After 8 Years Duffy’s Closing tonight at Midnight

2106 Vermont Ave, NW by 9:30 Club

I started hearing rumors about Duffy’s abrupt closure around 4pm today and sadly have now confirmed from Duffy’s owner – Andy Duffy:

Duffy’s will be closing its doors tonight at midnight. We just could not make it out of the financial hole we got in the first several years we were open. I would like to thank all of you who have supported us over the years. I have met some truly wonderful people. I also would like to thank my staff, they are the best.

Tonight we open at 6pm and all drinks / beers will be $5. We will have free wings while they last. Come by and enjoy one last evening.

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  • This makes me so sad.

  • This makes me very sad

  • BOoooooooooo!!!!!

  • Great bar.. Will be missed

  • A really sad day. Duffy’s is well loved and will be terribly missed 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • Devastated. I just read this morning that they made Thrillist’s list of 21 best wings in the country.


    This hit me like a punch in the gut.

  • This is too bad. Why not move up 14th next to the Red Derby? Or maybe on Upshur St by Petworth Citizen?

  • My beloved monster burger! Greasy grilled cheese buns wrapping those succulent patties of deliciousness. I could always count on you to make my evening just that much better.

    Duffy tots…

  • There is a 5 dollar bill behind the mirror or sign in the bathroom, lower left hand corner. Buy yourself a drink!

  • That’s a real shame. Duffy’s was a great boozer. I once met Tim Burgess from the Charlatans there before a gig at the 930.

    It seems a real shame that Duffy’s was something of a pioneer, opening in the neighborhood when there was not much else there. It predates the Floridian, Nellies, the Brixton etc. Now, just as the Atlantic Plumbing building and the new building where the questionable flea market used to be held are looking close to opening, Duffy’s goes out of business.

    It reminds me of the Cowgirl Creamery down on F Street, NW. They were one of the first to open on that block. Then, just as the City Center development opened up (which presumably would have brought well-heeled residents in the market for gourmet cheese) they closed.

  • Oh no!!! This is such a bummer. I can’t believe something couldn’t be done to save this place. It will be missed!

    • Why can’t we start a go fund me page or something to keep Duffy’s alive? Hell Paul Ruppert just did that to start the bookstore on Upshur and that guy already owns like 10 restaurants. Duffy deserves this more than that guy.

  • Oh no! I still have a Groupon!

  • Really heartbreaking to see this place go. All the bartenders were always super nice and friendly. Unpretentious to the core, which is hard to come by in that area. Thank you so much for your many laughs, killer wings, and a comfortable place to hang. I really hope to see you around somewhere else in DC.

  • gotta serve your beers in mason jars there days. bummer.

  • So sad to see Duffy’s go. I walk by it everyday on my way to work and it’s been a great neighborhood bar in my 5+ years here.

  • This is such sad news. They were the only true Nats bar in town. There was no better place to watch the out of town games with so many fellow fans.

  • Yeah, other than Nats’ Park, Duffy’s was the best place to watch DC baseball.

  • whhhhhhattttt>????

  • This is crazy and sad. First night of moving into DC 6 years ago, my roommates and I had dinner there. True definition of a neighborhood bar and will be missed.

  • Breaks my heart. Though I wasn’t the hugest fan of their wings, it was the only “bar” in the area that I felt comfortable in. Stetsons is fine but the beer prices there are ridiculous. Now where to go?

  • Oh man it’s over and it’s so sad. My favorite go to bar. Gene was always awesome. I went last night and it was a really great send off. Tons of the regulars were there and there were lots and lots of sad/happy hugs. When they shut it down just after midnight there was several minutes of cheering followed by chanting Duffy’s. Now where do we go? Solly’s? Red Derby? Not sure where my next go to bar is.

  • After hearing the news, my brother told me “I am sorry, but I don’t think I will ever visit DC again.”

  • Best wings in DC – so sad about this. Are the Chesapeake wings available anywhere else in DC? Can someone share the rub/recipe?!

    • I just discovered the chesapeak wings. dang

    • I Believe that the Chesapeake Wings are deep fried and then rubbed with Old Bay dry rub (not the regular Old Bay seasoning), then charbroiled on the grill. I moved out of town for the last three months and I’ve been making them myself to get my Duffys fix!!

  • Move to Hill East! We need you.

  • Thanks to everyone who came by last night, Helluva send off you gave us! Thanks to all the commenters for the kind words in this post as well. I’ll miss all the regulars, and all the folks I met going to shows at 9:30, and all the Nat’s Fans, Packers Fans(even though I bleed Burgundy and Gold), Pre-gammers, Howard Students, and co workers, as well as the Big Guy(Duffy)! Love you all,


    • Gene – where will you go now? There are a big group of us who will follow you to your new gig

      • Right now, I still work every Wednesday and Thursday at Scion Restaurant in Silver Spring MD. Yesterday I dropped my Resume to a couple DC spots , I’ll keep every one posted on Facebook. My name on FB is Gene Barnett, friend me!

  • I was skeptical when Duffy’s opened if it was the right fit but as it turned out the hospitality and especially the wings eventually won me over. Thank you for 8 good years, you will be missed.

  • Had a real unique atmosphere to it, the definition of a mellow neighborhood bar.

  • I always enjoyed the trivia, if the food was never my favorite. But always had a good time with neighborhood friends. Good luck!

  • So sad. In an area filling with pretension and big money “concepts,” Duffy’s was a great place to watch a game and drink beer. Watched many Nats playoff games here 🙁
    Veracruz also closed down this year. Now that the entire building is empty, I wonder if there’s plans to redevelop? Hundreds of condos are being developed with 200 feet of this place….

  • Can’t believe it. I’m in no way a regular, but have been an occasional visitor since the very beginning. This was always my “where do we go to watch the game? “hmmmmm…I’ve got just the place!” A gem hidden in plain sight.

    Thank you for the $3 tallboy specials. I don’t know if you still do that, but damn that sold me on your bar when you first opened.

  • Pissed that I missed out on some free wings! I really should check popville everyday! Now Duffys is closed!
    Their wings weren’t the best, never understood the hype but if they were free yesterday I would have popped in. The staff was always kind of awkward in my opinion, or maybe they just hated me. I have so many memories there because I’ve taken a lot of my internet dates there!

    • Way to hit a guy when he’s down.

    • I tried to order a Martini here once, which was apparently offensive to the bartender and server, and I never went back. I know that’s not a typical Irish drink, but I was on a Martini kick…

  • This sucks. Love ya Andy !!!

  • does any one now why he closed

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