DC’s first cakepoppery, Baked by Yael, now open across from the Zoo

3000 Connecticut Avenue, NW courtesy Baked by Yael

From an email:

“DC’s first cakepoppery is officially open for business!

To start, we’ll be open from 10am to 7pm daily (closed Mondays), and we’re working out additional morning hours on weekends. We’re still learning the ropes and waiting for a few more pieces of furniture, but the store is beautiful and I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.

We’re planning a Grand Opening celebration in a couple of months, once the weather is nicer and the sidewalk construction has been completed. There’s no need to wait for the party to come say hi and to check out our cakepops and other delicious treats like black & white cookies, rugelach, raspberry bars, and more. And yes, there will also be bagels very soon!”

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  • My roommate went there when they opened and bought cakepops for all of us. They were good, but not $3.25 for 1/3 the size of a cupcake good. Yes, I understand they’re more labor-intensive. Perhaps that’s why nobody else has opened a bakery centered around them?

    I also got to try a bite of a bagel. I thought it was pretty decent and much more reasonably priced.

  • Anonynon

    give me a break…

  • hooville

    At Starbucks… 1 for $1.50, 2 for $2.50, 6 for $7.50… and her business model has them at $3.25/ea. I live 2 blocks up the street — No thanks.

    Would be nice when this closes if we could get a nice NY deli style cafe instead of trendy cake pops.

  • This doesn’t sound like something that will generate repeat business. Moreover, people who visit the zoo tend to be young families with little money who like that it’s free and captures young children’s attention. I doubt they will be big fans, either.

    • hooville

      Especially when there is froyo next door.

    • I can hear my 5 year old niece being really excited about this this summer when I take her to the zoo…however, I will promptly whisk her away to Baked and Wire…or The Cake Room. I went to The Cake Room on 18th St this weekend and was happily surprised with how good their baked goods were.

      • justinbc

        I’m guessing most kids are going to be so amped about going to the zoo they won’t even notice the unassuming store front of this place once those construction walls are down.

    • You haters are nuts, this place is going to print money. The 7-Eleven there is always mobbed with kids buying junk.

      • But it’s not $3.25 cake pops. The point is a trip to the zoo is a cheap outing for cash strapped young parents and this is a “concept” that would make more sense in downtown Bethesda.

      • Agreed. Zoo parents are going to give into their kids’ cries for these and commit to crossing the street and walking in the door before they see the prices. I doubt that $3.25 is going to be printed out front in huge letters. My guess is that despite the insane price, parents will suck it up rather than risk disappointing their kids or losing their trust. I’m not saying that’s right, but it’s true. If my kids drag me in there, I’m going to teach them a lesson in economics and walk them up the street to Starbucks.

      • justinbc

        The 7-11 is full of kids buying giant bags of Doritos or Flaming Cheetos for 99 cents and standing by the Big Gulp machine refilling their slushees over and over. It’s a decidedly different audience and price point than what you’re referring to.

        • Flaming Cheetos is coded language.

          • justinbc

            I don’t get whatever reference you’re making.

          • Flaming cheetos is often associated with black kids in pop culture, so the poster above you is assuming that you’re invoking race in your post., which it seems you did not intend.

          • I also did not realize that. I thought everyone loved the spicy cheetos…..

          • justinbc

            I associate it with terrible health decisions, I have no idea what the racial makeup of their customer base is. Incidentally though, if you Google “flaming cheetos” a video with some white girls is one of the top results.

          • I have a black brother-in-law who was shocked to learn that I have never had flaming cheetos. Apparently he was also unaware of the racial coding. He just thought that’s what kids ate when they made their own bad snack decisions. (I was a cool ranch doritos gal.)

          • It’s a fact: Flaming Cheetos were not invented by Chester Cheetah, but the Black Panthers.

        • Slurpees, man. At 7-11 they’re called slurpees. And anyway the Big Gulp machine is for soda, not slurpees. So much misinformation I wonder if you’ve ever even been to 7-11.

  • Don’t care about cake pops. But, if the bagels are good, I’ll be there every weekend.

  • Someone is going to have to report on the Black & White Cookies ASAP

  • There should be some kind of deal with fro zen yo next door – buy a cake pop + fro zen yo for $8. Then you can mix the cake pop with the frozen yogurt. You’re welcome.

  • The word cakepoppery really, really annoys me for some reason.

  • $3.25? Maybe elsewhere in town, but this retail strip is far from high end. A lot of the people in that building and surrounding apartment houses are far from rich. Believe it or not this is one of the more affordable parts of Northwest. And what in the world is all the construction about? They just refurbished those storefronts maybe two years ago.

    • And I know this is a different neighborhood (Barracks Row), but Sweet Lobby sells their unbelievably good cupcakes for just about $3. No way I’d be buying a smaller cakepop for $3.50 when the best cupcake place in the world sells full cupcakes for $3. That said, I’m sure she is probably a great baker.

    • re: construction, I’m guessing that they’re redoing the concrete out front.

    • You’re right about the affordability of this area. I lived in the Park West (first building directly south of the zoo at this entrance) my first several years in DC and it was a great deal with an awesome roof deck. There are also a lot of elderly that live around there (which is presumably why the pharmacy in that same strip mall was able to stay in business even though their shelves were always barren) that probably aren’t that interested in this trend.

      BTW, does anyone know if this is taking the place of the liquor store or the pharmacy?

      • The liquor store and pharmacy are still there. I think this space was a dry cleaner or has been vacant the year and a half I’ve lived in the neighborhood. I hope the business succeeds. Woodley is becoming increasingly corporate (new Dunkin and a Nandos is coming). Cleveland Park a few blocks up lost several businesses in the past year. Palena, Dino, the running store, the french place etc…that being said I’m too fiscally conservative with my cash to pay $3 for a cake pop but I love bagels. Save me a trip on Sunday’s down to Georgetown Bagel.

  • This is more suited for Food Truck territory rather than a brick & mortar. However, her boutique business may thrive in todays world. If other businesses can sell marked up, overpriced fruit baskets, I’m sure her marked up, overpriced cake pops will find a niche audience.

  • peoples mean comments are the reason why owners don’t want to open a business in DC. people are such a nonymous haters its annoying you go yael. Let’s support small, local businesses or else well only have soulless chains.

  • I love Yael’s products and order them often as gifts. The cakepops are better than Starbucks and the black and white cookies are just like the ones I grew up with. Really yummy all around.

    Given the Zoo prices for sweets, wouldn’t a cakepop be a good compromise? They’re not big enough to ruin a meal and not expensive enough to break the bank. I’d be happy to cut a kiddie tantrum short with a pop.

    • Another big fan of Yael’s here. True story: I needed a smaller-than-a-cupcake treat for my son’s party at school. I ran over to Starbucks and bought a bunch. I tried one for myself and after one stale bite, put them in my office kitchen and promptly placed an order with Yael. They were a HUGE hit. That was the first time I ordered from her, and I’ve continued to order from her. Her cakepops are so much better than the ones at Starbucks – there is no comparison. Yes, it’s being marketed as a “cakepoppery” but there are other items, including bagels that were included in an Express write-up on the best local bagels.

      • justinbc

        It says bagels “coming soon”. How are they already being featured as some of the best local bagels?

        • One thing that should have come up earlier here, but hasn’t, is that Baked by Yael has been operational for maybe 2 years now and has advertised on the Cleveland Park listserv and likely elsewhere. I’m not sure if it was a home-based business or operated out of a commercial kitchen without a storefront. In any case, this isn’t a totally new business and there has been a lot of time for product testing and sampling. I’ve never tried her products, but this seems to be an important part of the story here.

        • Shawess is correct. When I’ve ordered from Yael in the past, I placed the order and picked them up at Weygandt Wines. The bagels were more elusive – you had to check on availability. But she’s been in business for awhile, just without a brick-and-mortar storefront.

  • At the risk of excessive snarking to discourage local businesses springing up, I have to say this concept sounds like a parody of itself. Paying over $3 for a “cake pop”?? This is exactly why people make fun of overprivileged white Americans.

    • Comments here may or may not be representative of the intended consumer. Guess we’ll find out, but I doubt your comment here is going to deter folks from opening up a new business.

  • The pops are absolutely delicious and a great size when you want something sweet and portable but don’t want a full desert. Yael is a dedicated businesswoman who has spent years refining her product and building a customer base. Along with repeat business of locals who like to order cakepops for their parties, she should get a ton of foot traffic of tourists wanting to treat themselves. The success of Frozenyo nearby shows there are a lot of people walking by that need a little sugar fix. Go Yael! Your shop is going to do awesome and I’m looking forward to taking guests there for a post-zoo snack.

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