M Cafe Closed in Logan – SETTE OSTERIA ON 14th coming early March

1634 14th Street, NW

Thanks to all who emailed:

“I live in the Logan neighborhood and walk by M Cafe every day and just noticed all the windows were covered today, including on the R street side. I’ve never seen this before.”

“Signs are down and paper is up. Looks like this one is closed.”

“Name is down on awnings and windows covered up, any idea what’s going on?”

“It looks like M Cafe on 14th might be closed.”

Update from a Press Release:

“We are very proud to announce the expansion of our restaurant brand Sette Osteria. The anticipated opening date is slated for Early March 2015 and will occupy the space of former “Mcafe bar” the restaurant will be located at 1634 14th ST NW. Sette Osteria looks forward to providing the neighborhood with an exceptional casual dining experience that will consistently exceed their expectations.

“We are thrilled to be opening Sette Osteria on 14th Street” said restaurateur and founder of IK Retail group Iraklis Karabassis. Karabassis is the creator of such restaurant concepts as Café Milano restaurant, Famoso restaurant , Crepizza restaurant in Georgetown, and Dupont’s popular eatery Sette Osteria. “We decided to expand the brand to 14th street because of the highly dynamic and diverse neighborhood. This area is comprised of families and residents who desire simple and delicious food, in a warm and rustic set up paired with extraordinary service.

Sette Osteria will be showcasing Italian cuisine, specializing in signature house made pastas, and a fabulous pizza. The menu will be steeped in Italian tradition featuring a wide selection of seafood and meats along with a gluten free menu items presented in an approachable and informal setting. Italian born executive chef: Nicola Sanna’s simple, yet authentic cuisine will feature the natural beauty of local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients showcasing the traditional techniques of Italy, that will be the overwhelming inspiration behind Sette Osteria. Menu items range in price from $8 to $28.

The wine program will feature a considerable “by the glass” offering including an eclectic list of specialty wines focused solely on Italian wineries. The cocktail list will spotlight our interpretations of classic Italian inspired libations, while the beer menu will include a few classic Italian selection, Six beers on draft along with an exciting and highly specific craft beer offering. Wines and beers range in price from $6 to $12 by the glass and -$25 to $75 by the bottle)

Karabassis is collaborating with an Italian architect/interior designer to create a cozy cool meets classic row-house dining atmosphere. This will be achieved by incorporating a fresh palette of wood, steal, and warm glass that will envelop the intimate dining room with exposed beams and a polished dark floor. Iron and crystal mixed with distressed metals and a few historic artifacts will pepper the space, ascending a steel and wood staircase to the private dining room, diners can expect to find a warm glowing wall of windows, corrugated metal, and rich upholstery creating a charming industrial feel with cozy semi private booths. The dining experience will be sweet, small, and smart—perfect for a cozy date night or dinner with friends.

Sette Osteria will have a 72 seat dining room and 30 seat private dining room along with a 45 seat patio. The location at 1634 14th St in the Logan circle neighborhood. The restaurant will be open for lunch daily, from 11:30 AM to 4 PM and for dinner daily, from 5 PM to 11 PM. Brunch will be served Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 AM to 4 PM. Additionally, “Happy Hour” will be available nightly from 5PM to 8PM, Sunday and Monday all night.”

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  • Oh my god FINALLY please let this be true. Cannot wait for this and Red Light to close and for some better places to take over that high-potential corner.

    • i get wanting better options for the neighborhood, but wishing for a business closure seems pretty aggressive. that’s a whole group of people who now have to go find other jobs — right after the holidays. my lone experience at m wasn’t good (hence my reluctance to return), but a few months of struggle shouldn’t damn the place. but, hey, maybe we’ll get another furniture store. *fingers crossed*

      • i don’t see anything too aggressive in wishing a business that isn’t serving the community (see: no customers) to be replaced by one that does. also, while there is undoubtedly snark in your “another furniture” remark, I think we could do worse than have a thriving agglomeration of home stores in this area. certainly, we’ve got enough restaurants, no?

  • Considering it was always empty when every other restaurant on the street had a 2 hour wait, this was probably a long time coming.

  • Yeah, I never see people in it. Not surprised!

  • Maybe naming it McCafe want the best idea?

  • Mixed feelings about this one – although the restaurant was pretty nondescript, the food and service were always good, and because it was so nondescript you could almost always walk in to get a table. I will actually sort of miss this place.

    • yeah. I’m sad it didn’t do better. It wasn’t a bad place. They had a decent happy hour and great service. Food was reliable. It just isn’t very chic.

  • Hardly even knew this place existed.

  • What do you all want in the space? I want a good Indian restaurant. One where I can get the food to go too. No more burger, Italian or pizza places please.

    • A *good* casual pizza option would be great. There’s no where to get decent takeout pizza on 14th. Indian would definitely fill a void. I would just love a place where I would feel comfortable going.

      • Is that a joke? You can get take out pizza at Matchbox and I think Etto (right?). Also, for just take out pizza, Whole Foods actually has good pizza. Now an Indian restaurant…YES!

    • A real sushi place… please!

  • Jessica Sidman reports that the owners are changing concepts and opening a new location of Sette Osteria (literally on same street 6 blocks away at Conn.)

  • I’m glad to see this one go as well. It was always empty. The decor and menu were not appealing and prices were high. People are drawn not only to the food but the ambiance. Could we get more places like compass rose or new cuisines at reasonable prices? I like the idea of Indian, Yakitori, ramen. Agreed, we don’t need anymore Italian/pizza or burger joints.

  • For a long time, it looked like no restaurant could go wrong on 14th St. M Cafe demonstrated that it’s not enough to provide decent food and good service. The place was just kind of screamed “not hip enough for 14th St.”

  • No love lost.

  • This place always look unbelievably generic. The name didn’t help. A new Sette Osteria would be awesome!

  • For DC, this place was certainly better than average. This is just the “city” going through growing pains as it builds an identity.

  • How about a brew-pub with reasonably priced fare and a large (I mean, huge) bar. Mainly because I can never find seats at the bars on 14th St. anymore.

  • Finally a solid established concept – Sette osteria will do very good – I LOVE THEIR HAPPY HOUR AND BRUNCH !! it is a tight ship with great value !!! GOOD NEWS –

  • Given the relatively low attendance compared to neighboring restaurants, I am not surprised. I am sad that it closed. It had good food and I thought the interior was nice. Best of all, it wasn’t ridiculously crowded and you could carry on a conversation without yelling. There are very few places like that in the neighborhood. I guess you need to have a star chef, a trendy concept and/or the overused small plates to be popular. Sette seems like a fine alternative, although it falls into the noisy category from my experience. It would be nice to have something other than Tex/Mex, Italian or Thai. Indian would be nice.

  • So they’re replacing a failed Italian restaurant (that had already failed in Friendship Heights) with another Italian restaurant run by the same folks?

  • This blows. M Cafe Bar actually had really fantastic food (but a really terrible name). I haven’t heard good things about Sette Osteria. Now that M Cafe Bar is gone, I wish they’d put something other than Italian in. But oh well. 14th Street had a lot of potential but seems to just be the same restaurant on every corner with a different interior.

    • Even if you don’t like the restaurants on 14th, how do you stand behind the claim that it’s the same restaurant on every corner? Here’s some names that come to mind, none similar: Etto (pizza); El Diplo (french bistro); Lupo (Italian); Doi Moi (Thai); Kapnos (Greek); Compass (“international”); Pearl Dive (oysters, seafood); Ted’s (American/diner); Tico (south american); Estadio (spanish).
      This is the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t even get into the lower cost and takeout categories (Amersterdam, Taylor, Orange/Black).
      So, what were you saying again, about how it’s all the same? You lost me…

  • This restaurant was far better than folks gave it credit. I actually liked that there was a decent restaurant here that was not a mob scene. I think the biggest failure is it opened at the same time as several other very hyped restaurants. The folks here also tried very hard — not stellar service, but was always pretty good. Still, I’m curious — I had always heard they were owned by the same folks as Sette, which it apparently will become. Am I incorrect?

  • I loved M Cafe when it was in Chevy Chase 3-4 years ago. It was always fairly busy there and seemed to fit in the neighborhood (particularly when Barney’s Coop was there). Never understood how it could fail on 14th street. I also can never understand the investment in opening of a bar/restaurant and doing little to nothing to promote it afterwards. Next!

  • It is amazing that everyone has an opinion about everything especially when it comes to food and restaurants in general – 14th street is a great corridor and it has many options –
    If you think you are a foodie and you know better – open your own place otherwise keep your negative opinion to yourself about the business and the people behind it. I do the same, i only go to places i like for a reason or another – otherwise, i dont invest time talking about the failure of others (i have better things to do) – At the end lets wish everyone a good luck and happy 2015.

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