Kramerbooks Launches New Subscription Service – Post Script! – “Kramerbooks Favorite at Your Door Each Month”

Good sense of humor back in 2013

From an email:

“We are pleased to share our new monthly book subscription program with you. It’s called Post Script! A Kramerbooks Favorite at Your Door Each Month. Our staff will select one special book each month and mail it, with a letter and small gift, to subscribers. More information about Post Script! is below.

We hope readers will treat themselves or a loved one to a Post Script! subscription this holiday season.


The Kramerbooks & Afterwords Staff

What is Post Script! and why should I sign up?
Post Script! (P.S.) is a monthly subscription service. One handpicked book will be delivered to your door each month for six or twelve months.

We love books and it’s our mission to bring you the best of what’s being published. P.S. is a distillation of what we do every day in the store – connect dedicated readers with our favorite books. If you love books and are looking for new ways to find your next great read, this program is for you.

What comes in each P.S. package?
One handpicked book.
One letter from a bookseller extolling the virtues of said book.
One piece of Kramerbooks swag, i.e. temporary tattoos, vintage bookstore paraphernalia, surprises!

Can I give P.S. as a gift?
Yes! You are an amazing friend or loved one to give P.S. as a gift. Way to go, you!

Can I sign myself up?
Absolutely. You deserve it!

How much does it cost?
6 Month Subscription: $150
12 Month Subscription: $300
Payment is collected in full at time of sign-up or renewal.

What if I don’t want or like the book?
Sorry, we cannot offer returns or exchanges on P.S. books. But we have some ideas on what to do with the unwanted book.
1. Donate it to your local library.
2. Re-gift it.
3. Use it to prop up that rickety table.
4. Burn it. NOTE: To be used in emergency situations only. We mean zombie apocalypse, all alone, need to boil drinking water EMERGENCY.

How do I sign up?
Email [email protected] with your name and telephone number. A Kramerbooks staff member will get in touch for payment information and delivery details.”

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  • Nice idea. Bookstore-as-a-Service could perhaps save the bookstore.

  • They just invented the Book of the Month Club?

  • I’m rather surprised that they aren’t offering any incentives price wise with this. A six month plan at $150 comes out to… $25 per book. So, about the same price of your average new book. Ok, so a year long plan must be a slightly better deal, right? 12 months, at $300 comes out to… $25 per book. And since they won’t let you exchange any books that you don’t want, you might just be better off going to the store once a month to check out the recommended books, and if you don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

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