“An Open Letter to the Galaxy Note 3 Owner”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Laura_Grageda

“Dear Galaxy Note 3 Owner,

It was really cool checking out your phone last night. It is so big! It was basically the perfect size to block out me having to see any of that annoying band playing in the background. The way you held it directly in front of my face definitely helped obscure the view and blocked those God awful bright lights they kept flashing in my eyes.

I am really impressed with the features that your phone the size of a laptop possess. How much memory does that thing have? You must have taken at least 80 pictures! I am glad you didn’t waste time just standing there watching that [again, annoying] band, but instead were chronicling the event for later. You are going to love those pics. So jealous. And the quality looked so sharp –those photos absolutely capture the feeling of what it was like to be there. It felt like I was seeing a live show through your screen. And if they didn’t, oh man, I am sure that video you took of their most “popular” song definitely did. I mean, you got the whole thing! That will be a real treat for you to go back and watch over and over and over again in the comfort of your own home, when there are not all those jerks standing around you trying to strain the heads to NOT look at your phone.

I was so embarrassed for that idiot with the iPhone. Remember when he pulled that wimpy thing out and tried to take his own picture? He only got one! And then went back to talking and laughing with his friends. How is he going to remember what it felt like to be at a live concert like that? It is people like that that really get to me. That guy is probably going to go through life just experiencing things as they happen to him. What, no pictures?! I bet he doesn’t even post the ones he does take to Facebook so everyone can see exactly what is happening that moment in his life like you did. I think I hate that guy.

I am sorry we didn’t exchange information. But I have no doubt that I will run into you again at another show. And at a hockey game. And in that new restaurant. And that art gallery. And on the sidewalk (for some reason). I cannot wait for all the times that I will get to look at your great big phone instead of being pestered by the stupid crap that is going on around me. It doesn’t even have a filter!

Accidentally Living My Real Life”

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  • Man, that is one big phone, it must have covered the entire room, since apparently the person could not have gone anywhere else to look at that super annoying band.

    • Factor in their arms raising the phone and there is a lot more blocking of the view going on, not to mention I’m sure the venue was packed, so no, it’s not typically easy to move over to the side. Your ticket buys you the space your body physically occupies, not the space of a handful of people behind you.

      • Or in front of you. The OP could have asked the person to put away his phone, instead of complaining in an open letter to the Internet. I agree with the message, but the OP could have tried employing the face-to-face social interaction he or she claims to support.

      • Also, holding up a phone is essentially holding up a bright light. It’s distracting, especially in a dark room. So many people don’t seem to realize that in the dark, you only need the tiniest bit of light coming from your screen to be able to see it.

    • So you’re sticking up for this type of behavior? You must be a recent college grad with no social clue as to anyone else existence around you as well.

  • This post times a billion. Take one or two quick pics of the band if you must, then enjoy the actual show.

    But, I do like to take pictures in art museums (if it’s allowed) of only my favorites so I can try to remember those artists’ names. I make sure the photo sound is off, and probably take an average of 1 picture per two rooms. Still obnoxious?

  • Amen! Enjoy life by living it, folks.

  • Great note. Seriously people enjoy the shit with your eyes. Snap one quick photo if you must and be done with it.

  • Fu**ing Bra-vo!!!!! I needed that this afternoon

  • The worst is when people do this at concerts with assigned seats. No, you can’t just move to a different spot. I seriously don’t understand how people can be so self-absorbed and selfish.

    • justinbc

      Probably because they paid for their seat too, and can use it however they please.

      • Yes we should all be A-holes because we can. Great lesson for everyone.

      • However they please? That means next time I’m at a concert I can stand on the chair, piss in my seat, talk loudly the entire time, sell tshirts – the possibilities are endless!! It’s awesome to not have manners or know how to follow social norms.

        • justinbc

          No, you can’t do those things, because they are prohibited by the rules of the venue (most likely). If the venue does not explicitly state “no filming” or “no photography” then the person in question is well within their rights to do so.

          • The point is – don’t be an a**hole. Period. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should. If I were in this situation I would 100% tell this dude to put his GD phone away. Of course he doesn’t HAVE to put it away, but not putting his phone away/holding it up the entire concert does make him an a**hole and does give me the right to call him an a**hole. Also – why should someone have to move because someone in front of them is being an a**hole?

          • justinbc

            I agree with your sentiment that if you were to point out to this guy that he’s being a jerk and completely blocking your view (regardless of how exaggerated I find that to be, or how irrelevant I think a “view” is when the point is to listen), then the nice thing for him to do would be to alter his behavior in some way that it’s not impeding you. The writer of this letter doesn’t seem to have bothered with that step though, and instead suffered through a concert in a miserable enough manner to write this note and then come post a bunch of anonymous comments in response to it. The guy holding the phone might not have even realized he was blocking someone (a reasonable assumption given the size of a phone relative to the human body), which doesn’t really make him a jerk in my mind, just someone enjoying himself.

          • I’m guessing that there isn’t actually a rule that states “no pissing on your seat”

          • justinbc

            I’m pretty sure there are laws against public urination.

          • Concert venues are mostly private property.

          • justinbc

            Most state’s laws prohibit it “any place open to the public or exposed to public view”, which conveys even to private property, such as a concert venue.

      • No, they can’t. There are house rules and there are societal rules that they ought not violate. Violating the wrong house rule will get you kicked out. Violating a societal rule (like thoughtlessly blocking the view of those around you or otherwise harming their experience) may or may not get you kicked out – but at a minimum makes you an asshole.

      • west_egg

        Yeah, they bought that ticket! Who cares if they detract from the experience for five other people (who also paid for their seats)? It’s in the Constitution!! Or something.

        • justinbc

          Seriously? One person holding a phone (which, let’s be realistic, is at most an inch bigger than most other smartphones everyone else is using) is “detracting” from five other people? The hyperbole is strong with you all today.

          • You are obviously way too self absorbed to note how distracting this is to people. This was an open letter to all people who do this…anyone who really loves and appreciates the show is there in person for a reason.

          • justinbc

            “anyone who really loves and appreciates the show is there in person for a reason”
            Exactly, anyone. Which includes the guy you don’t like with the phone.

          • C’mon now…you can be better than this…”being there in person” means being present and not holding your phone up in the air the whole time. It is called consideration for others. You obviously are a guy who is on their phone the whole time at the concert and noticing how it would distract you or how it is distracting others….because it is all about you. Yes, it is audible, but people enjoy actually looking at the band, seeing the instruments played etc.

          • justinbc

            You’re still in the mindset of what makes a concert great for YOU. Anonymous phone bro might enjoy something totally different, while having no clue he’s blocking someone behind him. Tapping someone on the shoulder requires immensely less effort than all of this.

          • west_egg

            If the person’s arms and phone obstruct those people’s view of the stage, then yes, justin, it’s detracting from their experience.
            And you’re correct, anonymous phone bro might have no clue that he’s blocking someone behind them. If only there was some way of communicating with this individual or others like him, so as to clue them into their cluelessness. Some kind of written message on a public forum. Hmmm….

      • The next time I pay for my seat, I will contrive to be right in front of you, and wear the biggest hat I can find from my grandmother’s Sunday church collection!

  • I Dont Get It


  • tonyr

    While we’re at it …… “He only got one! And then went back to talking and laughing with his friends. How is he going to remember what it felt like to be at a live concert like that?”

    Fine, a comment/laugh here and there, but why oh why do people go to shows and talk through the entire performance. Sold out shows too and with their backs to the stage. Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to go somewhere else to chat?

    • +1. I was recently at the sold-out Slowdive show at the 9:30 Club and a couple who weren’t even that close by (maybe 6 feet away?) kept talking REALLY loudly. I can understand doing that at a place with no cover charge, but why would someone pay that much to see a band and then not pay attention to the band?

    • Yeah this was the part of the letter that got me… the implicit “this guy is doing it right! loudly talking with his friends and laughing”…. Those people bug me way more at sold out shows than someone who is being a little obnoxious with their phone, but at least has their attention focused on the show (or their phone’s attention, at least).

    • Yep. I asked a group of women standing next to me at a show to please go back to the bar area at the 9:30 club because I couldn’t hear the music over their conversation. They totally freaked out on me. Then they left and everyone around me thanked me for asking them to move. It was not a loud band at all.

    • maxwell smart

      Years ago I went to see Norah Jones (not in DC) on her first tour with friends. The venue was a nicer theater, so assigned seating. Enter the local newscaster and her friends who are seated directly in front of us. Now, being in a smaller town, local newscasters are basically the closest you get to being a celebrity. So, local newscaster and friend proceed to spend the first several songs deeply engaged in whispered conversation that completely is blocking our view. Leave it my friend who taps local newscasters shoulder “Um, excuse me, you and your friend talking the entire show is incredibly rude and blocking our view.” Local newscaster and friend were in a huff after that – the glare we got could have melted all the snow in Buffalo. But… they shut up and watched the show like 2 civilized human beings. The End.

    • Years ago at 9:30, YoYo Ma did a lovely concert… and this woman talked on her phone for over 15 minutes of the show. Many people requested she leave the area, she yelled back (and YoYo Ma could here her as he looked up to where she was). Finally security came and escorted her out of the club.

      Rude people (and the people that excuse the rude behavior) are just awful.

  • justinbc

    Always funny when people try to dictate how others should best enjoy their time.

  • She has time to write out this diatribe, but not move 1 foot to her left or right?

    • Have you ever actually been to a sold-out concert? There often isn’t 1 inch to your left or right, much less a foot. No doubt the original post was passive aggressive, but that hardly excuses the behavior OP is describing. The people who hold massive phones (and iPads, yes I’ve seen that at 9:30) above the average head height need to cut that out.

      • I have been to sold out shows, you just have to shove your way through, it isn’t impossible to move. That doesn’t excuse the behavior of the phone holder, just seems like it could have been avoided altogether.

        • If it is a sold out show with assigned seating, you really don’t have the option to shove your way in front.

        • if you ‘shoved your way through’ past me at a show like that, i’d shove you right back. pushing your way to the front after you got there late is worse behavior than the guy holding up his phone.

    • And apparently also did not have time to kindly ask the offender to lower their phone, because they were blocking his/her view.

    • I don’t think she was writing this during the concert.

  • brookland_rez

    Whoah, what a dose of passive aggressiveness. If the OP was so offended as to write this long letter to POPVille, why didn’t they just ask the person to move it so as to not block their view, or why didn’t the OP just move to a different spot?

    • justinbc

      Because clearly they are passive-aggressive in nature and avoid actually speaking to people. You know, that whole living their own life thing.

    • This isn’t a dose of passive-agressiveness, it’s the whole freakin’ bottle. I’m amazed that someone was angry enough about this go home and write a whole letter about it, but not take five seconds and ask the Note owner to put the thing away.

    • because we’re human beings and that doesn’t actually work in real life. only in fables that blog commenters tell, using their internet pseudonyms, decrying all the passive aggressiveness in the world as if all it takes is one conversation to turn an asshole into a saint.

      people who pull dick moves DON’T generally stop just because you asked them nicely. public shaming is more likely to be effective

      • justinbc

        It’s not really public shaming though unless you know the offenders name. Otherwise it’s just public whining and hoping for commiseration.

      • brookland_rez

        I’ve never had that problem. If I have a problem with someone, I confront them. But I wouldn’t have a problem with someone over something so trite. I would have just moved. It’s not worth getting all bent out of shape over something so insignificant.

    • We don’t know if the OP asked the phone user to put it away or not

  • Just tell security they are recording the show. Or you could always make noises like a horse until they move. Then again brewing up some gas get ppl at concerts to move too. Many options here.

  • Was this written by the same person who complained about getting passed over for a PMF in today’s RRoR?

  • Man, I feel like I need lessons on how to live my life from this person. They seem to have it all figured out. Except for the part where they are a complete whiny bitch…

    • Accountering

      Similar to Caps games, if you lean forward in your seat, you will politely have me tapping your shoulder and asking you to lean back. I refuse to let you block my view of the game that I paid a lot of money to watch.

  • I often ask people at concerts and movies to move their screens because it’s distracting me. In every case, people have quickly put their phones away.

  • If you’re at a crowded show, and the people behind you don’t have room, or a different line of sight, to move more than a few inches, keep your giant phones below the average head height. Is that really so damn hard to understand? I’ve gotten nasty looks when I asked people to lower their phones and tablets. Look, hoist your phone up and take few pics, record a single song, but if you think I’m not going to say anything to you when you hold your phone above your head to record the entire set, sorry. You’re the ass in this situation.

  • I happen to find it really annoying when people sit there and film the concert. “If you can’t post it to facebook, IT NEVER HAPPENED” sort of mentality is taking over, and ruining shows for everyone behind them.
    Bravo to the writer of this letter. Next time, just make farting noises right up on them the whole time.

  • I think both are at fault. The OP could’ve politely asked if they could put their phone away as it obviously bothered the person this much to write a long passive aggressive message…. And why must people have to resort to using their phones every minute of every day? Not trying to tell people how to live their lives, but does a person in a concert really need to be doing that the whole time? It is obnoxious. People are just so inconsiderate of people around them, live in their own cocoons sometimes.

    • justinbc

      Maybe they were filming it for someone who couldn’t be there, but it’s both of their favorite artist? If the person complaining had simply asked them they might have known why.

      • Oh, please. You’re really stretching here.
        One of the reasons OP was prompted to write this, I suspect, is that it wasn’t just one guy one time. Look around at any concert and see how many screens are staring back at you – it’s too many.

      • The why is completely irrelevant. It’s rude to those around you unless you’re in the very back.

        • justinbc

          The why is very relevant when the person just asked “why must…”

          • Come on, now. You seem to be a reasonably smart guy — don’t be intentionally dense just to be contradictory. The “why must…” stuff is obviously rhetorical and doesn’t require an answer.

      • So people NOT at the concert come before people AT the concert? That is some seriously tortured logic.

        • justinbc

          I’m not saying that, just trying to hazard as a guess as to why someone would do it in order to answer the question. Then again, we wouldn’t have to make those leaps if Mr/Ms Personality would have just asked the person themselves.

  • I agree with the sentiment, but writing a passive-aggressive blog post instead of confronting the individual is no more genuine than experiencing a live concert through your smartphone.

  • The worst is when people record entire songs on their phones/phablet/ipad. It’s going to sound like total SHIT. It’s not going to sound good. Put your damn device away. Snap a photo or two, if you want, but like… throughout the entire show? Ugh. I get people say that they paid for their ticket, they have just as much right to snap pictures as you have the right to bitch, but you’re in a public space, in a crowded room where it’s likely the person you are irritating can’t move. Can’t you just be courteous to the people around you? It’s really not hard, guys.

  • Totally agree. Just ask to switch places or ask them to put their phone down.

  • +500 I will never understand people who will sit and record the entire show, rather than actually watching it. Puzzingl and extremely inconsiderate, blocking the view of the people behind them.

  • This is some quality snark, well done. Way too many young fools taking video and snapping pictures. Maybe someday you’ll get to 26 Youtube hits with that grainy, muffled, vertical video you shot!

  • love the post, I thought I was the ONLY who is ticked off at this type of behavior. My fave is when someone turns away from the stage and takes a picture of themselves and THEIR flash hits me in MY eyes. Regardless of the snark, thanks for the post. 1000% with you.

  • The only thing worse than the person who records a concert on his phone is the person who tries to then show you said concert on his phone the next day. As if the jerky movement and bad sound weren’t enough, there’s always that “wait, hold on… there’s this one thing he does… it’s at like, minute 18… I think it’s right after this… no, wait, it was earlier…”
    Seriously, concert recorders: What are you DOING with that video?? Because if the answer is “Showing it to my friends” we all beg of you, never again. Please stop.

    • I watched a super drunk guy videoing most of a show at the 930 Club recently, and all I can say is that I admire anyone who could watch more than 3 seconds of that video without getting motion sick or having an epileptic fit.

  • funny post, at Lady Gaga, the little monster in front of me was taking photo and photo of the jumbo tron and not even watching the show!

  • Phone, tell me what to do. I can’t live life without you.

  • I would like to kill people because of terrible cell phone etiquette on a daily if not hourly basis.

    • I feel like it’s getting very slightly better out there. I feel like I see fewer pedestrians with eyes locked on their phones, slightly fewer tables at restaurants where everyone is just looking at their phones instead of interacting. Still problems to be sure (and I share the OP’s frustration), but it seems like some novelty is wearing off.

      • Your planet sounds so much nicer than the one I live on

        • Oh, I didn’t say it was good. I still wish there were giant kill switches in most of the places I spend any time. But it just seems to be not QUITE so bad as before.

      • The problem with driving while using a cell phone for texting/Facebooking/whatever is getting worse. Much worse.

    • It makes my blood boil when someone pulls out a phone in a movie theater.

  • If I may be so bold – I don’t think this post is about exactly what the OP or anyone else should or should not do in this situation, or telling others how to live their lives. I see two messages, both of which our current society is desperately in need of hearing, and often. The first is that we are increasingly allowing our electronic devices to become our de facto minds and senses, rather than enjoying the world around us with the gifts nature has given us. The second is that there are other people in this world besides you, so please remember that when you are holding your bigass smartphone up to take pics and videos, or when you’re walking around so focused on a screen that you bump into people, block entrances and exits, elevators, stairs, Metro doors, etc. In other words, please do try not to be such a douchebag. Thanks.

  • -1. okay, so i actually *like* it when the person in front of me uses their phone. i am 5’1″ and cannot see shit, even in heels. last night at Echostage someone a few feet in front of me was filming and my response was, “sweet. i get to see Alt-J!” when someone else does it i smile and treat it like my own lil’ periscope.

  • OP left this part out:
    “There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it I have now surpassed. My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone, in fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape, but even after admitting this there is no catharsis, my punishment continues to elude me and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself; no new knowledge can be extracted from my telling. This confession has meant nothing. ”

  • jim_ed

    I really want to know what show this was at now so I can judge both the passive-aggressive letter writer and the turd with the extra big phone. I bet it was some terrible band fapped over by Pitchfork. Was it Beach House? Vampire Weekend? Keane??!!? I wanna know!

  • God, Millennials are the worst, right?

  • I too, hate it when someone pulls out a phone (though a few minutes are OK). The glare is annoying and distracting even when your view is not blocked (as when some teenybopper got into a text conversation during West Side Story at the National Theater). And moving you and all of your friends even a few feet at a crowded 9:30 show is a non-starter. As for saying something: once at a Dead show a turned around and asked the guy behind me to please be quiet (Dead shows — especially the instrumental portions — could be surprisingly low volume). Actually, what I said was “are you going to babble on the whole fucking set?” and he stood up like he was going to take a swing at me. Fortunately, the situation was defused when I, too, stood up and was twice his size and a lot meaner looking (the kid barely shaved) and his girlfriend hustled him off. Machismo backfire! Despite the positive outcome, this does suggest that people don;t always take well to being told to be a little considerate.

  • remember the shit Rerun got into when he illegally filmed the Doobie Brothers?! hey hey hey!

  • i have been an long time advocate for cell phone booths.

  • The original post was a bit TL;DR for me and the tone seemed rather affected, but I agree with the overall sentiment. Try not to do things that obstructs other people’s vision or disturbs people around you.

  • Other people at concerts are the worst. Confrontation doesn’t work, in my experience — the Millennials do not respond well to any type of negative feedback on their behavior. I suggest just staying home.

  • Unfortunately this is part of our new #Selfie society. I have been at several concerts this year and basically if you are in the front area now you must compete with all cell phones. Lilly Allen at 9:30 Club a guy next to me assured me to make him room because he was going to dance and when the music started he became a Director and film producer and when the concert was over he was upset because he missed all his favorite songs. Not to mention he almost attacked a girl that got in front filming. Then there is the race of who’s phone should be in the way. When I was at Babymetal in NYC all people did was film well it was the most bazaar and coolest concert i have ever been too but I noticed the crowd had split t the right was people dancing and to the left were couples filming and taking pics… possibly there is some unwritten millennial rule to where you stand?

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