Burger Tap & Shake coming to former Neisha Thai Restaurant (briefly EUR Asian) in Tenleytown

4445 Wisconsin Ave, NW

We’ve finally learned who’s taking over the prime corner space formerly home to Neisha Thai and EUR Asian – Burger Tap & Shake.

The liquor license placard posted out front says:

“Restaurant serving American food, specializing in quick-service burgers, shakes, and salads. Sidewalk Café with seating for 25. Total Occupancy Load of 99.”

There is currently a Burger Tap & Shake located at 2200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW in Foggy Bottom. Their website says:

“Throughout the day, we grind on premise a custom blend of 3-day aged, naturally raised Local Harvest beef chuck and brisket. Char-griddled and served on a buttered, toasted, house made bun. By focusing on premium sourcing and in-house production – from pickles to ice cream – we are able to serve a great burger at a great price.

BTS is a counter service, seat-yourself burger joint with an atmosphere of no-nonsense industrial chic: light cement floors, an exposed black ductwork ceiling, and a cement bar faced with rough-hewn reclaimed wood. The walls of the open stainless steel grill-kitchen are lined with work-a-day subway tile. When your burger is ready, it is presented on a quarter-size metal sheet pan topped with a sheet of paper – no fuss, no muss, no plate!”

You can see their menu here: bts-menu (PDF)

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  • I forgot about Neisha, which had awful tourist Thai food and was popular with noisy kids and the parents who can’t bother engaging/managing them. BTS wouldn’t be much better, but it will be a different noisy crowd.

    • There’s a BTS in my building on Washington Circle. Tourists will once again be able to enjoy mediocre burgers and decent sweet potato fries for a a mere $15. Add a shake you’re $20 deep. Really not worth your time.

      • I work close by too. Their house burger is 6 bucks and fries are 3. I dont like fries so I get a 3 dollar pbr instead. At anyrate. lunch for ten bucks is a steal for DC. On my healthy days I get a salad at sweet green around the corner. and its 15 bucks!

  • Weird that this is two blocks away from z burger…

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Which is bad news for Z Burger as it is not even close to the same league as BTS.

    • Z burger is a fast food chain. Burger Tap Shake is much better quality and serves beer in a fast-casual setting. I gotta say im pretty excited for this. And given that there is a dearth of decent dining establishments in this part of town I think it will clean up. Popular with familys like mine and AU kids alike.

      • totally different markets. BTS is a sit down place with booze, Z burger is a fast food place.

      • “Fast Casual” is not different from fast food.
        You order and pay at a counter.
        You pick any open seat anywhere.
        You pick up your own food.
        It may be 2star fast food and yes, they have a liquor license… but please. Fast casual is a newly minted industry idea. to save the owners money so they don’t have to pay waitstaff/bussers. And no plates = no FT dishwasher.
        And I am not opposed to these places, but the only difference between this and a casual dining place is the money the owners save on staff.

        • Exactly. I’ve been to both, both OK experiences, but essentially the same (besides the minor price difference). I have no problem with BTS or Z, but I would love some more restaurant diversity in Tenley!

  • That location has long been in need of someone who doesn’t half-ass it because of the prime location. Seems like a good fit.

  • Now if we can get something of this caliber or better in the retail portion of the Jamal building going up on the old babes billiards. Perfect spot for a Matchbox in my opinion.

  • Doesn’t the term “epic fail of biblical proportions” mean anything to you people? Tenleytown deserves so much better than yet another burger joint. We already have junk food places littering the Wisconsin Avenue strip of shops and restaurants, why do we need another? I’m not asking for a Michelin 3 star restaurant (although a 1 star would be nice), just something a cut above junk food. And no, just because their burgers are “custom made” does not make it anything other than junk food.
    So what should come to Tenleytown? Well, I realize that Komi or Inn at Little Washington are probably a stretch, but surely we can get something along the lines of Cork Wine Bar, Estadio, or Ghibellina.

    • I used to live in columbia heights and could walk to ustreet, logan, downtown. Moved west of the park for the schools and I am constantly on these treads decrying the dining I mean we are among the richest zip codes in DC over here and the food scene sucks compared to NE. People are literally ubering cross town to spend their money when there should be some decent dining right here. Estadio would be great but lets be honest. Tenley is AU students and familys. Plenty of concepts could work here that appeal to both. And I think BTS is a step in the right direction. Hoping for something nice in the babes site too.
      What im most upset about is the Cathedral Commons development. That had so much potential to bring some solid DC concepts west of the park and instead we get Raku, a Barcelona chain, and Grilled Oyster co which looks like an indy mcormick and shmicks. Really wishing we had some fun stuff going there. Matchbox, Rustico, Pearl Dive, Red Apron. I mean come on. The demographics are prime. Why the same boring crap?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Families don’t go out to dinner at fine dining establishments enough to make it worth it for restaurants to move up there and AU kids can’t afford to go out to expensive dinners on a regular basis. The population density is much greater downtown, and the demographics are DINKs with money and free time. If I were opening a restaurant, I would not go up to Tenley either.

        • Yeah I get its not logan circle here. But there is also far less retail space here and its on top of a metro. The retail to foot traffic ratio is very appealing and there is no competition. And Im not asking for fine dining. Im asking for teds bulletin. Or meridian pint. I mean they are opening these concepts in the exburbs now. AU kids too poor to eat out? Yr kidding right? Familys dont eat out? Have you BEEN to 2Amys?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Also, I forgot to mention the lunch crowd. Places like Tenley don’t have enough businesses around to support a good lunch crowd (and expense accounts).

      • Because families don’t go out to bars 3-4 times a week (even rich families), and many childless DINKs there are too old to go out to the local bars. Cleveland Park is also not the destination that it once was (when DC was almost completely devoid of non steakhouse establishments – think Palena, old Dino’s, Landevou (sp?).

    • Tsar of Truxton

      The places on Wisconsin cater to the AU students…probably not going to change anytime soon.

      • And drivers on Wisconsin.

        I grew up in and now live in Tenleytown. Now that I have a kid, my wife and I almost never eat out, and I think we’re like a lot of folks in the neighborhood. We cook at home, pouring our food money into Whole Foods and Giant. I don’t go to Z-Burger (but my in-laws do when they visit) and probably won’t go to BTB but I’m glad something half OK is going in there.

    • Wisconsin Ave can use some more decent places, but with all the development at the new Giant, the solid options on New Mexico ave with Al Dente etc, and the decent selection in Cleavland Park the area is hardly hurting for a decent restaurant. Also if you go up a bit on Wisconsin Cafe India and Le Chat Noir are very solid.

    • Blithe

      Walk a few blocks. There’s Masala Art, Cafe of India, Le Chat Noir, and Matisse. A few more blocks and there’s a decent Thai restaurant as well. The restaurants right around the Metro likely cater to the AU and Wilson HS students — but there are a few good options between the Tenleytown and Friendship Heights Metros. What I really miss and wish for is something like Mel Krupin’s — which had good deli food and take out. There’s not really any place in the area to grab a good sandwich and/or salad except for Cava Mezze Grill, which is a bit of a hike.

      • Glad someone mentioned Masala Art. Really good place, if somewhat overpriced. Had a great Christmas dinner there (decided to switch up the Jewish tradition).

        Krupin’s was great, I really miss that place. Further down along Wisconsin, next to Fannie Mae, there used to be AKA Friscos which was a fantastic cafe/sandwich joint. Now they’ve moved out to Frederick. A damn shame. Used to love going there as a kid. The area sorely needs a neighborhoody place. Hopefully something good can come in the old billiards hall.

  • I actually REALLY like BTS. Great onion rings. Had BTS the night after my son was born at GW 🙂 But yeah, I think it’s one of the better burgers in the city.

  • cursed space — many many businesses have failed there since Nobody Beats the Wiz closed in the 90s.

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