From the Forum – Marijuana — changes in DRUG TESTING for DC Government employees?

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Marijuana — changes in DRUG TESTING for DC Government employees?:

“Will the DC Gov’t relax their drug testing policies in light of the decriminalization of cannabis in DC? I’m not gonna lie — as a DC employee I hope we will be able to use marjijuana occasionally without it affecting our random testing. Anyone know if there are any changes in the pipeline?”

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  • Honest question: do you actually get randomly tested? I’m a fed and, I believe, could be subject to random testing, but I’ve never heard of it being done in my Dept (which is very not-top secret, etc kind of work).

    • I believe it would be in your position description if you’re subject to random or regular drug testing as a fed. OPM makes it clear that you can’t just randomly test someone, unless that was specifically in his/her PD at time of hire.

  • even if marijuana is made federally legal employers would be within their rights to drug test. I would avoid it if you are unsure.

  • It is my understanding that even though it is no longer going to be a criminal offense, it is still 100% within the employer’s rights to discriminate against you and refuse to hire or actually fire you for using it, the same way some health systems have decided to discriminate against cigarette smokers (and won, repeatedly, in court over their right to do so).
    You have a right to use tobacco and now, apparently, cannibis, but that does not affect your employer’s right to test you for its use and dismiss you for doing so, as long as they have a clear, written policy that is evenly enforced that says so.

  • I’m pretty sure Congress is going to exert their control and put a kibosh on legal weed in DC

  • Even if it is decriminalized locally, my understanding is it is still a federal offense. Plus all the other stuff that’s been said about employers testing for whatever they want, legal or not.

  • Which agency? When I worked for DC government there were no random tests, in a managerial position. Is this a position operating a vehicle/machinery or in public safety/health?

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