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  • classy is the last thing I would say about that place or the new look. Tacky is more on target

  • Opened in 2011? I always thought Climax was a hold over of the more seedy days of U Street. Guess not. Over/Under which one of Climax or Pure will close down first?

  • I’ve always mocked this place, but went in recently with friends to smoke some hookah and was very pleasantly surprised! We stopped by on a weekend, and this place was essentially a hookah lounge/dance club. They had a DJ/Vjay and played a lot of Nigerian and South African music, had lights, lasers, etc. I felt like I was transported to another continent; for a place on/near U st, it was refreshingly devoid of obnoxious yuppies. I’ll definitely return next time I want to enjoy some hookah. (Oh, and the drinks were well-priced as well.)

    • Climax is a totally great, chill, unpretentious spot. If you’ve spent any time in Africa, you’ll appreciate the musical selections. I usually go as a pre-game spot before hitting the 930 Club for a show. Dirt cheap drink specials.

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