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  • Sedgwick Gardens, on Connecticut at the east end of Sedgwick Street, was built in 1931 and designed by Turkish immigrant Mihran Mesrobian. Mesrobian also designed the Carlton and Hay-Adams Hotels, Cathedral Mansions, and the Dupont Circle Building at 1350 Connecticut. I used to live up near there, and although I never went inside I always enjoyed peering through the front into the large, ornate, marble-clad lobby.

  • I used to live there. It was a few years ago, but the inside is just as beautiful. Granted, they have utilized some faux finishes to get the look they wanted, but it is stunning. There is a nice fountain in the middle, plaster decorations, and decorative columns. The details continue on each floor with the communal hall carpets and moldings painted to match. The apartments themselves are parquet floors, original bath tiles and tubs/sinks and nicely sized for the time they were built. I had a small studio, but had to leave when it got too pricey.

    This building was also, briefly, the home of Harry Truman when he was a senator.

    Additionally, the Melvin Hazen trail connects to the parking lot (in back) with a quarter mile path towards Tenleytown. Also on the Sedgwick side of the building are the victory gardens. These were gardens planted during (if memory serves me correctly) WWII to help residents in the area grow food. It still serves as a community garden with some beautiful produce and flowers each year.

    • Truman always rented and Bess rarely visited–he usually lived somewhere different every year, so there are a lot of Truman places. Tilden Gardens was another, along with the Altamont and at least one other polace in Adams Morgan.

      • Yeah. Apparently she moved to DC with him for about a year when he was first elected as a senator, but missed Missouri and decided not to move back.

        He was a bit of an apartment hopper after that. Like you said, he landed in several others in the area.

  • I always love walking past this building!

  • I lived here for a few years when I first arrived in DC. Great place. The lobby really is pretty. Very affordable rent for that area, fairly responsive management (they’ve since sold the building but many of the same employees are there), and quite nice apartments. They’re not fancy but they just don’t build ’em like they used to. Rent control means that there’s a mix of young transients and folks who have been there for 40 years. I still enjoy going past the building and visiting friends there.

  • binpetworth

    Love this, and interesting to hear the history and details of the interior from former residents. Makes me sad to think that 100 years from now, it’s unlikely people will be saying similar things about the box construction buildings going up around town these days.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Love this building. Nice to learn more about it.

  • those cheap replacement light fixtures are unfortunate but the rest of the building is smashing!

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