J ‘n G Tavern Coming to Upshur Street by the Old Soldiers Home

201 Upshur Street, NW

The Gods are smiling on us. The good news continues to come to Upshur Street and this time on the eastern end near the Old Soldiers Home across the street from the Hitching Post. 201 Upshur Street, NW is the former home to El Limeno and briefly La Joya Steakhouse. Now – J ‘n G Tavern is coming!!! Why three exclamation points? The J and G stand for Jackie and Gordon – the owners of Bar Charley (Dupont), El Chucho (Columbia Heights), Jackie’s and Quarry House (Silver Spring) and the future Little Coco’s (Columbia Heights/14th St Heights/Petworth).

And it’s going to be a real deal casual neighborhood corner tavern!! And there will be a heavy food focus on good burgers!! And it’ll be kid friendly in the early hours (with a small kids menu)!! And it will be casual – read – reasonably priced and accessible to everyone in the neighborhood!! And there will be 16 draft beer lines!! Ok ok you know I get excited easily but I’ll calm down a bit. In addition to 16 draft lines there will be 50-60 more beers available in bottles and cans. There will be over 100 bourbons and rye whiskeys. And because the space was previously a restaurant – they’ll be ready to open in April!!

Ed. Note: For those curious about the status of the coming Italian/pizza tavern, Little Coco’s, in the former Rib Pit Lounge space – it should be ready around late Summer.

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  • yessssssssssssssss!

  • They are giving Paul Ruppert a run for his money as best neighborhood developer! With all of these new places in Petworth doing so well it’s not wonder more and more places are fighting to get in. The neighbohrodd is booming and there isn’t near enough QUALITY retail and restaurants to meet the demand. Little Coco’s buzz is through the roof. The section of 14th, where they are building, by Red Derby and Lyman’s is a gold mine.

  • This is awesome news. I really want to see that end of Upshur get some attention.

  • This sounds like what I’ve been waiting for. Very exciting.

  • wow! fantastic news. I think this spot will do very well with this concept and menu. Thanks to Jackie and Gordon for sharing the love at the top of Upshur!

  • Amazing news. As long as they follow through on that, we’ll be regulars!

  • Great news – looking forward to trying it out!

  • Great! I’m happy that it will be more reasonably priced than some of the other new restaurants on the street (which I still love). I’m also crossing my fingers for some good veggie burgers…

    • If there is one thing that’s clear from reading posts in this forum, “reasonably priced” is a relative term. I guarantee that when the menu comes out, no matter what the prices are someone will complain about it being too expensive.

      • Yes, it’s totally relative. To clarify what I mean: cheaper than Petworth Citizen, more expensive than Danny’s Carryout.

        • This kind of proves Marcus’s point. If you asked me, I’d describe Petworth Citizen as pretty cheap compared to other places.

          • I agree that Petworth Citizen is VERY reasonable. My last two experiences with the food have been really subpar though. Still love the bar and cocktails! Very excited for this place to open up – more neighborhood bars!

  • Oh, yay! This is so exciting!

  • Awesome! Now all we need is decent coffee shop on that end of Upshur.

  • Anonynon

    speaking of neighborhood taverns…has anyone hear any updates on the bar that was suppose to be built (its right next to Piola and Judy’s) near 14th and Florida.

  • exciting indeed!

  • I sure wish some of the storefronts on Georgia North of Upshur would fill up with stuff like this.

    • +1. We need an stronger economic development effort. Maybe a specific committee to recruit business?

      • Hmm, I’m not convinced that DC needs to spend more tax dollars to help private businesses… I think the area has been “redeveloped” well in terms of infrastructure and beautification. If businesses feel that the customer base and demand is high enough on GA Ave, they’ll open.

        Witness Upshur Street and lower Petworth generally. The city made an appropriate effort to redo the streetscape, allow the construction of mixed-use buildings, etc. This all happened during a time when people with some discretionary income were moving to the neighborhood, and it perpetuated that. Businesses took notice that more people had money to spend on food, coffee, hardware, clothes, and books, and they moved in.

        • I agree with TS. I also live in Petworth and don’t see much economic development coordination. It doesn’t seem to be a priority of the ANC either – although I hope some new ANC blood will improve that. What’s wrong with trying to recruit businessES you love to your neighborhood? Georgia Ave is elligible for Great Street Grants, so there is existing funding available.

          • Most of the local ANC reps are older folks, less interested in businesses for the ahem “new residents” than in worrying about precious parking spots and pop-ups.

    • Have you tried Fasika? It’s really good, and the owner is slowly but surely upgrading the decor to make it more of a dine-in spot.

  • I hope that the vegetarian choices are not limited to a non-meat burger. There is interest here in real food options when going out to eat.

  • Right around the corner! I’m so excited.

  • I can barely contain my excitement. I’m still sad that House of Falafel didn’t last – maybe this would have brought more foot traffic to them.

  • This is great news, with Hitching Post across the street, I really hope this side of Upshure fills in with nice places as it’s 3 blocks from my house.

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