Petition to Save the Wylie Street Garden by H Street, NE

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“Cities need gardens! The community of ANC6a in Northeast Washington DC is growing with development and an exciting place to live. The Wylie Street Garden has created community among the longtime and new residents over 10 years. Two of three lots are privately owned and one is owned by H Street Community Development Corporation HSCDC. The community of this neighborhood, HSCDC and property owners recognize the how public gardens bring value to our lives. Time spent engaged in a green space after creates appreciation, communication, reflection and conversation. We intend to save and update the only remaining green space along the H Street corridor as the heart of H Street that represents our historical path of perseverance. Signing this petition will make a difference in every day of our city living in a great neighborhood.”

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  • I’m sorry… but what’s the petition? Who are we petitioning and how? This area isn’t zoned as a park. Saving the garden seems pretty easy to me… form a private non-profit with community members and purchase the plot of land. I think Crispus Attucks park in Bloomingdale can be a model for so many other urban parks that aren’t necessarily shared by more than the local community.

    • Yeah, this sounds obvious to me. I assume one or more of the land owners wants to sell. How do these guys think they’re going to stop a land owner from making money on something they own? With a petition?

  • Blithe

    I’ve read the post, listened to the video, and even clicked through to the Change petition, and I’m still not clear what the threat to the garden is. Does one or more of the current owners want to sell their land — or use it in a different way?

    • I’ve only read the post, but I have the same question — it’s not clear who’s being asked to do what. My guess is that one or both of the two privately owned lots are slated to be turned into something else, but the original post is remarkably unclear.

  • I like gardens but I’d want a lot more details before signing this. Who is threatening to take away the garden? Why? What do they propose to do with the lot?

    I’m not a fan of petitions that don’t give you the whole story. It’s hard to believe anyone signing this understands what they are supporting other than “gardens!”.

  • Where can I go to sign the petition to let the property owners do what they want to do?

  • This garden is only threatened because DC has parking minimums that are far too high. Petition the ZC to provide a variance to those parking minimums, and the garden stays. You have to choose which is more important: your community or your car.

    • justinbc

      Basically every new condo project being built on the H Street corridor has the parking requirements waived or significantly lowered. I just read about another one that will be 26 units and have 5 “micro-spaces”. It’s gonna be a real bitch to park in that area once all that development is done.

    • No, I don’t have to. I don’t have to at all.

    • This doesn’t make any sense. Is this post a troll?

      • not at all. The reason the community garden is threatened is that it’s owned by a developer, who also owns another lot down the block. The developer wants to build a small residential building on that lot, but, due to the parking minimums, can’t do so profitably unless they put the parking on the community garden lot. The developer has asked the ZC to waive the parking minimum for their other lot, which fronts on H Street. If that request isn’t granted, their options will be to pave over the garden or to not build. The choice here seems clear to me, but I don’t live in this hood, and perhaps the local residents value parking over gardening.

        • If this is true it needs to be in the petition. As it stands there isn’t any indication of what’s happening or what they want to do about it.

    • clevelanddave

      “Community or cars” sounds like a false choice/straw man argument. Dumb bating.

  • Rooftop garden on top of a parking structure that is open to the public, i.e. for gardeners, albeit with reserved parking spaces for the condo dwellers in question.

    Problem solved?

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