Wild Wings “the ultimate in chicken wings” opens at Euclid and Georgia Ave

715 Euclid St, NW

The former J. Bell’s Wing House space on Euclid just west of Georgia Ave has reopened under new ownership as Wild Wings. Their website says:

“Wild Wings Started with the idea of serving the ultimate in chicken wings and providing an exceptional value, every day.

We’re the Wing Experts, and that means we keep the focus on wings. Our wings are cooked-to-order and served piping hot in your of choice flavors. Dedicated to a quality product, We treat the customer to the highest level of service while providing food that is always fresh and delicious !!!”

You can see their full menu here.

They opened a few weeks ago. Anyone happen to take a taste? I’m wondering how the wings compare to Kochix.

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  • “we keep the focus on wings”… and, according to their sign, pizza, fish, sandwiches, ribs, and fried chicken… Not sure I’m buying their “niche” concept…

    • FOCUS doesn’t mean not doing anything else… it means focusing. Like you should focus on not splitting hairs on the semantics on a carry out restaurant sign, that doesn’t mean you can’t go to work or do anything else.
      This isn’t some hipster den of overspecialization “we only make peanut butter and jellybean soup because we are a bunch of pudgy bearded tatted up guys who took peyote with a spirit guide and saw a vision of George Washington Carver having sex with Ronald Reagan and then we knew the world needed a place that sells only peanut butter and jellybean soup.”

      • If you look at their menu, wings are relegated to a small section at the bottom. Underneath pizza, shrimp, salad, ribs, fish, etc. Yeah, I’m not buying it either.

      • wait… where can i get some peanut butter and jelly bean soup???

        • Or peanut butter and jelly bean wings! Sounds like an episode of Chopped. You know, that hipster show on Food Network.

      • Wow, so angry. And for something so, so insignificant.

      • Heh, Portlandia episode right there.
        I agree with katielu though, looking at the menu, it’s pretty ridiculous to claim they focus on wings, when the wings take up so little of their menu. It’s not overspecialization , but it’s hardly specialization at all.

    • brookland_rez

      $9.50 for 10 wings seems high for what appears to be a carry-out place. Does it have bullet proof glass?

  • Wait, what happened to J Bells? Did his poor business management (inconsistent hours and food inventory) and escalating prices finally catch up to him? Shame because the food was delicious, he just didn’t seem to ever get it together.

    • Oh man, seems he passed last year — just shy of 50. Very sad.

      • Yup, he passed away a little over a year. Very sad, he left behind two teenage kids 🙁
        His wings were awesome, I bought a massive platter for the Super Bowl two years ago.
        I’ll give this place a shot. J Bell had a few different guys working for him, I’m hoping one of them are involved with this place.

      • Wow, that’s a shame. He seemed like a good guy, and his wings were terrific.

      • Yeah, was a huge bummer for me. I talked with him while my wings cooked every time I went. Such a passionate guy, he also used to make deep fried turkeys every thanksgiving and they were the best. Hurts every time I pass that shop. 🙁

  • Anyone here really dislike wings? I’d never order them in a restaurant ==

    • justinbc

      What do you really dislike about them? Do you dislike all chicken, or just the wings?

      • I like chicken meat but not skin or gristle. Wings have little of what I do like (meat) and lots of what I don’t like.

      • brookland_rez

        I love beer and wings. The flavor combination of buffalo sauce and bleu cheese is particularly yummy.

    • I thought I disliked wings until I tried the korean kind. I think its because I HATE blue cheese and don’t particularly like buffalo sauce either. But extra crunchy with an asian twist? Love.

    • I don’t like them either. I like chicken, I like BBQ sauces, but wings, eh. I always get stuff stuck in my teeth too.

      I just scarf everyone else’s celery and carrots tha

    • agreeeed! greasy town

  • I like the taste but dislike them in my flower beds!

  • Wings should have 4 flavors: plain, mild, medium, and hot. This place has too many flavors.

    But, I’m totally going to stop by and get some beef ribs.

    • palisades

      you heard it here, “Wild Wings”. Anonymous only wants 4 flavors of wings. Screw all the other fun flavors that can be successfully merged with wings.

    • where does plain fit in the spectrum of mild, medium, and hot? is plain naked with no sauce? if plain is naked then those wings cease to be wild……..hmmm who’d’ve thought naked wasn’t wild….. :/ I just blew my mind!!!!! MORE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!

  • Haven’t been here, but if you want some awesome wings PoP, check out the DCity wings. They are dangerously good (in that, I crave them but shouldn’t eat them as often as I want to…). KoChix is really good too, but I would take DCity over KoChix.

    • Agreed, but they are very different creatures. DCity is if you want the slow-smoked style, whereas Kochix fries things really, really well.

      • justinbc

        Kochix rocks, and they deliver all over the city (through Caviar)!

      • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am pretty sure the DCity wings are deep fried. I think they dry rub them, then fry them, then add more dry rub.

        • I’m pretty sure that you are wrong. My understanding is that the wings are slow-smoked and dry rubbed. They don’t have the same sort of crust/crunch that you associate with deep-fried wings. And I agree about them having the best wings in town, with Kochix not being far behind (though obviously very different in preparation and taste.

          • I thought the same thing, but I was there yesterday, and I saw the guy put wings (which looked like they had dry rub on them) in a fry basket. A few seconds later, I heard the crackling sound of a deep fryer. Maybe I am wrong, but that was pretty strong evidence to me. My guess is they dry-rub and slow cook them and then toss them in the deep fryer to heat them up when someone orders them.

          • Ah, that does make a lot of sense. Either way they cook them, they hit the spot every time.

          • As a dedicated smoker (cookery, not cigars), my theory is that they smoke them earlier in the day (they take a while despite their size, so can’t be done to order) and then get a quick fry to warm and add a bit of crunch. And boy does it ever work well.

      • leftcoastsouthpaw

        I like everything that comes out of DCity. I can do KoChix every once in awhile, but the breading to chicken ratio is leans too much toward breading for my liking. My go-to for wings right now is Sollys.

  • Only time I eat chicken wings is while watching sports, but….I did notice this place has beef ribs, so i’ll definitely be checking them out this weekend. Why do most BBQ places only have pork ribs, which are clearly inferior to the awesome goodness of beef ribs? Mmmmmmmm…..ribs!

  • J. Bells wings live on at the NOMA Harris Teeter. At least last I checked? He sold them his recipe and was cooking out of there for a bit.

  • epric002

    just what the neighborhood needs: MORE chicken bones to litter the streets so i can fish them out of my dogs’ mouths on each and every walk.

    • when I see some chicken bones sticking out of the poo littering the sidewalk, I’ll know karma is real, and bad dog owners are also bad to their dogs and not just their communities.

  • Place was closed at 12:15 on a Saturday. No hours posted, no answering machine message sating they are closed. It seems odd that they would be closed on a Saturday. I looked inside and it looks like they are open for business…just not right now.

  • No hours on the website or menu, no answer when I called this Sunday and an email to “[email protected]” just bounced back.

  • Julius of J Bells was a super nice guy- one time I stopped by for chicken and ribs, but the ribs were still cooking on the smoker. Julius gave me the wings carry-out and then dropped off a full rack of ribs at my condo in Logan Circle when they were ready later that evening.

    There should be a “Best Wings in the City” article/vote to follow this.

    Some notable wings/fried chicken in no particular order:

    Chi Mc
    Boundary Stone
    Hill Country
    Old Ebbitts
    Wegman’s Wing Bar (in Landover MD)

    (please add your favorite)

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