Friday Question of the Day – Where’s your favorite Happy Hour in DC?

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A commenter requested we start a thread on the best Happy Hour specials in DC. Another writes via email:

“Are there any good spots that serve happy hour on the weekend (other than brunch specials)?”

Mandu, pictured above from Dupont but also on K St, NW in Mt. Vernon Square has a pretty good one (bonus for 7 days a week.) Where are your favorite spots? Weekend favorites?

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  • Mandu on K St. NW! $4 Bulleit bourbon and $4 mandu (6 pieces). Mmmmmm…… so good 🙂

  • El Chucho and Bravo

  • palisades

    “A commenter”.
    I never get any credit around here!

  • Thai Chef… Oldie but goodie

    • 2nd Thai Chef for all-around great deals on food and drinks as well as weekend HH. I will add my personal favorite, Blackjack – awesome food/drinks for the price and all day Sunday HH.

    • +1, such a good one.

    • Mootje1

      Ahhh, Thai Chef. Their “drinks that make you brave” happy hour menu is the reason I have my fiancé. 😉

  • Chez Billy – love the fireplace

    • Yeah, but this article isn’t “who has the nicest fireplace”. As far as HH goes, Billy is still a little Silly. Only one draft beer (I think Stell last night) is on HH. And they only have one spirt drink on HH. Add in red/white wine and you end up with only 4 diff drinks for $5 each (plus tax). Not that good.

  • Red Light on 14th has 1/2 price wine from 5-8pm, yes EIGHT!

  • Shaw’s Tavern has a HH on Saturdays (could be on Sundays too but not positive) where some drinks are discounted.

  • Since I now have a toddler , Giant on O Street has been my favorite. Five dollar pints of ODB’s Candi and she gets to run around and eat cupcakes.

  • Great topic! Can people include the specific deal and/or hours if you know them?

    Mine – I almost hate to post this because it’s a little known secret and hardly ever crowded. But, Bistro Bohem has $5 burgers and they are enormous – I can hardly even finish one myself. It’s amazing. I think it’s 5:00-7:00 but don’t quote me on that. The drink specials are fine, it’s just a Czech beer and a wine, nothing to write home about, but anything goes well with a $5 dinner. 🙂

  • BOGO at DC Reynolds.

    That said, don’t go there. Please?

  • justinbc

    Black Jack’s ALL DAY Sunday happy hour. $6.50 whole pizzas, $7 huge burgers with side, $3 good drafts, $4 slushies, half priced wine BTG, discounted oysters, mussels, buckets of cheap beer if you’re into that, etc. I really have not found a better deal in all of DC.

    • This place isn’t on my radar, but I need to check it out. $6.50 whole pizzas?!?

      • justinbc

        Yes, whole pizzas. Since I used to live right behind it they would let me do it for take out too 🙂 Although I don’t think that’s standard practice. FYI they offer the same happy hour during the week from 5-7 I believe, but it’s extra awesome on Sunday when it runs from open to close, especially during the NFL season.

        • Wait…all day Sunday? And they have TV’s for NFL? $3 drafts (honestly for $3 it could be that pee-water Budweiser)?

          Sold! Thank you!

          • justinbc

            Yes. It’s a solid draft list too. The bucket beer is the crappy Bud stuff. They’ve got a projector screen behind the bar where they show whatever game is on.

          • justinbc

            (Redskins / Ravens games take priority on the screen if 2 games are on)

          • Oh…so just one tv. Bummer, though I didn’t expect much more really. Too bad I’m not a huge fan of either of those teams.

          • justinbc

            They show the other games as well, just saying if it’s a Redskins vs Cowboys at the same time as a 49ers vs Seahawks (for example), the Redskins game will always take precedent on the screen. It’s a huge screen though, so you can see it just about anywhere in the bar.

    • How have I not heard of this deal? Totally sold.

    • skj84

      I knew about the Pizza, but not about the slushies! It sounds like a visit to BlackJack is in order.

    • YUP, the burgers are amazing. Also $5 sparkling wine to class up your burger.

  • Bar Charley for their tiki taps. And then Duke’s, but primarily because happy hour there starts at noon!

  • When I used to work in metro center, Chef Geoff’s for the supermugs and the 6$ burger.
    Rappahanock Oyster Bar at Union Market does a 1$ oyster special from something like 5-7, and drink specials (like 4$ wine maybe?)
    Oyamel has a good happy hour too in Penn Quarter, 5$ house margs and taco specials.

    • Haha my coworkers and I used to do hh at Chef Geoff’s until we overdid it and half of them (not me, I survived!) had to go home halfway through the day the next day. Great deal.

  • Bravo Bar and Red Derby

  • Fox & Hound on 17th St NW. They don’t mess around with the liquor there. You want a Jack & Diet? They bring you three fingers of Jack in a glass and a bottle of Diet Coke on the side so everyone can drink at his or her preferred pace, depending on the day, or the mood, or even the company. Lately, I usually run out of Jack first.

    Number 9 on P St NW, across from Whole Foods, is a very close second. It’s a gay bar, but very straight friendly. The “buy one, get one” happy hour specials usually result in me having four drinks, but for the price of two.

  • I am reluctant to post this, because I can currently generally find a seat, but the Mintwood Place bar has pretty great deals on most of the full restaurant menu from 5-7p M-F. I think most drafts are around $5, there’s a wine special for maybe $6. Mains in the $12-$15 range (as opposed to $20-$30 under normal conditions). Portions are maybe a bit smaller, but it’s the only way I’d be able to eat at Mintwood on the regular 🙂

  • Cashion’s has half price cocktails – I believe every weekday until 7. They’re one of the only places I can think of that has specialty cocktails at happy hour, not just wine/beer/well.

    • I’m a cocktail fan and like D.C. Reynolds for this reason — their “buy one, get one free” happy hour that lasts until 9 p.m. (!) covers cocktails as well as beer and wine.

  • Vinoteca hands down. Awesome $5 wines by the glass and discounted bar menu and the best patio in the city with bocce when it’s warm out.

  • Logan Tavern, Commissary, or the Pig have ok HH specials and definitely over the weekend 4-7pm.
    Definitely Bar Charley esp. Mondays as it’s HH all day.
    Drafting Table I believe has weekend HH…some cocktails and beer with decent food specials

  • The beers for GBD HH ($3, $4, $5 amazing drafts) & $3 punch are great. Only goes to 7p nowadays though

    My favorite HH (though wish it lasted longer than 6:30p, but it does include weekends) for the sheer deals is the Ghibellina HH-great pizza (half off I think), and drinks are dirt cheap in a nice space on 14th Street.

    Any HH that goes past 7 is by definition a good HH too.

  • Pops SeaBar, a neighborhood gem in Adam’s Morgan next to – and owned by – Cashion’s – has a happy hour from midnight to close on Friday and Saturday nights: $3 beers, $5 cocktails (all of them) and $1 oysters.

  • Bravo Bar on Georgia is an incredible deal and a nice atmosphere.

    • I know it was probably just a one time thing so I’m not going to judge them on it – but I went one night where it was super crowded, a band was playing so loud you couldn’t hear someone talking next to you, and of the three people working, only the owner was allowed to serve drinks / ring up your tab. It took literally a half hour to get a drink or close your tab. I was with friends who have been other times and said it was dead in there and the chicken sammy is delicious

  • Also reluctant to say this because I don’t want it to get too busy, but… My new favorite is Johnny Pistola’s in Adams Morgan. Happy hour until 7 every day with food and drink specials, and then also happy hour for drink specials from I think 10-12 every night. Service has been a bit slow when I’ve gone, but they’ve also always been incredibly nice. And the food is delicious.
    My favorite used to be Urbana before the renovation – they had cocktail specials and $8 pizzas (including a proscuitto and arugula pizza, mmmm) until I think 8 pm on weekdays. Now they only have the margherita on special and I don’t think any cocktails. Apparently they have a good oyster deal though, if you like oysters.
    I also like Mad Hatter – the mango margarita is delicious. Happy hour until 8, $5 food specials (the nacho plate is huge). I used to go all the time, but over the last year they’ve apparently become the go-to place for large group happy hour events and it’s been almost impossible to find space most days.

    • Should be more specific with the specials – Johnny’s has $1 tacos (fancy tacos, too), $3 tamales, $4 margaritas, $2 tecate for their earlier happy hour. The late night happy hour is $4 margaritas, mojitos, sangria, and some draft beers. Includes weekends.

  • Crazy Hours Mon-Sat. 3-7 at Nooshi (19th and M).

    Half price on every single drink on the menu including bottles of wine/champagne.

  • i’m not sure of the hours, but bistro le bonne does $15 for mussels, frites, and a belgian beer.

  • Bravo Bar for me. One order of half price wings, and two $6 shot/beer/hot dog combos and I’m set. They also have BOGO beers and rail drinks.

  • My house. Daily.

  • For all of the people who are reluctant to share their HH spot; you may get a couple people checking it out spread over the five day week and then only going one or two or those days in a month. I don’t think your local spot is going to turn into McFaddens on a Saturday night

    • justinbc

      +1, if it were really that amazing the people who want to find out about it either already know, or aren’t trolling talk threads in search of it.

  • Mothership on Georgia is a great deal at half off all drinks (cocktails, beer, infusions, punch). Great space inside or out on their patio (when the weather cooperates).

  • Neighborhood bias but- I LOVE the rustik happy hour- 4.50 drafts and specials on pizza/apps- their margherita pizza is $7. It’s never busy and is particularly enjoyable on the porch in the warmer months but is still super cozy inside in the winter.

  • skj84

    Best kept secret: GBD in Dupont.From 4-7 they offer 3 craft beers for under $5.00, a specialty punch for $3.00 and wine for $4. Plus chicken tenders. The Happy hour extends to the entire restaurant too. Also Local 16 which runs pizza, certain apps and cocktails for $5.00 from 4-8. Plus if you bring a group they will extend the happy hour to 9. Bistro La Bonne for there Mussel happy hour: A pot of mussels and beer for $15. Seconding the mentions of BlackJack and DC Reynolds.

    • justinbc

      I was actually going to do the HH we did at Partisan at GBD instead because of that deal, but the space doesn’t really lend itself well to large group gatherings.

  • skj84

    The Hamilton for food specials: They offer their entire sushi menu half off from 4-7. No drink specials though.

  • Petworth Citizen: $4 classic cocktails (manhattan, old-fashioned, sazarac, daquiri, etc.) during happy hour, made by some of the best bartenders in the city. All night Monday too.

  • Slate in Glover Park has some solid HH specials on food and drink. The $7 cocktails are generally good and strong, and they make one of the best (and most underrated) burgers in DC.

  • ghibellina HH- sit at the bar area and get pizzas for around $7 and wine for $5! much more reasonable than usual at that place

  • For those of us who work in the soulless suburbs (Crystal City & Alexandria for me and my girlfriend) can anyone recommend happy hours out there?

    • Rock Bottom in Ballston on Wednesdays. $2 beers from open to… I don’t know when it ends, actually. I went this week and was there for a solid 5 hours, had food and only paid $18. 🙂

    • Jaleo in Crystal City is a decent spot. 4:30 – 7 PM, Monday – Sunday. $4 wines, sangria. $5 cocktails. Tapas specials.

      Also, Kora in Crystal City. 3:30 to 8:30pm Monday thru Friday. 5:00 to 8:30 pm on Saturdays.

  • orderedchaos

    DC REYNOLDS has the best drinking HH: BOGO on everything they pour from 5-9 PM every day.

    The half price raw bar at CLYDE’S is great for a fancified HH — for example, impressive selection of oysters for a little over a buck each. $5 wine & drink specials too.

  • Le Grenier has half price beer, wine, &/or cocktails depending on the night of the week; the Long Trail Hibernator ale is normally a good deal at $4 a bottle there, it’s a bargain at happy hour for $2. They also have a really good rosé, and I thought I hated rosé.

  • skj84

    Belga Cafe has offered some good specials in the past. Plus Happy hour is available on the patio. All the Richard Sandoval restaurants offer variations on the same happy hour: small plates for $4.00, and specialty cocktail, beer and wine for $4.00 as well.

  • Huge fan of Taco Tuesday at Smoke n Barrel in Adams Morgan–three yummy tacos (bbq style or traditional) and a side, as well as Monday night Slice n a Pint (or wine) for 7$ at Radius in Mount Pleasant

  • The Occidental has a good (but little known) happy hour that they instituted earlier this year. I’ve only been once, but if you want a good cocktail (or wine or draft beer) and a snack, their “7 for $7” deals on food and drink are pretty great. The hushpuppies on the menu are awesome.

  • Basically Park View – DC Reynold’s, Mothership, Bravo Bar, Looking Glass

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  • Not sure if it was a one time thing, but slipstream had an experimental drink deal during HH last time I was there. You get two of the cocktails they’re trying out for 10 bucks.

  • Oh for the Arlington people. Lyon Hall half price mussels and awesome drink specials.

    • Almost forgot, Glen’s Garden Market in Dupont. Not HH but their anytime $4 draft craft beers are hard to beat.

  • Rialto in Georgetown. They make incredible pizzas, which are expensive, but they’re half price on weeknights (as is the beer). We’re regulars.

  • Bayou has the best Sunday specials. They do 1/2 price bottles of wine every Sunday night, which is a great deal considering some of the bottles they offer at half price. It’s my go-to cozy Sunday dinner spot… great food, awesome music, half-price wine… Checks every box. And if you can’t make dinner for half-price wine specials, then you should check out their brunch. They just started offering bottomless mimosas for $11, which is by far the best bang for your buck in DC!

  • emvee

    Late to the party, but DC9. $3, and $2.50 Bud/Budlight if that’s your thing, and $3 beer of the week. +1 for the rooftop when it’s nice out.

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