Props to the Cops – 10 Guns Recovered from a car on 11th Street in Columbia Heights – Three Arrested

From MPD:

“On today’s date [Friday], at approximately 5:30 pm, members of your 3D VICE Unit were conducting Interdiction Operations in the 3100 block of 11th Street, NW when they stopped a vehicle which was found to be transporting numerous illegal and unregistered firearms.

Recovered were a total of ten (10) illegal firearms, to include handguns, assault rifles and shotguns. Three adults were arrested and charged with various Firearm Trafficing offenses.

At this time we believe these illegal firearms were being possessed and intended to be illicitly sold on the streets of DC.”

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  • Wow! I saw the police holding a VERY large gun there. Crazy

  • This kind of news scares the hell out of me. We all know of the street crews, drug trade, thievery, thuggery, even the knock out game, but thugs with an arsenal in the heart of our city is just awful.

    What’s worse is soon packing heat will actually be legal. America and its gun problem!

    Props to the cops big time for such an interdiction campaign!

    • Packing heat will be legal for a select few: domestic violence victims, victims of stalking, etc. Whether guns are legal or not criminals will always gets them just like this: go buy guns in a lax state and bring them back here to sell for a premium. We certainly have a gun problem, but it’s more along the lines of needing comprehensive background checks and more raids like this one.

  • It’s a close call to be honest.

  • Saturday night at about midnight, we saw 3-4 police cars and quite a few guys being cuffed at this same corner. Could be related, no idea? (we were just driving by)
    Glad they’re doing something though as a neighbor!

  • This is scary as hell. Wish I had more confidence in the police, but haven’t really had good expericem with them actually doing policing.

  • I just want to point out that this story involves MPD officers doing solid police work and removing 10 guns from the street. It would seem as though that wasn’t clear from these comments. And for the guy who’s concerned about spelling. I’d rather stop a homicide than spell it “homocide.”

  • A huge thank you to the cops. I hope they were also able to attain warrants and search these guys’ homes. Who knows what else they have.

  • Grateful that the MPD has been doing such amazing work of late. Keep it up MPD!

  • I’ve read this 3 times and haven’t seen anything that would suggest the writer is “illiterate” or even made a spelling error. What am I missing?

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