentially life-changing news works out in a way that’s perfect for you and your family — whatever “perfect” might mean to you! 🙂
      – I also hope that you give into your temptation to do an “Anon” post …. 😉

    • I hope you feel better soon!
      By the way, if you post as “NotShawess” then no one will know it is you : )

  • Rave: how to get away with murder is back!
    Rave: quiet office day- thus far. Gonna do some serious catch up and organizing though!

  • Rant: My neurologist’s office called to tell me she’s out of the country until June so all of my appointments between now and then are cancelled and none of the other neurologists are taking on new patients. Uhm… I have a neurological disorder that needs to be monitored! They were less than sympathetic. WTF.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I have a fun weekend planned!
    Rave?: Making Japanese food for the boy tonight. Hope it turns out ok!

    • Do you really count as a new patient, though? Can you call back and ask who is monitoring her cases? Which practice is this?

      • I’m hoping I just got unlucky with whoever called me this morning and she didn’t know what she was talking about. I’ll try calling back later to see if I can get someone else on the phone. It’s GW MFA! I think part of the issue is I need a neuro-opthalmologist and I think there’s only one other doctor there who specializes in what I need (according to the person I spoke with this morning).

        • Can you contact your doctor through patient online (or whatever it’s called) and have the doctor smooth the way for you/set something up? I’ve usually been quite happy with MFA, but we haven’t needed the neurology department for awhile so I can’t speak to them as much.

          • I’ve generally been happy with them too. I’ll try doing that if I can’t get anyone to help me when I call back. Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t think of it!

          • MFA is a crap shoot and its admin staff isn’t the brightest in the world. At least in my experience (but I also have never dealt with the neurology dept).

            SKT- do you have your doc’s e-mail address by any chance? Surprised your doctor didn’t give you a head’s up before she left. That’s kinda messed up.

          • I don’t have the doctor’s email address, unfortunately. I know! She has terrible bedside manner (but is a great doctor) so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised… I can’t imagine that she’s just dropping all of her patients for 6 months, though so hopefully I can get in with the other neurologist!

          • Good luck! Hope you can get it resovled quickly and smoothly.

          • Thanks!!

        • I agree with mtpresident that it’s worth contacting your doctor directly through the patient portal, and in the meantime wonder if you might want to start researching other options on your own. I have seen about 10 doctors at GW MFA in the last six years and my experiences there have been very, very uneven. Some doctors are *highly* responsible and responsive and others seem to be a bit checked out. If you have the second type, no amount of communication with them, or especially with their staff, will get you very far. Sorry if this is a bit of a downer. Can you tell I’ve had some less-than-positive experiences? 😉

          • Bah, yeah, I’m starting to wonder if she is the latter. I’ve stuck with her because she was the only doctor to figure out what the issue was after months and months of symptoms and 5 gazillion different doctors and tests so I have a bit of a soft spot for her. But other than that, she’s not very communicative and is impossible to get a hold of when I have an urgent question regarding medication/symptoms/whatever.

          • Oh yuck, that’s frustrating. Perhaps this will help get you into the care of someone more responsive.

    • What! That seems crazy. I hope you have better luck when you call back. Jeez…
      What Japanese food are you making? 😀 We should hang out and do an okonomiyaki party or something sometime. Yum yum.

      • Omg, 100% yes to okonomiyaki!! I seriously crave it all the time. I’m making niku jaga tonight. 🙂

        • Me toooo. I have okonomiyaki flour at home, I need to go to Hana Market and get some more sauce though. I wish it wasn’t such a pain to get to now! T_T Same with Trader Joe’s. Sigh.

          • Wait – there’s special flour? I just use all purpose flour. And what’s the sauce? I use a sriracha mayo and/or David Chang’s ginger scallion sauce (which may be the nectar of the gods).
            I (perhaps obviously) don’t have any ancestral roots making okonomiyaki, but my wife loves it when I make it (seriously, she asks for it for Mother’s Day), so any tips would be appreciated.

          • You can use regular flour too, but usually people mix in nagaimo (a type of Japanese yam) if they do that. I think okonomiyaki flour has yam flour and other stuff in it to make the texture stickier/fluffier. I like to use Bulldog tonkatsu sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise (seriously, Kewpie is the best!) and bonito flakes on my okonomiyaki! 🙂

          • What SKT says! H-Mart and Hana Market sell the special flour. Easier than trying to find yagaimo here… I don’t really know how much of a difference it makes though, really. Just sticker and maybe a bit more savory than with regular flour.
            My one problem is that I don’t like mayonnaise or bonito… >_> Or nori, even…

          • I have so much to learn. If I promise to sit quietly in the corner and take notes, can I come to the okonomiyaki party? (OK, and maybe eat . . . )

          • I’ll bring the mayo! 😀

          • Agree with dcd about the ginger scallion noodles. I really hope the DC Momofuku will have these, and can’t imagine a DC Momofuku without them.

          • That sounds delicious! Oh, yum, thanks for sharing. 😀
            And you can absolutely join, hehe.

        • This reminds me of when I was testing the language level of a potential student at the English conversation school in Japan where I taught. We had a set list of questions we were supposed to ask, and in response to the question “What is your favorite food?”, the guy — whose English was not very good overall — said “Mick Jagger.”
          It wasn’t until MONTHS later that I heard of “niku jaga” and realized that that had been his answer. 🙁

    • Oh man – that’s rough with the doctor! I had an issue with GW MFA as well – needing to be monitored for a DVT and they just left me hanging. I ended up using my primary care physician to talk directly with the doctor who was leaving to get everything sorted. Perhaps a call from your doctor’s colleague (primary care or another specialist) could help?

      • That’s actually a great idea that I hadn’t thought of. My regular neurologist (the MFA one is a neuro opthalmologist) is super responsive and has a good relationship with the MFA doctors so she would probably be really helpful. Thanks!!

    • Ug, I hate how it sometimes seems like doctors don’t think about their patients when it comes to those things. Hopefully something works out.

      And good luck with the Japanese food – sounds like a fun night!

  • Accountering

    Rave: I was definitely the winner of the Dummy of the Day award yesterday, both with my “We beat Penguins” and with my poor telling of the H St lady story. That backfired quickly!
    Rave2: Pizza was delicious last night, and it’s Friday!

  • Andie302

    Rant: The guy in the cube next to me. I don’t normally let people get under my skin, and nothing he’s doing is directed at me, it’s just a cube farm where I cannot avoid the sound of his, well, sounds. He makes weird throat sounds, burps, has a condescending tone with everyone, except when he talks to his wife – then it’s overly sickly sweet. His voice is making my skin crawl.
    Rave: On the bright side I may be able to leverage the noise (which everyone knows about, including my boss) to get moved to a quieter location.
    Rave: Friday

    • Good luck with the possible move! I had a coworker who would talk to her kids in the most baby talk voice and it would drive us all nuts. Thankfully, she moved to a different floor and I’m taking over her sweet corner cube.

    • I’m in a similar office set up and it drives me nuts! Are you allowed to wear headphones? My solution has been to wear headphones with just white noise playing. That way, I can still hear if people need to talk to me, but it drowns out the annoying/distracting office noises.

    • The way the acoustics work out in my office is that when my door is open it pipes in every single last complaint from the grouchiest secretary in the whole firm, right into my space. This lady complains like its her job (and not always about stuff related to her job) and so I sympathize. I hope you get moved! (Seriously this secretary should go into the meat business she has sooo much beef)

    • Emmaleigh504

      Our office set up is so annoying. The people with the loudest jobs (constant phone calls and meetings) are in the middle so the noise is shared by all of us. They are in the middle to be visible, but they already have the most contact with our users, so it really isn’t necessary. I think offices would be so much better. To make it worse, one of them has the most annoying vocal ticks and phrases used all the time. Also constant voice clearing. Ugh so annoying.

    • RAVE: having my own office since Day 1 here. Hell is other people all up in my space.
      RANT: I got it so good here that I can probably never leave.

  • hammers

    Rant: Every night for the past week my Comcast has come to a screeching halt between 8-10 PM. I assume the reason is because everyone in the country is, like I am, trying to watch Netflix at 8 EST. Not in the mood for a fight with Comcast though. Anyone else have this problem?
    Rave: Boyfriend is coming to town this weekend. He’s the bee’s knees.
    Rant: He’s only here late Saturday night to early Monday morning.

    • Pablo Raw

      Rave: I am so lucky my internet service (w the same company) is so good. I sometimes have it running on 3 or 4 devices at the same time (i.e. 2 movies) and it still goes strong.

    • We had Comcast, and then RCN, and it would keep dying at 8-11 as well. So irritating. We have the highest speed as well. RCN is a little better, but it still keeps happening as well. Grr.

    • I’m with Comcast in Columbia Heights and our internet slows to a crawl between 8pm and midnight. We even upgraded to a faster speed. I hate this company with a fiery passion.

    • Time with your bee’s knees boyfriend will help with Comcast related stress, right?
      And thinking about bee’s knees makes me smile : )

    • We have RCN and had the same problem. We thought it was the cold or something. Called RCN and they sent someone out to replace the modem and had to do some work on the pole and with the connection to the house. Sounded like some kind of hardware issue, but they got it resolved. May want to call Comcast.

  • Rave: Kiddo slept through the night.
    Rant: I didn’t. Kept waking up & listening for crying. Ugh. At least I could go right back to sleep each time!
    Rave: It’s Friday! Looking forward to a reasonably low-key weekend.
    Rave: Roommate is up for post-bedtime babysitting! Paddington here we come!
    Rave: This morning went reasonably smoothly
    Rant: Plumbers think they’ll need another day to finish the job–>another weekend w/o washing machine, dishwasher, hot water for washing dishes, etc. Boo 🙁

  • Question: When did Basic become an insult and where did it come from? I keep finding myself questioning if I’m being too basic, but then realize that if I am, that’s how I’ve always been, I think, and I should just live with it. It’s a whole new way to self-criticize.

    • As usual, New York Magazine’s The Cut can answer this one for you: nymag.com/thecut/2014/04/basic-bitch-who-is-she.html
      I think I’ve said this before, so apologies for the repeat to anyone who’s already seen me say this, but I think all of us have some “basic” in us, and that’s not a bad thing. I also like what Noreen Malone has to say on the subject: nymag.com/thecut/2014/10/what-do-you-really-mean-by-basic-bitch.html

      • Andie302

        The whole basic thing is starting to seem like one more way to insult women. If I understand it correctly, it’s that you just take part in group-think, and therefore have no personality of your own. I would consider myself basic in areas that I don’t feel opinionated about. Wouldn’t it be impossible not to like some of the things that cause women to be identified as basic (on a checklist of 100+ things, and damn right I like Taylor Swift). Okay, rant over. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

        • I was relieved to have a very low score on the “Are You a Basic?” quiz, but I agree — lobbing this “basic” term around often seems misogynistic.
          And if liking brunch is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

        • Exactly. Things I’m well informed about, I have lots of (educated) opinions. Things I’m not, I don’t.

          And I have no problem admitting that I enjoy brunch, wearing yoga pants, and somehow Taylor Swift has grown on me.

    • hammers

      Emilie and I were discussing this at our last happy hour. I am of the opinion that it is not an insult per se. I view it more as one of those discriptions a la high school. e.g. the sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, d-ckheads. In my school the preps (pouplar kids, not preppy ones) kind of grew up to be basics. I think it is considered an insult because basics get lumped together as a group without unique thoughts or opinions or interests, and we value individuality. I don’t think a person should worry about being too basic. You could ask yourself “Am I doing this because my friends are, and this is what is popular, or do I really enjoy it?” Be who you are. Do what you actually like.

      • Fantastic Breakfast Club reference. “Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?”

      • +1
        It’s a post-collegiate group identifier. Basics and Bros tend to occupy the same spaces (i.e., Arlington, beer gardens, etc).
        I love me some brunch, so there’s obviously a little bit of Basic in all of us. I also have a soft spot for Taylor Swift though I’m nowhere near as obsessed as Shawess.

    • I’ve never actually heard anyone say that, I’ve just read it online. That’s probably because all of my friends are adults.

      • I think when Taylor Swift comes into the description as a criteria, it gives an idea of the target group for this. Not that she doesn’t have her older fans and detractors, but she’s generally only a touchstone for certain ages.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I tend to think of it as a silly thing to say to people when they like something popular that I don’t like (pumpkin spice lattes). But then some people do use it as an insult and give them serious side eye. Lots of things are popular b/c they are good (brunch!). I’ve noticed the very few times I’ve witnessed it used as a put down it was some asshat guy trying to feel superior.

    • In September a friend told a bunch of us about Basic. I think that was the first time someone explicitly informed me of the coming of a slang term before it really hit the streets.

    • basic is originally an AAVE slang term, so at least that’s where it came from.

    • skj84

      It’s funny because basic was an “urban” word before and it’s meaning was a bit different. It’s now been appropriated into any boring woman.

    • Maybe it’s a derivative form of base and basest, which were old-timey insults?

  • epric002

    rant: either darling husband made decaf this morning or i have mono.
    rant: went and got a soy latte from starbucks 10 minutes ago. it’s still tongue scaldingly hot.
    rave: friday!
    rant: cwg’s latest forecast is looking less snowy 🙁
    rave: dinner at tico last night was great. definitely want to go back.
    rant: the 2 women dining near us with a toddler who let him run around/play all over the dining room. and then of course he fell and started crying. for the love of the universe supervise your children in a restaurant! it is not safe for a toddler to be careening about in and out of table and underfoot of waiters. not to mention it’s pretty annoying.

    • +1 million to your last rant. One time we were having dinner at Boundary Road and this woman was letting her 1-year-old toddle precariously all over the restaurant- almost causing wait staff to trip- until the kid finally tripped himself and fell head first into the glass window in the front! In this type of situation I don’t think it would be inappropriate for the restaurant management to step in and ask the parent to wrangle their kid. It’s really unsafe for both wait staff and the kid.

      • epric002

        i wish more restaurants would do that. similar thing happened at red rocks a few weeks ago except not only was there a toddler but a youngish elementary school aged kid who was “supervising” the toddler. so 2 kids were careening about and the parents were oblivious. when they finally left i think the whole dining room sighed in relief. i would think a restaurant would be worried about a kid getting hurt tripping a waiter or something and would be more willing to ask the parents to get things under control.

      • skj84

        I hate it when kids run around in restaurants. And when I worked in hospitality we would be in a hard place in the situation. I remember one occasion where this mom was letting her kid run around and the boy ran right out the door and on to the street! The other host and I ran out after him, and tried to get him to come back in, while the mom staid at her table. Seriously it seemed like 5 minutes passed before Mom came out looking for him and she treated the whole thing like it was some big joke. It wasn’t like her kid could’ve been snatched by a stranger or run into a busy intersection.

      • This is why I will no longer got to the Diner. After some sticky-handed toddler who’d been running all over getting in everyone’s way REACHED UP TO TAKE FOOD OFF MY PLATE I nearly lost it.

      • As a mom of a toddler, I’m kind of surprised to hear about kids running around with parents staying at their tables. My daughter can’t always sit in her high chair long enough for the whole time at the restaurant, but I’d NEVER let her run around alone. We walk around together, and I’m careful to keep her out of the way of other diners & servers.

        • epric002

          +1 i get that it’s really hard for kids (especially very young ones) to sit still that long. i totally don’t have a problem if a kid is walking around a restaurant properly supervised/escorted by an adult. i’ve happily done that when dining out with friends with kids. but to sit and nurse your wine while your kid runs rampant is not ok.

        • Parents do it all the time! I’ve saved countless children from the street, near the oven, open stairwells, etc. Only once did the mother come running but even then it was long enough for me to have picked her up and given the kid a tour of the kitchen.

          • Whenever I witness this behavior (whether it be in a restaurant, on the street, on the Metro, etc.) I secretly wonder if the parent has a subconscious death wish for their child. I know this sounds dark… but coming from someone who doesn’t want children of my own, I know that I could never let that happen if I had my own hypothetical child and certainly never have let anything like that happen when I have been in positions of taking care of someone else’s child.
            Just last night I saw a child no older that 2 toddling around on the icy sidewalk outside the Columbia Heights Metro with no adult near them. I looked around and finally saw its adult who was 30 feet ahead screaming at them to keep up. Any number of things could have happened to that child. The mind boggles.

      • Accountering

        I am going to give the “Dummy of the Day” award to the collective group of parents who do not watch their kids in restaurants and other public spaces. If you let your kid run around a restaurant, or Costco, or another non-kid place, congrats, you won!

    • Accountering

      People who make decaf coffee for other people, first thing in the morning, (even accidentally) are not darlings (at least not that day!!). This is an unforgivable mistake! 🙂

    • I can’t stand the parents who let their kids run around Costco. I have to constantly look out for them when I’m pushing my shopping cart. Every time I go to Costco on a Sunday afternoon (worst time to go if you don’t like crowds/obnoxious kids) I say to myself “Never again!” But it always seems to happen again. I think tomorrow I’m going to go in the morning, and go to the one in DC so I can buy booze.

      • The secret to Costco DC is to go right when they open. You’re in and out within 30 minutes. It’s lovely.

      • ICYMI, Costco is on Instacart. I’m not sure if you can buy booze via Instacart, but I imagine the delivery fee would be worth it for a lot of people here who want to avoid crowds. It’s saved me many annoying waits at P St. Whole Foods.

    • +1000 on your last rant. I was once waiting for a table at a restaurant and this kid (maybe 2-4) was being watched by his sister (maybe 6-9) and he went out the door to the dining area, then out the main door to the building into the parking lot. When I went out to get him and took him back to his parents, telling them I just found their 2-4 year old in the parking lot, they just shrugged. I honestly don’t get that level of lax parenting.

    • Agree on your last rant. And if anyone says anything it’s not their fault – it’s the person who’s saying something. Really?

  • Rave: Finally decided on (and purchased) new laptop (Lenovo Yoga2 Pro). It paid to wait as this went on sale and was only $10 more than the regular Yoga2
    Rave: Placed two big orders for seeds and plant starts, c’mon spring!
    Reminder: Gin and Gardening gathering on Feb 8th, 6:00 pm, venue tbd

    • Thanks for the reminder! I was thinking about this yesterday and was meaning to check back with you.

    • Great. I have no idea how to plan for the balcony garden so looking forward to hearing how you are planning. Last year was my first attempt and starting from seeds, a few worked but had to still buy some things are the market. Happy to bring along my seeds if folks want to exchange too.

      • Trying to think of an easy way to share seeds – I’ve ordered lettuce, spinach, and basil mixes which will have way more than I can possibly plant. Adirondack blue seedling potatoes, quinoa, interesting melons and kale varieties and more
        Any seed requests?

        • My favorite thing to grow is sungold cherry tomatoes but I have yet to see those seeds in a store so I ended up buying plants.

          I have a few hot peppers, pickling cucumbers, and various herb seeds both last year’s seeds and some from my own harvests.

          I was thinking of bringing parchment paper and making little packets that can go into Ziploc bags. Or everyone bring their own snack size ziplocs with them.

          There was some discussion about a squash that tasted like artichoke last year-I need to find and try planting that!

        • Emmaleigh504

          all I have is flower seeds, and 1 lettuce that is better as an ornamental. But I have many questions for the more experienced gardeners!

    • Sounds great, except for the gardening part. And I prefer bourbon to gin. So make it Bourbon and Nothing and I’m in! 🙂

  • Rave: Rent Jiffy. Seriously amazing.
    Rave: Two Marines Moving – also awesome. And it was fun swapping USMC life stories with them for my husband (and me to a degree!)
    Rant: moving when you have a child that needs EVERYTHING. Food (can’t just nurse and move on), lovies (where are they?!), every book ever. Do young kids really even know they’re a different room if it’s their crib, sheets, ect? My kid would NOT sleep. I got 2.5 hours last night. Blurgh.

    • Oh no! Transitions are hard. I’m sorry 🙁 I hope tonight is better. At least you’re not at the potty training stage so you also had to deal with random potty requests? I imagine your little one realized the overall space was different & may have picked up on the moving chaos. I hope he gets back to normal soon!

    • I’ve used Two Marines Moving twice now, they were fantastic both times! Glad you had a good experience as well as I refer people to them often.

  • Rave: It’s the most wonderful time of the year-Oscar movie time! I have only seen a few, so I will be living at the movie theater this weekend.
    Rant: Recruiting. So ready to be done with this for the year.
    Rave: Boss is OOT for most of next week, so I will have a much-needed catch-up time at work.

    • skj84

      I’m 2 out of 8 for Best Picture. Boyhood and The Grand Budepest Hotel. I wasn’t a huge fan of either. I’m going to try to catch The Imitation Game this weekend, and rent Gone Girl. So many movies and so little time!

      • I’ve only seen Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman. I’m so behind! I’m considering doing one of those movie theatre deals where you can watch them all back to back in one day…. but not sure if I can sit still for that long!

        • skj84

          I’ve been tempted to do one of those Best Picture Marathons. But I think sitting in a dark theatre for that long would make me anxious.

          • I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than two movies back-to-back, but I’ve done the two-movie thing numerous times.
            The problem with seeing two (or more) movies in a row is that it tends to dilute your experience of the first movie. It’s as though you don’t get any time to savor the taste of the first film, because it’s immediately replaced by a different taste.

  • Additional Rant: Parenthood is over. It was (is?) such a great show….I didn’t watch the finale yet but I know it’ll be so sad. It was one of the one shows my husband and I both liked and discussed after we watched – I’ll miss it. (I mean, we watch things, but they never sparked as much discussion as Parenthood, but that’s prob because I don’t like GOT)

  • Rant: I’m at work while partner is snuggled home in bed on a rare day off.
    Rave: at least its Friday!
    Rave: called Comcast last night to request a new router/modem (ours is not working well anymore) and was shocked to be connected with a real live human immediately. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and SO helpful! I was absolutely floored and so happy. Going to pick up new equipment after work today!
    Rave: per victoria’s request yesterday, I talked to Homeward Trails about being an emergency/temporary foster for unvaccinated kitties. They don’t need more homes this time, but I’m excited about getting set up to help next time.
    Rant: three (three!!) coworkers have cancer of varying types. They’re all young and wonderful people who just don’t deserve to go through such hell.

    • Oh, good to know on the kittens! I hadn’t contacted them yet since I was checking in with my sister on the issue (she’s a vet and we have three cats). Thanks!

  • topscallop

    Rant: back in the office after 2 days out for trainings and meetings means I have so much catching up to do. Unfortunately, I am completely unmotivated.
    Rave: it’s Friday!
    Unsure: my ex is back in town for a little while and I’m going to play it by ear, but I think it will be good to see him.

  • Question for Popville: does anyone have experience purchasing an industrial sewing machine? I’m just a hobbyist, but I used one for the first time last week and I don’t think I can ever go back to using a domestic one! So far I’m deciding between Juki and Singer models, but there are so many it’s hard to know what options to get.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      G Street Fabrics on Rockville Pike periodically has special sales on the machines they use in classes. I got my Bernina from them at a steal.

    • Another vote for Bernina – they make amazing machines (and G St helps facilitate no interest financing which helped me with the investment).

    • Since I’ve used my 1920 Singer to make everything from slipcovers to coats, I’m curious what features make you excited about an industrial machine?

      • I have an entry level Singer Stylist machine, which is fine and all, but when I got on that industrial Juki for the first time…wow. It has so much more space for big projects (my current project is a historically accurate Renaissance gown) and it just zipped right through thick velvet no problem- not to mention it’s whisper quiet. It was a night and day difference between that machine and my home machine.
        From what I’ve found the industrials are actually a lot cheaper than high-end domestic machines like Bernina (which I’ve heard are great), so I might as well go that direction. I’m just not sure which brand to go with and which features (for instance, will I regret not getting a machine that does zigzag or has a walking foot?).

  • Rave: Second date last night, first one where a kiss did not make me feel guilty, repulsed, or just nothing. Yay!
    Rave: Played pool for the first time in a long time. Did very badly for a while but ended up winning the last game we played. I should do that more, it’s really fun. I just don’t understand the physics behind making balls go where you want them…
    Rave: Friday! Almost weekend! Bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow, hopefully we’ll get that hashed out finally.

  • Rave: I dragged myself out of bed for spin class this am. At least I have done one productive thing today.
    Rave: I finished my tedious work project yesterday. Now I have very little to do. Today is going to be an organize and deal with admin issues kind of Friday.
    Rave: I am feeling more upbeat and energetic than I have felt in weeks. Yay Fridays!

  • Rave: Got asked for references…trying to stay even keeled with expectations but that has to be something, right? After three interviews, a presentation, and a writing exercise…

    Rant: Parenthood – Trying to post no spoilers here but they really didn’t have to do that. I liked the rest of the ending but THAT was unnecessary.

    Rant: Good friend going through a tough tough break up – trying to be there for her but it’s rough.

    Rave: Spending time with her yesterday, riding, having tea, and going through old pics.

    • Covering my ears to your parenthood…..BLAH BLAH BLAH! 🙂

    • Being asked for references sounds like a positive sign! Hope it turns into a job offer.
      Your references to riding and spending time in the barn have inspired me to look into taking lessons again. I rode when I was young, and then took lessons for about a year at Rock Creek Stables. Not sure why I stopped, but I’m ready to start again!

      • Yay! I hope you have a wonderful (not too sore!) return to the saddle. Even in the cold and gray, being with the ponies is marvelous.

  • Late rave: Less Than Jake/Reel Big Fish Wednesday was so awesome!
    Rant: I paid for staying out so late at work yesterday
    Rant: I’m afraid I might become another statistic about new teachers who don’t make it past year 1. I’m applying for non teaching jobs for next year already.

  • Rave: Took a sick day to catch up on doctor appointments yesterday. Should be all set for the year.
    Rave: Test drove Subarus yesterday. Leaning towards the Impreza hatchabck with the all-weather upgrade.
    Rave: Just ordered Naturalizer flats that I have had my eye on since September – for $23. I think Andie posted the promo code yesterday– thank you!
    Rant: My apartment is an absolute disaster. We need to have a major cleaning spree this weekend.

    • Love my Subaru hatchback! The inside systems are a little low-fi unless you get the navigation system upgrade. We’re looking at the Subaru Crosstrek for our next car because we love the impreza so much!

      • So glad to hear that! I really liked the Crosstrek but decided I don’t need the added height right now. Is your Impreza comfortable on long drives?

    • Andie302

      YAY! Fingers crossed that we both love what we ordered!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: No motivation to do work today, but much work needs doing.
    Rave: I remembered to put The Americans in my DVR last night, thanks Palisades!

  • Rant: Scholastic Books truck driver parked in the NY Avenue bike lane. In trying to dodge the truck, having a car driver honk at me while I bike away from the bike lane to the other lane. Jeez, louise.

    Meanwhile, on asking the truck driver if she knew the bike lane wasn’t a parking spot, she yelled, “where else is there space to park?”

    I get it — parking is hard. But when are drivers going to realize that a bike lane is not a loading/unloading or waiting spot? And this isn’t just today — I see this every single day on the T Street bike lane too.

  • Rant/Rave?: I’ve been trying to permanently relocate for a long time. Finally got a hit on my resume and got almost an immediate offer after a couple of phone calls. A raise, the exact area I want to go to, a promotion… but with kind of a scumbag company that I don’t think will treat me right or have a position for a long time. Sigh.

    • that’s a tough call – do you think you’ll be able to find a different job once you relocate?

      • +1
        If relocating is your #1 priority, it’s best to take this job and already be there. It will make finding the next job so much easier as you can network locally. Yes, it sucks to have to find a new job after only a year (or maybe less), but at least you’ll be ready to find something else.

  • Rant: I have no brain today. So hard to focus on my work. Is it because it’s Friday? Because last week was a short week? I have no clue. Bah!

    • Pablo Raw

      I have that problem when something-someone is distracting me.

      • In your brain or in person? Someone may be distracting me in my brain, but my office is quite tranquil today.

        • Pablo Raw

          I mean when I’m thinking about someone or about something. I.E. I have always wanted to write a book of short stories to go with my photos. The second I start thinking about it and start writing the the stories in my mind, it takes over my brain; imagine running away in an open field being attacked by a bunch of crows, that’s how it feels like. So I guess I’ll never write that book. 🙁

          • Ahhh… I do that sometimes. This is more of a general fog. Although I was having weird dreams last night which could be why I’m feeling kind of spacy today.

          • Pablo Raw

            My last weird dream (that I remember), was about PoPville posters having to write a paper about the Higgs field. There was a Popvillian in charge of getting the papers from people, and he/she was very passive aggressive about it.

          • I hope it wasn’t me! I can’t remember what these dreams were about. In all honesty, one may have been about Tinder. I was hoping for a date this weekend but it’s not looking to hot (I have a work happy hour tonight, anyway, so all’s not lost!).

          • Pablo Raw

            hahahaa no, it wasn’t you but someone I met at a PoPville HH.

          • binpetworth

            Oh, God. It was me, wasn’t it? I used to be an English teacher in a former life 🙂

          • Pablo Raw

            Hahahah no, it wasn’t you either, but if you ever appear on one of my dreams, you better bring some of those cookies with you! 😀

  • Rant: Last night as I was getting my items rung up at Target, I discovered that my credit card was not in my wallet.
    Rave: I had enough cash to buy almost everything I’d put on the conveyor belt, except some cereal and a frozen Key lime pie. (I probably had no business buying that pie anyway — lots of calories — so maybe this saved me from myself.)
    Rant: The last place I remembered seeing my credit card was on my sofa… but when I got home, it was nowhere to be found, despite my ransacking my living room.
    Rave: Discovered it this morning in a drawer at the office.

  • Rave: I just put some of my photos up for sale. I’ll add more tonight. I think it’s funny I can get an iphone case or a throw pillow with one of my pictures on it.
    Rant: Friday motivational blues.
    Rave: it’s been ten years since a friend’s album came out and it still holds up! (doogie’s OUT)
    Rave: Despite having a falling out a few years ago with said friend, we patched things up in 2013 and have stayed in touch since.

  • my friday question of the day: anyone know where i can watch both the puppy bowl and the super bowl in DC this weekend? would like to go out instead of stay at home and we have a group of varying interests. thanks!

    • Last year some friends and I watched at the Board Room. There were only about 7 other people there besides us so we could see the TV, they had free buffalo wings, and you can also bring outside food in so it worked out really well. I can’t say for sure it’ll be the same this year, though!

  • laduvet

    Rant: sick all week with head cold, sore throat and a cough
    Rave: leaving the ex coop and got a studio 3 floors down! easy move!
    Rave: my friends and when things just easily work out – its a meant to be sign!

  • skj84

    Rant: frustrated with some inept shit at work. That no one seems to care about. Today seems to be the cherry of ineptitude and I’m really frustrated.

    Rave: I dunno 5 o’clock is 5 hours away and I can leave.

  • Rave: Vision improved over 2 yrs since my last exam. Nothing has gotten worse and all is well.
    Rant: Dilated eyes!
    Rave: Able to do my taxes today.
    Rant: Finding a roommate. I’ve never had more no calls, no shows; people ignoring the ad completely; semi-employed young people, etc. Frustrating!
    Rave/rant: Skipping the superbowl for another event, but my team isn’t playing.

    • RAVE: went to eye doctor yesterday and found out my vision has remained the same prescription over the last 1.5 years. yay – no degradation! And hurray for a year’s supply of new contacts, I had run out this week.
      RANT: doctor confirmed that my burgeoning astigmatism is on the cusp of requiring Toric contact lenses. I blame my maternal genes. Grrrrrr, getting old sucks.
      RAVE: I already know which Warby Parker frames I want (The Hardy, grey-blue color). And my insurance provides great coverage and reimbursement.

      • Additional rave: Because I have wonky eyes, it goes under medical thereby not requiring me to have vision insurance.
        Toric: are those the semi-perm? If so, they suck! I’m going to recommend laser surgery like I have for all my friends.
        I went from damn near blind in my eye (couldn’t see the big E) to 20/70 after prk.

        • Yes I believe they have both hard and soft permeable toric lens. Each has their own pluses and minuses, but either way it’s more of a hassle and more expensive that the typical disposable lenses.
          How much did you pay for Lasik? My coworker got Lasik yesterday and paid nearly $5K. That seems to be a lot more than I’ve heard other friends paying. Fortunately, I can save for it with my FSA.

          • edit – HSA

          • I had PRK which is generally more expensive than Lasik. I got this in 2010 at around $6k. Her Lasik price seems high to me. I’ve heard around $3-4k. I couldn’t get lasik do to my wonkiness, but I definitely recommend it. I have had such an improvement in my vision in addition to avoiding those Torics.

            I had semi-perm Toric which is a hard center and soft outer rim.

          • For what it’s worth (not entirely sure that this is what you’re talking about), although rigid gas-permeable lenses (as opposed to traditional soft lenses) take a good month to get used to, they’re not all bad.
            They generally stabilize your vision (unlike soft contacts), and they can last for a really long time. (I had one pair for something like 7 years.)
            Anon Spock, did you have PRK done recently-ish? I think I might be in the same fix as far as not being eligible for Lasik (though I’m not sure), but the K part of RK/PRK has always made me shudder and think, “Maybe later.”

          • Oops, I see now that you said when you got the PRK (2010).

          • Textdoc, if you give me an email, I’ll be happy to go into detail about the procedure and the recovery. OR email Dan and he can forward it to me. There isn’t any cutting in PRK which is why it’s more stable.

            Some docs are willing to do Lasik on people who are CLEARLY ineligible resulting in blindness or other damage. Make sure you go to a reputable doctor before making the plunge esp. if you think you’re already ineligible for Lasik.

          • As a sidenote, I took the plunge because I knew the torics were only a temporary fix. I also had lots of trouble getting used to them for many months but less than a year. If I lost it, I’d be very screwed esp. if I was driving, and I didn’t think it was worth it in the long run.

      • Anon Spock and OP Anon, your similar raves here are making even ME get the two of you confused!!

      • Emmaleigh504

        I really think Roosevelt or Verne are more your style. in blue.

  • The garment-sewing brunch meetup returns to the Chinatown Vapiano (623 H St NW) next Saturday, 7 Feb, at 11 am. Share projects; swap fabrics, patterns, and notions; and chat with other sewing folk. All skill levels welcome, as are those who sew quilts, crafts, and home-dec. We usually grab the lounge seating near the front window – look for the giant pile of swap fabrics. A great chance for beginners to ask questions and snag some free supplies (and for more experienced fabric addicts to clear out their stash)!

    • Do you know about Sewing for Social Justice (or something like that)? I’m hazy on the details.

      • Never heard of it – is it a charity sewing project/organization?

        • Sew-cial Justice is the name, not sure what sort of things they do – but I will find out.

          • ok – they have a booth at the Columbia Heights farmer’s market. if you’re interested in finding out more, shoot me an email (beau fin ley at google’s email service) and I’ll put you in touch with the guy I know who does it.

  • RAVE: First Person Series!
    RANT: Reading about road rage incidents.

  • Becks

    Rave: Last night’s Orange Chicken was delicious! I have some pumpkin and am thinking what to do with Chicken and Pumpkin. Any ideas?
    Rave: I am heading up to Rockville to the Chinese grocery store tomorrow. Can we say frozen dumplings? Yes, we can!
    Rant: I missed a call in meeting this morning. Drat!
    Rant: Feral kitty outside has been spraying around my back door. Is there anything I can to do deter the spraying. Mothballs seem to work. Any other ideas?

    • I bet something like this would be great with pumpkin: cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12881-roasted-chicken-thighs-with-winter-squash

    • This is a male feral spraying, right? Not the eartipped feral female you were feeding?

      • Becks

        I do not know if it is an un-spayed orange male that I have seen in the backyard (but not the porch) or the black and white female clipped ear cat. Or, however many other cats must come and go that I don’t see.

  • Andie302

    Public Service Annoucement: If you don’t care about the Super Bowl and you love brunch, this weekend might be the time to check out a normally packed place. SKT jogged my memory by mentioning Board Room being empty last Super Bowl Sunday. I think I was at Church Key and it was literally empty (well before the game even started). It was so strange! I hope this wasn’t too Basic of me 🙂

    • But the Super Bowl is in the evening. I’d imagine it would affect evening and afternoon crowds, but would it make much of a difference for brunch?
      (I guess if people are _hosting_ a Super Bowl event at home and doing lots of food prep, they probably wouldn’t go out to brunch that day…)

      • Andie302

        I was mystified. I went to church (an 11am service) and probably got there around 12:30. It was dead. The waiter told us it was their slowest day of the year. I think you have the right idea…people focus on their plans and maybe what they’re preparing so they stay in earlier in the day.

        • Interesting! I hadn’t anticipated that; thanks for the tip!
          I know from experience that during the Super Bowl is probably the BEST time to go grocery shopping. You get the store almost to yourself. 🙂

          • emvee

            That’s a brilliant idea! Looks like Sunday will be a day for groceries and movies.

          • If you get to the grocery store on the earlier side, you’ll see a few last-minute folks coming in for bags of chips and two-liter bottles of soda. 😉

          • Emmaleigh504

            It’s also a good day for shopping in general. You might run into a few football widows, but you basically get the stores to yourself. Good time to go play at the cosmetics counter! Bored cosmetics people will want to teach you everything.

      • I imagine lots of people will skip brunch if they know they’ll already be in/out eating and drinking all afternoon and evening.

    • epric002

      it’s also the best day to go skiing/snowboarding!

  • Rant: The horrible drivers/school bus drivers who REFUSE to yield to pedestrians at the corner of 17th and A SE. I hope they get run over in a crosswalk.

  • Rant: House next door to me has been vacant for a year. Absentee landlord does nothing with the property and no one knows where he is. It would make such a wonderful family home. Pipes in the basement burst. You could hear the water gushing and see it through the basement window. Who knows how long it’s been gushing like that.
    Rave: Called the water company and they were there within two hours to turn the water off.

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