“unlimited pours of some of the best craft beer and cider from all over the US” at DC Beer Fest at Nationals Park Saturday

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From a press release:

“2nd Annual DC Beer Fest Takes the Field at Nationals Park – November 8th

The DC Beer Festival returns to Nationals Park on Saturday, November 8th with the rare opportunity to eat, drink, and play on the field at Nationals Park! Bringing together over 75 craft breweries and featuring fall seasonal beers, the event will feature live music, games, DJs, some delicious beer and food. Admission includes unlimited beer and cider tastings, with food sold separately from a number of food trucks including DC Empanads, Peruvian Brothers, AZNeats, Red Hook Lobster, Sate, The Big Cheese and others.

“Every fan’s dream is to run the bases and hang out on the field at a professional baseball stadium. We’re making that dream happen and adding unlimited pours of some of the best craft beer and cider from all over the US,” says DC Beer Fest organizer, Dan Silberstein.

WHAT: DC Beer Fest at Nationals Park
WHEN: Saturday, November 8, 2014
PRICE: General Admission (1 – 4pm) – $40; VIP Admission (noon – 4pm) – $60 includes specialty beers poured during 1st hour
TICKETS: www.dcbeerfestival.com
PARTICIPATING BREWERIES: Full list available here.”

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  • Drink the District’s cider event is the same afternoon at Union Market. Too much booze for one day? 😉

  • justinbc

    There’s some crap beer on there, but also a fair amount of really legit breweries. Does it seem like the same half a dozen food trucks have been showing up to all these festivals for 4 years now? Did creativity die after the summer of 2010?

    • I can’t wait to pound unlimited pours of Fat Tire and 312 Urban Wheat!

      • I’ve been to this event 3 times already and it’s organization is vastly superior to drink the district events (plus the selection is way better). Not once have I had to wait in line for more than a minute. Plus you can hop right in the next line while drinking your previous beer. We paid $30 for our tickets and its well worth it.

    • I know you’re into food but it seems a bit odd to complain about the lack of variety of food at a beer festival, especially if the food is good. (You didn’t say it wasn’t good so I assume that’s not the problem.) It’s a beer festival, not a food & beer festival, right?

  • Has anybody been before? When I’ve gone to beer events like this, it ends up not being worth the money since you have to wait a while in line, and then you only get a very small dixie cup of beer that you can drink in a couple of sips.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much it. If you buy your ticket in advance and get there real early, you can skip some of the lines, but it’s still far more waiting than drinking.

    • I went to a Drink the District wine/beer event and it was easy to get drinks. They had an area where you could get full beers and full glasses of wine and then you could wander around for various tastings. There were no more than 3-4 people at the various vendors in the one I went too. I thought it was a good deal. Drink the District does 2-3 different “shifts.” I went early because I was afraid they might run out of stuff by the latest window of time.

    • I went to the first DC Beer Fest and really enjoyed it! Because you have so.many.options, you really don’t need to wait in line unless there’s one thing you’re dying to have. I wish they posted which beers would be poured by each brewery so we could be more strategic about where to start!

    • It depends on what time of day you’re going. The lines aren’t too bad during the earliest time slot, and it won’t quite be so overrun by idiot drunks. The pours are indeed small, like 6 ounces or so, and it’s dominated by big, unexciting brewers, but there are some real treats to be found, as well.

  • Couple of good breweries, plenty of bad ones. Guess which lines will be busy? Also, why can’t these events post the actual beers being served? There’s a big difference between getting an everyday offering and something more special.

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