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  • justinbc

    In your linked post someone said the following:
    September 19, 2014 at 6:08 pm
    Rumor has it that Whole Foods backed out of the deal and Safeway will take it’s place. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    I’ve not seen anything like this “rumor” anywhere else, just curious if anyone else has.

    • that would be a puzzling business decision, seeing as though there’s another Safeway less than nine blocks away.

      • It still baffles me that they’re planning a Whole Foods here and another near Navy Yard. I would think they’d serve similar audiences (or at least not different enough to merit two so close together).

        • I think there will be plenty of demand for both of these Whole Foods. There is a Whole Foods in Tenleytown and one in Friendship Heights about a mile down the road from each other, and they both seem to be doing fine.

          • Different demographic up there than on H Street

          • brookland_rez

            Perhaps, but that part of the city is much more dense than upper NW. Capitol Hill is all row houses, plus all the apartments/condos at NOMA and Navy Yard. There’s definitely enough support for 2 Whole Foods in the eastern side of the city IMO.

          • Different demographic perhaps, but one that that is rapidly moving towards the demo in upper NW. Plus, one mile in a city is a pretty far distance. People in cities tend to seek out amenities that are close to where they live (especially those without cars). When I lived on 17th and R, I used to go to the 14th Street Wholefoods all the time (it was within .6 miles and I would walk), but I moved to 1st and P (1.2 miles), and I haven’t been back (and I have a car).

          • There are plenty of big apartment buildings in Tenley/Friendship Heights.

        • Whole Foods is aggressively expanding across the country with the aim of more than doubling their stores. In grabbing more market share, I think they’re trying to be seen as more of an everyday grocer that happens to offer some premium items. See recent articles about the company building stores in Detroit and the Southside of Chicago.

    • Nah, the Whole Foods is still in. However, VIDA did back out from what I have heard.

    • Safeway 3 blocks from Giant? No way

  • What do all three progress pics have in common? No streetcars running!

  • they have 2 CVS’s with in a 9 block radius w/ a rite aid

  • The race is on, which will be the first to open? The streetcar or the whole foods.

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