Logan Tavern Good for Groups

1423 P Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Sometimes the issue/question of where to host a large group or party at a restaurant that doesn’t have outrageous room fees or food/bev minimums comes up on your site. So I thought I’d write in and help folks out if it comes up again. Every once in a while I have to plan large group dinner (20 or so people) for work. I work at a trade association for public employees, so when we go out for business dinners we are all on relatively tight budgets and annoyingly need to get individual receipts. This makes finding a restaurant difficult! Last year I discovered that Logan Tavern can accommodate large groups like mine, has no problem charging separate checks, they let you order off the full menu (don’t need to do a set menu), no private room fees, a very reasonable food/bev minimum per person (I think it was like $25/pp for food and drinks) and reasonable cancellation policy. Oh, and the food is good – I think everyone in my group was happy! So if anyone is looking for a place for a large group dinner, this is a good option. (I have no affiliation with the restaurant at all, just a satisfied customer).”

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  • I’ve always liked their brunch.

  • I like the vibe at LT but the food is not good IMO. That crabcake is a crime in the MD region.

  • Couldn’t agree more. We hosted an event here last year. The staff was friendly and attentive, the food was good, and the drinks were plentiful. Great location, reasonable prices, nice space for a large group, and good food. The staff made the planning part of it very easy. (I, too, am not affiliated with it in anyway – just a satisfied customer and everyone in the group had a great time).

  • I used to be a waiter at Logan Tavern and served many groups like this. Even if the person you set up the dinner with says it is no problem to charge separate checks, I guarantee the wait staff who actually services your party hates it.

    • justinbc

      It sounds really complicated.

    • I’m a 2nd former LT waiter, and it is very complicated even more so when it’s not an even split.
      It’s a really great place if you’re prone to indecsiveness: 20 tops going down to 8 but holding those extra tables for hours with hour waits or are allowed to hold the table for an hour post reservation both situations have happened when we’ve been on extensive waits. Hot mess city.
      On the food: Some of the food is very good esp. the specials which are really well thought out and creative. Other stuff not so much…looking at you fried chicken and meatload which remain top sellers despite so much better good on the menu.

  • justinbc

    Maybe good for groups, not so good for food though. Outside of the Yums style carryouts, it’s probably the worst I’ve had all up and down 14th Street.

  • It’s good for groups, as long as the members of said groups don’t care about eating quality food. It’s terrible (actually, the entire chain is terrible).

  • The Eatwells all seem mixed, at best. The overall problem is that restaurants that are well set-up for large groups usually have mediocre to semi-awful food.With a big group, you can’t satisfy everyone (so lowest common denominator menus go over well) and hopefully, people pay more attention to each other than really savoring the food. This is why some place like Clyde’s work even though the food is infinitely forgettable and that seems to be message for Logan Tavern.

    Many restaurants dislike groups–I organized a group that ultimately ballooned beyond the original planned size at a very nice restaurant (much nicer than Logan Tavern but not far away) and I made sure we gave a generous tip because every problem with a group became very evident—tables get tied up, the logistics get screwed-up because people don’t do their regular tables or the responsibility for the group gets split among servers which annoys the patrons.You might think–lost of customers = cashflow in the eyes of the restaurant, but tables get tied up until everyone shows; groups don’t always turnover quickly which ties up more space; there area always hassles with people who don’t have cash and so the server and the organizer have to keep track of those checks and those for the group–it just goes on.

    • I think LT doesn’t know what it wants to be nor how to execute. They do not have a head chef, and they haven’t had one in a long time. The last chef left some time ago because of $$ and now heads up the sort of place that hosts Michelle Obama. They had 5 or so chefs in 2 yrs. It tries to be fine dining, but will allow hour waits while table sit empty because of a late party (I’m talking 30mins+ without any response). I’ve worked fine dining, and they’d never think of doing such a thing. They are trying to be everything to everybody, and it doesn’t work. One customer described it best: Lt is the place I go when I want nothing different.

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