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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Looks like the city is taking action on Arkansas Ave (http://www.popville.com/2014/04/arkansas-ave-nw-dangerous-crash/). Its nice to see progress, but somehow I still think rush hour drivers will try any and all tactics to get home a little faster – speed bumps and narrow alleys (that shouldn’t be used for through traffic) don’t keep them from going 50+ mph through some locations: http://wamu.org/news/14/10/20/after_year_of_pressure_from_residents_dc_agrees_to_narrow_arkansas_avenue

    Now lets hope we will see some movement on the 16th Street/Colesville Rd circle – the bane of my daily commute!

    • Yeah, the commuters are nuts. I understand that commuting in DC is frustrating. But, the speed at which some drivers go through residential DC neighborhoods is crazy. I hope the city looks at other areas too.

      Reno Rd is a good example of a street that needs some traffic calming.

    • Ugh my neighborhood is jammed with MD commuters every morning and evening rushing to get out of the city. They can’t bother to wait for pedestrians to cross the street (even though they are driving on residential streets with stop signs at every corner). It is massively frustrating but I don’t know what can possibly be done- as mentioned, even speed bumps don’t really deter them from charging down the street to the next stop sign, pausing a second and then charging forward whether there’s a person in the crosswalk or not.

  • Rant: I think i caught my boss’ cold
    Rave: They are out of town this week, so at least I can take it easy

    Rant: I turn into a giant baby when I’m sick and I would do about anything for a donut right now.
    Rave: there’s always tomorrow for donuts.

    • whoa there, Aglets. You can get yourself a donut today. There is plenty of time to do so. In fact, I’m not a doctor, but I’ve met a few and I would be happy to write you a prescription for one (or more) donuts.

      • Unfortunately, i’m at work in an area where there is a distinct dearth of donuts. Unless I want to hit the Giant which…bleh. By the time I’m out of work, all the delectable donuts will be sold out.

    • Get a donut! I’m sick too and got myself a Belgian waffle with nutella for breakfast. 😛 I still feel like sh*t but it was delicious!

  • Rave: Temporary work on a proposal for my mentor – good to have some (paid) purpose to my day as I await whatever the job search gods hope to throw at me next.

    Rant: Run in with a taxi late last night on Mass Ave – he thought I should not be allowed to take the lane on my bike (where there’s construction taking away the shoulder, and a woman walking in the road, and god dammit, there was no traffic and I was legally in the right!!) so he drove right up on me, clipped my bike bag, I fell into his hood and broke his mirror. What a dick. He deserved worse. I enjoyed hearing the taxi passenger berate him afterwards though.

    Rave: I’m fine, the bike is miraculously fine, and I have paid work today. So I feel like I’ve come out ahead.

    • Glad you and your bike were ok. It wasn’t an accident and I hope you called the police!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wow! I’m glad you are ok!

    • Holy hell, what a psycho! He should not be driving for a profession if he is going to purposefully endanger others around him! Hope you got his license plate and reported him!

    • Unfortunately, it was late, the guy was obviously angry, so I just yelled at him and went on my angry way. I should have stopped, I should have gotten his license plate number, etc. but I was shaken, and I was tired, and I didn’t want to get into a fight with a man with a 2000 pound vehicle…

    • JESUS! How awful. I know if I was the passenger I would do the same AND I would have reported him. I hope the passenger in this case also had the sense of mind to get his info and report that ass hat. Glad to hear you and your bike are ok.

    • Glad that you’re okay. That sounds horrible, deliberate and assaultive. I hope somebody saw this and reported it.. This guy is a menace.

    • PDleftMtP

      And this drives me nuts about drivers. I probably would have been too shaken to call the cops too, but i like the idea of taking a shot at finding the passenger (because if they used a credit card, you can probably find the cab and have a witness).

  • So I learned yesterday that I’m going to need laparoscopic abdominal surgery that will require me to take two weeks off of work. I haven’t taken off that much time to sit around in my 15 years as a working person and am kind of freaking out because I have no idea how I’m going to fill those days while my husband and friends are at work. Apparently I’ll be fully mobile almost immediately afterward, but won’t be able to lift or carry anything larger than a gallon of milk. I really can’t stand the idea of watching Hulu or sitting around reading the whole time. Any recommendations on things to do, ideally outside of the house? I’m expecting this all to happen in November, exact dates TBD.

    • Have you read ‘Unbroken’ (Hillenbrand)? I couldn’t put it down. Same with ‘the Art of Fielding’ (Harbach).

      • Both look really good! Ideally I’d like to think of some activities I can do outside of the house — maybe to see museum shows or places in DC that might be especially nice when they’re emptier during the work week. I have plenty of books I can read at home and long Hulu and Netflix queues, but can’t imagine just sitting at home for two weeks straight.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Don’t count on being fully mobile as quickly as you want. Anesthesia can do weird things. My muscles wouldn’t work properly for ages. A 2 block walk took me a good 30 mins and a lot of concentration. Also the gas in your belly is weird and made me not want to move. As for things to do, I got nothing. I binged watched netflix b/c that was pretty much all I could do for a week.
      Good luck! And hopefully your recover is speedy and easy!

      • I’ll echo what Emilie504 says. I had laparoscopic abdominal surgery last year and it was about a week before I really wanted to/was able to leave the house. The second week of my recovery, I worked from home, so I guess if you really don’t want to miss that much work you could see if that is an option.

      • Yeah — I have no idea what to expect from this. My doctor said the two weeks were more for ‘personal time’ than physical recovery, but also said I couldn’t work from home, so maybe the physical recovery will be harder than it sounds?

        • Thirding all of the advise you have received. I have not had this particular surgery, but surgery in general can really drain you. You may need to spend more time resting up afterwards than you are anticipating. Just take it easy and see how it goes.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I was supposed to be fully mobile after 3 days, but the anesthesia did a number on me. On the bright side, no pain! Those tiny incisions were cake to recover from. Though I’m still mentally scarred from the incision in my belly button. For some reason that really bothers me.

        • Emmaleigh504

          The recovery may be easy. I know people who had the same surgery as me and were back at work the next day (b/c they are cray). Some people recover faster. I really had no pain at all, I just couldn’t move.

          • Yeah, it’s funny how much recovery can vary from person to person, or even in the same person for a different procedure. I’ve had a small dental surgery completely screw me up for weeks and recovered almost instantly from a more major surgery. Not a lot of rhyme or reason to it.

    • I recently had a procedure that knocked me out for 3 weeks out of work. Try: Re-organizing an area in your house, create/update a budget plan (sign up for Mint {dot} com), take a look around for jobs just to see what’s out there, research and plan a few weekend get-aways for the winter.

    • Explore museums, go to Hillwood or the arboretum, sit in Dupont circle and watch people going by, get a sketch pad, go outside and draw, see if you can be a temp tutor for an afterschool program.

    • Every DC museum/attraction that you haven’t already made it to…especially if they are free! You will have places to yourself this time of year and that time of day. I’m sort of jealous! You could also take the time to cook things that you wouldn’t normally have time for. Or you could choose to learn something new (knitting, sewing, cross stitch, painting, etc.) Good for you for thinking ahead!

    • If you will be mobile, try hiking in Rock Creek Park. Some of the trails can really make you feel like you’ve left the city. It shouldn’t be too cold in November.

    • I would love to take 2 weeks off and do nothing. A few days of Hulu and reading sound awesome. How about a slow walk down to a local coffee shop for some coffee and people watching. You could always meet up with your friends for lunch near their offices. Take slow walks through the city, go down streets you wouldn’t ordinarily walk down and take pictures. Enjoy having some time on your hands!

    • Have you ever done the hop on hop off bus tour of DC? I’ve heard they are really fun even for long time DC residents. Also, I’d check out the Smithsonian lectures. They have a lot of lectures during the week targeting retired folks. There are a ton of interesting lectures around DC. I’m always frustrated that they happen during the work day. The Washington Post going out guide is great for finding those types of events.

      • Check into discounts – one of the bus companies offers a discount if you are a DC resident.

        • Do you know which one? I haven’t done one of these since I was a kid visiting and have thought about it lately. The price was quite high though and I always thought they should have some resident discounts at some point in time.

          • I don’t remember, but there are only 2 or 3 bus companies so it shouldn’t take a lot of googling to figure it out (it wasn’t hidden info, it was on their webpage). Also check goldstar, they might have discounts if you purchase tickets in advance.

    • Get yourself a harmonica and learn how to play it. There’s tons of free online lessons you can learn from!

    • So many good suggestions here! I’m noting every single one and expect I’ll do as many as I safely and comfortably can. Keep ’em coming!

    • My best advice is DO NOT rush back to work / full activity. If the doctor says 7-10 days, expect 10 days and then some. You may feel better after 7, but you’ll probably need to build up your energy. I was under general anesthesia for a minor procedure 2 years ago. Doc said 7-10 days. I went back to work after 7. Huge mistake. I was exhausted by the time I had walked to the metro. Concentrating for 8 hours at a desk was nearly impossible.

    • Since two weeks seems like a lot of time to you, you might want to think of it in phases — so three chunks of about 4 or five days each. For the first chunk, you might feel kind of yucky, so prepare for that. Have yummy, nurturing food already in the freezer. A pile of movies or New Yorkers, or nice writing paper so you can surprise far-flung friends and family with an actual, real letter, or knitting, or a ukelele. I guess my thought for this is stuff you can enjoy and feel nurtured by even if you’re feeling poorly. For the second chunk, you might want to venture out — but not do anything too taxing. There must be movies you’d like to see in an actual movie theater, restaurants you’d like to go to that are cheaper at lunchtime, people and places that you’d like to visit that you just never have time for. I like Dunbarton Oaks, Hillwood, the Georgetown Waterfront Park, Brookville Gardens.. places where you can sit down if you need to, or go back home if you’d like. For the third chunk, you’ll likely be feeling more sprightly. Maybe you always wanted to play piano – or guitar. Sign up for that first lesson, go to those museums that are out of the way or have lots of stairs — like the Phillips, or Heurich House. .Cook something interesting, go to a lecture, stop by a community center in a community that’s not yours – the Hill Center has a lot of interesting classes and programs, and so do libraries. You might even feel up to doing a day trip somewhere.

      This is also far enough in advance that you might be able to enlist a friend or two into taking a day off to do things with you — whether it’s helping out during your first days of recovery, or going exploring, or to tea at the cathedral, or a program at the Strathmore when you’re feeling lots better. You might also want to do something special like a spa day or a nice dinner just before you go back to work. I hope your surgery goes well — and that your recovery is uneventful. Thanks for the question — I think that many of us will end up trying a few new things because of your request!

      • All of these suggestions are wonderful, but I wanted to give you a special thanks for your especially thoughtful reply. As you said, the two-week stretch on its own is a tough one, and thinking about it as three smaller stretches is really helpful. Also, lots and lots of great ideas for ways to pass the time!

    • is it gallbladder surgery? if so, then join the club!

    • National Geographic has free films on Tuesday at noon. I’d also recommend the US Botanic Garden Conservatory – they have lectures and tours during the day. The National Cathedral offers “behind the scene” tours and the garden is a lovely place to visit. Another recommendation is the Franciscan Monastery.

    • I had abdominal laparoscopic surgery once. The doctor said i’d be back to work in a couple of days. Ha. it really was two weeks before it was safe to sneeze, laugh or make any sudden movement again. negotiating my workplace required climbing lots of stairs, and it was hell. So – gentle walks, meditation? And avoid stairs, feather dusters, and comedies.

    • Related: any recommendations for quick home delivery services in case I am really incapacitated and need something quickly? I’m specifically thinking about Uber Corner Store and Instacart. I’ve also tried Relay Foods and like it.

    • I am a little late as many POPville commenters have already responded, but I have had 5 abdominal laparoscopic surgeries and a 6th one coming up. Depending on what you are having done, I honestly find that the worst part afterwards is the pain from the gas that they use to inflate your belly during the surgery. The gas moves to your shoulders and it hurts more than the surgical pain. Otherwise, if you have a desk job and no complications, you should be able to be back in a week. You will still be moving slowly, but working at a desk one week out is perfectly fine. One tip for post surgery: don’t wait until your pain is bad to take your prescription. Stay on the prescribed schedule. You don’t realize how often you use your abdominal muscles until you have tiny, painful holes in them.

      • Wow — six procedures! I hope you’re doing okay and that the sixth is the last! I’ve heard the same thing about the pain from the stomach inflation, and that it weirdly travels to the shoulders. I generally avoid pain medication if possible, but plan to take every pill on schedule. Healing is painful and I don’t need to be a martyr.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Oscar de la Renta died.
    Rant: heat not turned on in my apartment yet. Please turn the heat on, Luke!
    Need: someone in my life called Basti.

  • Revel: My office is relocating this week from a current location that is not a bikeable commute. New office is extremely bike accessible, which means no more Metro for me! Goodbye, single-tracking. Au revoir, crowded six-car trains. Adieu, inexplicably long headways during rush hour.

  • Rant: Just found out that there is a Ben’s chili Bowl in Rosslyn. That is weird.

  • I have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow morning. I feel like usually these are set up to see if the person has a pulse. But any suggestions on what to say, what to ask in a phone interview instead of a traditional in-person one?

    • Questions kind of depend on who’s interviewing you – often the phone screen is HR, not the people you’d actually work for, so questions about their experience with the company may not be as relevant. You can ask about average tenure with the company though (how long most people have been there/how long they stay). Good luck!

      • Thanks! It’s actually going to be with my would-be boss.

        • If it’s with your would-be boss then you should take it as seriously as you would an in-person interview. For logistics: make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be interupted, and I like someone’s suggestion of standing up. For prep: same as an in-person – know the background of the company, have a list of questions ready, and be prepared. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

      • Definitely prep at least a question or two. I just did a phone screen with an interviewee who had *no* follow-up questions, and the call ended kind of awkwardly. Always ask: What are the next steps after this call? Can you elaborate on the job description (i.e., what would a typical day be like)?
        You could also ask the interviewer some questions they might ask you: what do you find most rewarding about working at your company? How long have you worked at the company? What’s the environment like?

    • I have suggestions that are less about content and more about form, recognizing that I’m not answering your question directly! In my own experience, it’s useful to prepare for phone interviewa just as if you were meeting in person. By that, I mean dress up as you normally would and have the same questions and materials on hand. I really believe that these seemingly small things come through in your voice — you sound more confident and put together. I’ve also heard that it helps to stand up when doing a phone interview, but haven’t tried that myself.

    • Also, have a mirror in front of you! It helps to have someone (sort of, at least) to look at while on the phone so that you don’t get distracted or zone out.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: My urbane neighbors dragged the Washington Post into the ivy again this morning.

    Rave: Rat Astaire and Ginger Rodent will soon be doing the Dirt Nap Tango. I was forced to go full d-Con on them; I hate using stuff like that but I don’t like the feeling that I’m about to catch Lymphocytic choriomeningitis every time I walk out my front door.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have the cure everything fermented honey-garlic, let me know if I need to drop some by your house!

    • You named your rats too?! Mine is called Tyronne. I don’t think he has a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner but we shall see ;-).

    • If you call the D.C. Department of Health, their Rat Abatement Team can shoot “tracking powder” into the burrows. It’s serious stuff that isn’t available to ordinary people (it requires a license), and I think it’s supposed to be more effective than baits. (The rats walk through it and get it on their paws, and then they ingest it when they groom themselves.)

    • Maybe switch to the Wall Street Journal for a bit?

  • Hey Popvillers! I’ve been reading Popville for over a year, ever since moving to Petworth from out of town, but have never commented (though I am a frequent comment-reader). For my first ever comment, I am seeking advice or assistance in getting my hands on two tickets to the January 1st Winter Classic. I can’t afford much of a premium on the tickets, but I’m happy to do all the leg-work, etc. If anyone out there has season tickets (or knows someone else who does) with the option to buy Winter Classic tickets but isn’t planning on doing so, I’d love to talk about buying your tickets. I would be very, very grateful for any advice or help!

    • Accountering

      As far as advice, I don’t have much. You can buy them through the Caps, they make you buy two face value tickets to crappy early season games as penance though. Expect to pay about $250 for tickets. Otherwise, check stubhub. If you are looking to get a steal on these things, I just don’t see it happening. Everyone in Washington knows this game is coming, and everyone wants to go.

    • If you’re willing to take the risk, you can always try for last minute tickets. Prices for other winter classic games came way down towards the end. Keep an eye on craigslist, stubhub, etc.

  • Rant: Quadruple stabbing on my block in Columbia Heights. 15th St NW has way too much criminal activity for such a short street.

  • Rave – awesome training session last night after way too much time off (stupid injury!) – or really more – so good to see my friends again and glad things didn’t hurt (much).
    Rant – Ow. Ow. Oh, and ow. Also, was up editing until 1am so, exhausted.
    Rave – I’ve been helping a friend by editing some things she’s working on and I’m really enjoying it/it’s a nice reminder that I have a skill set I don’t always get to use.
    Rant – I should have just stayed in bed today – took me three times up/down the elevator to leave because I kept forgetting things (wallet, cosmetic bag, heat pack)
    Rave/Rant – Washington International Horse Show is in town but i have no one to go with b/c the usual suspects are busy/out of town

    • tonyr

      Long answer to your last rant – I was at a play at Studio Theatre (Venus in Furs, I think, but not important) a while back and a couple sat either side of me. The guy had a broken leg so had sit sit on the aisle, then me, then his wife. I offered her my seat so that they could sit together and she replied that she would be spending the other 22 hours of the day with him and she’d be happy just watching the play.

      Short answer – go by yourself, the horses won’t mind.

      • I always think it’s silly when people absolutely have to sit next to each other at the theater. It’s not like they’ll be talking to each other during the play so what does it matter?

        On a side note, I saw Venus in Fur at Studio twice. It was fantastic!

    • JRPenguin

      My barn is going on Thursday which is barn night. Last I heard they still had tickets available. It’s the Rock Creek Park Horse Center.

  • epric002

    rant: the idiot parent last night, in the dark, who totally ignored her approx 4 year old daughter who came running down the front steps and 3 houses up the sidewalk to my (very sweet- but she didn’t know that) pit bull while going DOGGIE DOGGIE DOGGIE! while i’m going NO NO NO you can’t touch the doggie. this parent didn’t say a single word during the entire encounter. didn’t try to intervene, stop her kid, or explain why you don’t go running up to strange dogs in the dark ESPECIALLY when the person is saying NO NO NO.
    rant: that was so infuriating it deserves a second rant. as soon as the little kid walked away and climbed in her clueless parent’s car, my husband says “and that is how children get bitten and dogs get put down”. i still cannot believe it happened like that.
    rave: the exuberantly happy puppy was pretty well behaved throughout the entire thing.

    • I agree, stupid parent. But I’d like to note all the self-righteous dog owners who think that their precious four legged friends don’t need leashes share plenty of blame for the bites.

      I had some jackass yell at me when I pushed his dog off of me in Lincoln Park after his dog decided it would be a good idea to jump on me, he was about a block away from his pet.

      Man i’d love to see the fine for off-leash increased to $1000 and strictly enforced.

      • I definitely agree with this.

      • I’m a dog owner and I agree with this. I have a dog who is not fond of other dogs and all the off-leashers make our walks very stressful.

      • Add: people with dogs they cannot handle on regular leashes. At my old place, I walked my dog and around the corner came 2 100lb+ dogs with a teenager being pulled behind them. I had to jump between them to keep my dog from being mauled and was luckily not bit in the process.
        And: dogs being able to escape from yards and run around the neighborhood. Moving into my place from the back, and I look up to see a pitbull right in front of me. He wouldn’t let me walk up the shared path. This dog escaped every other day, and I eventually called animal control on it and haven’t seen it since.
        Some people don’t deserve to be dog owners.

    • My 2.5 year old son loves dogs – LOVES DOGS. I have to always keep him from trying to walk up to/pet other dogs, because I don’t trust any dogs, period.

      • epric002

        i totally get it- i was a kid that loved dogs and i see lots of kids who LOVE dogs. but i have never seen a parent so disconnected from reality that it didn’t even register that a) her child was running up to a strange dog in the dark and b) THAT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA! little kids need to be reminded of the basic meeting/petting a dog rules at every interaction.

    • A similar thing happened to me – I was walking my dog (80lb 2y/o lab) and a 3-4y/o darted out of his yard onto the sidewalk – grabbed my dog around his neck and pulled down with all his weight yelling “DOGGIE – DOGGIE”. Parents/adults did nothing. My dog is very good with children and it was fine, but even the best behaved dog could react poorly in that type of situation. Parents need to teach kids to ASK before going near a dog.

      • OMG this would make my heart stop. Even if your dog is great with kids it’s possible the child could startle him or maybe he’s not feeling great that day. I read about someone whose normally gentle Golden bit the crap out of their kid because the child pulled his ears hard and it turned out the dog had an ear infection (so it was very painful). Now the kid is scarred for life and the dog ended up being rehomed (thankfully not put down).
        Dogs and kids make me nervous period. I keep my dog as far away from kids as possible even though she’s friendly. You just never know. What you described would have made me livid.

      • In this case I step between the child and my dog, squat down, stick my hand up toward the child and say – very firmly – NO! Then, if the parent is stupid and says nothing, I explain to the child that my dog is friendly but some are not and the dog might bite you in the face or bite your hand off, so always ask before approaching any dog. Then, if the kid is not scared to death, I let her pet my dog and give her a dog treat.

        Also, you have to expect that lots of kids will just quickly reach out to pet your dog as you are walking by. I think part of being a responsible dog owner is anticipating problems.

  • Rant: I reeeallly need to get a proposal together today and I have zero motivation. Been staring at a blank word doc since Friday :-/
    Rave: The trees are beautiful, I love this time of year.
    Rant/Rave? I saw some photos of the new Firehouse Restaurant on North Cap and I think it looks really cool inside, BUT I went to their site and it’s a mess. The pictures are stock photos of pizza and the menu doesn’t make any sense. I was really hoping they had their act together but… I don’t know. I’m glad that the building is re-zoned and looking so beautiful, though, because if they go under at least someone else will scoop it up. http://dc.eater.com/2014/10/20/7013893/yes-theres-a-fire-pole-inside-washington-firehouse

  • Rant: Ladies and Gents of the buses..take your freaking bags off before you sit down….there is no need to swing it at me mid-sit or try to dislodge it from between us after you sit down.
    Rave: My current lover rocks:)

    • So true. Also, quit pretending that you do not know you are whacking people with your giant backpack as you wobble side to side. If you are going to wallop someone, you should at least make eye contact.

  • skj84

    Rant: Basement is still being demolded. The washer and dryer are down there and I can’t wash clothes. I actually have a phobia about taking my clothes to the laundromat. The idea of literally airing my dirty laundry in public gives the creeps. I guess I may have to suck it up. Or start hand washing my clothes.

    Rave: New York Times article on DC dining. I’m so glad the rest of the country is acknowledging DC as a food town. I had a friend post on Facebook for dining recommendations last night and I gave them a huge list of the best places.

    • Are you off work for the demolding? If so, I’d recommend going to the laundromat midday when no one will be there. Any off-peak time like that should help to alleviate the fear. Most of them also offer fold and wash services, so you could pay a bit more, leave the clothes, and not have to worry about anyone seeing your knickers.

      • Ha! I would have more trouble using the wash and fold service exactly BECAUSE I would have to worry about someone not only seeing, but TOUCHING, my knickers!!

        • My thought was if you don’t see them looking it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe delicates at home and the rest to the laundromat. I just don’t think handwashing pants and shirts is going to be fun or get them very clean. Best of luck!

          • I am only kidding, I shamelessly wash whatever I want to wash and don’t care who sees it. But your suggestion did give me a bit of pause!!
            I lived overseas and spent several years handwashing EVERYthing. I can’t believe anyone would choose to do that because there’s a small chance that someone who doesn’t know or care about them might see that they brought clothing to the laundromat.

      • skj84

        I figure I’ll wash delicates at home if it comes it. I’m working during the day and have very little time at night to sit with clothes. I may try a wash and fold service. Holding out until it’s emergency situation!

    • Have you not had to use communal laundry machines recently? I haven’t had to in a while (since the last time I was renting), but it’s not that bad.

      • skj84

        I’ve been lucky enough to live in places with washer and dryers. With the exception of two summers when I was working on college campuses. I commuted when I was in school.

        • Ahh, OK. I got used to coin-operated machines when I was in college, and in subsequent rentals in apartment complexes.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My first semester in college I had to teach my roommate (age 22) to do laundry. She was from Turkey and always sent her laundry out to be cleaned. She was kind of adorable about it; I took pictures to send to her mom. She was a quick study.

          • Oh man, I had to do the same thing with my freshman year roommate. He was a gay half Cuban-half American Jewish kid who grew up all over Latin America because his dad was an exec with Exxon. He had an army of servants his entire youth (driver, nanny, house cleaners, cook, etc) and didn’t know how to do ANYTHING for himself.
            Instead of doing laundry, he kept buying more clothes. New underwear, shirts, socks, everything. After about 2 months, he had a 5 foot high mountain of laundry on the floor of our shared bedroom. Eventually, he copped to not know how to do his own laundry and I offered to teach him. He was amazed by the entire process – loading credit onto your laundry card, selecting the right water temp, sorting coloreds/whites, the dryer, etc. It was actually pretty cute – I took a Polaroid of him giving the thumbs up while doing his first load of laundry (so he could mail it to his house staff back in Argentina) and he took meticulous notes on every step in the process. 😀

      • I say I’ve used laundromats once in the last 3 yrs to wash a comforter which I’ve found easier to just dryclean. Of course I caused a mini-flood because I couldn’t figure out how to lock the door to the big machine. W/D in house is one of those little luxuries I could never live without.

  • RAVE: took yesterday off from work
    RANT: Are the taxis going to protest against Uber every week? Because they’re down here in Metro Center honking away again. I’m at 13 and F.

    • lindz0722

      Me too — I’m in the building atop District Taco. This is getting ridiculous.

    • Here’s a thought taxi drivers: maybe stop being such dicks who try to run over bikers (see above thread) and sexually assault women and drive like general morons and then people will use your service more. Till then, have fun pissing people off even more by causing a traffic jam.

      • I feel sure that the vast majority of cab drivers (who do not assault bikers or grope riders) are even more pissed than you are about that stuff.
        Then again, quite a lot of them think it’s cool to make big noise pollution and cause traffic jams, so perhaps I’m wrong about that.

        • There’s a motorcyclist who lives across the alley from me. I’m not sure whether he’s deliberately trying to be obnoxious, or whether it’s just standard motorcycle noise. (It seems like there’s some unnecessary revving, so I suspect the former.) I can hear him zooming down my street… and then I hear him zooming up the alley, on the other side of my house.

          • Somehow all I saw in the comment I was responding to was “make big noise.” So my reply doesn’t really work here. Oops… must read more carefully/consume more caffeine.

      • I was feeling sympathetic to cab drivers until last week when I needed one to get to DCA at 5 a.m. As he headed down Columbia Rd. past 14th St. (from Irving.) I asked why he wasn’t taking 14th St. (since no traffic at 4:30 a.m.) which is 6.7 miles. He said “potatoes – potat toes” which would have been kind of o.k. if he had taken the Calvert St. Bridge to the parkway, but he went down Harvard where you have to go all the way to Klingle to get on. He added at least 3 miles – around $6.00 to my trip.

    • Ally

      All the while Uber is pleasantly offering to deliver Halloween candy and costumes with its new delivery service. Just sayin’.

  • rant: I cant’ seem to get enough sleep. I’m so tired this week. I blame my allergies.
    rave: One day closer to the weekend.
    rave: I have a delicious lunch packed. Sometimes it if the little things.

  • tonyr

    Someone, can’t remember who, on here was bemoaning the fact that the London Grammar concert was sold out. The tour has been postponed until January, so there’ll probably be some more tickets released.

    • That was me. Thanks for the update! Such a bummer that it was delayed!
      Hopefully some people ask for refunds and more tix will go on sale 🙂

  • Rant: I mentioned this yesterday, but late in the day: why are some video ads on Popville playing automatically? I go to the website and suddenly I start hearing a pitch for a certain company. So irritating! How do I keep this from happening? When I pause the clip, a few seconds later it just starts again.

    • “How do I keep this from happening”

    • I was having the same problem on this and other sites so I disabled Flash auto-play in my browser. The “how” would depend on which browser you’re using but you can google ‘disable auto play’ and get instructions for the browser you use.

  • Query: Looking for some coffee brewing courses in DC, anyone have ideas? I checked Counter Culture but those courses are filled up through the end of the year. Yowza.
    Rave: Taking tiny steps towards my dream of owning a coffeehouse someday

    • peregrine offers two courses- an espresso course focused on using a commercial espresso machine and a home-brewing course. i took the espresso course (given as a gift) thinking that it would be more interesting, but really the knowledge i gained would only be useful in a commercial setting using a commercial or near-commercial grade machine. i think the home-brewing is how to use various set-ups: pour-over, french press, aeropress, etc.

    • GiantSquid

      Peregrine holds courses for various coffee/espresso related stuff.

    • KSB

      There’s one at Zeke’s on RI Ave in November.

    • Check out Ceremony Coffee Roasters’ event calendar. You could rent a zip car and head out to Annapolis for the day: http://www.ceremonycoffee.com/events

  • Rant: can’t figure out how to light new, lofty bedroom and can’t find a decent lighting guy to tell me what to do
    Rave: floors refinished, cabinets delivered, paint painted. Getting close!

    • I have just bedside lamps. Plenty of light for a bedroom, since you don’t want any task lighting in there anyway. Keep it low and mellow. The only brightness should be inside the closet.

      • My bedroom is ridiculous, like 22×10, and now with 12-14 foot ceilings. If you just used bedside lamps, you might get lost on the way to the bathroom (though, everything will be on dimmers). I actually wish there was a way to move some of the space somewhere else but it’s not feasible. Besides, when I get laid off for posting on PoP at work, and have to rent out the other bedrooms to roommates who cook smelly ethnic food, it might be my only living space. Also, I have some art that needs some light.

    • Did you refinish the floors yourself or have someone do it? Any recommendations?

  • Question: Does anyone have a recommendation of a good orthopedic doctor who is metro accessible? I have tried two in the region and both seemed dismissive of my ongoing pain (over a year) after two injuries in my knee and ankle. I refuse to accept that I am 28 and won’t be able to run ever again due to my ongoing pain at the injury sites.

    • epric002

      dr. gasho in chevy chase. i saw him for plica syndrome in my knee last year and my high & low ankle sprain earlier this year. he is quick but will take time to answer your questions.

    • Stephen Gunther. He’s downtown on 19th btwn L & M but has other offices. I think he’s downtown on tuesdays, don’t quote me. I went in for an ongoing elbow issue whiche he fixed with a cortisone shot, but he’s very thorough and knowledgable and I’d see him again for any other issues.

    • I don’t have a recommendation, but have you tried doctors who specialize in sports medicine? I wonder who the professional athletes go to? I also can highly, highly recommend the National Rehabilitation Hospital — so if I were in your position, I’d go there for an outpatient assessment, and see if you like the doctors and therapists that you meet in the process.

    • Dr. Connell or anyone at Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine – great people and very focused on getting you back to your sport. Their DC office is on 21st & K, very walkable from Foggy Bottom metro.

    • Dr. Lavine in 1145 19th.

    • Thanks for all of the suggestions! I had been going to a sports medicine doctor, but it just felt like since I wasn’t competing professionally or at a high level that I wasn’t worth his time. I am a 3-4 time a week gym-goer and 5k-10k kind of runner, but that didn’t seem to be enough to warrant his time.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: Went to New Orleans this weekend! It was pretty great. Good way to celebrate all of us being at the age where being adults shouldn’t quite be a pretend game anymore. (It still will be.) Music and drinking and food all over the place, though, enabled all of us having…
    Rant: Drank too much. And ate even more too mucher. This is really affecting my ability to see food and not think “I can’t possibly eat any more.”
    Rave: All the food was pretty great. Props go to Emilie for the Verti Marte recommendation. It was fantastic, but it was my third dinner, so I could barely make a dent in it.
    Rant: I probably gained about sixty pounds in four days, which, combined with my mysteriously injured ankle, is going to really make marathon training pretty tough.
    Rant: Tired and back at work. E-mail has metaphorically piled up and I haven’t even gotten through it yet in the four hours I’ve yet been here. But…
    Rave: I found some leftover pasta in the fridge that Mug of Past had made last week and Mug of Present completely forgot about. I thought I’d have to lunch on dried cranberries and Clif Bars for lunch today.
    Rave: I found out going through my backlog of stuff that I’d gotten an honorable mention in last week’s photo caption contest! I’mma have to add an e-mail to PoP amidst my other duties this morning/afternoon/evening/week.

    • Ally

      If you didn’t eat too much and drink a little too much, you wouldn’t have been doing New Orleans justice. Glad you had a good trip!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so glad you went to the Verti Mart and liked it! It’s one of my favorite places to get a poboy in New Orleans.

      • Mug of Glop

        I don’t think any of us actually got poboys at Verti Marte. We were fresh off getting them at Killer Poboys, a tiny restaurant counter at the back of Erin Rose, which made metaphorically killer poboys. The shrimp poboy there was maybe one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. I was so stuffed to the gills that I really couldn’t appreciate Verti Marte too much. I also made the mistake of ordering an entire sandwich for myself.

    • Any weird hookups? I believe you had originally alluded to that in your previous posts about your trip to N.O.

      • Mug of Glop

        No weird hookups, no. That would have certainly made for a much more interesting trip. I think we were all too stuffed and hungover even for mundane hookups to happen.

  • Ally

    Rave: Boyfriend’s okay with living in my Capitol Hill home when we get married in a year or so. I was NOT looking forward to the possibility of having to move to the suburbs (he’s a Marylander), so I’m glad we’re on the same page about city life. I’d really miss DC.
    Rant: None. This weather is just beautiful! And I got a new pumpkin. Hard to be upset about much.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Babysitting “contractors” in my rental house. The dogs aren’t the only ones stressed.
    Revel: Rain jacket has arrived for trip to Portland/Seattle.
    Rant: Wish I could have stayed up in NY this week and worked remotely.
    Revel: It’s not 45 degrees in DC

    • What’s a babysitting contractor?

      • GiantSquid

        I’m at home, keeping an eye on the “contractors” my landlord has hired to do work in our house.

      • Yeah, at first I thought GiantSquid was talking about people doing child care in a house that she was renting to them.

      • I don’t feel so bad for misreading it at least. Why “contractors” not contractors? Have they done shotty work before? I’d say at least give them a fair shot before they’re condemned to the world of quotes.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Real estate has taken off even more than usual in the last two weeks
    Rant: just as I made a commitment to go back to full-time work.
    Rave: Enjoying fall weekends in and around DC
    Rave: My mom is coming to hopefully catch some fall foliage on Sunday/Monday.
    Rave: Planning to put some of my milk glass collection to good use during book club on Thursday
    Rant: Missing popville HH for book club…it always seems like there’s great stuff going on on Thursday’s!
    Rave: No work Friday

  • Rant: have a show Saturday and have no idea what to play.
    Rant: have a remix to complete and have no idea where to take it.
    Rave: still have a few days.
    Rave: the weather
    Rave: meeting up with a creative friend tonight to figure out how to get some of my projects exhibited

  • I’m meeting several attorneys tomorrow for my 2nd interview tomorrow. Trying to keep it cool and do as much research as humanly possible. At this point, I’m fairly positive it is between me and maybe 1-2 other candidates, as they’ve called my references and so on. Here’s to hoping I get an offer. Any tips for 2nd interviews at a law firm? (not an attorney btw).
    Rave: gorgeous weather, quiet day

  • Rave: Rasika tasting menu with an old friend yesterday. Fantastic night.
    Rant: Was raking leaves on Sunday amd discover that some – well, I none of the words that come to mind are appropriate left a gatorade bottle of pee in my parking spot. On one hand, nice that he (I’m assuming) didn’t just pee on the house. On the other hand, if you’re going to pee in a bottle, why not just walk it down to the road and dump it in the sewer?

    • The storm drains aren’t meant for trash either!

    • I’d guess it was a taxi driver (or similar) who just chucked it out the car window. But oh so gross!

      • It’s both better and worse than that. It wasn’t on the street, it was in a parking pad off an alley. And it wasn’t tossed, it was placed, nearly full (uncapped) next to the trash cans. So we’ve got someone who (apparently) realizes that it isn’t cool to just spray anywhere in public, and took the time to fill up the bottle, but then thought it OK to just leave it wherever he felt like. I don’t know what to make of that. But you are right – so gross.

  • Rant: Sleater-Kinney tickets sold out faster than I could get one this morning. Kept refreshing the site but they were gone in like 20 minutes!
    Rant: Nothing left to rave or revel about.

    • tonyr

      It’s only the pre-sale that’s sold out. I’d sign up for the 9:30 club newsletter to get advance notice of the general sale.

  • Rant: All the goddamn motorcycles along Rhode Island and Florida. God they are loud.
    Rave: Everything else.

  • Rant: Can’t make the happy hour on Thursday because I have to work late. Boo!
    Rave: New apartment and roommates working out great so far! Finally sleeping well and hung out a lot with one of them over the weekend.
    Rave: Second date tomorrow with a guy who seems pretty cool.

    • Andie302

      Maybe see you on the 6th for the anniversary thing? Glad to hear the new living situation is working out!

      • +1. That’s too bad you’ve got a conflict for Thursday, but glad to hear that everything else is going well!

        • Yes, I’m going to try and make it to the anniversary one at least! 🙂 And it’s such a nice change haha – I didn’t realize how much my living situation spilled over into making me more generally unhappy and stressed out about everything else.

  • Hey, guys. With the new yoga tax, my monthly fee at the gym I go to in Cleveland Park is up to $90, which has gotten my attention. I’m looking for an alternative that is less expensive–I’m not interested in classes, just cardio and weight machines. The Gold’s in Van Ness seems to be popular, and costs half as much. But I see lots of online complaints about improper billing and the hassles of cancelling Gold’s memberships (though it seems like some of those folks bring it on themselves by not reading the contract or signing up for multi-year memberships and then wanting out, etc.). So: For an average person who just wants to work out a couple times a week and keep it simple, any thoughts on whether Gold’s, and specifically the one in Van Ness, is an OK choice?

  • Kittens asleep on my lap.
    My legs are numb and I really need to move.
    Please someone adopt these precious girls!

  • Rant: The bicyclist this morning who ignored the stop sign on 17th (at Corcoran) causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her. When my passenger rolled down the window and said “obey the law please” her response was “Oh, shut up.”

    • PDleftMtP

      Got flipped off earlier this week after I stood on my brakes to avoid hitting yet another a guy who ran the stop sign on the trail on the RCP bike path where it crosses the Penn exit ramp (which also has a yellow sign underneath saying “trail must yield to traffic,” because a mere stop sign doesn’t actually lead cyclists not to cut in front of people coming off the parkway at speed). During the same trip, I had a guy pass me on the right when I was in the curb lane signaling a right turn (and no, I didn’t “hook” him by passing and cutting in front; I was waiting for pedestrians to clear the crosswalk).

      I don’t hate all cyclists. Just the asshats.

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