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  • Turned out pretty cool

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like them!

  • Are containers the new thing? I want one for my back yard.

    Dear popville?

  • It’s better than I had expected in and of itself, but it doesn’t fit into the context at all.

    • I agree. I am pretty impressed at how nicely they turned out, but I would definitely not want to live in or near one.

      • Really brings the context to a new level… exsitng context very plain and unintetreisteing..used to live in Brookland…

  • maxwell smart

    Interested to see how the interiors turned out and how much they plan to rent these out for. It’s great to see some alternative housing models in DC.

  • There are also photos of the inside somewhere on the internet. It literally looks like they stained some plywood and then tacked it all over the interior of the place (walls, floors, and ceilings) without covering any of the nails afterwards. Definitely have the contractors on my list of people NOT to use for my own renovation.

  • Did they know you were coming? Every other time I’ve gone past it has blankets and curtains and randomness hanging in the windows…

    • Totally agree with curtains, flags, etc hanging in windows. Looks like exactly what it is–cheap off campus college housing. The developers could have improved the appearance greatly by hanging uniform blinds on the large front windows.

    • Agree with above. The curtains, blankets, flags, etc hanging in the windows make it look like exactly what it is–cheap off campus college housing. The developers could have greatly improved the curb appeal by hanging blinds in the front windows.

  • I think they look really cool. Also, really temporary. Seems flimsy and not at all designed to last.

  • It looks out of place in that neighborhood, I feel bad for the residents on that block.

    • So what? Why do blocks need to be consistent stylistically? Brookland is a beautiful neighborhood, but it’s not a historic district. What’s wrong with something new and different here? And how could it possibly affect the neighbors negatively?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I am consistently amazed at how conservative and bland people in DC are when it comes to houses. Color and different building materials are good! Every house doesn’t have to look the same. Architecture evolves, good and bad. Hopefully the good stays and the bad is replaced by other new ideas in architecture.

        • Agreed. And I consider myself to have pretty conservative tastes in architecture. A lot of the modernist or postmodern architecture in DC bugs me, and you’ll find no bigger aficionado of Queen Anne style rowhomes than me. That said, architecture is constantly evolving, and I see no reason why we have to keep repeating the same things over again for the sake of “consistency” or “neighborhood feel.”

          • DC If I Care

            Amen to Mike and Emilie.
            Pretty tiresome architecture in this town, as evidenced by the shrill opinions here and elsewhere. Ever notice the Mandarin Oriental in many other cities is a landmark building? Ours looks like something out of a mall complex. The Viet Nam Veterans memorial was so controversial some people felt the need to add more literal statuary to make it more accessible. The Nats’ stadium is the latest wasted opportunity. Blandtown, USA.
            I hope DC becomes known for container housing.

        • i get more and more depressed for dc when i read these conservative comments.

      • Slow down cowboy, WJLA actually ran a story in June about neighborhood opposition. Believe it or not DC neighborhoods have identities; I know that means nothing to you guys that will be here for <5 yrs but it means a bit more to folks that have lived and paid taxes there for years. That goes for Brookland as much as it does Chevy Chase.

        • Wait – you’re saying DC residents were opposed to architectural changes? Come on, that can’t be! Getthehellouttahere. I am shocked that there is gambling in this establishment!
          For Christmas, all I want is to see a storage container used as a pop-up in Lanier Heights. And witness the neighbors’ reactions.

      • Then may I also assume you have no aversion to hideous pop-ups, Anon?

    • I’m excited the residents have something interesting and different to look at ..not the same old DC stuff….

    • I love when someone plunks down a contemporary building in the middle of a neighborhood. It is filling in a vacant lot and much better than a cheap imitation of a victorian with vinyl siding.

  • They came out kind of fun and industrial looking. And I like that there are so many windows. My only gripe is that the building looks like it is very close to its neighbors on either side.

  • I live nearby and think it looks cool and fits with the other brightly-colored artistic elements of the neighborhood (e.g., Dance Place building, Artspace Lofts mosaic, the bridge on Monroe).. BUT I wish window treatments had been part of the design because the sloppy hanging sheets and blankets really messes with the overall aesthetic.

  • Ahhh, living the life of a stowaway on a Cosco Busan cargo ship. Looks cold.

  • I like it. Comments may be closed now.

  • The sheets make the whole thing look terrible. Glad you all took a picture of the “after”, but it’s hard to show just how badly the home made window treatments make it look…

  • Hmmm… I have to say, when these were being constructed, I was getting worried. It was starting to look pretty ugly. But, I think it’s actually turned out pretty well. Good for them!

  • are these available for rent or is it for only catholic students?

  • If they put it along the railroad tracks I’d say, “Cool!”…..people in DC have NO respect for classic architecture until it’s been torn down! Check out the sixties buildings wedged against the classic at CUA…..THAT is what the placement of these will look like.

  • Up next Dumpster Towers!

  • It looks great, but these are crappy landlords not to provide blinds on those huge West facing windows. They must be blinded by the sunset, thus the tacked on bed sheets in the windows.

  • Makes no sense that the developers did not install retractable or rolldown screens/blinds in each unit. They took what could have been a cool, modern structure and made it a tacky eyesore. What did they expect the tenants to do for privacy/shade? I drive by this place everyday and the curb appeal is gone. Very disappointed considering that one detail ruined the whole project!

  • “I don’t like what I see when I try to look in their windows”. Today I learned: there are alot of peeping toms heading to brookland to try and see some hot college butt, stuffed in a shipping container.

  • I’d rather live in housing made of durable shipping containers than housing made of wood or concrete. But I’m surprised the windows aren’t more reflective to provide more privacy.

  • I like it for the most part. I agree about the window treatments, and will add that I don’t card for the solid railing on the little balconies. Great to have an outdoor space – I would love one! – but with that wall you will feel very closed in while sitting on it, or even sitting in the unit and looking out. I’d prefer something more open. But overall I like the unit and the building, and I think Brookland architecture is eclectic enough to absorb this style.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    I’ll preface this by saying that I love innovative, new housing ideas and the repurposing of materials. I held my judgment until the construction was finished. I live 2 blocks away and this thing is a great idea gone wrong. There are flags and sheets hanging in the windows, and it looks like a band of hobos has set up camp inside.

  • They bought a house, tore it down and put these up. This was not an empty lot until they tore down the house that was there.

    So.. how much are they getting in rent for each unit? And for what reason is each window covered with makeshift window coverings (other than the cheapness of the developers/owners to gain maximum income).

    Not impressed. Then again, I am not one to think “shared living space” is something I would want to live in, unless the rent was very very reasonable (which I highly doubt it is)..

  • nice pics.
    but you should get a polarizing filter. will cut that glare and make the sky less washed out.

  • I like that idea! I find that idea really creative! I like the interior ( I saw it on a pic in one of the comments) . The only thing that bothers me is that the exterior is not very nice. I don’t want to live next to something like that.

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