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  • justinbc

    Damnit, I just bought a ton of groceries at the Navy Yard HT yesterday!

  • Blithe

    I appreciate how they’re handling this — with a thorough cleaning, and a discount, but it would be very hard for me to get past the live-mouse-shimmying-in-the-pizza sauce or whatever thing. On the one hand, you figure they’re probably spanking clean now; on the other, I’d probably be inclined to wait a few weeks or months and see how things go.

    • justinbc

      Just avoid “fresh-made” things like the pizzas or sushi or whatever. I doubt the mice are getting into the jars of marina sauce on the shelf or tubs of ice cream 😉

    • A mouse shimmied on a pizza? WTF?

    • Now is the best time to shop there, or any place that just re-opened after a DOH shutdown. Waiting a few weeks, or months, only lets the place revert back to business as usual. Enjoy the discount and clean store while you can.

      • +1. Does the PP really think there aren’t mice in all D.C. grocery stores? Yes, even Whole Foods. They are simply charged with taking certain steps to “minimize” pests. At least know that this store is now in compliance for now…

  • Hmmm…. what to stock up on for 10% off?

  • I spoke with their leader. They have agreed to stay away during business hours for at least two weeks, but no promises thereafter.

  • Not. A. Chance.

  • Not a lot of alternatives in the area. There was a mouse and some unsanitary conditions but its not like this is the NY Ave produce market that continually had issues.

    • brookland_rez

      This area has it so better than when I used to live on Parker St. Back then it was the nasty Giant on 7th St, the Murry’s, and Safeway at Hechinger Mall.

  • 10% off prepared food items that are 100% questionable.

  • I was impressed that they stayed closed for three days beyond the “all clear” from the DC DoH, but it still bothers me that HT would let one of their stores get into a state where they’d get shutdown for an infestation. So now…what to do? HT in NoMa or “Slow Safeway” on Georgia Ave (otherwise known as “Stroller Safeway”), that seems to go further and further downhill with each passing week.

  • Aglets

    Why don’t I have issues with this? I feel like I should be freaked out but I’m not. I like that place. I mean, they stopped carrying the trippel thiat I liked and sometimes the cut & packaged watermelon cups I buy are on the cusp of expiration but I don’t have any issues with the staff or service or general cleanliness.

    I mean, I don’t eat their pizza anyway so…

  • I personally don’t mind and am glad they reopened – that was(and will continue to be) my main grocery store.

  • time to load up on pasta sauce

  • It’ll take a lot more than 10% off to get me back. I used to go often and got the fresh foods. The fact that they clearly knew they were infested and didn’t stop it is unacceptable. Hopefully the store manager was fired and the whole staff enrolled in ServSafe courses.

  • I dunno. I can’t really blame them for the mice issue ad I’ve had mice in my house before. They just need to really stay on top of it. Mice move inside this time of year so its really hard to control them.

  • They changed their hours too?! It now opens from 7 am to 10 pm, no more late shopping 🙁

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