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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

Ed. Note: We’ll be back to our regular schedule of posts tomorrow.

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  • Rant: Working!!!!!
    Rave: This morning at my local bagel joint, there were 6-7 men in uniform in line ahead of me. A woman eating breakfast noticed them walk in and as they ordered she gave the cashier her credit card and paid for all of their bagels/coffee. It was a really sweet moment!
    Rave: Not much traffic on the roads this morning!

  • Rant: Working today.

    Rave: Traffic through downtown wasn’t bad because of the lack of usual commuters who drive horribly.

    Rave, They finally painted the strange island in GA Ave properly so it looks somewhat normal.

    Rave: I made it in for an RROR post!

    Rant: Trash collection people strewing trash everywhere in my alley, then the wind blowing entire bags of trash down my outdoor basement steps. My tax dollars at work.

  • Rant: road construction on 14th St. What are they doing and when will it be finished. Also when will they repave 18th St. Between K and L?

    Rave: finally repaved on 12 St. near the Old Post Office completed pretty quickly!

  • Rant: Large surface parking lot in this plan: http://www.bizjournals.com/washington/breaking_ground/2014/11/howard-university-partners-pitch-big-mixed-use.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+bizj_washington+(Washington+Business+Journal)

    Go to google maps and look at this area. Howard University may own the most surface parking lots in all of Northwest. To create a development that does not put most of parking underground is a disappointment.

    • Thank you for posting this! I noticed that the little row of houses on Sherman/Barry have one-by-one been boarded up and wondered what was going on because most were just recently renovated.

      I thought Howard was going to swap out this land and trade it to the city in some sort of deal. Guess not.

      • Good for them but I don’t understand how they can’t get their act together on Howard Town Center but instead has assembled and is going through a PUD to rezone these lots.

        Literally, I moved into the area a decade ago and saw signs on the building at 8th & V (across from new Atlantic Plumbing building) that said ‘Howard Town Center – Delivering Fall 2004’

  • Rant: Working today, Ted Cruz comparing net neutrality to Obomacare when they are not the same thing.
    Rave: Thankful for all the amazing veterans who have sacrificed so much for this country.

  • Rant: Metro commutes on holidays. Yes, I know the federal government gets the day off, but a fair amount of us still need to get to work on time. 15 minute waits in between trains isn’t not cool. Going to hate my commute home.. grumble grumble grumble.
    Rave: Heading to Jamaica tomorrow 🙂

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: I’ve never NOT had Veteran’s Day off. It feels quite odd especially given my NGO’s historic support of the military.

    Rave: It’s quiet in the office so far!

    Rant: The aging baby boomer (is that redundant?) who holds court on the 4:40 work shuttle. She sits in the front seat and talks very loudly to people scattered throughout the shuttle. Very loudly! Friday she discussed her recipe for pot brownies, wow you are so cool, you damn hippy! Yesterday we were lectured on the history of brown sugar. Unclear if all of this is somehow connected.

    Rave: Learning to be pickier about the cabs I select. If I see a clunker coming down the street my hand goes DOWN! It makes for a much more pleasant trip!

    • There’s a woman in Columbia Heights who does this. She will pick a captive audience, on the bus or in a cafe, and just start talking. It’s usually complaints. She also lectures strangers. I really dislike her, but also feel sorry for her, because she’s obviously not playing with a full deck, and has great unhappiness in her soul.

    • There was a man who used to to this at the 42 bus stop at Farragut North (heading north) on Conn. But his speeches weren’t so pleasant – one day he decided to teach all the women how to douche with a sparkling water bottle. He was either on drugs or mentally ill. It was terrifyingly hilarious!

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Attacks on the MBT. Not surprisingly, there are parts of the trail where 2 or 3 lights are not working. There’s a bridge I think near R St. where no lights are working. Even the lights that are working are not powerful enough in my opinion.
    Rave: More work on the side.

  • I want to borrow a cat to deal with a pretty bad mouse situation. (Yes, we need to do the sealing up thing, but I need to get rid of as many as possible first, to avoid having them die in the walls.) I need a younger, slimmer cat, one with some aggression to work out. (I have a mellow old fat cat who no longer hunts.) I know there are several posters here who work with rescue groups. Do you think I could rent a cat? I would make a donation to the group if I could get a vetted young cat for a week or two, and then give it back.

    • Step 1 – Get a full sized utility bucket or durable full-size (plastic) trash can from home depot.

      Step 2 – Get a bag of cat or dog food, make sure the bag has a waxed coating (slippery) on the inside.

      Step 3 – scatter the dog/cat food inside the bucket, and empty the pet food bag into another bag (trash bag or whatever).

      Step 4 – place the emptied pet food bag into the bucket, hide in a spot out of site in your basement or in an area that mice frequent, make sure they have a way to climb up to the bucket easily.

      Step 5, leave the bucket alone for 2-3 days or so. It will likely have lots of mice in it if you really have an infestation and you can take/drop them all outside (further away from your house is better). They shouldn’t be able to escape the bucket/can because it’s not low enough to jump out of, and the pet food bag attracts them with it’s smell, yet they can’t use it

      • I believe that mice can navigate back to your home unless you drop them off more than a mile away.

      • Or buy some dry ice and put them in a container with it, close it, come back later.

        • This is much more humane than placing them outside. Mice have territories and nests, so dumping them outside is just offering them a slow, certain death.

          • I used to do mouse work, this happened in our lab a lot, though I never used this technique. Just to be clear though, this is to asphyxiate the mice, not freeze them. Try to give them some space so they aren’t touching the ice.

    • There’s a black and white stray that’s always hanging around the Mt. Rainer bus terminal at around 6:30pm. Looks young and slim, probably living off rats and birds. Go get him!

    • Rescue groups tend to be skeptical of people who want cats to act as short-term mousers — they’re worried that people won’t feed them enough, thinking that a hungry cat will be a better mouser.

      • Seriously? Are you guessing, or is that an actual rationale for policy at an actual rescue group? It sounds like something SNL writers would have a caricature of a cat lover say, to reinforce the popular image of cat people as unhinged.

        • epric002

          seriously. i just signed adoption paperwork and i’m 99.99% positive there was language in there against getting a cat as a mouser.

          • That is ridiculous. A healthy cat WANTS to hunt. All its instincts demand that it hunt. Unlike dogs, who just want to eat and don’t much care how.

          • No, not all house cats have that urge, even healthy ones. And even those who do hunt, some are not mousers but prefer birds instead (notice how some cats like you to drag the feather toy across the floor, and others like to jump up after it?).

          • epric002

            i believe their concern is focused on the welfare of the animal. similar to how they will not adopt out a dog for the purpose of being a guard dog.

        • It’s what a rescue group told me when I forwarded them a Craigslist posting from someone who wanted to borrow a cat to use as a mouser. (Naively, I hadn’t thought about that as an issue.)

    • Honestly, a few strategically deployed mouse traps will do a better job than a cat, who might or might not catch the mice but will certainly have to be fed and watered. Get some of the electric traps or use the bucket trap method (google for other design ideas, including ones with water in the bucket).

      • I’ve tried traps, both mechanical and electrical. I’ve tried poison. Nothing has ever worked as well as having a cat in the house. I’m not even sure if our cat caught the mice–maybe he just scared them away. All I know is that we used to have mice, couldn’t get rid of them, got a cat, and bingo, problem solved.

        • OP hoping to borrow a cat here. Back before our cat retired (full pension and benefits, of course), we did not have mice. Since he stopped working, we have tried: sticky traps, snappy traps, zappy traps, high-pitched buzzy things, and various scent deterrents. (I don’t want to try poison, because of the retired cat, and because I don’t want mice dying in the walls.) Nothing works like a cat.
          I just want a mouser for a while. I want to feed it and socialize it and give it an outlet for its natural instincts. I never imagined that this could be controversial. These rules are probably made up by the same kind of people who made those dog-wearing chest harness things we saw yesterday. Cracked.

          • If you make a longer-term commitment to foster a cat, a rescue group would probably let you have one. But I doubt they’d do it short-term. (Did you adopt your current cat from a rescue? They’d also probably be more receptive to the mouser idea if they already have some background on you.)
            My cat was in foster care for a year before I adopted her. The guys who fostered her told me that part of their motivation for fostering was that they had a mouse problem… but they were happy to keep fostering her after the mouse problem went away, and they had even been thinking about formally adopting her.

  • Rant: working
    Rave: working. Plus I’ll go check out the scene after work on the Mall. Then I’ll go home and watch it on the internet. I was burned by showing up too late to make it into the inaugural concert.

  • Rave: Not working!
    Rant: colleagues are inexplicably working, and my email kept pinging while I was catching up on buzzfeed and the bloggess. So I turned it off.
    Rant: Kinda bored, but until the dryer is done, I can’t leave the house. Well, I could. But my PJs would draw attention.

  • Bear

    Rant: Sick. A weird part of me is relieved to finally get whatever it is that’s been going around. I feel like I’ve been fighting it off for several weeks and have just been drained. At least now it can work its way out of my system, even though the next few days are probably going to suck.
    Rave: Perfect excuse to work from home in my PJs.

  • Rant: My sister. She lives across the country with her family. I love them all to death. When I’m with her, things are great. When I’m not, it’s like I don’t exist. She doesn’t respond to calls, emails, texts. She doesn’t respond when I send her good news or photos or fill her in on my life. I know she’s very busy, but sometimes it feels like she doesn’t give a crap about me. I hate feeling like the whiny, needy sister, but it’s depressing to feel “alone.” I don’t know how to address the problem without her feeling obligated to communicate. I’m not asking her to change per se, but sometimes it’d be nice to know she’s aware of my existence. And it’s really hard feeling so separated from my nephews. I send them cards and gifts and I hear NOTHING. Blargh…

    Rave: Very quiet at work, easy commute in, and I’m quittin’ early!

    • jeez i sure do like “feelings” lol

    • We have that dynamic in my family. My dad’s side does not communicate. No emails, gifts only when celebrating in person, phone calls only to convey big news (and sometimes not even then), no facebook obviously. But they’re wonderful people! We all have the best time when we get together, and if you’re in their actual presence, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for you.
      I was raised differently, in accordance with my mom’s side’s customs. Unfailing thank-you notes, phone calls just to say hi, letters and cards semi-regularly, gifts for the gifting occasions even if they have to be mailed.
      I grew up close to my paternal side cousins (same town). So when we all moved away and communication stopped, it bugged me a LOT. Then over some years I came to appreciate the closeness however it came, which in this case, was when we were together. When we visit, it’s awesome. And in between, it’s silence. So be it.

      • Sounds like we’re related! She’s all I’ve got- no cousins, no grandparents, just my mom and dad who I’m also close to. My mother responds before I even email her! So I’m not sure how we came from the same parents. 😉

    • Mike

      I have a somewhat similar rant. My dad remarried when I was in high school and started a second family. I now have 4 sisters under age 15. I never hear from them (of course they all have cell phones); they never call/text back; and when I viist my dad and his wife, they’ll emerge from their rooms or the den and say hi for like 15 minutes and then vanish. Sure enough, Saturday I get an email from each of them with a long, detailed Christmas list. My left eye is still twitching. *UNSUBSCRIBES FROM XMAS*

      • I hope you replied with your own wish list.

        • Mike

          Still seething, actually!

          • I second the suggestion to respond with your own wish list. Even if it’s “Answer my damn calls” and “Three in-person dinners a year where you don’t look at your cell phone.”

          • Key words here are “under age fifteen” – which means that you’re an adult and your sisters are not. At least for the next decade or so, it would be nice if you as the adult would be consistent and persistent with the reaching out part of things. I think it would be cool if you emailed your own, lengthy, detailed wish list — with things on it like one-to- one time with each of your sisters. Obviously I don’t know their ages, interests, or anything about your relationships with them, but how cool if you took them out to dinners at restaurants they might like, or concerts, and fun things that they wouldn’t do with their parents — in the guise of your own Wish List. Can you tell that I had a Very Cool Older Brother — who I miss a lot?

      • At least they sent you a wish list! My DH’s Dad’s second family pretends he doesn’t exist. It’s the second wife. She doesn’t like being reminded she’s a homewrecker. So it’s like being an only child.
        I wouldn’t be too hard on teenagers though. Take them camping or to the beach or a rock concert or something. You have to build memories to be relevant in their lives.

  • Rant: Working
    Rave: I can walk to work so avoid whatever ridiculousness is going on with metro/traffic.
    Rant: I need a new job. I’m sort of miserable and don’t feel current job is building skills I need for where I want to go. This will take time and I want a change now. Sigh.

  • Rant – At work
    Rave – Quickly got my flu shot Saturday at CVS’s Minute Clinic
    Rantish – I love the real estate posts here and on other sites. Every now and then I see a house i just lust for (but can’t afford)…1936 15th Street Northwest how I love thee.

  • skj84

    Rant: People not putting stuff away properly at work. We share headsets and when I left yesterday I properly stored mine on it’s dock so it would have a full charge. Who ever used the headset after me didn’t bother placing it back on the dock, so of course the thing died on me during an important call. This is the second time I’ve come back in the morning and the headset was not docked. Going to leave a note, I’m respectful of other peoples stuff and expect the same of my coworkers.

    Rave: I have the evening off! Today is the only evening I have off this week so I plan on vegging on the couch and catching up on TV.

  • Rave: Photos that a British friend of mine took this morning of the poppies installation at the Tower of London.
    Rant: I wish that the U.S. observed Veterans Day with solemnity, the way the UK and Commonwealth observe Remembrance Day. I’ve been told that that’s for Memorial Day, but honestly Memorial Day doesn’t seem all that solemn here either. In most British workplaces, there’s a two-minute moment of silence at 11 a.m. (to mark the moment when the armistice that ended WWI was signed).

  • Rave: thanks to folks who came out last night for the photo project. I learned a lot about instructions for models! The shots came out well and I’m looking forward to doing more scenes. Thanks again, folks!
    Rant: no number pad on this keyboard and therefore no good line breaks.
    Rant: still sick – hay fever? cold? allergies? no idea.
    Rave: already did a fair amount of “getting outside” today, so I don’t feel bad staying in and making music.
    Neither rant nor rave: I need to find some exercises to practice lying completely still. I forgot my tripod last night.
    Rave: Radius. I love that place and will miss frequenting there when my gf moves out of Mt. P.

    • pablo .raw

      what is your project about? I missed the announcement

      • it’s a series of night shots of empty spaces in DC from just high enough up that the shots look like dioramas. People where people aren’t normally, at night. As I move forward, I hope that folks will wear costumes and come up with coordinated poses.

  • epric002

    rave: just bought tix to san diego for christmas to visit my brother and SIL!
    rave: no-longer-a-foster puppy’s foot surgery is scheduled for next week!!!
    rave: the never ending cold is finally starting to improve. and of course now i sound the sickest.
    rave: yoga last night.
    rave: yoga tonight. might not be a rave afterwards…;)

  • Rant-ish: I didn’t get to sleep in today like so many, but I’m okay with it.
    WTF: someone just called to ask me if it’s okay if she proposes my name to lead a big initiative team. I didn’t say no, but I would really rather be on the team, not lead it. This could be my imposter syndrome setting in, but I do not feel comfortable leading a team about this.
    Rave: coffee stout is bottled…with pink caps. I really can’t tell if it’s good or not, I’m terrible at tasting immature, warm, uncarbonated beer.
    Rant: waiting two weeks for carbonation and the whiskey eggnog ice cream is just okay.

    • re: WTF. Why didn’t you say no if you’re not comfortable doing it?

      • I stopped by her office and talked to her. She caught me totally off guard this morning, and I’m not great in that situation, so I prefer to follow up instead of feel pressured to make a decision.

  • Rave: The Atlantic Plumbing Project is looking great! Do not ever forget how we are free because of those who sacrifice to serve this country. From the proud Dad of a US Marine.

  • palisades

    Rant: I’ll probably get angry responses for this, but oh well. I don’t even care that it’s veteran’s day because it seems like I am accosted from every angle with how proud and happy we should be of our veterans every day. We are warned so much about oppressive societies with propaganda, but everywhere I look, I see overt advertisements for our own military. Nationals games for instance, have a salute to Veterans every game. Multiple songs are sung about how our country is so great. I have become desensitized to the idea of “appreciating” veterans.

    • I have a friend who served in Afghanistan and Iraq. She hates hearing “thank you for your service” because she mostly hears it from ignorant hateful people, bigots who hate all middle easterners, deliberately misunderstand and mischaracterize Islam, etc. They thought she did what she did in order to kill terr’rists; she saw her role as working to stabilize an environment and ensure greater rights for fellow humans.

      • Sounds like your friend might be doing some deliberate characterization of people there too. How does she know so much about all these people?

    • It took a lot of courage for you to say this, anonymous internet commenter. I’m sure you would say the same thing in person to someone that served his/her country while you sat at home on your computer complaining about everything

    • The military “propaganda” you reference is only lip service to cover how badly we are failing our vets. If it were an actual priority to make sure that the vets’ physical, mental, and employment needs were adequately taken care of, then yes, the rah rahing about the military would be excessive. But they really aren’t being taken care of. No one who has served should go hungry, be homeless, have their addiction be untreated, be unable to find employment, have their mental health needs go untreated, or have the injuries inflicted during their service go unaddressed. No one should have to wait years to be treated. It is shameful the way the military chews these people up and spits them out, then wonders what happened when one of them is so desperate that killing themselves seems to be the only way out.

    • KSB

      I struggle with this sentiment as well. As the daughter of a disabled vet who had been drafted into Vietnam, I actually agree with you. We are constantly “saluting our vets”, many of whom served in a voluntary military so this is the path they’ve chosen, yet we are cavalier in our attitudes about the troubled state of our Veterans Administration system, facilities, resources, etc. My mother has spent countless hours (likely years) of her life advocating for my dad and she’s tired. If we value our veterans as much as we purport, we have 364 other days each year to drive home that appreciation.
      With that said, my dad really does appreciate being recognized on this day.

    • I agree. We could honor our veterans much better by providing excellent healthcare, including mental health services; providing job placement and education for vets leaving the military; and not being a warmongering, belligerent country that sends its young men and women to die for no good cause, in the first place. I’m also sick of all the lip service paid to supporting our troops at baseball games, etc. Instead of spending millions on this concert on the Mall, how about donating that money to support social services for all of the homeless men and women who fought for our country? That’d be a good place to start.

    • tired – I am all in it with you. Most people who join the military do it not out of patriotic duty, but because it is their only way out of some shitty situation. We need better social programs than the military. Yes, their life sucks and the only reason why we put them on a pedestal is because none of the rest of us are willing to go out there and do this shitty job. So yes, for that you get my respect. The rest… not so much.

      • I’m no military cheerleader and cringe at the Veterans Day platitudes, but this is a little harsh. Why people join runs the gamut. Coming from a working class black Southern background, I saw the military provide opportunities for people in my community that no other avenues provided. They got to rise up the ranks, build and nurture leadership skills and in some cases get college degrees over time. Those that commit and do the full 20 years, retire with financial stability and post-military options in corporations and government. If nothing else, I celebrate the military for that.

        • I agree MarkQ, the comment was harsh. Coming from a poor minority family, the military gave many in my family the opportunity to succeed. Interesting how people see things differently.

      • Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype about no choice but the military…

  • Rant: At the office and battling a cold, but don’t want to go home sick because it would seem suspicious to go home early today. I would LOVE to be in bed right now with some hot cider, watching Gilmore Girls.
    Rave: It’s a gorgeous day and I can enjoy the sun and warmth from inside my office.
    Rave: Having some potentially exciting career brainstorms after being in a bit of a job rut for a few months.
    Rave: I get to look at photos of my newborn puppy!
    Rave: Less than 2 days until the next installment of Serial!

    • Gilmore Girls, puppies, and Serial? You are a woman after my own heart.

    • I have been trying to get my bf to listen to Serial since episode 1. He says he’s busy, he’ll get to it. GET TO IT, DUDE!!!!

      • Maybe the silver lining is that if he starts to listen to episode one, the chances are good that he’ll be caught up within a day or two 🙂

        • I know!!! He just has no idea how good it is. I need someone to talk to about it before I go insane.

        • I’ve been reading Rabia’s blog. I’m scared to check Reddit. I will get NOTHING done.

          • IMHO, Reddit is less of a rabbit hole just because it’s so tough to read, visually speaking. I read a few threads and then my eyes kind of glaze over. That said, it is pretty entertaining!

        • I listened to Episode 1 and can’t work up the interest to listen to the rest. Seems like I’m the only one though.

          • Makes two of us – after reading about the series I listened to all of the episodes (that had already aired) last week.
            Interesting story but I don’t get the huge popularity.

          • I agree – I like the premise for the show, but the topic wasn’t anything I wanted to know more about. I do hope they keep doing it and that the next story will be one I can get into.

          • Eh, for me it was after the 2nd episode. First one was interesting, but 2nd just sounded like more of the same.

      • Gah! So many! I don’t want to give anything away to others (is that even possible?) but I think there’s something that will end up proving he’s guilty. I just can’t imagine what it might be. I’m also curious about this Don guy. I heard there was a serial killer at that time who had killed another teen girl and lived near the daycare she was headed toward. And wtf happened to Streaker? That’s weird. So…I think J and J did it.

        • Take this for whatever it’s worth (just my two cents), but I expect that this series is going to have a very conclusive, satisfying ending where we find out who did it and why. I think that only leaves a small number of people who could have actually done it, because they aren’t likely to expand on many new characters before this ties up.

          So I think it’s basically down to Adnan, Jay, and possibly Jenn with Jay. Last week’s episode made me even more convinced that it’s not Adnan. He’s seems to fit Deirdre Enright’s description of a wrongly convicted innocent person pretty darned well. So we’re back at Jay. He was clearly involved somehow — he knew where Hae was buried and where her car was — and he has the motive and opportunity to frame Adnan for the whole thing. I think we just need to find out if he acted alone and what his motive was.

          My *guess* is that Hae was going to tell Stephanie (on her birthday) that Jay was cheating on her with Jenn, and things got out of hand when J & J found out.

          • Ok phew! Just got off Reddit and read something that makes a lot of sense and is in line with my original theory- that Hae was driving to BB to buy weed from Jay, saw him and Jenn making out, and confronted them. They got in a fight and (accidentally?) killed her. Then panicked. Works for me! Unless… 😉

            As far as we know, Adnan is still in jail, yes? I can’t imagine him getting out secretly- too many people are on top of this. So there has to be a reason he hasn’t gotten out and we won’t find out who REALLY did it. Yes? No?

            Oh- (and yes, I’m ignoring anything that might actually be true because I got this off the internet and I don’t have all day), but something about how in Jen’s testimony, she refers to a singular shovel, not plural. Which sounds like she knew there was only one and then tried to backtrack- “I don’t know how many shovels there were.” There was ONE, Jen, because there was only one digger. (Who the hell owns two shovels anyway? I don’t even own a mop.) Inneresting…

          • This explanation works for me too. My guess is that the actual airing of the last episode will coincide with Adnan’s release because that would be super gripping and dramatic.

          • I can’t wait to hear more about Jay. I think he has more to do with this than he’s said (giant DUH). I also think the police gave him too much credit as a less involved accomplice and showed him so much evidence, like the call logs, that it was easy for him to meld his story into theirs over time. You don’t even really have to coach the witness to coach the witness, if you just show them some things, they take note and make it work in their memory.
            Shawess, I think you have WAY too much faith in this working out neatly. I hope it does, but I doubt it. Also, they don’t just release you from jail without something big like a confession from Jay or DNA evidence. He may need a new trial or there are other arcane procedures that have to take place before he can get out…..if he can get out.

          • Jeslett, you’re probably right that I have way too much faith in this working out neatly. I will say that I don’t have faith that the legal process will be easy or straightforward. I just think this storytelling team is extremely sophisticated and won’t leave us hanging. They also have a lead on us — presumably the Innocence Project took the case some time ago, and a lot of things could have happened in that time.

            Then again, I thought LOST would have a satisfying ending and look where that went 🙂 Take everything I say with a gigantic grain of salt, please.

          • Yeah, I agree that Shawess, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. While I think they have a much better sense of where this whole thing would go before they started that they let on (it’s just not credible that they’re only 1 week ahead of us, they’ve been doing research for a year), I don’t think it’s going to end with some major announcement from the Baltimore County DA’s office.

          • Ha! The comparison to Lost is so apt!!

          • Hope springs eternal, anyway.

          • Re. “I expect that this series is going to have a very conclusive, satisfying ending where we find out who did it and why” — I’ve been only skimming this discussion (because I’m not actually following “Serial”) but the first thing I thought of when I read this was of “Lost.” 🙂 What a letdown that was!

          • This could be like Lost … I just don’t think it will be. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy Jeslett, Anonymous and Textdoc a drink at the first HH after it’s over 🙂
            An aside, I keep looking for opportunities to interject “There’s a shrimp sale at the crab crib” into random conversations.

          • http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/blog/bs-md-syed-murder-case-20141010-story.html
            “Maryland’s second-highest court is considering whether to allow Adnan’s second appeal to go forward.” – dated October 10th.

          • I meant to say with that link that these Serial folks are sneeeeaky. Somehow they managed to completely omit this big fact from the podcast.

  • Rant: Office is closed but I do not have the day off. Working from home is not my cup of tea.
    Rant: Beloved elderly car in the shop for hopefully straightforward repairs. I am always anxious until I hear back from the shop regarding the extent of the repairs, lest some incidental significant problems be found.
    Rave: Mechanic shop that I like and trust.
    Rave: Plans to cook a nut loaf this afternoon.

    • Would you mind sharing the name of the mechanic shop? I have been looking for good trustworthy mechanic for a while.

      • Danneman’s in Laurel right next to the Marc station. I live in PG county, so this location isn’t too far out of the way, but probably isn’t that useful for those in the city, sorry. They are great with my aging VW tho.
        Rave: No unforeseen car problems this time, yay!

      • I have used the mechanic at the BP station around the corner from Eastern Market metro (it’s basically behind Chipotle). Went in thinking I needed a new alternator, but left with some new cables and several more years of good life. The 1st mechanic didn’t bother checking the whole charging system before recommending a major repair; shocker!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Planning a trip to photograph Bald Eagles

  • Rave: parent teacher conferences are going well
    Rave: I’ve filled three of the rooms in my house so far.
    Rant: nobody wants the smallest room (775). I may have to lower the price a bit. Good thing I gave myself a discount where I can absorb this.

  • Rave: Thanks to the fellow shopper who posted about the Chantelle bras at the Columbia Heights Marshall’s, I saved big bucks.
    Rave: Finally understanding the concept of chord voicings well enough to play with them a bit.
    Rave: After many many relatively fallow months, I’m ready for some growth spurts and transformations. To that end, I’m going to do The Artist’s Way exercises again and see where they take me.
    Rave: I love sharing my obsessions! This has been a good week for that.

    • Blithe – NOT Anonymous.

    • My dream of enabling other peoples’ shopping habits has finally been realized!
      I’m glad you got some deals, I love those bras. On that note, time for my annual Sock Dreams plug. I do with they would make their website easier to look at, but they still have the most amazing tights and socks.

      • Thanks jeslett!!! Chantelle is wonderful — and pricey, so I really appreciate the info! Um, keeping in mind the money I saved at Marshall’s , I can budget for a Sock Dreams splurge! 😉

      • Emmaleigh504

        Are you the evil person that plugged sock dreams last year? I’ve spent waaay too much money there. Or maybe not enough. My mom saw some of my socks and loved them, so now I’m going to buy her some, too!

    • Thanks for the reminder about the Artist’s Way exercises – I’ve done them in the past, particularly the morning pages and thought they were helpful. But fell out of the habit; now is a good time to re-start the practice.

      • If you decide to go for it, I’d definitely be interested in hearing about your adventures, if you’d care to share. I’ll be looking to PoPville for ideas re: possible artist dates – which will be a good way to get to explore a city that’s changed a lot since I last lived here.

  • Rave: Pedalling to work, I yanked down election posters. as many as I could. Away with them!
    Rant: Hands, wrists poked by staples.

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