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  • SO pissed off at Plated. They emailed yesterday afternoon to say that they are going to be subscription only starting Sunday. People can order a la carte until today. OK, fine, they can change their business plan if they want. But I have 4 credits from a week I had to cancel because my oven broke. After I got the email, I looked to see if there was anything I wanted to buy, and there isn’t. I emailed them yesterday shorty after I got the email to ask if I’ll be able to use the credits later without getting a subscription or if I could get a refund for the prior purchase. The response back was just parroting back what the original email had said – that I could purchase meals today (Saturday) without buying the subscription. Um, that does not answer my question. And, of course, their customer service was closed by the time I got the email and is closed today. So I have no idea if I’m getting my money back or if I should try to find a friend who wants my plated meals or what – and it has to happen today. What poor customer service to make this change with 1 day’s notice on a Friday afternoon when they know your customer service not open on the weekends to answer questions, then not to even answer those questions they did receive before they closed on Friday. So incredibly frustrated.

    • GAH. And I just was about to make my last plated dish that I bought and the milk expired the day BEFORE the shipment left their facility. I guess I’m glad I won’t be using them again. I just hope I can get my money back.

  • Stunning! Where is this?

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