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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Had a pancake and mimosa dinner with my best friend and my bf, mimosas are really best with fresh squeeze orange juice ! and Martha Stewarts buttermilk pancake recipe is dope. It was a really nice night though
    Rant: Super exhausted from being on the hook with a firm, hoping someone else calls, just overall getting burned out by the job search process. This is going into month 3, approximately, so I know I should just chill out and pace myself but I really want to get out of my current job before our big event in November so I don’t have to deal with the stress.
    Rave: my coworker bought me a bagel

    • job searching is exhausting – hang in there….

    • skj84

      I’m on month six of job search. It definitely is frustrating but just keep your head up. Also love your Rave, Brinner is the best. I’ve been known to eat cereal for breakfast. Cause I’m an adult and I do what I want ;-)!

  • Rant: People who push in order to get on/off metro faster or to get a seat. I don’t get it.
    Rave: Getting a facial on Monday – first spa visit in a LONG time. Can’t wait.
    Rant: Can’t do it more often!
    Rave: Pumpkin patches and apple orchards
    Rant: It might rain…so might not get to go this weekend 🙁
    and….trying to stay positive about moving back home. It just feels like an impossible goal.

    • pushers on the metro are the worst, next to the people who stand in front of the doors when the train comes in

    • Becks

      Huge rant: I totally agree with you. I can’t get off the Metro or Bus if you are standing directly in front of the door. Move!

    • How about when you’re sitting on the bus or metro and you reach the person next to you’s stop….and they don’t say excuse me so that you get up?! They just hurriedly gather their things and hover over you. Just chill, say excuse me, and I’ll move out of your way as quickly as I can. TWO WORDS, people!

      • THAT happened on my commute the other day – it’s a woman who shoves her way on and shoves her way off. She was super upset that someone sat next to her and we got to our stop, she just got up rushed out. It’s so unnecessary!

      • +1 This ALL the time. If you want me to move just ask! Why is this so hard? It’s like dealing with toddlers. I want to yell use your words.

        • During the hell-like redline morning commute last week, I actually had to tell people to stop pushing as they got onto the train. Everyone around me looked shocked as I said “Pushing isn’t going to make this crowd condense any more, so stop it please.” They looked at me as if they were shocked that I said something. I looked right back at them because I was shocked that I actually HAD to say something. It’s amazing how a morning commute struggle can cause grown ass adults to revert back to children.

      • Then there’s the other side — when I’m in an inside seat and the person sitting in the outside has on headphones or is asleep. What to do after my first three “excuse me”s don’t work? Poke? Stand up and hover?

        • Emmaleigh504

          Tap them on the shoulder and say excuse me, this is not rocket science.

          • Thanks. sort of. Just pointing out that for every commuter who doesn’t say “excuse me” there are a few more who say “excuse me” and get ignored. Which then leads to behavior such as shoulder tapping and even louder and more irritated “excuse me”s that will then likely get complained about in PoPville.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: don’t want to work today, but so much to do. Nobody distract me.
    Rave: long weekend.

  • Yum: For Emilie504 and anyone else who’s interested: I found coconut jam at the Sur la Table in Friendship Heights — for $12 for a small jar. (maybe 8ox?)

  • epric002

    RAVE: hallelujah! puppy did not have any accidents while we were gone at work yesterday OR last night!!! the grossness is improving ever so slowly! 😀
    TBD: omw to have my annual appraisal conversation with my manager. i’m not getting my hopes up for an increase.

    • Yay! Glad puppy is feeling better!

      • epric002

        thanks! and more raves: actually got a small increase, though apparently it’s above the average increase, so i guess i’m above average 😛 rave: had a nice time at willow’s party last night, bought an xmas present for some friends and got myself a cute sweater with a fox face on it- very unlike what i would normally wear/buy.

  • Rave: USMNT plays tonight at 7 PM on ESPN.
    Rant: Landon Donovan’s last USMNT game. Jurgen’s biggest mistake was not bringing him to the WC.

  • Rant: Spinning the job search wheels – contacting people, brushing up resume, scanning job boards…to no avail.

    Rave: Out to the barn to forget everything about the job search!

    Rant: Husband has had a long week and is so tired – I wish I could get him to relax and take time for himself.

    Rave: Marc Anthony tonight!! Husband’s favorite musician – looking forward to salsa-ing (not looking forward to the commute to Fairfax for the show!).

  • Rant: Where are the affordable housing options in PoPvilles Real Estate page? Every time I look I see great rentals but…absolutely nothing I could ever afford. Does anyone have any good sites they use that aren’t craiglist? I will be looking for a 1br hopeful no more than $1,300 a month preferably in upper NW (Columbia Heights/Petworth).
    Rave: Have some plans to hang out with friday girl on sunday, should her new name be sunday girl?
    Random: Is there anything fun going on tonight? Literally have no plans but feel like i want to get out and do something…but want suggestions. Bike ride? Beer? Korean Fried Chicken Wings?

    • I used Padmapper but have actually had the best luck just calling leasing offices of buildings that looked interesting. I found surprisingly good deals this way— significantly cheaper rates than advertised on their websites.

    • I don’t think you’re going to find much in the range of $1300 anywhere near Columbia Heights or Petworth, even non-fancy basement apartments are going to be more than that.

      • Thats not what i wanted to hear >.<

      • I just saw a couple in Petworth for just under $1300, but yeah, no chance in Columbia Heights.

      • +1. I rented out my (small) basement unit near the Georgia Avenue Metro for $1250/month. It’s sort of like a studio with a door to the living area, or a one-bedroom apartment with no separate living room and an enormous bedroom.

      • I pay around $1000 (all bills and internet included) for an English basement in Petworth. It’s newly renovated and pretty darn fabulous for a basement unit. It has huge windows in the front and back, and owners did not skimp on the basement like a lot of people do (heated floors, granite counters, new appliances, overhauled bathroom, W/D in unit). But I looked at a LOT of places before finding this one. There are deals to be found but you have to look hard. I was lucky.

    • jim_ed

      There’s plenty of them, but you need to head north a bit. Try looking around Kennedy St for condos being rented out or older buildings that have been kept up in good shape.

    • Luck – lots of luck. With that said I had a friend score a 1 bed in Columbia Heights/Petworth in that range and I just scored a 1 bed in Glover for $1100 – you have to look hard, put the word out with friends and friends of friends – affordable apartments can be found.

    • I live in a studio in AdMo/Kalorama for just under $900 and the 1 bedrooms in my building (unfortunately all occupied right now) go for $1100. So they exist. You just have to get REALLY lucky. Converted row houses that are individually owned tend to be cheaper than the big buildings, so I’d start there. Good luck!!

      • Where is this unicorn of a building? I have a guy friend staying with me and I need to kick him out to somewhere affordable…

  • rave: the Google Nik collection.
    rave: that hilarious City Paper piece on DC lexicon. I tend to use jont (but sometimes jonx and sometimes joint) as an all-purpose noun which amuses my gf to no end. It’s good to have documented authority that I’m not crazy.
    rave: had fun taking a few pictures of the glorious dusk last night before hopping on the ‘Tro. (I know ‘Tro will never happen for Metro, but I enjoy saying it like a bro).
    rave: TestDisk and PhotoRec for recovering files off SD cards. My (not as amazing as I remembered) Great Falls pics are saved!

    • extra rave: NBA season is about to begin!
      bonus rave: that means fantasy basketball! I run two bragging rights leagues if anyone is interested – one is a fun but complex keeper league. The other is regular roto.

    • pablo .raw

      I’m just learning about google nik, looks interesting!

      • I really like it. I bought it a few months before Google acquired it. Since then, the price has come down but the features remain the same. The entire collection is fantastic, but Silver Efex is simply amazing.

  • Rave: Half day!
    Rant: Because I have to get a bunch of tests done at the doctor’s office, including an MRI. Blegh!
    Rave: Phone interview went way better than I thought it would. HR manager said she’s going to recommend me for a different position that has more potential for growth than the one she originally wanted to interview me for.
    Rave: Some of the comments in yesterday’s group housing thread made me crave curry so I made some for dinner last night and it was delicious.

  • Becks

    Rave: Looking at everyone’s job search woes has made me feel a little better about mine. I have to find a job in the next 30 days and I am scared. At the very least, I can work at a temp agency to tide over while I continue my looking.
    Rant: USAjobs. I am so tired of getting a ” while you are very qualified, you do not fit the veterans preference and will not be referred, ” response.
    Rave: Three day weekend. I plan to redo my resume and cover letters.
    Rant: The sun is down by the time I get home and I do not have time during the day to check on my garden. I got up extra early to see the blood moon this week and saw that my clover has bloomed; as well as, more snapdragons. The jalapeños have more blossoms; as do the cherry tomatoes!

    • epric002

      i feel you on rant 2. i stopped applying for fed jobs after getting about 100 “eligible but not referred” when my scores were 99 or 100 out of 100. the fed hiring process is colossally effed up.

    • Rant2 – are you not a veteran? If not go sign up and serve then you’ll have vet preference. These men and women who spent years of their life serving their country don’t need to line up behind people whose only idea of service is landing a federal job. As a veteran I can’t stand people “ranting” about preference in hiring.

      • I think people can appreciate your service, and the service of others, while still being frustrated that they are frequently passed over because of veterans’ preference. While it is certainly a worthwhile thing to do, surely you can understand the frustration of job-seekers who lack it.

      • Becks

        I fully support our military. I also support that those with the experience in the position requirements should have the opportunity to be interviewed.

        • +1. Last time my agency was trying to hire someone, the only people who made the cert from the “public” announcement (as opposed to the one for current Federal employees) were veterans. Of these, one had relevant experience and sounded promising, but the others were utterly unqualified. (We ended up not being able to hire anyone because we were hit with a hiring freeze.)

      • epric002

        anonymous @ 11:02- the problem with the preference is that it has (at some agencies) morphed in to the sole, unstated requirement. a veteran does not “deserve” any federal job simply b/c they are a veteran. i, and many, many others, have seen veterans hired in to positions for which they do not meet the most basic of qualifications for the position. often, other more qualified non-veteran applicants are told that the hiring agency had no choice in the matter. hiring unqualified veterans is not beneficial to the veteran, their employing agency, or the other qualified candidates.

      • Sorry boss, veteran’s preference is a huge part of the broken system.

      • While I fully support veteran’s preference in public hiring for those who served in positions that are not easily transferable to civilian employment (tank drivers, for example), I do not support veteran’s preference for those who exit the military more than fully prepared for civilian life. I’m talking about the supply chain/logisticians, the budget/finance analysts, etc. They are perfectly capable of competing on an equal level with non-vets and all veterans preference is doing is creating a stacked deck.

        • I also don’t understand why, if we’re giving the private sector HUGE tax breaks for hiring veterans (while paying them a shitty wage most of the time…but that’s a different issue), that the fed gov has to be such a huge portion of veterans employment. I believe the most qualified should be hired – if you’re putting military service above overall skills, it just hurts the agency. As a fed slated to be RIF’d, I see retiring 05s/06s retire on Friday and come back as civilians on Monday – I’m sure glad their employment is more valuable than mine (because, you know, I haven’t sacrificed anything because I’m only the spouse, not the service member). It’s very frustrating.

      • …..husband is a veteran. Still took him YEARS to get a federal job. Was rated not qualified for GS7 jobs (nevermind he graduated in 4 years with a triple major). I’m ranting about the hiring process because it’s not picking qualified people – it’s picking people who the hiring authority knows. I call the hiring system “No Colonel Left Behind”. Because if you’re an E4 looking for a decent fed job, sucks to be you.

        • That happens in my organization ALL THE TIME. We have a mix of active duty and civilian employees performing essentially the same job function and there isn’t even a break in attendance. We call it “converting to civilian”.

  • Rant: I woke up at 4:30 this moning to water dropping from my living room ceiling. To make matters worse, it is dripping from the living room ceiling light/lamp.
    Rave: For the first time in the 4.5 years I’ve lived in my building, the maintenance guy was both super responsive and concerned.
    Rave: I just found 2 places within 3 blocks of my current home that are much nicer for just an extra $50/month.
    Rant: The idea of having to move all my crap.
    Rant: some dude at work is currently bragging about having run 9 marathons. OK dude, we. don’t. care.

    • How do you know someone ran/ is running a marathon?
      They tell you.
      Fun fact: there is a man who at late 40s-50 did 50 in 50 days because his lactic acid production decreases over time. He can pretty much run forever.

      • Between Harvard lawyers and marathoners (or the shorter races), I’m ready to call it quits and move to the boonies.

    • I had a drip over a light fixture too! But it was the light fixture above my bed! Anyway happened was that the upstairs neighbor’s toilet was getting replaced and the water hose (that fills the tank) was placed in the big hole (were the poop goes down and were the toilet goes on). For some reason the hose was dripping and not fully shut off. The hose shifted out of the big hole so it was dripping between the big hole and the space next to the floor… so somehow the drip made it down to my light fixture. Anyway… nothing happened. Hope you’re is an easy fix too!

      • Thanks! If it is something as minor as that, I’d be quite relieved. My building has a history of plumbing problems though, so I doubt it…

  • (slight) Rant: This pizza recipe didn’t turn out quite right:


    I didn’t divide the dough into two parts and ended up with a much thicker crust than I wanted.

    Rave: It ended up being pretty good pan pizza. Not my favorite style, but I liked it. Also, my latest pickling experiment is onions. Got a mason jar full of red and yellow slices waiting for the brine to work it’s biochemical magic.

    Rant: It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. If we get rained out (again) we’ll still get paid, and this time I won’t be driving hours away for the gig.

    • I tried the Serious Eats recipe last week too! My dough turned out very soupy following the ingredient list, so I had to add much more flour to make it seem anything close to “dough.” It also didn’t rise quite as well in the pan as the recipe thought it would (maybe my kitchen was too cold or something?), but it still turned out very tasty. Each step along the way, I kept thinking, “this is not foolproof!” but it essentially did turn out to be for me.

  • Rave: Date on Saturday. Thanks, okcupid! You’re actually not so bad.
    Rave: got a promotion and raise!
    Rave: 3 day weekend
    Rant: rainy weekend

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: People in a very date oriented work environment, who do not provide the dates they want used. I CANNOT READ YOUR MIND!

  • Rant: Boyfriend traveling the majority of the next 3 weeks. I will enjoy the first few days of taking over Netflix and the bed but then I’ll be grumpy.
    Rave: Spending the long weekend with my parents and their dogs. My dog adores my dad and will be thrilled when he realizes where we are going.
    Rant: I was just told I need to go represent my company at a conference in two weeks and every hotel in the area is sold out.
    Rave: Three day weekend!

    • First of all your rave about your dad and your dog gave me the warm fuzzies…. I love that your dog will be able to figure out where you are going… so cute! (I have become a defacto cat person, although I’m really a dog person, so I’m having a vicarious moment here.)

      And to the hotel rant… is Airbnb an option for you?

      • Thank you! He pretty much knows that if he is on the Metro, he is going see my parents.

        I may have to look into Airbnb. I haven’t done it before and I’m a little nervous to try it by myself but I may have to get over that at this point. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • My dog also loved my dad (I think his charm was the hot dog slices he fed her)! She would just snooze in the car, then get really alert when we got to their neighborhood and she realized what was up. By the time we pulled into their driveway she would be beside herself.

  • Rave: Three-day weekend!
    Rant: likely rain–hopefully we won’t be stuck inside with an active toddler for three days. I think we’d resort to playing in the rain first.
    Rave: Planning on making pumpkin oatmeal raisin cookies this weekend. I was way too tired to make them last year with the unpredictability of a 4-month old. Totally psyched to return to my annual tradition this year. May even send out some cookie decorating care packages!

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: Washington, DC! On this day, four presidents ago, a scared skinny kid arrived here in his Honda CR-X with all his worldly goods tightly packed in it. He may have also have also been sporting a blonde mullet. I can’t believe I’ve lived the majority of my life here now. I’ve had ups and downs, extreme happiness and years-numbing tragedy but wouldn’t change the experience for anything. I love my city when I’m not loving hating it!
    Rants: No rants today!

  • Rave: Baked coconut oatmeal for breakfast. Yum.
    Rave: Finally ordered bookshelves. Even as I realize that I might be part of the last generation that actually needs them.
    Rant: I’ve been feeling blah for much of this week. Not really sure why. And I ended up canceling a fun thing that I had planned because the logistics got way too complicated.
    Rave: Laura Mercier almond coconut milk bath stuff. Heavenly. And I mix the bath gel with sugar to make a scrub — so a little bit goes a long way.
    Rave: Using todays Friday Question as a tool to nudge me to explore new possible “dream jobs”. I had something close to my dream job for many years. Now it’s time to move forward to realize some new dreams.

  • Query: I’d like to send a center-of-influence a thank you for taking me and some friends out to dinner. What is a “very Washington DC” gift that is unique that a middle-aged man would appreciate that can be mailed? Or better yet, a good website to order such a recommendation?

    • a bottle of Green Hat gin?

    • I have ordered a number of DC-shaped cheese/cutting boards from an Etsy shop called “woodbob.” They quality is great, and they’re unique and useful.

    • A really cool local artist name Dana Ellyn has partnered with Cultural Tourism DC to create a series of wines that each have a local neighborhood as a theme.

      * Mount Pleasant Malbec
      * Pleasant Plains Pinot Noir
      * Barracks Row Merlot
      * Shaw Chardonnay
      * H Street Cabernet Sauvignon
      * Southwest Sauvignon Blanc

      I can’t vouch for the wine but I thought the idea was cool when she put the information out on her fb page. If you google either Dana Ellyn and wine it should take you to the right page.

    • GiantSquid

      If you go to Hill’s Kitchen, they have many wonderful DC-themed gifts such as a cutting board, rocks & pint glasses with DC’s silhouette etched in them, and such. If he does drink and you know what he prefers, I second L2’s suggestion of a bottle (or cans or growler) of an adult DC beverage.

    • A lot of these suggestions are liquor oriented — which I’d hate to mail, unless someone else handles the shipping. If the gentleman had a sweet tooth, you might want to send a box of Velatis candy. They’ll ship it for you, it’s a sweet thought, and it definitely has a DC history. They have special tins which make it more gift-y. II would be a great gift on it’s on, or in combination with other DC themed gifts.

  • Rave: Just hours away from a long weekend!
    Rant: I have finished my to do list for the day. Can I go home now?
    Rave: A good mix of spending time with loves ones and just chilling at home this upcoming weekend.

  • Rave: the funeral events are officially over. I am so relieved to have some room to breathe and downtime to process my own reactions.
    Rant: as the kind responders the other day predicted, I am completely wiped out. No matter how much sleep I get, I’m just exhausted all of the time since this started.
    Rave: I’m looking forward to a very lazy weekend of TV, napping, and trying to dig my house out of the mess the last weeks have caused.

    • So very sorry for your loss. Glad you’ve got some space this weekend for some self care.

    • Yes! Listen to your body and get some rest and indulge in some little things like takeout and movies (which it sounds like you’re doing). When we had a couple deaths in the family, I went a little nuts scrubbing the kitchen and cleaning the oven, which helped me feel productive and gave me a menial task to focus on while getting out some of my frustration – not saying YOU need to clean, just listen to those urges and do what they tell you. Most importantly, give yourself time to heal and grieve – please be patient with yourself.
      Hang in there!

  • Anyone know what happened in Colombia Heights last night? About 9 or so? I was a Lou’s and there were hordes of kids running full out down Irving four or five times. There was an ambulance and a fire chief outside the school around the corner on Colombia, so I really hope it wasn’t a massive fight or stabbing, but sadly, it probably was. Le sigh.

    • I live on that block. When I was walking home, the police detective just arrive to that charter school on the corner. I heard him say to the cop on scene, “It’s been a busy night.” UGH!

    • Sounds like just another night in Columbia Heights. And I live in CH.

    • I saw the huge crowd of kids too, no idea what happened though…

    • I’m not sure if this is the same thing, but this (crazy) alert went out last night on the AlertDC system:

      Alert: Robbery at 2121 hrs in the 3000 block of 15th Street NW Lookout for 12 juveniles

      • This would have been way too late. And it was more like 60-70 kids. But it’s frustrating to hear that all kinds of stuff went on last night. Busy night for the cops, indeed.

  • skj84

    Rave: Pumpkin Beer. I’m amping my basic card by making it my mission to try as many as possible. Started with Flying Dog’s The Fear on Thursday and had my first DogfishHead Punkin beer of the season yesterday. More to come!

    Rant: After spending months getting over that guy I used to date, I’m in a show with him. He doesn’t know how freaked out I was about our relationship or how it ended. Of course I’m going to play it cool, I don’t want to get back together or anything, but the insecure feelings are coming back.

    • If loving pumpkin beer makes you basic, I am THE most basic b ever. I highly recommend Devil’s Backbone – Pumpkin Hunter.

    • my friend brought over 18 different pumpkin beers….way too many pumpkin beers (we each tried a shot glass of each). I wouldn’t over do it with the pumpkin ones, just stick to schlafley thats the best one

  • Really sad news that Father John Payne, Head of School at the Ellington School for the Arts has passed away. Father Payne worked at Ellington for 20 years. He was passionate about the school, and a tireless advocate for the students and teachers. He also lived in Petworth, and part of the school has been temporarily moved to the Meyer campus on 11th and Clifton while the gtown building undergoes renovations. This is just a devastating loss for the community.

  • Rave: Long Weekend ahead
    Rave: Army Ten Miler on Sunday 🙂
    Rave: Taste of DC on Sunday 🙂
    Rant: Rain expected on Sunday 🙁

  • Rant: Litterbugs, brazen jaywalkers, and other scofflaws and miscreants.
    Rant: Winter is coming.
    Rave: Upcoming three-day weekend.

    • I’m with you on your first rant, ambivalent on the second, and envious of your rave since I have work Monday.

      • If it makes you feel any better, I used to work in a non-federal job where we didn’t get Presidents’ Day, Columbus Day, or Veterans’ Day off, and I referred to them enviously as “bogus federal holidays.”

        • Or as my Mom used to say when I worked for a hospital: ” Is this another one of those holidays that you don’t get?”

  • Rant; Cannot but a home right now due to not enough job history.
    Rave: Temp roommate wants to stay for another 6 months. He is the nicest most polite guy I’ve ever met.
    Rave: Quit my second part-time job.
    Rave: More free time!
    Rave: Big martial arts tournament tomorrow. I’ve put in a lot of time and effort improving my game plan, and I feel good about my chances for 2 gold medals.
    Rant/rave: Lots of women from my school, so we might have to fight each other early on, but could sweep the divisions.

  • Rave: Lots of good cooking ideas this week have inspired me to try some new things this weekend, rainy days make it even easier.
    Rave/Rant: Figured out why I’m feeling a little aimless, for a long time I was always making sure I was trying something new to stretch myself and it’s been months since I did that. Now I just need to figure out what. Considering improv but I hate the idea of a public performance.

  • Mike

    Rave: officially survived my first semester of night school while working full time. Grades are high, none of my clients got deported, and I’m still standing. Maybe I CAN do this?
    Rave: Tomorrow will mark ONE FULL YEAR of home ownership in DC. I’m sure the house will celebrate by doing something cute and clever, like imploding. Yeeeey.
    Rant: Do any *truly* scary Halloween attractions exist anymore? I saw the suggestions for Markoff’s and Frau Mueller, but articles and reviews that I’ve found are somewhat less than enthusiastic. Or maybe I was spoiled by the attractions of the 90s in upstate NY where people could jump out and grab you or run around screaming with chainsaws and take one of your shoes and never give it back, ever.

  • Rave: Omg the sloppy Joe biscuit at Eatsplace this morning. I am so excited about this place.
    Rave: a weekday out with the kids, and it’s not raining, yet.
    Rant : squirrels (or rats?) ate off a chunk of my beautiful orange/green/red fairytale pumpkin from Trader Joe’s.

  • Rave: bathroom vanity selected and ordered. When it came down to it I only had two choices, so I chose the cheaper one, but I’m very excited for storage space.
    Rave: I almost never shop at Old Navy, but they offer a lot of their shirts in Tall, so I got two plaid flannel ones (basic much?) for $14 a piece. They are so long!!!
    Rant: I don’t get Columbus Day off…
    Rave: but I am taking it off!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Depressed. Headache from holding emotion in check.
    Rant/Revel: Got tired of waiting for Mr. Squid to make a decision, so I went ahead and booked flights and lodgings for Portland & Seattle at the end of the month. Going for a shorter time to save some money.
    Revel: Visiting friends that don’t care that you haven’t vacuumed your house.
    Revel: Visiting friends that will go to the renaissance festival with you, dress up, and drink and be silly. Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow.

    • skj84

      Have fun at the RenFaire tomorrow! What are you dressing as?

      • GiantSquid

        Not quite noble, so bourgeois, like the wife of a cloth merchant. White blouse, bodice, full skirt, petticoat, tall hat with feathers.

        • skj84

          Fun! I like doing a variation on a pirate. Corset, Jacket and bustled skirt over leggings if its cool. Plus boots. I don’t have a cool hat with feathers though. I did PA’s Renfaire last month, I do want to get to MD before the season is over!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I give up. Evey one I work with a moron and cannot follow directions.
    Rave: Bring on the distraction.

    • Tell me about it. Yesterday I got an email asking for 3 pieces of info. My 2-line reply was, “X, Y, and I don’t know Z but so-and-so has the info.” EIGHT increasingly frantic emails later I had retyped (or eventually, pasted) the same info to the same person multiple times. And it wasn’t complicated information, it was a name, a price, and an account number.

      • Emmaleigh504

        On this latest form with no date, the person put their Building and Office number as A26. We do not have an A26. What is wrong with people? He also expects me to somehow translate some chinese article. I’m not sure where he got the idea I know chinese. Sure, I’m part chinese, but I don’t speak it. I hate people.

    • Mike

      Ditto. Just got a draft of a letter from a horribly disappointing paralegal – replaced names with dates: “Mr. October 10, 2014 will be employed in the position of…”
      Brilliant and avant-garde; the best work I’ve received from him thus far.

    • LOL you are funny

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Was this week’s episode of “The MindyProject” really about b*ttt sex? They sure weren’t MSP.

  • Rave: moving into our permanent apartment in Capitol Hill in Seattle tomorrow! I cannot wait as living in short term rentals/airbnbs for past 5 weeks has been exhausting.

    Rant: having a really hard time adjusting to Seattle. Everything is just so different. People walk slow, buses suck, it’s so hard to get anywhere on public transportation, and the amount of homeless folk is just mind blowing.

    Rave: Popville for my daily DC fix.

  • Rant: Coworker cc’d my boss on a complaining email. It was totally unneccessary and could have been dealt with in a simple conversation.
    Rant: Hadn’t heard back from someone for 2 weeks despite sending emails and calling. I emailed her boss and now she contacts me. I feel bad but hey, what am I supposed to do?
    Rave: Only 4 more hours until I get to stop dealing with work emails.

    • skj84

      ugh on your first rant. I don’t understand why people just can’t deal with issues like adults. I had someone file a complaint about me to my managers about an issue I didn’t even know was happening. If she had talked to me about it I would’ve been understanding. Instead I got blindsided by management. Our relationship took downturn after that.

      • The only good that came out of it was I went to her office and fixed it all. My boss now thinks she a drama queen so ultimately it backfired on her. Karma!

  • Rant – Car needs work again. I’ve had this car for years with no problems, and now suddenly everything is breaking down.
    Rave – I’m home from work travel!
    Rant – In shock over how expensive it is to have a wedding. I just want to get married and party!

    • Is it a Volkswagen by any chance, having issues with electronics?

    • epric002

      RE your 2nd rant- then do just that. have a small wedding, and then separately throw a party. you can even do them in the same day, but don’t have to. we had a 21-person (including us and 6mo old niece) wedding in april, took everyone out to dinner that night, and had a big party later that summer.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 I went to a friends wedding that was only 10 people at her parent’s house. Very intimate and very sweet. Then after they had a huge party and invited possibly the entire world.

      • We did something similar. And as a bonus, if you have the reception/party separately, you don’t have to tell the vendors it’s a wedding and pay the crazy wedding prices.

  • Rave: 3 day weekend!
    Rave: Moving Monday, excited for new place. Well, excited to be settled into the new place… not so excited about the moving process…
    Not really a rant, just sad: Saw my ex last night. He wanted to catch up and see how I was doing. He’s definitely been struggling with the anxiety/depression that made him break up with me in the first place, tough to see. He is very determined that he has to sort things out on his own still. He said he would like to see me from time to time, but I told him it’s not something I can handle. Can’t quite hit the no contact button yet though, especially when he is having such a hard time. Just very sad all around…

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