Metrorail service suspended in both directions due to water main break

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From AlertDC:

“DC Water reports a water main break at 12th and F Streets NW. Due to the break 12th St. between E and F Streets is expected to be closed 10 to 12 hours while repairs are being made. Metro Center Station is affected and service to the Blue, Orange and Silver Lines is suspended at this time between Farragut West and L’ Enfant Plaza Stations.”

Photo via @Metrorailinfo “water level after receding at Federal Triangle.”


“Metrorail service on the Silver, Orange and Blue lines is suspended in both directions between Farragut West and L’Enfant Plaza due to a water main break at 12th and F Streets, NW. Water has entered Metro Center Station and flooded lower level tracks.

DC Water has advised that the source of the water has been turned off. Metro is currently working to pump out the water off of the tracks. There is no estimated time of service restoration.

Limited shuttle bus service will operate between Farragut West and L’Enfant Plaza. However, bus service will not be able to replicate the capacity of the rail system. Riders should consider alternate travel options (e.g. Red, Yellow or Green lines) and expect significant delays on the Silver, Orange and Blue lines.

WMATA: “This photo shows water above the rail earlier this morning at Federal Triangle. All back to normal now.”

As of 8:40 a.m., Metro is in the process of restoring normal rail service on the Orange, Silver and Blue lines following an earlier water main break in the area of Metro Center. Riders should expect residual delays in both directions as trains resume normal operations.

Earlier, service on the three lines had been suspended between L’Enfant Plaza and Farragut West due to flooding on the tracks. The water main break occurred outside Metro Center in the area of 12th and F streets, NW.

Red, Yellow and Green line trains continue to operate normally.

WMATA: “Two more pics from Federal Triangle earlier.”



Silver/Orange/Blue Line: Normal service has resumed between Farragut West and L’Enfant Plaza.

@Uber_DC reminds you:

“Trying to get to work on time despite the #wmata? Tap that app and make your escape to the office a little easier.”

Anyone know if surge pricing was in effect?

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  • I requested an Uber in Langley Park, Maryland and rode all the way to Court House, Virginia without surge pricing. Best $30 I’ve spent all month.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      I bet it would have been like 50-60 or more if you took a cab. That seems like a pretty good deal, especially in rush hour!

      Sorry to everyone who got stuck in this. It must have been brutal. Any platform pictures?

  • UberX has surge pricing of 2.7x regular. So I took a good old fashioned DC cab from Meridian Hill down to Courthouse. ~$30, worth it for a guy who knew exactly how to get around traffic.

  • Surge was 3x around 9am. Took a cab instead from U street to the Hill. $20 but it took forever.

  • Imagine if DC had been hit by Hurricane Sandy as was initially projected. DC needs to revisit it’s infrastructure and the feds need to step up to the plate with money to support it.

  • So that’s what the nightmare traffic was about this AM. Thomas and Scott Circles were hopelessly snarled while Dupont Circle was empty in nearly all directions. Thankfully there was no surge pricing on my Uberx, because it already took half an hour to go a little over a mile.

  • Uber surge was at 4x when I checked this morning.

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