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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • skj84

    Rant: The Rocket exploding last night. I was watching from a rooftop with friends and had the live stream going on my phone. I managed to look down at the stream right as the rocket blew. Very glad no one was hurt, but I understand how disappointing the whole thing must be for everyone involved. That was a lot of money, time and energy that was wasted.

    Rave: The charge finally dropped off my account!

    • Seriously… i believe it was estimated at around $1 billion was lost with the explosion

      • skj84

        Yikes! Wow. Heads are certainly going to roll.

        • You don’t know that, no one even knows what went wrong yet.

        • Yeah, this is a pretty uninformed thing to say. Space flight is risky. Just because there was a catastrophic failure doesn’t mean anyone did anything wrong.

        • Well i imagine that there would be some sort of insurance in place right? At least i hope so…
          imo its known or should be that a ball of fire is a possible outcome when launching anything into space

          • As a general rule, the government is self insured (i.e. no insurance.) Not sure if this was a commercial flight or not (I didn’t follow it closely).

  • Rant: Haven’t gotten a hair cut yet and can’t remember the stylist/salon recommendations that have been posted here before. I have long, wavy, fine hair and I have A LOT of it. I’d prefer to stay in the AdMo/Dupont/U St. area but any recommendations are appreciated!
    Rave: The pup has been super snuggly recently. Maybe she’s finally becoming a cuddler (she’s probably just cold..).

    • Aglets

      My beloved Nathan formerly of the Michael Anthony Salon is now at BANG! on U street. I use to go see Dino at the same place but took a chance on Michael Anthony and found nathan- I’m glad he’s back to cutting hair! But now I feel weird going there!

      Anyway- both Nathan and Dino are fantastic with hair and textures- i have straight/wavy hair but they both seem to get hair and textures.

      Although the hair washing at Michael Anthony is worth the price of admission alone.

    • Andie302

      I really like Zhen at Spa Logic. I’ve followed her from a couple different places. It’s $55 for a cut and blow dry. I miss the days when it was $40 at VSL…but she’s moving up!

    • Ashleah at Parlour on U Street is my favorite. She’s a Deva-trained stylist so she knows how to work with wavy hair, but is also really good at making my fine hair look like it has some body..

      • I’d second the recommendation for a Deva cut at Parlour on U St. We’ve had several recent threads here that have raves about these curly haircuts — and I am also a big fan 🙂

        • The Deva cut at parlour is the one that I thought was so terrible (see below post below about Garrett at Spa Logic). Some people love the deva cut, but I felt like it was supposed to be fashionable but I just looked weird.

          • I definitely know what you mean. The success of the cut depends on the stylist as much as the Deva cut, IMO. Before I found Ashleah, I had a few that didn’t look quite right from other stylists at Parlour. I’m glad you found a stylist that works for you.

    • I recommend Linda at Salon Balayage (19th and M) – look on their website for a discount for first time customers.

    • I’ve always recommended Patrick at Bang (he was at U St now at Verizon) because he’s amazing.

      However, I personally haven’t been in a while…I need a hair cut, big time. I’ve had the same thing going on for years – long hair in a bun because I never know what to do with it. So sick of it. might try someone good with curly hair, but am scared it’ll be too short and turn in to a JewFro

      • I neeeed neeed neeed help with my curly hair. Obviously cutting it off isnt an option, but it is really a source of low confidence for me. I just hate it. I have pretty thin hair, I’m not sure what I could expect with a chemical treatment.

        • fiddlesticks in dupont (17th street) is known for its focus on curly hair

        • Go to Garrett at Spa Logic in Dupont for curly hair. He specializes in curls and is really good for a no nonsense cut. Plus, he’s pretty entertaining. Before I found him years ago, I’d always come home and cut more. Once I cheated on him with one of those dry cut places that are all the rage, and it was terrible, my hair was lopsided and I had to go to Garrett to fess up and have him fix it.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Caps Red Wings tonight! After a middling Western Canada roadtrip, it is time to get back on track with a win tonight!
    Rave2: Filed for the big D on Thursday! That was interesting. Very excited to have that done, court on Nov 24th, and then that will be it!
    Rave3: FIled the quitclaim, and the DC Recorder of Deeds has already updated the title to reflect just me. I am now officially (in the eyes of DC) a single homeowner!
    Rave4: Voted on Monday. Was very happy with all of my votes. Very happy with my vote for Catania – especially after seeing him yesterday at the high heel race. Bowser was there, but had her silly security and seemed like she just wanted the face time. David actually spoke with people, and just had one intern with him handing out literature.
    Rave5: Voted for Kishan Putta. I don’t think he has a snowballs chance in hell, but I do think his one-issue campaign (bus lanes on 16th street) is INCREDIBLY important, and would be one of the things I would insist on if I was mayor for a day. Hoping he gets a healthy amount of votes to bring the importance of this issue some notoriety.

    • Catania has my vote, but have resigned myself to being very disappointed come election day. Every endorsement is for Bowser and her content-free campaign.

    • Congrats! Those are big, important, and sounds like very happy, steps!

    • I agree on the Catania front. I feel good about my decision to vote for him. What do you think the odds of him winning are?

      • Accountering

        Low unfortunately. There is still too large of a contingent in this city who will vote for someone solely based on race and party affiliation. Catania will probably win 75% of people who do not vote on race and party affiliation, but that just won’t be quite enough.

        • I get that you are excited about your candidate but I really think it’s unfair to make vast assumptions about how people vote based on a feeling. I have had multiple dealings with Catania. It’s not about him being mean. It’s about how he treats and respects people. I find it so frustrating that so many people who only experience NW DC make vast assumptions on the totality of DC voters. Your experience with Catania and Bowser may be very different from someone on the Hill or SW.

          An African American man I work with told me the story of talking to a white conservative voter who told him, I hope you won’t assume the reason I’m voting against Obama is because he is black. The guy responded, I’ll do that as long as you don’t assume the only reason I am voting for him is because he is black.

          • Accountering

            I am not speaking about any one person, but simply being realistic. Do you think it is unreasonable for me to say that there are some residents who are voting for her based on her skin color or party affiliation? Just like there are plenty of backwards rednecks all over the country who would never vote for a black candidate. To try and pretend like it is a non-issue seems pretty ignorant to me.
            Explain to me why W7 and W8 will vote for her 3-1 over Catania, and the inverse will happen in W2 and W3? Do those four wards know something the rest of us don’t?

          • And the same can be said about people voting for Catania- don’t you think there are equally as much voters who are voting for him based solely on his race?

          • Accountering

            Of course there are. See what I said in the second paragraph.

          • Accountering

            I didn’t read the “equally” before. There are certainly not as many people voting for Catania based on race as there are for Bowser. If we can assume that an equal amount of white voters will pick a white candidate as black voters will pick a black candidate, solely based on race – you have the following. Say 10% of each race picks a candidate based on race matching their own.
            DC is 50% black, so 5% of the city votes for Bowser based on her race.
            DC is 40% white, so 4% of the city votes for a white candidate based on their race. Of that 4%, at least some portion goes to Schwartz, likely 1/3, so you are now at 2.66% for Catania, and 5% for Bowser. This means Bowser gets twice as many race voters as Catania, just based on the demographics of the city.

          • But here’s the thing, you are totally making up statistics. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say some voters will vote based on skin color but you said “Catania will probably win 75% of people who do not vote on race and party affiliation, but that just won’t be quite enough.” Frankly, that’s just based on assumptions and presented as offensive to anyone voting differently than you.

          • Accountering

            Of course I am making assumptions… Do you have facts (or even a well based assumption) to counter mine? It seems like a vast majority of this site is voting for Catania. Again, most people on this site are semi-new transplants, and as such, would in a lot of cases not fall into the voting solely based on race or color. Of course, the above is a ton of assumptions, but more likely than not true.
            I think my 75% number is probably fairly spot on.
            Lets roll off of the offensive thing. I don’t much care how offensive I am to people who are voting for a vastly inferior empty suit solely based on the color of her skin or her party affiliation. I would happily explain this to someone in person as well. I think that is a crap way of using your voice, and not using your head.

          • Love your regular postings, Accountering…..but you’re talking out your ass. Which is gaping like the Grand Canyon. Just stop now.

          • For what it’s worth… the Post had an interesting article recently on support for Bowser in Wards 7 and 8 not being all that unified:
            For black voters in D.C.’s mayoral election, this time the choice isn’t so clear
            By Paul Schwartzman October 20

        • You’re making a LOT of assumptions, and apparently overlooking the possibility that there is a contingent of people who will vote for someone solely based on race and party affiliation — who will be voting for Catania. There really are people who thoughtfully approach their political responsibilities — who, for a variety of reasons will choose not to vote for Catania.

          • Accountering

            Which of my assumptions are unreasonable though? I addressed that some voters may be voting on race alone above. That still vastly favors Bowser. Party affiliation is even more skewed in her favor – 90% of the city is Dem, and 10% other, so both of those are huge advantages for her.

        • You do get that not everybody has the same political needs, right? Which means that not everybody’s political needs will be adequately met and represented by the candidate that you personally happen to prefer. And while I’m sure that Catania’s support base has a bit of variety, I wonder how many of the people who support him are white and male — and perhaps not entirely conscious of why they find him an attractive candidate.

          • Accountering

            Addressed above. I love the idea that in your mind there is this huge block of white male voters, who just happen to support a white male GAY man for mayor, but don’t know why.
            The racist anti-Obama voters from 08 and 12, who could not find a way to vote for him based on his skin color alone, are also wildly anti-gay. Find the rural areas where he got less than 10% of the vote, and those areas support for gay marriage is likely also in the less than 10% range.

          • Nope. “Huge” and block are your words not mine. I’m reacting to your initial post that implied that Bowser supporters were voting based on race and party affiliation without acknowledging the likelihood that Catania might be equally likely to do so — with no information or data to support the assertion. It’s pretty common for people to ascribe well-reasoned logic to their own decisions and something else to other people’s decisions, which they then marginalize and denigrate with minimal or no evidence to back up their assertions.
            – Like your comment about loving the idea that’s in my mind — then describing some “huge block of white males” supporting a candidate, instead of addressing the question that I wondered about. It’s a pretty common political tactic btw: to ascribe a viewpoint to someone that they don’t actually have, then argue against.

          • Sorry for the double post. And correction from “Catania” to “Cantania supporters” in the first paragraph.

          • Accountering

            You specifically said you are wondering, so I said it was on your mind. Seems pretty straightforward? Agree, perhaps it is not huge, but any group of people voting for the same reason (white, male, voting for Catania because he is white) can rightfully be considered a block.
            I said that a reasonable amount of her supporters are voting for her based on race and party affiliation. Based on her overwhelming support in W5, W7, and W8, as well as the post article with multiple people saying they have no clue what she stands for, but are voting for her because of the D. I did address your comment, but just to reiterate, I certainly agree that there are Catania supporters who are doing the same. Just that the blocks of people who would vote for Bowser are larger because those demographics are larger.
            I am not assigning logic, just going off my observations and what I have read.

          • “Based on her overwhelming support in W5, W7, and W8, as well as the post article with multiple people saying they have no clue what she stands for, but are voting for her because of the D.”
            I think the individuals in these wards also vote for her because she “brings home the bacon,” so to speak, for their wards.
            Don’t you ever stop and wonder why Bowser’s office doesn’t pay attention to the requests of well-to-do SFH owners in NW DC, like yourself? It’s because you don’t matter to her election. She’s too busy getting community centers built in those “other” wards, getting money to churches, working with mixed income developers, and all the other public services that most of the PoP’ville’s (relatively wealthy) readership doesn’t need to rely on.
            Duh. Follow the money (and the votes that money buys).

          • Sorry, I live in a low income area of Ward 4. We have been begging for a community center or rec center for years. Especially, since the city gave away one of our elementary schools, and our access to their playground. Muriel Bowser, our representative, has done NOTHING to help us. She ignores the residents, and leaves us out to dry. So to go against Accountering’s assumptions, those in our largely black population of ward 4, that have been trying to improve our neighborhoods, will not be voting along party and racial lines.

      • This morning I saw (from a distance) the cover of the Express, which had the headline “Upward Momentum” and an upward-pointing zigzag on a graph. I was hoping it was going to be about Catania’s prospects, but instead it was about the Wizards. 🙁

    • special_k

      Went to a forum last week with Catania and Schwartz; Bowser didn’t show. Catania really showed an extensive knowledge of the city–he talked about specific schools, businesses, projects, etc. He definitely impressed me, but I think there are a lot of citizens that his style doesn’t connect with.

      • Accountering

        I agree that people don’t connect with his “style” or in a lot of cases, his party affiliation, and I am sure in some cases, the color of his skin.
        Catania is such a vastly superior candidate, and the fact that the knock on him is that he is “mean” is an absolute joke. To be perfectly honest, I don’t want a “nice” mayor right now who will come in and get along with people. DC City Government needs some wholesale changes (corruption, mismanagement is all over the place) and I do want someone who will come in and rattle some cages, and who will fire people for poor performance.

        • +5000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
          I will take someone “mean” but smart, competent and willing to work to change the city over another lame, sold-out party hack any day of the week. Bowser is just going to be more of the same, if not worse.

          • epric002

            i think you took the words right out of my mouth.

          • PDleftMtP

            Yep. This is the reasoning.

            Also, denying that a black Democrat has advantages over a white Republican in a DC election, regardless of personal qualities, is just silly. I wouldn’t bet on the thoughtful moderate black Democrat in Idaho, regardless of personal qualities, either. Would you?

        • Just that there are possibly voters that connect with Catania because of “in some cases, the color of his skin.” — who cloak their identification with him in other terms. Your “vastly superior” might be someone else’s nightmare. That’s why we have multiple candidates, and ideally, should have multiple political parties.

        • His meanness is not a joke. He has a 12 year track record of bitterness, self-righteousness and a ballistic temper. If you think he’s only berated the deserving and the slackers, you’re willfully oblivious. He never campaigns in public, only in protected forums where he can deliver his policy analyses from on high, because he can’t actually relate to people — isn’t that a candidates job? He is what he is. Vote for him if you choose, but don’t pretend he’s something else.

          • Accountering

            Care to explain what I am pretending he is? I am fine with him being mean – especially if that is the knock on him.

    • Mike

      The best (read: worst) part of all this is the people who don’t even want to hear the reasoning behind why they should be voting Catania instead of Bowser.

      • No, people SHOULD be voting for the candidate that they feel best represents their political needs. Just because you’ve decided that Catania represents your needs and aspirations doesn’t mean that everyone “should” feel that way and vote accordingly. Your strong assertion about what other people “should” do — suggestions that Catania “should” have done a better job of communicating and connecting with a broader swath of people — who may genuinely view his short comings as deal breakers.

        • Agree. Not to mention the fact that people make assumptions that their criteria is the only and correct criteria for voting for a candidate. I keep hearing “You should be voting for Catania based on the criteria that I deem acceptable, any other things you take into account are not important or not relevant. ” We all decide what we want in a candidate, I don’t presume to tell a small business owner or a parent or a Metro Bus driver what is important to them but people here decided that they like a candidate and their metrics are the only ones that matter.

          • Accountering

            That’s the thing, I can happily state my opinion that people who are voting for Bowser based on race and party affiliation are ignoramuses. People who are unable to look at the issues and pick the candidate that matches their values, and instead just defer to a picture of a candidate or the letter next to their name virtually flush their own voice down the proverbial toilet.

          • OK then – that is it about Bowser that you like, that makes you want to vote for her? Her bold stance on education?

          • Accountering, perhaps we could agree that “people who vote for ANYONE based on race and party affiliation” are not doing their bit to be informed citizens. You’re repeated insistence that this practice is solely an issue with people that vote for Bowser is offensive — since you seem to be linking “people who are unable to look at the issues” with people who vote for Bowser. Somehow you seem incapable of understanding that there may be people who view Bowser as being “a candidate that matches their values” in ways that Catania and Schwartz do not. Note that I am not trying to denigrate your support of Catania, or encourage support for Bowser or any of the candidates — but encouraging you to respect other voters and what you seem to view as voting cohorts — even if their priorities and reasons for voting differ from your own.

          • Who said I was voting for Bowser? I just don’t think that you have to insult someone who votes differently than you, especially not when throw in some veiled racism, fake statistics and sarcasm. Frankly, I think calling huge numbers of voters in Ward 7 and Ward 8 ignoramuses is just obnoxious.

          • Accountering

            Well, thats fine. I have no problem with the fact that you think it is obnoxious that I believe people who vote solely on party lines or race are ignoramuses. If you do a tiny bit of research, and know what the person stands for (I vote democrat because the republicans are horrible in many different ways) than thats fine. Blindly pulling the lever because of a D or a picture makes that person an ignoramus.
            Btw, it was you who said those people are in W7 and W8, not me. There are plenty of idiotic voters on both sides. Plenty of poor people in rural areas who continue to vote against their interests and pull the lever for an R they know nothing about.
            I haven’t been racist in the least. Nor have I thrown “fake statistics.” I freely admit they are assumptions, also haven’t been sarcastic. I feel pretty strongly about this, as I am sure you can tell from my posts.

          • Accountering: but see those assumptions you make transfer over in many other ways outside of politics. You may now look all blacks negatively because you felt that based on their race alone that they voted for someone whom you feel incompetent to be dc mayor. You may now be prejudice against renting your airBnb to blacks etc……subconsciously these things take on a life of their own.

        • I want an effective mayor, not a “nice” mayor. So I voted for Catania. But I admit that race did factor in my choices for Board of Education and Attorney General. After a lot of research, I liked both Scott Simpson & Laura Wilson Phelan about equally For B of E – but went with Simpson because honestly, I didn’t see a wotp white woman being as potentially influential for reform on the school board.

          Likewise, for Attorney General, it was a toss-up between Karl Racine and Lorie Masters, and I voted Racine because I wanted to see a black man in an important leadership position. Had there been substantial differences of course, race would not have played in at all, but it is silly to say it is a non-factor, whether positive or negative.

        • I believe what Accountering is trying to say is, there are a large contingent of Bowser supporters that believe she represents their needs, simply because they have the same skin color.

          • Yes, and others have repeatedly questioned him about the basis for that assumption. He’s yet to offer one. I’m not voting for Bowser, but I’m sick to death of people on here asserting that anyone who’s voting for her (or Obama, or any other black candidate) is doing so soley because of race.

          • And……so?
            I’d also wager that there’s a large contingent of Bowser supporters that believe she represents their needs, simply because she does. They are also concerned about Catania not catering to their needs or not supporting the types of programs that benefit them.
            And there’s tons of whites (mainly the not-insignificant contingent of R’s and I’s who don’t even bother to vote) who are supporting Catania because he will support the programs that typically appeal to whites.
            I hope Accountering does realize that the knife cuts on both sides in this election. While Catania does have a subjectively “more inclusive” message than Bowser IMHO, he’s also tossed out a few of his own below-the-radar dog whistles to appeal to the white vote and upper-income African-Americans (or, perhaps more accurately, he’s said things that have alienated lower-income black voters, which has the effect of making certain white voters giddy-with-joy. I call this the Troll Voting Boomerang Effect™).

  • So, Bowser voted against yesterday’s measure to enact warnings and fines against people who don’t clear their sidewalks following snowstorms. (It passed anyway.) She said that she wanted to see a “volunteer army” for snow shoveling. Just an example of what you can expect from mayor Muriel. Don’t look to the government for any kind of protection. Everything will be someone else’s problem. You’re on your own, you and whatever volunteers you can recruit.

    • It’s frustrating that I can’t vote in the mayor race… ugh.

    • During the last snowstorms the most egregious violations of no-shoveling in my neighborhood were in front of buildings owned by the city. It figures Muriel wants someone else to do it…maybe she should use the same platform Homer Simpson did when he ran for sanitation commissioner: Let someone else do it!

    • A “volunteer army”?!?!? What does that even mean??

      • There was an effort to organize volunteers for seniors during snowmageddon actually. I think it was pretty effective. I think it was posted here, too.

        Of course, the 20 somethings in the group houses were too damn busy having snowball fights to clear their walkways.

        • +1 Group houses on my block are the only ones who didn’t bother clearing anything. The 20 somethings in my house didn’t bother helping, but it’s very effective to say this better be clear when I get back. #hammerdown

          • I live between two group houses. Every time I’m out shoveling, mowing, etc. on my own, I get cranky that multiple able-bodied young adults can’t be bothered to do jointly what I’m doing single-handedly.

          • I shamed them. I went up and knocked on their door and asked them to help me shovel their sidewalk. It was particularly effective last year because I had surgery a few months before and still had a noticeable limp. So this old, fat, limping lady comes up to them and says that she’s shoveling their walk because she just saw someone slip (which was true) and asks them to help. The young, fit 20-somethings really had no choice. One group even told me thank you and not to worry about it and did it for themselves.

          • +1 I used to shovel, dig out my car, then go to work on my feet
            Easily 2 hrs of work while they watch tv

        • Yes, as a way of helping people who are unable to shovel, that makes sense. As a solution for dealing with able-bodied people who just don’t shovel, it does not.

          • The worst part for me is this: there are always guys/boys roaming the neighborhood looking to make some spending money. If everyone put in $5 or less, they’d get the area shoveled. You can’t be lazy and cheap.

        • Group houses and condo conversions are the worst offenders. I’m not sure why it is that in a five condo building, no one can take responsibility for shoveling the walk.

          • really, management of a multi-unit or leased out property should have this figured out before snow is an issue – have a contract for it.

            Many people in units like this assume someone is being paid to take care of it. Landlords don’t care, and small condos probably dont have proper management to do it. Just our experience!

          • I don’t understand this at all. I live in a 4-unit building. We don’t have management and when we all first moved in we discussed the budget and if we wanted to pay for snow removal or do it ourselves. We revisit this every year and have always chosen to do it ourselves. It always gets done before the snow gets packed down because it is SO much easier to do it before there is a lot of street traffic. I just don’t understand how people can know they have to pay for trash removal, water, gas, etc, but not know that they need to deal with snow.

          • Last big snowstorm I complained here about two apartment/condo buildings that hadn’t shoveled after a few days. One resident responded to say they had contracted with someone to shovel but s/he lived in MD and couldn’t get here because of the snow.

          • No – churches are the worst! Maybe they just figure they’re helping old people get to Jesus faster by having them slip and fall.

        • you know, when I first moved to DC, I was young and simply didn’t understand the need to shovel (grew up in the south, never needed to shovel) and just assumed my LL was responsible. Didn’t even have a shovel. Of course, now I know better, but maybe the people in the group houses are similarly clueless. Maybe nicely warn them in advance?

          • I thought my LL did it too, so I missed the first snow which wasn’t bad, but I asked, and they said no. You cannot tell me all these young professionals (I’m seeing the same faces for multiple snows) see everyone else has shoveled and just forget they need to deal with it? Forgot to inquire with the LL about it? Uh, no, they’re just lazy. Same sort of attitude that leaves trash bins on the street well past pick-up when I see people going in and out of the house.

          • When I lived in a group home in another city, my landlord did it as well. People should understand that DC is the outlier, and maybe we should have a better campaign to let people know, rather than call the millenials lazy.

    • hispanicandproud

      Go Muriel!

    • Accountering

      Can someone tell me wtf a volunteer army is? I am not interested in volunteering to help an otherwise able-bodied adult clear their snow. I am happy (and do – every time) help my elderly neighbors, but to coin a phrase, That’s a Bunch of Malarkey.

    • Really…is she going to raise this “volunteer army” herself? If it isn’t happening now and there are no negative consequences what exactly does she think will change peoples’ behavior?

    • Also, where’d you read this? I couldn’t find any news about it.

      • Washington Post. The article was about the weakened affordable housing bill. Lower down, it also addressed the taxi regulations and the snow shoveling thing.

      • Looks like it was this article: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/dc-council-passes-weakened-affordable-housing-law-tempers-flare-before-election/2014/10/28/2b2d5fb0-59f8-11e4-b812-38518ae74c67_story.html
        “Council member Mary M. Cheh (D-Ward 3), who is running uncontested in her ward, also narrowly won an almost year-long fight to institute a system of escalating warnings and tickets for residents and businesses that repeatedly fail to clear sidewalks after a snowstorm.
        “‘I know the physical therapists are happy,’ Cheh said of slick sidewalks that can cause broken bones and sprains, ‘but we are going to have bad weather, and we need to do something.’
        “In a rare turn, Bowser was on the losing side of that 7-to-6 vote. ‘We could be giving tickets to our senior citizens’ who are unable to shovel sidewalks, she said.
        “‘What I would rather see is the government focusing on a volunteer army to get out and clear the sidewalks,” she said, echoing a call by council member Anita Bonds (D-At Large). Bonds, who is also on the ballot next week, said Tuesday that she wanted the District to use snowstorms as a chance to provide temporary jobs for some of the city’s poorest, unemployed residents.”

    • “Don’t look to the government for any kind of protection.” It’s snow removal. Neighbor doesn’t shovel, offer to help, don’t go all passive aggressive and support ridiculous measures to fine people for not shoveling. What happens when someone who is incapacitated or elderly can’t shovel and gets a fine? Are there distinctions? Law must be applied equally or not at all, right? Do those neighbors have a support system of others who will shovel for them? Will you be up in arms when diabetic Grams next door gets a fine for not shoveling? I swear, some of the comments on this site lead me to think many want unrestricted freedom in their own house and would prefer to live in an upper middle class pseudo-fascist state outside.

      • Accountering

        I think this is quite a process for grandma to get a ticket. This is simply a pathetic red herring on your part. The people not shoveling are not the elderly, as they DO get help from their neighbors or pay a neighborhood kid to do it.

        • And you are painting with far too broad a brush. There’s plenty of elderly folks who don’t do anything about their snow, at all. And there’s plenty of younger folks who do. My anecdotal evidence is as good as yours on this one. And apart from being anti-Bowser, are you actually trying to make a point here?

          • Accountering

            Ok, so lets go with your point – I agree, plenty of young people do shovel, myself included. I will be up super early this year, and driving to the rental to shovel when it snows. Because it is the right thing to do. I wouldn’t go so far as to completely exempt people of age from shoveling. If you have a house, it is your responsibility to keep it safe. If you can’t arrange to have a neighborhood kid do it, or have your neighbors help, then perhaps a ticket is in order after a couple of warnings.

      • The elderly on my block get their walks shoveled, every time, by the younger neighbors. I’m not worried about them, and if you were a good neighbor who knew who needed help and helped them out, you wouldn’t either. I am not convinced by the handwringing over some mythical grandma with no neighbors and no friends who’s going to lose her house to snow shoveling fines.
        The liquor store and the vacant storefront and the church around the corner, on the major pedestrian thoroughfare? They’re the ones who have proved they’re incapable of taking the appropriate action without a negative consequence to motivate them.

        • Accountering

          I don’t often +1, but I will +1 here. You said this better than I have been saying it above 🙂

        • +100. The “army of volunteers” already exists to help the elderly and infirm. This is totally a straw man. And the same ridiculous argument that was used many years ago against having a deposit on returnable bottles – that poor granny would be forced to trudge all her bottles back to the store. (The same store where she bought all those full bottles of soda and managed to get home just fine.)

    • Not a judgment but an observation: This is an interesting exchange in that it shows exactly the divide that got Gray elected and will elect Bowser. First, white yuppies demand action to resolve a legitimate but nonetheless first-world problem in a city with bad schools, poor job prospects for the products of that school system and a growing shortage of affordable housing — a problem that really seems to bug the hell out of white yuppies. Council member from majority minority less-affluent ward, citing the legitimate but perhaps exaggerated fear that the old black ladies on fixed incomes and helping out with the grandkids, too, in her ward will get stuck with tickets, votes against said action. Yuppies react with frothing anger, long time black residents who have elderly relatives and neighbors note frothing anger, Bowser takes the oath of office.

      • That’s a pretty accurate description. But it leaves out (not criticizing, I know it wasn’t your point) that said Council member’s record and platform on education – an issue everyone agrees needs attention – is a joke (“Deal for All!”), her economic development platform is a bunch of platitudes, and there is increasing evidence that despite the toothless “ethics” bill she sponsored, she’s knee-deep in corruption. Why don’t the long-time residents care about those issues. OK, it isn’t fair to say “not care” (except about corruption) – but the facts don’t seem to be penetrating.

      • Accountering

        Fair enough. I tend to agree she wins, and on some shaky (at best) ground. When her administration is a disaster (and it will be) 2018 will be an interesting election. The status quo is not going to be acceptable to all of the post 2005 residents, and the next 50,000 new residents the city adds over the next four years as well. New-highly educated, upper middle class residents will likely be a majority come 2018, and it will be interesting to see how that vote goes.

        • Yep. But the question is, will the rest of us – particularly, those with elementary-aged children now – be able to hold on long enough? My gut says no.

        • Hmmmm…I’m no friend of Muriel, but this does remind me of the sort of attitude that Rush & Company brought to the Obama election: “after this obvious fraud destroys America/DC, white people will seize control and make everything right again.” It’s a little painful to see this sort of thing well before she’s sworn in.

          • Accountering

            Haha, is that what you read there? I would happily vote for a better black politician. I voted for Gray in the primary, and despite the shadow campaign, think he did a tremendous job. I would have given him another four years. Donated and volunteered for BOs campaign both times.
            My argument is not that the “white people are going to fix things” it is that after four more years of the democratic machine, I do not believe the next candidate in line is going to win in 2018. Could easily see someone coming from the outside and making a run at this thing. Black, brown, white, or green, if the guy can govern, he will have my vote.

          • I completely agree with both of your observations.

          • Black, brown, white, or green, if the guy can govern, he will have my vote. – Well racism aside, you’ve struck gold with the sexism!

          • Accountering

            Sigh – The guy/gal will have my vote. Can’t wait to support H. Clinton, and very excited for Brianne Nadeau to replace Graham. How you can read my post and pick up on racism is a mystery to me. I would hide behind an anon too if I was going to make ridiculous statements like that.

        • The same shit was said about Vincent Gray 4 years ago, including by yours truly. Things have gone fine. Sure, he hasn’t been the best mayor, and yeah, he might have been up to some crooked stuff during his campaign, but overall he hasn’t been bad.

          While I’m not going to vote for Bowser and think she sucks, I also don’t think we’re destined to be screwed because of her.

  • Rant: It sucks when an important project you hate has few hard deadlines, just lots of leadership interest. I somehow find myself working harder on everything else I have to do just to avoid the turd I can’t stand.
    Rave: Street cleaning on winter hiatus.
    Rave: Dinner al fresco at the end of October. No jackets, no heat lamps, just amazing weather. Kapnos was absolutely delicious and the service was great!

  • Rant: The big beautiful tree in front of my house was taken down by the city this morning – no notice. Anyone have any experience with the city’s tree replacement program?

    • You can request a tree planting via 311, I don’t know how long it would take for the request to be fulfilled.

    • Yep, just put your request in on the 311 website. I got an initial estimate of 18 months for completion, but they actually did it in six months, when the next tree planting season rolled around. If you put it in now, you will get a replacement (which won’t truly replace anything, but it’s a start) either now-ish, or a year from now.
      I know it’s sad to lose a landmark like that. But in the long term, it’s not a bad thing. People used to plan long rows of the same kind of tree, which meant they all died around the same time, either of age or of some kind of pest. New plantings are taking into account the location (light exposure, pollution levels, soil and infrastructure) and are more varied, so that in the future, you won’t lose a whole block’s worth of trees at once.

    • Accountering

      Request it IMMEDIATELY! Normally they plant in November, and you have likely already missed it for this year. I requested one at the rental, and it just got planted within about 6 months after my request.

  • Aglets

    Rant: I keep making excuses to not go out and see friends. I don’t get it. Last night for example- I should have gone to the High Heel race but really, I just wanted to be home by myself watching TV. I am determined to keep an invite with a friend to carve pumpkins tonight tho!

    Rave: Halloween! I love halloween. I do. I don’t dress up really anymore but i still love it. I love pumpkins and crunch leaves and silly costumes and candy. LOVE. IT.

  • Rant: Have been out of it for a few days, trying to get back into the social swing of things.
    Rave: Tweed Ride this Sunday!

    • skj84

      So excited about the tweed ride. I can’t stay for long, but I hope to get a bit of the ride in.

      • Yeah any bit of riding time is good. Keep an eye out for me, I’ll be on the black Public bike with an Eukenbrau beer crate on the back!

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: I finally got trained on the science machine that I was hired to operate a year and a half ago! (Delivery delays and installation hiccups were the main problems.)
    Rave: Have a pretty good-lookin’ sandwich sitting on my desk for lunch today.
    Rant: It’s not lunchtime yet…

  • gotryit

    Rant: 300+ page document to review
    Rave: hello, coffee.

  • Rant: my CEO decided to last minute rsvp for an event today here in DC (she commutes from the midwest) and made a surprise flight and appearance at the office. It would be find and/or actually helpful if she wasn’t such a talkative type and distracts people when its really crunch time for us. Gotta move on though.
    Unrelatedly has anyone bought a money order at the post office (USPS)? Were you able to get the money order in hand at the post office or do they have they mail it to someone? Long story short my apartment still isn’t taking online payments (month 2) and there’s no way I’m paying 2.75% on a credit card transaction.

    • You just pay for the money order then take it with you.

    • USPS will give you the money order. It doesn’t need to be mailed.

    • Yes, it’s (relatively) easy to get a money order at the USPS, and no, they don’t mail it. They print it right there and hand it to you. However, there are restrictions on what you can use to pay for it, e.g., no credit cards. And I agree, I’m not paying rent with a credit card until there’s no additional fee, but fortunately my place takes personal checks.

    • Is writing a check not an option for some reason?

      • I just ran out of personal checks about a year ago and everything since then has been payable online and it’s really on me, but its really easy to forget sometimes that physical checks do come in handy. I will be getting some new ones, thanks to this

        • you can also go to your bank and they will issue you a check (usually for free). and give you some temporary ones.

        • It may also be possible to send a check directly from your bank account. I used to pay my rent this way every month via PNC Bank. All I had to do was log in and fill out the required information, and PNC would print and mail the check for me. It would even send me a reminder each month that it was time to pay my rent.

    • Wait- why won’t they take personal checks? Getting a money order each month sounds absolutely ridiculous, and the 2.75 percent extra fee on a CC would be ludicrous to pay. Who doesn’t pay their rent by check?

      • Some people don’t have checking accounts or checkbooks, I guess.

        • If a business (in this case, an apartment owner or manager) is set up to accept CC payments, they would need a bank account of some sort, correct? The whole thing sounds sketchy to me. I guess it makes sense that a small minority of people wouldn’t have a bank account- but an apartment not accepting a check would cause huge problems for me. If you factor in the dollar limit I can withdraw from an ATM each day, I’d be making multiple trips to the freakin’ ATM just to get that sum for the money order- and I would not be comfortable carrying around thousands of dollars in my bag every month!!!

          • Maybe it’s the TENANT who doesn’t have a checking account, thus the need for a money order to pay the landlord.

          • Accountering

            This screams that you need a new bank. ALLY has a $1,000 limit/day, which is much better than most with an average of $500 🙂

      • People who don’t have checking accounts. Between the unbanked for financial reasons (the need for substantial minimum balances to avoid high fees) and those who rely on credit card and online payments, there are quite a few folks without traditional checking accounts.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Had a lot of fun photographing the High Heel Race last night
    Rant: lower back pain
    Rant or Rave depending how it goes: Going to the Dr. today.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather and tons of fun in my neighborhood last night. Loved seeing all the excitement and enjoyment last night at the high heel race!

    Rant/Rave: Reading Still Alice – an incredible book about a woman with early on-set Alzheimer’s. It’s so painful (my grandmother passed away from Alzheimer’s) but also so insightful and moving. Reading it with my mom so we can talk about it and the past.

    Rave: Heading out for a swim later. Looking forward to it and to trying to be productive again today.

  • Rant: Missed all the dog Halloween stuff last weekend. I thought the Lincoln Park costume contest would be this coming Saturday. Hmph. Mebbe he can wear his costume on his Saturday morning walk. (It’s a really cute karate suit!) Is wearing a costume the day after Halloween gauche?

  • epric002

    rant: puppy grossness is back. god i can’t do this for another two weeks. and of course we have house guests coming this weekend. ARG.
    rave: forgot bro & gf were coming to stay with us last night. had slight panic attack when i realized it but we had a really nice night.
    rant: husband (and now brother!) haven’t heard back about jobs they interviewed for even when both companies told them they’d have an answer by a specific date. so freaking rude.
    rant: was very cranky and ranty yesterday after suffering through a meeting listening to feds who clearly don’t know what the HELL they’re talking about, and yet i can’t get a fed job in the same area b/c i’m not a vet.

    • Not if you’re a dog. 🙂

    • This is a foster puppy, right? Can’t you at some point say “I can’t do this any more” and give it back? The foster relationship isn’t meant to turn you into a martyr. After a prolonged hellish experience like this (what’s it been? three weeks? more?) what are the chances you’ll want to foster again?

      • epric002

        he is, and we’re going to adopt him once he’s medically cleared. even if we weren’t going to adopt him, identifying the cause of his stomach problems and treating it would make him much more adoptable in the long run. animals are adopted and then returned for all kinds of sad reasons and this is likely a very treatable issue- it’s just taking a while to figure out what the cause of the distress is.

    • I hear you on the application woes and I am a fed. I accidentally applied under the wrong listing for my own job, for which they were increasing the grade, so was competing against vets. I didn’t even make the HR cut of applicants who went to my supervisor to select. So, no raise for me…

      • epric002

        i quit applying to fed jobs. i will never get hired despite scoring 99 or 100 out of 100 b/c i don’t have those extra 10 points. having to watch/listen to/work for people who run the types of programs i work in who don’t understand even the most basic aspects of said programs is so infuriating.

    • Ugh, sorry about the puppy grossness. Is he still on the prescription food from the vet?

      • epric002

        yup. we just started the very slow transition to a new food, but the grossness came back before we started the transition.

        • gertie_wickler

          Both of my dogs have regular GI issues and are now on the prescription food from the vet indefinitely. I’ve found the following approach to work VERY well any time either of them has a problem:
          1. Withhold food for awhile (at least until the constant pooping stops). During this time I feed them rice water with a little bit of low sodium chicken broth to entice them. Rice water is the creamy liquid that results from boiling white rice in water – I think it’s full of electrolytes or something. It definitely keeps them well hydrated.
          2. Once the pooping has stopped, I then start feeding them some of the cooked rice in the rice water with a little bit of chicken broth – basically like a rice porridge. I usually give them multiple mini-meals more often then their regular morning and night meals. I might add a little bit of boiled chicken if I think they can handle it.
          3. At this point, it’s usually been 12-24 hours and hopefully a normal-ish poop has occurred. If that happens, then I start adding a LITTLE bit of the canned prescription food into the rice mixture and gradually move on to more food with a little bit of rice.
          Hope this helps! You can find more info about the rice-water diet at the following:

          • epric002

            i’ve done the chicken and rice thing before, though not the rice water, and unfortunately my experience with him is that it takes DAYS of chicken & rice before things start to improve, and things stay pretty good as i slowly transition back to regular (RX) food and they’ll stay good for a week or more and then for no known reason the grossness appears again. i think i’m going to have to start a food/poop diary for the puppy.

    • epric002

      uber rant: husband finally heard back and didn’t get the job. FUCK.

  • SFT

    Question: I have a good friend who is struggling with depression. I know quite a few people on this forum have mentioned struggling with depression, so my question to you all is – how do I, as a friend, help her? I’ve strongly encouraged her to go and see a therapist. But otherwise, what can I do? Has anyone had a friend that did or said something that helped to move them in a positive direction? I can’t sit by and let her sink!

    • For me, my turning point was when someone just said in really plain words, “You are depressed. You need to do something about it.” In the past he’d hinted at talking to a therapist, he’d been very helpful for a long time. But for me, hearing someone just actually say “You have depression” so plainly, instead of dancing around the topic, made a big difference. Thanks for trying to help your friend!

    • That is tough. Does your friend exercise? I also struggle with depression and I find that exercise makes a big difference. You could ask her if she wanted to go for a walk or run, or even if she wanted to take a class with you. If that’s not her thing, I wouldn’t push. There’s nothing you can say or do to snap someone out of it, but in my personal experience, it was nice to just know that people were there for me and willing to listen. I just needed safe and low key friend time.

    • Maybe you can help her actually find a therapist, which in itself is difficult and stressful, especially if you’re depressed. If you know what insurance she has, you can look up providers by zip code. If she doesn’t have insurance, there are places with sliding scale fees. I would even offer to call to make the appointment for her if she finds that helpful.

      • SFT

        I just did a search and sent her a few links. I don’t have her insurance info, but will work on it. I want to make sure she doesn’t feel like I’m being her mom – she needs to own this decision too. Thanks!

      • yeah, i have been dealing with recurrent chronic depression for about a year and a half now. finding a therapist can be completely overwhelming, so i would definitely recommend helping with that.

    • The fact that she has a friend like you is already really important . If she knows that you are there for her as someone to talk to, that will make her feel less isolated and alone in her depression. Just being present, available and open to listening to her is a wonderful thing.

      As for seeing a therapist, I would personally recommend it, but it’s obviously not something you can force a person to do. I wonder what her personal barriers may be. Is it just that she thinks it’s taboo somehow? Or can she not afford the time or cost of the appointments? Is doing the research on who to see, who is covered by insurance, just too overwhelming? (That is a very legitimate pain in the neck, even for people who aren’t depressed!) Maybe you can try to suss this out a bit and offer help to overcome whatever those hurdles are?

      • If money is an issue that might prevent her from seeing a therapist, I recommended the GW clinic or Walker Whitman. Both have sliding scale services.

    • when i am in a low cycle, i have trouble fulfilling basic tasks. like grocery shopping is NOT happening (so i order in, wasting money and eating poorly) and laundry is just too much. if you can offer to run simple errands for her, like picking up an RX or helping her with laundry or whatever) or bring her a homecooked meal with lots of leftovers that she can freeze would be a huge, much appreciated help.

      • Dolly’s advice is great. I’ve had a few bouts of depression and in those times, some of the most basic tasks can seem nearly impossible … and then it snowballs because I feel bad that I can’t do even those basic tasks.

        I’d also add that it might be nice to suggest physical/outdoor activities that don’t involve dance, like a long walk or a hike. If the only real exercise she’s getting comes from her work, it might be good to just try something a a bit different. And walking/hiking have the nice social component of being to talk to a friend during it instead of focusing on skill or performance.

    • Everyone else had pretty great suggestions, and I think just reaching out to her frequently to get together is helpful too – I often was lonely but felt like I would be a bother to friends if I reached out to see them.

  • Rave: Sweet Donna Martin. I may not give her back when Emilie gets back from Haifa.
    Rant: My kitties are not the world’s best hosts for Miss Donna. Baz is too hyper and pesty; Mags is too cranky and unwelcoming.
    Maybe: I’m hoping they’ll eventually be friends so I can take a triple-kitty photo for the Animal Fix.
    Wondering: Can I write about anything other than cats?

    • My two ended up on an extended vacation at Grandma’s house when I was between houses. She had three at the time. The old lady (~20 yrs old then) was never really interested, the middle aged lady (~7 then) learned to tolerate them, and the baby boy (~3) became their partner in cuddle puddles. Twas adorable.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Unlike dogs, sometimes it takes kitties a while to like each other. Mine have taken up to 6 weeks and are now unseparable.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Nice, relaxing, uneventful birthday yesterday after an exhausting month. Got home and started watching PTI, passed out on the couch, woke up to eat some ice cream to treat myself, then slugged off to bed. It was memorable by virtue of being not very memorable at all. Two more weeks of crazy work schedule, then life goes back to normal.

  • Rant: Forgot about a lunch today, so I’m not dressed quite as nice as I’d like to be. No belt, ack!
    Rave: Networking is awesome.
    Rave: I forgot how much fun dating can be with someone who enjoys taking it slow and learning about each other first. She hasn’t even tried to become FB friends yet (why is that even a thing people do).
    mini-Rant: My sort of cold seems to have returned from hibernation.

  • Rant: (long, sorry!) my office. When I got pregnant, I never made a grand announcement at work (not my style) and wrote up a calendar of my leave plans and codes for my supervisor, which I discussed with him well in advance. When I left, NO ONE acknowledged that I had a child except for one civilian coworker. Which is fine, except that our office celebrates everything – kid graduates from high school? gift. Grandparent dies? gift. Your birthday? cake. It’s that sort of office. I got not even an email. And now, a coworker’s wife is pregnant and we’re throwing them a baby shower. HIS WIFE. Not him. I was taken aside and asked if it would be awkward, and the reason they did nothing was that my previous DEPUTY supervisor said no, my absence was more an inconvenience than a reason to celebrate blah blah blah. So instead, they want to do something for my son’s 1st birthday. I told my new deputy that I think it was inappropriate at this point and more about them trying to feel better about ignoring me vs. trying to make up for how I was treated. It’s all very akward. I don’t want a gift especially at someone else’s baby shower when the overall experience has shown how little they think of me. It’s just ridiculous – I don’t want to relive it and when I said no, it was ok, they told me “it’s already in the works, so that’s that”. So weird.

    • That’s incredibly sexist and frustrating. Further, they shouldn’t be calling your MATERNITY LEAVE an inconvenience – it’s a federally mandated right. I’m sorry you’ve experienced this 🙁

      • ….well, to be fair, I don’t get maternity leave. I got to use my saved up sick leave to get partial pay while I was home 🙂 My deputy boss wanted me to come in every two weeks to submit my time card. We’re not allowed to work from home, so I can’t do it remotely. I told him that wasn’t possible – I had a very difficult recovery and couldn’t easily walk for about 10 weeks – which is why I preemptively gave him all the info.

        I was really hurt by it at the time – I got over it – and now they’re sort of voluntolding me to relive how little they care about me. It’s really uncomfortable.

        • Am I wrong to think that it’s illegal for you to get no maternity leave? Do you work in the District or in MD or VA?

          • I get FMLA, which is unpaid. I personally don’t consider that maternity leave. It’s definitely better than nothing, but it’s bullshit for women to be OK with considering that “maternity leave”. Just my opinion….

          • I’d agree that it’s total bullsh-t. Not maternity leave in any real way.

      • Maternity leave is not a federally mandated right. People who have children use their annual leave. It SHOULD BE a federally mandated right.

        • I think a lot of people misunderstand the situation. They think that FMLA covers the subject, I guess. But FMLA says they have to let you take up to 12 weeks off for medical reasons, not that they have to pay you a single penny during that time, or that you get to come back to the job you left. I know plenty of people who took two weeks to recover physically from childbirth, and then returned to work because they couldn’t be without an income for more than that. And even that was a hardship.
          Oh, and there are lots of employers who are exempt from FMLA. Those ones can fire you for being away from work AT ALL. And lots of reasons that an employer who is otherwise required to offer this unpaid leave can deny it; you have less than 12 months with the company; the company has fewer than 50 employees at your location; your employer can claim that your work is “seasonal”.

    • Yeah, same with my work, but everyone that has a kid gets a gift card with our donations. When I adopted, I was told by my manager that it was my choice to pay for a child that I shouldn’t need a gift card. (!!!!!)

      • holy shit that’s RIDICULOUS! That’s actually way worse – I’m worry 🙁

        To make you laugh, we’re having a lunch thing for this guys family and they were like, “what are you going to bring?” um…same thing you all brought me.

      • Wow. I would have a hard time working around people like that, even if I wasn’t the one who had just adopted a baby!

        • do you still work there, anon? I’d have a hard time going back to work – it was difficult for me and their lack of actions weren’t offensive, just ignorant. That’s plain offensive! Have you stopped participating in celebrations?

      • nightborn

        Wow. That is beyond terrible. What awful people!

      • DAMN. That’s some cold-hearted sh#t right there. 🙁
        I don’t think I could continue working in such a place where it’s pretty obvious that the boss doesn’t want me there.

    • You hit it on the head – it’s more for them to feel better. This totally sucks and I’m sorry you have to deal with this type of crap!

    • This is why work celebrations should only be held to celebrate work-related achievements or milestones. If you want to celebrate personal achievements or milestones, do it on your own personal time.

      • I Dont Get It

        Beat me to it!

      • I agree – we either do something for everyone (it’s a small office, 13 people, so not a big deal) or we do nothing unless there’s a promotion (in which case there would never be a celebration at all for civilians, only military).

        My feeling is birthdays and promotions. My grandmother died, nothing. Some idiot who was in our office but no one liked? They sent flowers to the funeral home. So weird. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m a woman, a civilian, or – honestly – because I’m Jewish and they don’t know if there are weird birth/death traditions and they don’t want to offend me (I had a boss who once asked me if there’s a chance Yom Kipper could be moved one year, so it’s possible!)

        • I’m actually against celebrating birthdays and promotions in the office. (Maybe military promotions are a different thing.) Especially birthdays – not only are they personal, they’re not at all unique or special like a wedding, birth, etc.

          • And by ‘birth’ I’m referring to the birth of a new child, not the birth of someone who has been around for years.

        • This reminds me of a funny story. When my father died, I kept it low key in the office and asked that they not do anything that involved collecting money, but it was fine if anyone wanted to send a card (I did that because I hate the constant collections for everything.) Anyway, I’m jewish as well and my admin person sent out an email saying that although I asked that nothing be done, they should all chip in and send a honey baked ham! That would have gone over real well at my cousins’ house where we were sitting shiva, who keep kosher. Fortunately another jewish person in the office stopped it before it happened. I still laugh when I think about it.

      • I don’t know – I understand that it gets a bit ridiculous but I think recognizing personal life milestones is a wonderful thing to do with people you spend every day with. It can get sticky and people can feel left out, I understand that. But if you do it with an open heart and an open mind, with no judgement if people don’t want to participate and obviously no requirements to do so, I think it can be a great way to build office relationships and celebrate the people you work with.
        My team surprised me with a cake for my wedding, we donated money in honor of my supervisor’s mother’s when she passed away, we went in on a stroller for a colleague’s new baby, we had brownies for when a colleague passed a big test…I appreciated it and felt more connected with the people I spent every day with. Just my two cents…

        • this happens at my husband’s office – he got a lovely card and gift card when we had a baby. His coworker’s mom passed (a contractor, no less!) and they contributed to the charity his mom supported. A coworker’s daughter was born incredibly premature and they all donated leave so he could be at the NICU with her and his wife. It’s supportive environments like that, I think, that make it easier to spend all day in a cube.

      • I can’t agree more! We are at work to work. Hopefully, many of us are fortunate to have friends at work. Celebrate with them….at lunch or after hours. But seriously, we don’t need birthday parties, baby showers, and bridal showers at work. It’s just too awkward!

    • I’m confused. I thought they had a re-org when you were gone, and you were going to lose your job eventually as a result. Sounds like you’re still there. Regardless, based on this comment and many you’ve made in the past, you don’t seem to be a good fit in that office. Why not look elsewhere? Doesn’t sound like you like the culture anyway.

      • yes, my job is slated to go away in 2015. It’s not a re-org, it’s a RIF. And yeah, I def need a new gig but since we’re trying to get out of DC, I’m trying to just fly enough below the radar and move when we are able to vs. start a new job and quit soon after I get it, if that makes sense.

    • That’s inconsiderate, but it sounds like the old boss put the kibosh on the event back when you were expecting.

      But, this is now. Stop carrying a grudge, and let them celebrate your first year of motherhood. You can teach graciousness by practicing it, and I don’t know why you wouldn’t want co-workers to feel better rather than worse, in principle, even if that’s their sole motivation! You show off some pictures, tell some funny stories, laugh at theirs, and then you move on with life. In other words, get over it, and fake it if you have to.

      • No, it was a deputy boss. My boss is still here. It’s the same exact crew except for one person. And no, I actually don’t want them to feel better about this. I meant when I said this isn’t about me, so why are they bothering? There’s really no need and I think it sets a precident that we’re now going to celebrate kid’s birthdays? I think it’s poor timing (during another coworker’s baby shower) and when I said I appreciated the gesture but would rather not rehash the situation, I was shot down. If they want to feel better, my boss should apologize – as our leader – for treating somene like that. I don’t see how faking it is supposed to be a good thing when it was swept under the rug perfectly well for almost a year. That’s the weird thing.

  • Seeking recommendations for red lipstick that will look good with a pink dress!

    • if only Taylor Swift read popville 😀

    • I’m obsessed with the ILIA lipstick in “Wild Child.” You can build up the color from a sort of pinkish stain to a thicker, very red matte. It’s sort of magic.

    • MAC Russian Red. Timeless.

    • Nars Rita paired with the sephora “Sangria” lip linner. It is amazing. However, red lipstick is completely dependant on skin tone, so I would just go to sephora and ask for help.

    • Whatever lipstick by Armani or Nars suits your skin tone and complements the particular shade of pink of your dress. Unless you want to post some pictures, I’d recommend going to a store (Sephora, Saks, Nordstroms..) with your dress so that you can see the color combinations in real life. Both Armani and Nars have really good reds in their collections.

    • I love Paprika from the Nuance makeup line, I think you can only find it at CVS. I have a warm skin tone so YMMV.

  • Rave: Dinner reservations at Zaytinya with a gift certificate from my sister and then tickets to see As You Like It at Shakespeare Theater!
    Rant: Means I miss hanging out with my kiddo. I’m such a dork. Amazing how in the baby phase, I didn’t feel all that attached. But now I miss her more than I would have thought. I always thought I was a baby person, but maybe I’m not. Or maybe it’s because I had to hold her constantly and even then sometimes she would cry for no apparent reason.
    Rave: Always nice to have a night out with my better half – and this will be twice in a week, courtesy of the wedding last weekend!

    • When my daughter was a baby, I went out after work maybe once a week, or stayed late at the office.
      Now that’s she’s a proper kid, I do it maybe once a month. I WANT to get home and be with her. She’s just good company now, rather than an Entity Of Incessant Need.

    • I read a great article about this recently (in the Atlantic? Washington Post? unclear) about a woman who blatantly said she didn’t like toddlers and who also has a toddler, and that she preferred the baby stage more. I think it’s totally realistic that many people might prefer one stage of parenting over another; it doesn’t mean you don’t love your kid. It’s totally realistic (and for women, brave!) to acknowledge that some days (or months) may feel like more work than others during a child’s life.

      • Oh absolutely – and I think I read that piece too. It’s just funny since I always thought of myself as a baby person until I had my own 🙂 I didn’t have the option that Anonymous had for staying out later since I was the daycare pickup person, and often on my own for what felt like an eternity. But I have noticed that my wife gets home earlier than she used to so she can spend a few minutes with the kiddo before bed. But she always knew she wasn’t a baby person!

  • Rant: very sleepy. This may be a two-coffee day.
    Rave: sleepy because of pretty awesome date that lasted well into the wee hours of the night. And he’s already texted me this am!
    Rave: thanks for the curly hair product suggestions! So far I’ve been quite happy with the combo of diva curl and bumble and bumble products. And, not combing my hair post-shower has also made a world of difference. I never knew!

  • Rant: Apparently Muriel Bowser is paying $1500 a month for her gigantic office space that should normally go for about 5 times that amount. Total comes to about $180,000 in illegal campaign contributions. Argh. Where do I get a sweetheart deal on rent like that?

  • Rant: my poor babies, bored to tears during this crazy long standardized test. All they are allowed to do when they’re done is sit quietly.

    Rave: still super excited to move back to woodley. Trying to figure out the rent situation though… How much to charge and whatnot.

  • Accountering

    Rant: Accounting fraud… My largest holding overstated income in 1Q and 2Q of this year, and it just came out. You bastards.
    Rant2: My lock broke last night. Piece of $200 junk. Buying a new one for the rental. Thanks for 5 good months! (/sarcasm)
    Rant3: Got a parking ticket in the 15 minutes I was dealing with the lock. $20. I deserved it. Still lame.
    Rant4: Mortgage company never got bill for insurance, and signed me up for insurance that costs $2200/6 months. I can cancel it once I show proof of insurance, but that is crap, and wildly overpriced! My Travelers policy costs $700/year.
    Rave: This is the most rants I have had since April 1.

    • Did you have to show proof of insurance before closing? Was your insurance prepaid in full with escrow at closing? My new loan servicer (or entity to which the loan was sold, not sure) sent me a threatening letter saying they were going to purchase insurance for me that would cost $7,000 a year. The insurance I had at closing, and which was accepted by my original lender, was $650 a year. I told them to go f* themselves, threatened to report them to their state regulating body, and had my original lender deal with it..

  • Rant: I did not sleep well last night.
    Rave: Catch-up lunch with a good friend today.
    Rant: I really don’t want to vote for either of our options for mayor. Can I just do a write-in campaign? Ugh.
    Rave: Sweet, sweet coffee that fuels me through my morning.

  • Rave: Finally found a highly competent, thoughtful fertility specialist after trying more than a year to get pregnant. I’ve had a pretty hellacious year on that front, involving an early miscarriage, plans for a very invasive surgery that now appears entirely unnecessary and even potentially harmful (thanks, Dr. Surgeon for -that- great advice!) and about a million appointments with doctors who wondered just as much as I did why I had been referred to that care. With this new specialist and some luck, I just may be on track to get pregnant now. Please send all of your good luck my way!

  • Rave: I interviewed yesterday at a company I really like – and for a job I’ve previously applied for. Even though I really do like my current job, the pay and benefits are better at the new company and I’d be back in the field I really want to be in. I have no idea if they’ll offer me the job or not, but I am so excited I can barely sleep.

  • Rave: I just realized that I can spend six days of vacation to get 2 weeks off at the end of the year (16 days total if you count weekends!!!). Done and done.
    Neutral: I’m making peace with the idea that I can’t get everything I want in a phone, so I’ll just have to make the best choice with the info I have and deal.
    Rave: I’m wearing my bug shirt and it makes me happy. It’s just a button down covered with pink and red lady bugs.
    Rant: I’m still feeling junky and I’ve been using it as an excuse not to clean my kitchen. I also haven’t been working out.

    • Someone I only sort of know on FB lost her cat, it jumped off a second story balcony and hasn’t come back. I keep driving by a dead cat in the gutter on 16th St (I know, I need to 311 it when I’m not driving, which I’ll do now). It resembles this woman’s cat, but I don’t know a lot about cats, I mean, there must be a ton of grey and black stripey cats, right? Do I tell her there’s a dead cat that looks like hers? That seems sort of cruel.

    • Someone I only sort of know on FB lost her cat, it jumped off a second story balcony and hasn’t come back. I keep driving by a dead cat in the gutter on 16th St (I know, I need to 311 it when I’m not driving, which I’ll do now). It resembles this woman’s cat, but I don’t know a lot about cats, I mean, there must be a ton of grey and black stripey cats, right? Can a cat make it from Southwest Waterfront to Carter Barron? Do I tell her there’s a dead cat that looks like hers? That seems sort of cruel.

      • Don’t say anything to her. If she were a closer friend or if the evidence were stronger, that might be a case for saying something… but if your acquaintance’s cat was an indoor-only cat, it probably stayed in the immediate neighborhood and isn’t the cat you saw.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: The pack of #2 pencils I sneaked into our department’s Trick or Treat bowl yesterday. My boss (dressed as a sexy witch for the third year in a row) kept taking them out and I would sneak them back in. Sorry I didn’t also bring a roll of pennies and a few rocks. Yeah I have the emotional maturity of an 8 year old.

    Rave#2: Chatty cab drivers who ask questions about American/Western traditions. As the proud son of two school teachers I am happy to oblige.

    Rant: My fumbled answer on why we change time. I blamed Ben Franklin and perhaps, climate change. It’s like the time the cab driver didn’t understand why the streets of Washington were so empty on a Friday and I explained that it was Good Friday. He asked more questions and I was doing well up to him asking “Well then why do they call it Good?” My Covered Dish Methodism failed me at that point!

  • Becks

    Rave: worked from home yesterday.
    Rant: Staff meeting left me on the phones by myself so I actually got less work done.
    Rave: I can’t wait to see all the kids costumes on Friday. I bought four bags of candy but I hope it will be enough.
    Rant: I invited a friend over to hand out candy Friday, and now have to clean my house!
    Rave: I am all caught up with The walking dead and have seen all but the last two episodes. Now I can watch it on TV!
    Rave: Lady Carlotta and I celebrated her 6 month anniversary with me Monday with special food treats and new ribbons!

  • Rant: a weird crazy annoying morning. Partner and I forgot things, had outfit trouble, were running late, couldn’t put something in the mail, etc etc etc. Coworkers had similar issues, so maybe there’s just something about today.
    Rave: Day 5 of living with my partner and its still the best!!
    Question: A friend is coming to visit for a conference, and asked me for spa recommendations. I have never been to a spa in DC, so – POPvillagers, where would you send her?

    • Re: spa, what kind of treatments is she looking for? I know people rave about the Red Door in pentagon row, but I have been to the spa at the Ritz and thought it was lovely. The massages at Mint are also very good.

    • If she wants the full on, fluffy robe and cucumber water spa experience, I got nothin’. But for an awesome massage at a reasonable price (because the place has pretty much zero bells and/or whistles) I totally recommend Revive Spa in Dupont.

    • Vida’s Aura spa may be worth considering. It’s about halfway between no-frills and Red Door and maybe a bit closer to Red Door for some services. I’ve gone about two dozen times for services such as waxing, massages, and facials and my experiences have mostly been very positive.

  • rant: old ass gov’t computers behind on their flash installations so none of my music streaming sites work. i have so much to get done but trouble tuning out my coworker’s inane conversations.
    rave: lots of work to do is a good thing! keeps me busy and motivated

  • That One Guy

    Any interest to have a Moth like event where people gather to story tell on a random topic? Perhaps at an inpromptu HH?

  • Bear

    Rant: Pest company found evidence of termites and wood-boring beetles. Luckily there’s no damage (yet) but we gotta get the house treated….which means more money out of our pockets that I would rather spend elsewhere.
    Rave(ish): Appraisal came back and we can move forward with our refinance at the quoted rate. It came in a little less than we expected but not so much that we can’t proceed. I had kinda hoped it would come back higher so we could pull some cash out for renovations, but oh well.

  • Rave: Wonderful long weekend in Austin. So much good food and fabulous weather!
    Rant: So tired and work is so crazy.
    Rant/Rave: Interesting job posting would have me traveling pretty much constantly internationally. Sounds appealing, but can’t decide. May just apply and see how it goes….

    Does anyone know where I can find leggings that come in short or petite? I’m 5’1 so regular leggings tend to be too long.

    • Have you tried leggings from uniqlo? I find that (as a petite) they have some great options in length and stuff that fits well

  • Rave: These double-creme chocolate fudge Oreos in my desk are kind of rocking my world right now.
    Rant: I’m out of gum.

    • I’m trying to cut back on sugar but double-creme chocolate fudge Oreos sound soooooo good right now.

      • Stuggy’s in Baltimore has deep fried Oreos on their menu. Just in case either of you wants to branch out a bit.

  • Rave: Pregnant.
    Rant: It’s too early to tell anyone and I’m terrible at keeping secrets.
    Rant: I’m kind of terrified of the whole pregnancy/labor process.

    • CONGRATS! you will figure it out but for now just enjoy the good feelings, and worry about labor/process when you have to.

      • Hooray! So exciting!
        For now, don’t feel bad about sharing the news with a few people who are very close to you who can keep secrets well. I think some of the calls for secrecy in early pregnancy are overblown, personally. It’s an exciting and kind of wild time and there’s nothing wrong with letting people you trust cheer for you and support you.
        As for your fears, the good news is that you have about nine months to work through them and ask a million questions about how to make it easier on yourself 🙂 Good luck!

  • Rant: Frustrated — I feel like I’ve been reporting overgrown yards and alley areas to DCRA all summer, with virtually no effect. They did give a warning to a property that was under construction, and that lawn was mowed within the 2- or 3-week grace period… but that’s it.
    A neighboring group house hasn’t mowed its lawn since late May, and I don’t think that was even their doing — I think another neighbor mowed it and dumped the clippings in the yard as a form of protest.
    The place has three or four tenants, a landlord who comes over at least once a week, and a gas mower. Gahhh.

  • RAVE: the big bosses just approved me to represent the US government in some upcoming international negotiations. WOO! 😀
    RELATED RAVE: I get to go to Switzerland on 4 different work trips over the next 6 months. Which means flying in early/flying out late to visit friends in London and Berlin. And skiing in the Swiss Alps in January! 😀
    RANT: horribly mired in work. And plus The Project That Will Never Die keeps rearing it’s ugly head. I can’t even bother working on it anymore, I’m just sick of it. Yet it’s absolutely critical that it gets done. UGH.
    RAVE: Had my annual review this week. We stopped doing PMPs and are now doing the 3C’s program. My boss gave me top rank for my pay grade! So hopefully a big bonus in December 😀

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