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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • binpetworth

    Rave: Soon to upgrade my crappy smartphone.
    Question: Someone mentioned Moto X in yesterday’s RRRR. Any users out there? I’m weighing that versus the Samsung S5.

    • What are your priorities in a phone? If you want a more pure Android experience, go for the Moto X, but the battery life and camera will be worse than the S5. I’m guessing you don’t want the larger form factor of the Nexus 6 or a Note? Other phones to look into would be the LG G3, HTC One (M8)… May also want to wait and see what comes of the Motorola Droid Turbo announcement today if you’re on Verizon. These are all high spec flagship phones that should serve you well. I’d highly recommend going to Best Buy or something and trying to get your hands on one to see how it feels.

      • So the Turbo launches on Thursday with insane specs and at the standard price. Very tempted by that, just waiting to read some reviews.

      • I have the HTC One M7 and have absolutely no complaints. The camera is excellent, which is the main reason I bought it.

  • skj84

    Rant: The restaurant dropped the wrong charge off my account. The amount I should’ve paid is gone, but the larger wrong charge is still there.

    Rave: Space X launch tonight! It was delayed from yesterday. I should be able to see it before rehearsal.

    • I don’t think Orbital Sciences would appreciate you calling it a SpaceX launch : P

      I tried to watch last night, event without the rocket it was still beautiful out. I did manage to catch the ISS as it crossed over the DC sky.

    • At this point I would call your credit card company and tell them not accept the charge. It doesn’t sound like the restaurant is figuring this one out.

      • I disagree. If the restaurant was doing *nothing* I might not, but although they seem to have screwed up again they are doing something. I’d give them another chance to make it right (and maybe give you a gift card for your troubles if you’re lucky) unless you are really SO tight on cash that you can’t afford to wait for them to sort it out.

    • Ok so are these charges pending or already hit your account? If they are pending, give it time, it should straighten itself out. It takes a few days for the merchant to report the exact charge that you signed for.

      Is this a debit card or credit card? If cash flow is a problem, I would recommend not using a debit card for restaurant charges since situations like this happen a lot at restaurants and debit card holds can be a nightmare for cash flow.

      • skj84

        It’s pending. The issue is the wrong charge dropped off I’m concerned I’m going to end up paying for the amount I didn’t spend.

  • LOVE my moto X. Really is the best possible android experience.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: The Redskins! Sure, they may have an embarrassing name, an awful stadium and worse team, and the world’s most loathsome owner, but games like last night are why I can never quit on the Burgundy and Gold. Beating the already anointed Cowboys in front of a national audience makes up for some much heartache,

    Rave: Saw newly minted Washington Wizard Rasual Butler shopping at the Columbia Heights Target last night. Its stupid, but I really appreciate it when athletes live and shop in town instead of hightailing it for the suburbs.

    Rant: For some reason beyond me we decided to eat at Ruby Tuesday’s. That was a mistake.

  • Rant: I overheard a cashier yesterday at the Petworth Safeway mention to another employee that she was alerted once I entered the store to be watched closely. I don’t know if I’m being profiled because I’m a couponer or because I’m disabled. I have a disability that requires me to often stop shopping, rest, then go back shopping. If I stop shopping, I risk having an attack that can land me in the ER.

    • skj84

      Maybe they were looking out for your safety? Is

    • skj’s theory would be a nice one, but I don’t think it would hurt to have a conversation with the manager to ask what the watch would be for and to explain why it is that you must shop the way you do. A little understanding would probably help a lot in this situation.

    • Are you one of those extreme couponers who buy massive quantities of soda, candy bars, and frozen dinners, then take hours to go through checkout? If yes, then maybe they wanted to make sure they had enough cashiers and baggers at hand to get your through checkout quickly.

      • I wish. Due to my disability, I have a limited use of my left arm and leg. Cutting coupons is part of my physical therapy because I can use my arm muscles in a controlled environment. Yesterday I used 6 coupons and I think that is average for me.

  • Rant: Just reading up on the Park Place development choice of businesses. Years waiting, only to get a 7-11 opening above the metro. Bummed and bewildered.
    Rantish: Walked up early morning Monday to EatsPlace (the new place on Georgia near Princeton) for some coffee and biscuits with my kid, and they were closed. Bummed, because I had been craving the sloppy giuseppe since the first one I’d had.
    Rave: Sunday night, I wanted to finally try out Crane and Turtle, a bit before 7pm, and they told me there was a 1.5 hour wait. Woohoo! Love to hear that! Instead we just had a slightly greasier, much more affordable dinner across the street at Petworth Citizen.
    Revel: And after dinner at Petworth Citizen, we picked out some kids books to take home for free for that night’s bedtime reading, out of their reading room.

    • Re: Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. (EatsPlace), yes the same thing happened to me on Monday! I went home and looked at their Facebook page, and they had posted at 6:00am, one hour before opening, that they were going to be pursuing a brick and mortar arrangement and so would no longer be at EatsPlace. I love the food and so am happy they’re going to be pursuing a more permanent situation, but deciding an hour before opening that you’re gonna be closed until further notice seems pretty unprofessional. There weren’t any signs on the door or anything.

      • Whoa! So their absence wasn’t just a one-off?

      • +1 to woah! They’ve been there for what, 2 weeks? OK, I’m never saying good things about a neighboring restaurant I like anymore, or they’ll take the rave review and use it to leave my neighborhood.

  • rant: does anyone else feel like their body is slowly decaying from sitting at a desk all day? i realize this is the definition of a first world problem, but my back and neck are in constant pain now and i’m wondering if this is just something i am going to live with forever.
    rave: high heel drag race!
    rave: talked to the new dude last night for over an hour and a half. excited to see where it goes.

    • Makeshift standing desk?
      Connect your computer to a printer on the other side of the floor to force yourself to get up and walk more frequently?

      • yeah, gonna have to get started on the standing desk thing. we can get one if we secure a doctors note, which seems easy, but i guess there’s a 9 month long wait to have them install one!
        i drink water throughout the day so that i get up alot too.

        • I have a coworker who made a standing desk by putting an Ikea coffee table on top of his normal work station. If you can get something cheap it might work to close the 9 month installation gap.

    • I’ve switched to an exercise ball in place of a traditional chair. It forces me to concentrate on my posture, and I find that I do more standing during the day. It’s also really good for your core.
      This wiki how article is what I used to get my work station set up:
      Over all it’s been a much needed improvement to sitting all day.

    • The issue of the damage we’re doing to ourselves by sitting non-stop is something I’ve been following for a while now. Google for good articles on the subject. The Post has published articles and charts on what sitting does to your body- even if you work out at the gym most days of the week. It has an impact on our posture, weight, back, brain function, etc.
      You can be more proactive in taking care of yourself by doing simple exercises on the hour (google Toni Yancey, Instant Recess), taking quick walks to stretch, and walking during your lunch break. The key, though, is being very deliberate in getting up- setting up alerts helps me. It is far too easy to remain seated hour after hour, especially when you’re working hard on something. Yoga after work might help with the shoulders/neck stiffness, as will regular stretching throughout the day.

      • Oh, and making sure you are maintaining good posture while you sit is important! Years of leaning forward and hunching is not good for the body, but we have a tendency to do this while sitting at our computers.

      • I have an app (DeskWorkout) to remind me to do little exercises and stretches every hour.

    • http://www.varidesk.com/stand-up-desks?gclid=CKLgo9LIz8ECFQIF7AodlXYA1Q

      I got one of these are converted my desk. I stand probably 80% of the day, sit when needed. The converter comes out of the box ready to use, no assembly required and really is a great thing. I’m 6’4″ and it works so, assuming I’m much taller than you, the adjustments fit almost any height. I bought the $325 one and a huge fan.

      • +1 for the Varidesk. The firm I work for offered them to us earlier this year. It’s done wonders for my back.

      • I’ve got an Ergotron desk mounted set up. go to juststand dot org for info. it has changed my life. sitting is so awful. I try to stand at least half the day, and the more I stand the better I feel. Wish I’d had a sit-stand desk years ago – could have avoided a lot of physical therapy.

    • Also try making small tweaks to your work space to ensure your work chair, screen, mouse, keyboard, etc are all at the right level. I recently bought a backjoy and am really liking it. It is a small thing that sits on top of my chair and improves my posture. Some tips: first adjust your chair so that they your elbows are at a right angle when using keyboard/mouse. Then see whether you need a footrest (most women and average height men do) to have your feet sitting comfortably flat. Then adjust your screen height (reams of paper are a popular option :)) so that your are looking straight ahead (not down or up) when looking at your screen. If my explanations are hard to follow or you need more help, the internet has lots of great information on ergonomics!

    • I suggested a makeshift standing desk earlier, and just took 5 minutes to make myself one, just to see if I could. A filebox under my keyboard, older years issues of big fat reference books under screens and mousepad. Voila! Suddenly I also have extra space in my cubicle where I was storing these items before. Now to figure out a seamless way to switch between sitting and standing, although 5 minutes isn’t too bad.

      • I did something similar with a footstool for the monitor and box for the keyboard which worked well but I wanted a set up that I could change for the times I wanted to sit.
        Lifehacker has some good DIY standing desks.

    • I can’t stand for extended periods, so I ordered an elliptical trainer I can ride at my desk while seated.

    • skj84

      I worked jobs that required me to stand for hours on end for years and was always jealous of those who could sit all day. Now I have a desk job and sometimes have to fight to stay awake. My body is not used to being inactive for 8 hours. I try to get up and walk around on the hour.

  • Rave: I came home last night to a vacuumed apartment and four loads of laundry completed. Thank you lovely partner.
    Rave: Strong coffee and leftover sausage and peppers for breakfast.
    Rave: I have my cooking mojo back and am eagerly spending more time in the kitchen. This means we eat healthier and save money at home. A win/win.
    Observation: The tights under shorts look takes a certain kind of chutzpah to pull off. Many wearers aren’t doing it successfully. Also, should anyone over the age of 30 be rocking this look?

    • Two years ago I tried and failed to pull off the tights with shorts look. I don’t think it’s age dependent so much as whether it meshes with your overall style. I’ll stick with slacks and cardigans from now on, because anything more trendy than that looks ridiculous on me, even at a relatively young age of 26.

    • skj84

      Are we taking tights under shorts as office wear or casually? Cause as office wear that’s a big old no. And this is coming from someone with questionable taste when it comes to work clothes. As casual wear I think it could be a cute look. Especially with boots or heels.

      • I think the thing that made it a big no/no/please no is that the wearer in question had opaque white tights under white denim cut-offs. It didn’t work on a number of levels. And I’m guessing that it was casual wear. I can’t imagine anyone walking into the office with denim cut-offs (even in my office where a LOT of people play very fast and loose with what is office-appropriate attire).

        • Wow, that sounds terrible looking. I’m not about to try the tights/shorts things for a variety of reasons, but the tights need to be dark and the shorts need to be wool and trouser-esque.
          I like the look when it’s done well, but I don’t see a point in buying a pair of shorts that wouldn’t also wear in the summer.

        • Aglets

          Oh Opaque white tights…. Although I have no room to talk. I wear opaque black tights with every dress/skirt I own. Although that’s because I learned to dress myself in the age of Riot Grrl.

          Some habits die hard.

          But shorts with tights best be retired when you graduate college.

          • skj84

            I own a pair of opaque white tights. And black. In my defense the white pair look kinda cool with this brown leather skirt I own. And a purple sweater dress. But I also usually pair them with knee high boots to minimize the shock of the tights.

          • black opaque tights are so much better than white opaque tights, the latter which should probably never be worn.

    • Mike

      LOVING your breakfast. Makes me smile. Now I’ll have to get some sausage and peppers into this week’s menu.

    • Tights and shorts seem, I don’t know, “sassy” but in a Teen Vogue sort of way instead of a good way? Probably best to avoid. Unless you subscribe to Teen Vogue.

  • Fellow southwesters, anyone else hear or have info about the five or so gunshots last night near 4th and O? Not sure what the scoop is. Police helicopters and squad cars showed up quickly, which was good to see. First time I’ve heard gunshots from my house since moving down here.

    • I too am waiting to hear specifics. I came home as everything was calming down and MPD had four guys on the curb of my building at 4th and M. There was also a strong presence at the bottom of 4th.

    • I know that I heard some gunshots on Sunday around 10 or 11 pm. There was maybe 3-4 gunshots, then a short pause (2-3 seconds) followed by another 3-4 gunshots. I didn’t hear any sirens or anything following the shots though. I live on Eye street.


      I didn’t hear gunshots/sirens/things of that nature yesterday night, though. Was up until about 1am.

  • Who the heck put the bootleg road island by the yoga shop at Georgia Ave & Newton?!? It’s completely blocking the center left lane heading south and the paint work to convey the swerve around it is terrible!!! I don’t think it was done by someone who graduated elementary school. It’s highly dangerous in my opinion.

    Redskins won! Felt good seeing them not desperately trying to catch up from a major deficit in a second half for a change.

    Reunion with old friends this weekend, not looking forward to the house cleaning, but it’s worth the work.

    • Yes! I saw that thing and all I can think is that there must be a lot of accidents there right now. I don’t think an island is bad in theory, but the implementation is horrendous.

      • It seemed to have appeared overnight some time about 2 weeks ago… I am wondering if it may be an unofficial placement because it is so poorly executed. It should be directly in the middle of lanes there, but I don’t think Georgia Avenue has enough space to accommodate center islands in the roads, much less those horrible fixed pedestrian markers that constantly get beaten up. I think a lot of bicyclists are in danger at that area. I hope it gets redone ASAP.

    • ThunderCheese

      Agreed. Really in the way. Accidents waiting to happen.

    • It’s bothered me every day since it showed up. The amount of swerving going on now has to be making that corner more dangerous than it ever was before. Something like that needs to be very well-noted to oncoming traffic and clearly marked when you get there. In four days, I’ve seen at least one car slam on their brakes to avoid running into it every day.

    • I just sent DDOT a snarky email about that half-baked installation this morning.

  • Rant: Unreasonably nervous about renting out our apartment again. Craigslist posting up for an hour and nothing. Last time, I had 20 responses in the first hour.
    Rave: iPhone 6 Plus. Love it, love the larger screen.

    • Can you post it here? Where, how much?

    • Andie302

      You may have posted it at a more popular time of day or day of the week last time. I’d appreciate seeing the posting…I’m sure some of us would pass it on if we had someone in mind (plus I’m always nosy about what stuff goes for in certain neighborhoods)!

      • As others have said, you need better pics. I bet that’s the biggest reason for the tepid response.

    • Did you drastically raise the price? It might have been a “good deal” back then, but now you might be asking more than the market can bear. This is especially true if your neighborhood has seen a lot of new development in recent years.
      Other things to consider are time of day when you posted the ad and if you’re posting at the same time of year. August/September postings see a lot more interest than Oct/Nov postings due to school start dates, new job starts, etc – i.e. the people most likely to rent.

      • No, we didn’t drastically raise the price. I think it’s a fair price, but the internet may disagree with me. Definitely might be timing. Hoping it won’t cause us to drop the price.

        (And sorry for the double reply.)

        • Ah, I see your ad now. Personally, I think it’s an OK price for a nicely renovated basement (plus) in an inconvenient location (minus). It’s not a great deal, but it’s also not horribly overpriced.
          To be honest, your pictures on the CL ad are kind of terrible. They are fuzzy on my computer screen, you need to take photos at a higher resolution. Also, take photos during the daytime to better showcase sunlight. It’s a nice renovation, but it looks totally devoid of sunlight, which would be a huge turn-off to me. I can get a decent studio with natural light an older building in Adams Morgan for $1400, so that’s what you’re competing against.
          Good luck!

        • It’s a bit overpriced for the location, IMHO. $1200/1250 seems about right.

          • That’s what we charged ~2 years ago. I priced it a bit higher as sole bedrooms are going for around 900-1000.

          • So you hope to get a 15-20% increase in 2 years…why? 3-5% is much more reasonable (I assume utilities were included at the lower price). 10 mins from RI metro I went up about 8% the first year then 3% the next year. What are basements going for in your area? You want to compare like things, and a bedroom in a house vs a private basement aren’t really the same, and even still, I don’t know if that’s worth 50% in rent. Also I think your metro estimate is off. Less than 1 mile should be 20 mins for an average walker. You should include Rhode Island ave as well since it’s the same distance from the place as Shaw.

          • Yeah, increasing it by 20% in 2 years is a bit of a stretch. My really nice loft two blocks from the U Street metro (building owned and managed by a professional company) only increased my rent by 3% for each of the last two years (re-signed in Jan 2013 and 2014).
            People are paying a big premium to own right now, meanwhile the rental market has been flat. Bubble Economics 101.

          • OP Anon, is your “bubble economics 101” comment a personal or professional opinion? 🙂 Are you referring specifically to the DC market for buying property?

          • Clarifying – that was without utilities.

        • Also, I’d add that you should include some pictures of the common backyard, the private entrance, and the front of the house. It helps to add a personal touch to the ad.
          The Brookland metro stop is also a 25 minute walk away. You might as well add that fact to your ad. It can’t hurt.

        • Any thoughts on a 10 month lease? It would put you a more favorable position to find another person next year. Aug/Sept is your prime time for renting.

          • This is the smart thing to do. Get yourself synced up with the prime rental season.
            My landlord in grad school offered to keep our rent the same with no increase at the renewal if we agreed to a 10 month lease in order to get back onto an August renewal cycle. It’s a valuable benefit.

        • Accountering

          Fair is useless. Correct is all that matters. If it is the correct price, it will rent. Fair means nothing, just if the market deems it correct. What you think is fair is also fairly useless (no offense) becuase ultimately, all that matters is if the market thinks it is correct (IE, it rents)
          I agree, it is a bit overpriced. $1400 for a basement in a bad location is pretty much a non-starter. I think at $1250 or $1300 you are in a lot better shape.

    • As a pro renter (ie, 14 years, nearly as many apartments), the picture quality must be improved. There really is no excuse to have blurry pics. Second, North Bloomingdale? Along with blurry pics, a strange mention of cool neighborhoods in posts seems to be a bit sketchy. Just my two cents, good luck!

    • It’s become a renter’s market amazingly enough. A place in Columbia Heights I saw a week ago just re-posted on CL for $100 less/month than the original post. Another one on W St keeps posting on CL too, and I thought it was a pretty good deal. My friend moved from Dupont to Arlington, and they reduced the rent by $75 for the new tenant. The building I’m vacating is advertising my place for a whopping $5 more than I pay now (and I have a pretty good deal).

      • This is also an off-peak time to find someone. Best time is in Aug/Sept. Also certain single occupany is a no, but the rewording about utilities should do the truck. Also what’s north Bloomingdale?

    • Thoughts on your Craigslist ad:
      – The photos look low-resolution/blurry, and the first photo makes the place look dark/uninviting. I’d recommend taking new photos and making sure that the “lead” photo is the best one.
      – “Private” apartment seems redundant — aren’t apartments always private? If the idea is that this is an (English?) basement apartment that doesn’t share any facilities with upstairs, better to say “English basement apartment” in the headline and explain the specifics in the text.
      – I don’t think you’re legally permitted to say “single occupancy only.” Perhaps the reason you’ve stated it that way is that utilities are included? If so, you could delete the “single occupancy” wording and say something like, “Rent — which includes utilities — is based on single occupancy. For additional people, rent will be higher to accommodate the increase in utilities.”

      • Oops — that was me above.

      • Not doubting you, but curious what the legal basis is for not being able to restrict to single occupancy? Is there a DC code?

        • I’m not sure — I thought it might be the Fair Housing Act, but from the Wikipedia summary, that doesn’t seem to address it.
          I know the Craigslist guidance to landlords posting rental notices specifically says to avoid language like “Ideal for one” and says: “Describe premises, not people.”

          • You can’t exclude kids or couples just because. Pretty sure you can never exclude kids unless it’s a senior place.

    • You need to improve your pictures – those are doing nothing to help you.
      Use that new iphone 6 plus to take pictures with more than 12 pixels. And unless the apartment really is that small, take pictures of the room that show more than just the corner. Like, what does it look like if you stand in the kitchen and look out over the bar to what I presume is a room on the other side? I have zero sense of the layout from the pics you’ve posted, and with the pixellation all I can really tell is that the kitchen looks dark.

      • Yes, before anyone else mentions it – I’ll improve the pics. Bad conversion from the home computer, it seems.

        • Check that you’re uploading the actual photo file and not the thumbnail file (an issue I’ve had with iphoto).
          But take new pics anyway, and do it during the day – the one tiny window that this apartment seems to have is dark, which makes the room look dark but also makes me think this window is under a deck or something. Agree with the suggestion to include pics of the entrance, shared yard, etc.

      • Make sure you take the pics during the day – I notice there’s a window in one room, but it’s black so makes me think this place is a cave.
        Make sure you upload the actual picture file and not the thumbnail file – I’ve had this problem in the past (iphoto issue – hard to locate the correct file).

    • Thanks everyone, I’ll definitely make those changes.

    • How about some good clear photos? These are pretty terrible. The description & price are good, but people see dark blurry photos and immediately think negative about both the apt. and the landlords.

      • Also, since it’s a basement in Bloomingdale, people might think about flooding. Maybe mention (if true, hopefully) that it is not damp and has never flooded.

  • Rant: I have the healthiest diet of anyone I know, I exercise regularly (strength training, cardio, and yoga), and my weight has not budged.
    Rave: Physical health is pretty great for its own sake.

    • Weight isn’t the end all be all. Muscle weighs more than fat for starters. I gained roughly 10lb in 4 months due to a crazy training cycle (went from 2hrs to 10-12hrs in the gym+walking 1/2 way to work), but my clothes are a little looser and numerous people have told me I look more buff, look good, etc. Your diet may also be too healthy. If your body doesn’t get adequate calories, it’ll go into starve mode, so you won’t lose any weight. Your body needs carbs and fats to function properly, so maybe hit up a trainer/nutrionist to see what’s wrong and change it up a bit.

      • While possible, I highly doubt M is is really going to enter starvation mode. See below.


        Now, a look at one of the classic scientific studies on starvation. Probably the most famous study done was conducted after WWII by researchers at the University of Minnesota. Starvation was widespread throughout Europe during the war and scientists were trying to figure out how to re-feed people suffering from starvation and determine the long-term effects. (Remember, tens of thousands of people died after liberation from concentration camps not only from disease but from the reintroduction of food that their bodies were no longer capable of digesting.) Scientists recruited 36 young healthy men to participate in a yearlong study divided into several phases: a 12-week normal control period, a 24-week starvation phase where calories were so dramatically reduced that participants lost approximately 25% of body weight; and, finally, a recovery phase to renourish participants. Results of the study were published in the two-volume, Biology of Human Starvation (Minneapolis: University of Minneapolis, 1950). See more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Starvation_Experiment.

      • Thanks for the history lesson, I guess. Many people eat so “healthy” that they miss good carbs and fats, and yes, if you’re barely eating enough to cover recovery and the like, your body will enter a form of starvation mode which leaves you seeing weight remain the same even though you believe you’re doing everything right.
        Also how often is regularly? 2-3 times a week is what I’d expect someone to do if they’re maintaining. Not often to lose unless each session is an all out bomb. Yoga while great to lean you out probably isn’t going to make you lose weight.
        As I recommended above, get a 2nd opinion from a pro, and it may get you on an improved path to weight loss. Good luck!

      • Sorry to lay it on you, but you hit on two of my pet peeves. First, muscle does not weigh more than fat. One pound of muscle weighs the exact same as one pound fat. However, one pound of muscle may often take up less space than one pound of fat. Second, starvation mode is not really a thing, which I think Anonymous covered adequately.

        But M, keep up the good work! And to continue with the cliches, weight loss happens in the kitchen, not the gym. So, monitor your caloric intake and decrease if you aren’t seeing any movement on the scale.

        • Accountering

          This is true but misleading. Muscle DOES weigh more than fat. An equal size muscle and fat, the muscle weighs significantly more. This is why your pants fit better, but you still weigh the same.
          Of course one pound of muscle weighs the same as fat, but they aren’t the same size. Just like one pound of feathers weighs the same as one pound of steel, but they certainly aren’t the same size.

    • I was in this phase for about six months (before my wedding!) I increased weight training, running, and yoga, but my weight didn’t budge. What I think was getting in my way was that I also increased my eating along with my exercise routine… rewarding myself for all that hard work, but really defeating myself in the process. What helped me push through (8 pounds down since the change) was finding a sensible diet that I stick to every day (lean animal proteins, plant proteins, tons of leafy greens, more veggies than carbs on plate, alcohol only on weekends) and not adding anything as a “reward” for working out. I also got away from all “high protein” products (bars, powder, etc.) other than fat free, plain greek yogurt because the processed products add tons of sugar and calories that you don’t need and they trick you into thinking that they’re “healthy” just because they have additional protein. The last thing I did was add more non-exercise exercise into my daily life in the form of longer walks and using the stairs more (getting a FitBit helped track that). If exercise doesn’t feel like exercise while you’re doing it, you’re more likely to forget about it and stick with your diet instead of indulging and justifying it later on. Good luck!

      • Sorry, it’s me again – just wanted to add that healthy fats are really important to keeping me full and satisfied. Get rid of your cooking spray and use olive oil instead, and load up on avocado. They keep you full and make sure you’re absorbing all the nutrients from your otherwise healthy diet. Good luck again!

  • Rant: I’m in metro center. The taxis are honking again. Is this protest going to happen every week?

  • Rant: Of all the “sexy” Halloween costumes to get up in arms about, Sexy Ebola Nurse is the one people find most upsetting? It’s actually covers more flesh than most of the “sexy” costumes I have seen. Too controversial a topic? If Jon Stewart can joke about Ebola paranoia, the topic is not too controversial for a Halloween costume.

    • jim_ed

      Eh, I would argue the costumes upsetting people the most this year are Ray Rice costumes, which for god only know what reason includes a lot of blackface. I think the Ebola costume bothers people because its making fun of very real human suffering, it’s certainly in poor taste.

      • skj84

        Both the Ray Rice Costume and Ebola are messed up. I don’t understand why some people think it’s funny to go so offensive. I mean there’s edgy and there’s just bad taste.

      • The offensive Ray Rice costume I saw did not include a blackface Ray Rice. But it did include a brown female blow up doll. The (white) guy wearing the costume took a picture standing over the doll, which was obviously meant to signify Rice having just knocked out his fiancé.

      • I think dressing up as someone with Ebola would be making fun of very real human suffering. Dressing up as a “sexy” Ebola nurse is just the logical extension of the whole “sexy” costume genre.

    • I haven’t been reading the commentary on the “sexy Ebola nurse” costume, but I’d imagine (hope?) that the costume is being ridiculed because the whole point with Ebola is that medical professionals have to be completely covered.

  • Rave: Great night at the barn last night – beautiful weather, great friends, and a really fun horse to ride.

    Rant: Trying to find the balance between job search, networking, and doing all the other things I’d love doing while unemployed. It’s hard to prioritize, feel productive, and feel fulfilled.

    Rave/Rant: Missing my grad school friends. Created really wonderful relationships at a fantastic international program but now everyone is scattered across the globe again.

    Rant or Rave: I would love a website or app that takes multiple origins and finds the cheapest destination for all of those origins (like friends flying from different homes to meet up in the cheapest location). Does this exist? If not, can someone make into an app for me pretty please?

    • Re: your Rant or Rave — That’s what travel agents used to do. Do they still exist?

      • Re Travel agents: I think they only exist in the corporate world now. It’s too easy to research your own fares via Kayak and such. Travel agents usually require fees which would eat into potential savings.

        • Travel agents used to get their fees from the airlines, hotels etc. At the same time computer booking was becoming more popular, taking business away from travel agents, travel-based businesses like the airlines started cutting the commissions. Hence, no more travel agents.

          • Makes sense! My organization uses them and they charge a $45 fee off the bat. I usually research fares, book my own, then just file for reimbursement. It’s cheaper and easier.

    • Try Skyscanner (website & mobile app)

      • Thanks for the suggestion – but I can’t seem to find a way to have multiple origins. Friends in Chile, Greece, Australia, UK, Canada, and Ghana want to see if it’s possible to meet up at the cheapest possible location for everyone – with the multitude of travel sites I thought someone would have come up with this. It would be helpful for my family too!

    • It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but http://www.kayak.com/explore/ is pretty great for exploring cheap destinations from one origin.

  • rantish: waiting to hear when I’ll have my third interview. torture!
    rave: steamed kabocha in my bento today.
    raveish: at least I have a phone interview with a new firm today, just in case. one problem, no idea where to do it privately while I’m on my break at work.

    • Mike

      Phone call – I asked a friend if I could make a call in their car once. Said it was a personal call and I needed a quiet place. People are so happy to help when they don’t actually have to do anything for you 🙂

    • Mmm, so jealous – I love kabocha – I wish it was easier to find around here!

      • It might be a little far for you now, but I see them sometimes at Hana on 17 and U!

        • Sob. That is one thing I really miss about my old location – I miss the proximity to Hana Market! And Trader Joe’s… I have a good friend who lives near Hana Market though so I told her I need to visit her more as an excuse to drop by Hana afterwards, haha.
          The only thing about them is that they are darn near impossible to cut up from the whole squash. It was great in Japan when grocery stores would sell wedges, much easier to cut up!

      • Trader Joes is completely stocked! And I saw some at Magruders on CT Ave this past weekend.

    • skj84

      I used to hide in the private dining rooms of the restaurant I worked at to take calls. Does your office have meeting rooms you could use?

  • ThunderCheese

    Rant: Neighbor demolishing front of townhouse to pop out, top of house to pop up, and back of house to pop back. This was a beautiful 1920 townhouse designed by a locally famous architect. Now it is a pile of bricks and gaping holes.

  • gotryit

    Rant: Prosititution along the quiet side of my house is picking up again.
    Rave: Surveillance camera quality is so good I can see their license plate #s. And get a good shot of your head, kind gentleman in shirt and tie who got out of his car afterwards to take a piss by our sidewalk.
    Rant: Camera quality is good enough that I don’t think it’s kosher to send that one to PoP.

    • I printed the picture and posted it on the side of my house, right by where all the lovely activity took place. Actually worked – the folks moved elsewhere. 🙂

  • Rave: Toasted farro and mushroom soup was a winner last night
    Rant: Good friend has to put her sweet pup down this week
    Other: Gin and Gardening! I know a bunch of PoPvillagers are interested so let’s make it happen. I’d proposed two dates in November a few R&Rs ago and it seems Sunday the 16th works the best. Venue tbd, somewhere in the greater Columbia Heights area.
    Question: Would a google group be useful? I know not everyone reads R&R regularly.

    • Ooh, toasted farro and mushroom soup sounds good! Will you share the recipe?

      • Very simple to make – saute onion, two cloves of garlic and two stalks of celery and a little salt in olive oil + butter. Add an 8 oz package of mushrooms (I used baby bella) sliced and saute until they release their juice (and can use rehydrated dry mushrooms for extra depth of flavor). Add a splash of red wine if you like while the mushrooms are cooking, also some thyme and/or oregano Then add a carton of stock (32 oz)- I used vegetable but beef would be good – and bring to a boil.
        While the vegetables are sauteing, toast the farro. I use a cast iron skillet with a little olive oil on medium heat – stir frequently until it starts to smell nutty and takes on a darker color.
        Add to vegetables/stock, turn heat to simmer until the farro is cooked. Add salt/pepper to taste, a sprinkle of romano cheese and splash of lemon juice is also nice.
        The farro will continue to absorb water so you may need to add more stock the next day (if there is any left!)

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My rodent-induced dysentery seems to have passed.

    Rant: Our team building Halloween party today. After we have a group lunch we are trick or treating between cubicles. Yes I will be the one giving out #2 yellow pencils and thinly disguised disdain.

  • Rant: Flaky friend who brings her bf everywhere complaining to me about flaky friends who never do things without their SOs. Didn’t have enough energy to call her out on it.
    Rave: Hanging out more with a really cool woman I met recently through friends. It’s nice to connect with someone who just GETS me.

  • Andie302

    Rave: MCM 10K – took over a bib on a whim, got accountering to run with me, and it was great! The weather was perfect, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the event, and I made it through without stopping. Six miles felt like a piece of cake after the ten-miler. I should probably keep my distance up over the winter!
    Rave: Fun visit with my mom
    Rave: Possibly purchasing a new place….ahhhhh
    Rave: All the things…very limited rants today not even worth mentioning
    okay mini-rant: stupid squirrels eating our awesome carved pumpkins the first night we put them out on the porch…the gnome lost his mustache

  • Mike

    Rave: First trunk from Trunk Club just arrived at the office. Awful news for the wallet, but so glad to have someone else shop for office-appropriate pants for my middle-school-sized body.

  • Rant: DC Parking Enforcement. There was apparently a decision made to place permanent “No Parking” signs alongside Cardozo High School on Clifton Street, but they forgot to alert the neighborhood residents. One sign was placed at either end of the block to distinguish the No Parking zone, but (a) the signs were placed during the day when cars were parked there, and (b) it isn’t obvious that they exist at all if you’re parked in the middle of the block. This is a popular street to park on for residents and I’ve seen multiple cars with 2-3 tickets on their windshield for parking in this new “No Parking” zone. You’d think there’d be a process of “warning” tickets or something, at least!

    It’s ridiculous, infuriating, and not at all obvious why this block necessitated a “No Parking” zone in the first place.

    • There are only no parking signs at the either end of the block? Is it on both sides of the street? I used to live on that corner and parking is a bear already. But I wonder why they would need that whole block to be no parking.

      • The signs are just on one side of the street (it’s one-way on this block, and they’re located on the side closest to the school). One sign showing where the “No Parking” zone starts is right past the teacher parking lot for the school. The other sign showing where the “No Parking” zone ends is somewhere after the 12th St intersection.

        Totally agree that it’s incredibly unhelpful to the already-difficult parking situation!

  • Rant: For the past 4 months we have been awakened by a noise coming from our very unfriendly neighbor house. The noises happen 2-3 times a night, it is a dum dum noise like someone is doing it knowingly. We have no idea how to deal with this, suggestions?

  • Rant: I’ve been mildly under the weather for almost two weeks and now I’m getting worse.
    Rave/Rant: my parents are not technologically inclined, but they might be getting smart phones. Good for them for moving into the 21st century, but my dad doesn’t have an email address and needs my help to find the “F” key on the keyboard. I don’t have the patience to be their tech support and they will ask me to be their tech support.
    Rant: I’m flip-flopping worse than John Kerry. iPhone, Android, iPhone, Android. I don’t know!!!
    Rave: I picked up Saucony Creek Maple Mistress and the Bruery’s Autumn Maple at Gilly’s last night. Working in the ‘burbs has some perks.

    • Maybe only one of your parents needs a smartphone (I nominate your mom, since it sounds like she at least has email), if they’re getting it to be able to use maps or whatever. Should cut down the tech questions by at least half.

      • Just having one might be a good option, but even though my dad can’t type and doesn’t have email, he’s better at picking up on things. My mother struggles mightily with the internet, her most frequent question is “how do I get out of here?” What does that even mean? I taught my dad to make playlists in iTunes, even selecting multiple songs as once, and he can do it on his own now. My mom writes down all the steps, but when she tries she gets overwhelmed and gives up. Then she calls me. I don’t have a lot of patience, though I try, but I’ve pretty much availed myself of her Windows questions because I own a mac.

        • Andie302

          I have this problem with my parents too. They think I know all the answers. The best thing I’ve done so far is get them the google ap and encourage them to try it before they call me. (They don’t use it as much as I’d hoped…but sometimes they can hand the search results to my brother in-person and he can walk them through it.)

          Good luck and hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Aglets

      my very un-technical mom has an iphone and is great with it. but she also had an introduction to it with an ipad mini

  • Rant: My knee, after a surgery last year, has only gotten worse. And so I’m gaining weight because I can’t do anything physical- I can’t even go up/down stairs or walk a slightly sloped surface without being in severe pain. But I CAN’T EVEN FIT INTO MY FAT PANTS RIGHT NOW!! UGH!!!

    Rant: Only thing that MAY fix it is a serious surgery, one that I can’t afford and one that I can’t get at this time in my life due to other factors.

    Rave: It’s not Monday.

    • RE: Knees. Do water aerobics and get into swimming. My ex’s mother was overweight for decades and had a knee replacement at the age of 55 (ridiculously young age for a knee replacement). In order to keep her weight in check while prolonging the usage of her knees, the doctor requires her to be in the pool 5 or 6 days per week. It’s done wonders for her weight without putting any stress on her knees.

      • Thanks for the idea… I am severely water-phobic, unfortunately. Everyone has said either something in the water would be good (but I start to freak out just thinking about water) or biking would be good. I know biking is low-impact, but it is impossible with my one knee and the way it tracks now. Way too painful, and it almost locks with every turn of the pedals. 🙁 FWIW, I’ve seen a few orthopedists that say I will need a replacement soon, and I’m only 34! But, sincerely, thank you for the reply!

        • What about upper body exercises that don’t involve your knee? Have your orthopedists mentioned anything like that? Obviously, you should check with your doctor first, but it might be worth hiring a personal trainer who can help design a regimen that works around your injury. I know it’s more money up front (when can’t even pay for the surgery itself). But if you can manage it, it will most likely help you in the long run for when you are able to afford the surgery. As I’m sure you’re already aware, adding more weight on top of a knee injury will only compound your mobility issues and could impede your future recovery.
          As for paying for the surgery, have you considered a crowd funding site like gofundme?
          Best of luck… I hope you find some relief soon!

          • My husband is a personal trainer- maybe I should bite the bullet and see if he can put something together for me! I just figured that I need something to work out my lower half so that I can lose some inches there. I haven’t thought about a site like that… you don’t think it’d be… well, uncouth? I mean, it’s not a life-saving thing I need like cancer treatment. I have a one-year-old that’s difficult to take care of sometimes, considering I can’t bend the one knee fully. I’m hoping to have enough funds and time by the time my child is enrolled in school so I can have time to recuperate. But seriously, do you think something like one of those sites would be received well and it wouldn’t be like I’m doing it for something less important than what it’s supposed to be used for? Thank you!

          • Andie302

            I’d happily chip in some money for a cause like that over some huge entity where I feel like I have no clue where the money is actually going. I’d give double if you got over your fear of water in the process!

        • Hmmmm…maybe first work with a therapist on water phobia?

        • Would your water-phobia rule out doing water aerobics in a shallow pool? If not, that could be an option. Also, I’m not sure where things are now with insurance and pre-existing conditions, but would an insurance plan be cheaper and more comprehensive than trying to crowdfund just the surgery? Or is the part that you can’t afford the charges that your insurance won’t cover? If it’s the latter, you might want to talk to your surgeon to see if there’s a way you can get some breaks, so that the charges are more closely aligned with what your insurance will cover.

    • I don’t think it’s uncouth at all. People have fundraisers for all types of things. If you’re nervous about it, peruse people’s pages to see what they’re raising funds for. I’m guessing you’ll find people with similar issues. Good luck!

  • rant: it still confuses me how voter who cares about education would vote for Murial. I still can’t believe the Post endorsement other than they simply cannot endorse a former republican. mind boggling.
    rant 2-Mendolson. holding off the soccer stadium deal so the folks running for office don’t have to actually take a stand. Its weird that his girlfiend is also on the reviewing committee.
    Rave- weather is awesome!

    • Catania’s running for schools chancellor. Someone tell him the job opening is for Mayor, and we already have a pretty good Chancellor now that Rhee is gone.

  • Rave: Visited some law schools yesterday and really liked one of the schools on my “safety” list. I feel pretty good about the process knowing that I could be happy/challenged at a wide range of schools.
    Rave: Had a 30 min interview scheduled with a Dean of Admissions and it ran over an hour. It went very well and I appreciated the opportunity to showcase strengths that may not come through on paper.
    Rant: Allergies are really acting up.
    Rant: Haven’t eaten well or exercised in the last week and it’s starting to take a toll. Feeling pretty blah today.

  • Rave: We’re getting our new house! Loans/appraisals/5000 pieces of paper later, we are finally at the finish line
    Rant: Having to pack and move our isht makes me absolutely postal
    Rave: Not having to move anymore for a good while

  • One more thing: To “The OP Anon” yesterday talking about Cleveland, you said you’d be able to find a new job easily through your current employer in Cleveland? Might I ask what industry you’re in? I’m trying to get a transfer up there and it’s impossible!!!!! 🙂

    • It’s a Federal agency that does work related to the financial sector. They have a hard time filling roles in Cleveland due to competition with private sector demand in NYC, DC, SF, etc. If you’re not already an accountant, banker, financial lawyer or intimately familiar with financial regulation/risk management, it would be fairly difficult to “break in” to my Agency.

      • Ah, DFAS. I work for a Big 4 firm, currently a federal contractor, dealing with federal audit readiness. 🙂 Would LOVE to get a position up there, but my firm has very few spots in Cleveland and even fewer that are open. So I’m just starting to try to “break in”, as you say, to your agency and go govvie. 🙂

  • RANT: Cop stopped a biker for running lights at the horrible confluence of NH/15/W/FL this morning. I’m a biker, so I don’t want it to get to this, but I think we need more spot enforcement. There are too many idiot bikers out there ruining it for the rest of us. I know there are lawbreakers who drive cars and walk, but it is getting ridiculous with bikes. What I see on my commute every day, it is amazing no one is hurt.

    • Rave: Biker politely sitting at 18th St NW southbound red light at New Hampshire at 6AM, despite absolutely zero traffic from any direction and a single pedestrian (me). Very cool, not sure I’d have the patience.

    • I just want this to happen to a bicyclist who wants to test the MPD’s no chase policy. I want to test the no chase policy. It’s very stressful to bike away from police… I could fall or injure a pedestrian.

    • While I generally agree, I also HATE that intersection. It’s like they just mashed all the streets together with no rhyme or reason. I never know when it’s my turn to go or which way I’m supposed to be crossing.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: New competition with work gym staff is harder than I had expected! I have to win!

    Rave: Fun run tomorrow night and then 5K race on Thursday. Need costumes for both! Looking for ideas.

  • RANT: I’ve picked up what seems like a respiratory infection, my third in the past 14 months. Body ache, fever, and stuffy head, but workable with Dayquil and NyQuil. Unfortunately for my co-workers, our employer’s 15-days-per-year combined annual leave/sick pay means that I’m at work today, possibly exposing them to whatever it is that I have. Sorry folks, but I need that paid-time-off for vacation later this year.

    RAVE: NASA scrubbed their Antares rocket launch yesterday, so this evening at ~6:20 presents itself as another opportunity to see a reminder that we still live in the space age. It’s just post-sunset, so perhaps it won’t be as totally awesome as the last one I saw, but still. It’s not everyday you get to see something so cool.

    • I know it sucks for you, but I’d be severely upset if I was a coworker of yours and got sick because you wanted to save your sick days for a vacation. And I know it’s due to a sucky vactation/PTO policy from your employer, but 15 days isn’t that bad and you are exposing others that may have either weak immune systems or things like families and others to care for that they’ll need to use their own PTO for….. just my $.02.

      • Having worked in offices for 25 years now (and restaurants, where no EVER takes a day off) I don’t really ever recall a significant epidemic sweeping through any workplace (that wasn’t generally “going around”) because people came in sick. I also know that many people, including bosses, co-workers and me, do greet sick days skeptically (this is especially true if you’ve ever worked in the federal government, where sick days are treated as paid vacation by numerous slackers and hypochondriacs) and assume that the sort of people they want to work with will err on the side of coming in. Finally, 15 days combined is a little weak and if the employer incents you to come in while sick, you can and should do it because vacations are critical. What would you do — give up your trip to Aruba? Life is full of risks.

        • Precisely – essentially, our employer would expect us to take unpaid time off for sickness or pre-planned vacation were we to use our paid-time-off hours, and 15 days is not much at all for an entire year. Last year, in a workplace where I spent almost 13 years, I had to take off three days of sick leave because I was waaaaay too sick to be doing anything other than moaning and sleeping, and my coworkers were the happier for it.

          Now, because of my new employer’s relatively ungenerous leave policies, I am forced to look out for #1 and disregard the health of my coworkers if I don’t want to end up with smaller paychecks than I can tolerate.

  • rave: going to my first grad school fair tonight!
    rant: nervous that I have not done enough research, although I only just found out about the fair last week and I’m at the very beginning stages of realistically thinking about grad school. For the past few days I have been going back and forth on whether I should even attend. I don’t want to look like a complete moron in front of the school reps.
    A little background: I’ve always wanted to get an advanced degree, but I had too many interests and I wasn’t sure what to study. My career path after undergrad has petered out since the recession. I’ve been very fortunate to have a steady and stable job for the past 5 years, but it’s not leading to a career. Over the past several months, I have really become engrossed with one specific area in public health. In doing research for the fair, I’m finding that I may need to get a job in that field before going to Grad School. I’m afraid this will turn into a chicken and egg situation. I’m hoping that going tonight will help me focus on what I need to do to get to the career I want, whether it be by pursing a masters now or deferring for a few more years. I keep telling myself that I need to dip my toes in the water and that doing this will NOT cause me certain failure in the future.

    • topscallop

      You’ll be fine! Grad school fairs aren’t interviews so I don’t think you need to worry about making a good impression. You’ll mostly pick up brochures and sign up for email lists. It’s a good opportunity to ask questions about the programs offered and see what they say about working in the field before you go to grad school. When I was looking at schools (also for public health) I went to a big fair in the lower level of the convention center and it felt more like the school reps were the ones trying to make a good impression on prospective students.

      I will say that I was very glad I worked for a couple of years between college and grad school, in the field I would be pursuing, because I was well prepared for my masters degree and I understood what I needed to learn to advance so I could seek out the best opportunities to build skills and make connections. Most of the people in my program had some relevant work experience, quite a few from Peace Corps. Only one person was going straight into the masters after finishing undergrad. It also helped to know I was really sure this is what I want my career to be in, before going into debt (in my case) to finance an education in that area.

      • Thank you! I know I’ve been having all of these irrational fears, but I think it’s just because I am potentially making a huge leap after being comfortable/stagnant for so long and there are just so many unknowns. Even if this journey doesn’t lead me to grad school, I think it will put me in the right direction career-wise.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: I hurt my back. It hurts.

  • Rave: Emilie’s cool photos from Israel.
    Rant: Otherwise, I’m cranky as hell today. No apparent reason, but that doesn’t lessen the crank.

  • just turned 25- created the idea in my head that I can be having a quarter life crisis- and am starting to think it’s time for me to find a great job that i can be happy with. do those exist? I’m smart, hard(ish) working, good with people… what is up job market!?!

    • Can we make a deal: We’ll all sympathize with your urge to change your career path (and provide glib, unsolicited and often contradictory advice, because that’s what we do, and cheer you on at every step, ’cause we do that, too). In return, you will refrain from calling it a “quarter life crisis.” Deal?

      • The QLC is a real thing – I went through it at 25 (now 35). Don’t be so quick to shut people down of things you think are silly.

        • Just because it’s real doesn’t mean it’s not silly. I didn’t have a “QLC” but I had an incredibly angsty adolescence. All of the things that distressed me then were real, but they were also silly. Of course I didn’t know it at the time, but I did by the time I reached 25. Maybe that’s why I didn’t bother having a “QLC”.

          • “time to find a great job that i like” good luck with that one, sounds like your gonna be in the QLC for a while…kinda tired of people my age thinking they are special!

      • To be fair, the economy and job market was a lot different than when you were 25 😀

  • Rave: checked out the house with a former roommate. Turns out one of the two who were interested fell in love with Arlington. The other is on the fence. The one on the fence said it’s reasonable for me to give myself a deal on rent.
    Rave: I get to pick out the colors too!
    Rave: I can’t wait to move back to woodley!
    Rant: end of the first quarter is crazy. So many tests!

    • palisades

      For the life of me I can’t understand how people fall in love with Arlington.

      • Yeah I don’t get why someone would choose Pentagon City over Woodley Park either..

        • That’s a pretty atypical part of Arlington – it’s abig place with many kinds of neighborhoods. There are areas that are far more diverse than most DC neighborhoods, and that appeals to many people.

      • Closeness to more stuff. If you work in downtown, Penatgon is a hop by car and relatively short by metro or bus, and you avoid the evil red line. Clarendon has more nightlife than Woodley Park making it ideal for the younger folks. I’d pick Pentagon over Woodley all day if for no other reason than convenience to the highway.

    • Andie302

      I would TOTALLY give myself a deal on rent if I was in your position. If you want any help figuring this out you’re welcome to email me. If you are taking responsibility for the roommates (and taking a headache off of the landlord’s hands) you should be compensated accordingly. Plus it sounds like you can get market rate for a renovated place, have a bit of a break on your rent, and find roommates that would be thrilled with your location!

      • I’ll be in touch with you. I’m still afraid of getting screwed (I’m a teacher, I can’t afford to pay $4450/mo!) but I think I may be able to mitigate the risk. I hope!

  • Rant: People who stick the marshmallow in the flame, rather than near the coals.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: What is the cutoff age for regularly telling college era stories at forced fun employee group lunches? 25? 30?

  • novadancer

    is this a legal unit? I thought it had to have two exit/entrances?

  • Rave: great dinner in Moscow with former colleague now at UN
    Rave: Moscow – love it more every trip
    Rave: home in three days and ready for move, only ten (right) boxes to pack
    Rant: Russian debutante covered in perfume and makeup on treadmill next to me
    Rave: fun emails and texts while away – life keeps getting better

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