This Sandwich Sounds Amazing – Available at G during November

2201 14th Street, NW

From an email:

“For its November guest chef sandwich, The Red Hen’s Mike Friedman has dreamed up The E Street Special, a mountain of chili braised brisket, crispy bacon, Fontina cheese, sauerkraut and 1000 Island aioli on griddled pumpernickel bread. The $14 sandwich is available throughout the month. G, 2201 14th st. NW. 202-234-5015.”

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  • or just go to taylor. i ate here once, awful and overpriced sandwich. the chicken parm was nothing special. the wasn’t good quality.

    • with Stachowskis, Fast Gourmet, G, Sundevich, and the Italian Store, people still go to a chain like taylors?

    • I disagree with this. There are delicious finds up and down the menu at G. While Taylor has slightly upped its game recently, it still isn’t as consistent or good as G. Also, the sandwiches all taste different at G. My problem with Taylor’s is everything kind of tastes the same.

  • Oh my
    may have to bike over there for lunch some time this weekend

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The banh min sandwich is excellent as is the lamb. It’s cooked on the spit at Kapnos. And I always get two meals out of one – they are foot longs. The house made sodas are real good, too.

  • Finally, a sandwich in my hood that will result in fully blocked veins and arteries.

  • Is the $14 sandwich the new $14 dollar cocktail? Only time will tell!

  • justinbc

    I would buy that sandwich if I could get it at Red Hen, where the guest chef is from, but I won’t be giving a dime to Mike Isabella.

  • It’s not amazing. Just got one and its underwelming. Definitely not up to the other ones on the menu like the goat or the bahn mi. More like a mediocre reuben at a mid rate dinner. Stick to other things on the menu.

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