Ontario 17 Rising in Adams Morgan – Anyone Hear Scuttlebutt about the Retail?

17th and Columbia Road, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve noticed that there has been some significant progress in the construction of the Ontario 17 building on 17th and Columbia. Do you know if there’s been any discussion about what retail may go in the first floor of the building? According to the building plans, it looks like there’s room for 5 different outlets.”

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  • Please let it not be more banks and cell phone stores…

    • Banks aren’t all that bad (although they’re kind of boring), but I agree about the cell phone stores.

  • Emmaleigh504

    We need a bra store!

  • Yes, Emilie yes!

  • hoping for a teds bulletin but Im guessing its too close to the 14th street ones. A comet ping pong would actually do well there. Lots of kids in the area and they could have shows at night, but guessing that’d be too loud for apartments above. Perhaps the hilton brothers are ready to open an adams morgan bar.

    • comet would be dope! guessing it’ll be mostly large corporations as rent will hinder local shops like in a lot of DC hoods.

    • I wonder if that would mean returning the Comet sign to its original neighborhood?
      R.I.P. Comet Liquor and Deli (and “Mr. Sid”).

  • Also wouldnt be the worst thing if the Yes! Market further down on columbia moved from their cramped quarters to either this location or the condo retail at the old exxon station to open a larger store. Or any organic grocery for that matter. A Moms Organic would be nice.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That would be the worst thing! Then I’d have to go to Safeway when I just need to pick up milk and noccoilata and their lines are awful! The tiny Yes is close to home and no lines!

      • agree. the yes needs to stay where it is. i’d rather have them stay close than be bigger but farther away. people already have the safeway AND harris teeter on that side of 18th.

    • I would like to see Yes! in a larger location. Or a Mom’s. Some organic location. But I agree with others–not a bank and not another freaking cell phone store.

  • Everybody’s doing wood frame mega-buildings, it worries me greatly… Hopefully the mandatory sprinkler systems will prevent serious building fires 🙁

    • You must be a structural engineer! Tell us more about the material sciences and the safety of wood framing you have studied so much…

      • Seriously, it’s like there aren’t strict building codes that are agreed upon by engineering experts from around the world. It’s called the International Building Code, tells you exactly how to build buildings like this safely. And the real issue with fires isn’t the wood- it’s the drywall, which goes up in flames much, much faster than the wood. And there’s drywall in steel frame buildings also.

        • Your resident firefighter here. DCJoe – you have it backwards. Drywall (gypsum board) is usually fire rated, and can be used in Type-II/Type-III construction to help protect certain components against fire and heat. Normal gypsum board (these days) is usually rated at 30 minutes of protection – you can get thicker panels that are uprated as well. While the paper will burn off quickly, the actual gypsum board will stay intact for far longer than wood. The lightweight wood trusses in these places can only withstand typical fire heat for a few minutes before failure can start – once the truss connectors heat up (metal) they aren’t worth shit, and if one truss plate fails on a component that has 200+, the entire truss is compromised and you’ll find us sounding it and moving really slowly to prevent us from falling through the floor.

          In summary: gypsum board good! Lightweight wood trusses/framing: shitty. If it wasn’t for the gypsum board and sprinkler systems that these types of buildings require, we wouldn’t really enter any wood frame building. In fact, if this building was under construction and didn’t have any of the gypsum board installed, I’d be willing to bet that IC wouldn’t even send us in.

          • Wow – thanks for the explanation – I’m pretty fire savvy, but still most of us have no idea how buildings work.

          • thanks for that. always wondered the same and I’m far from a ‘structural engineer’

          • Ohhhhh burn!

            I too am shocked at how crappy these new buildings are and fires are a real concern not to mention that we are moving backwards in durability from the days of cement and brick.

    • The safety concerns are paramount obviously, but who in their right mind would spend $500K on a condo when you can hear your neighbors above, below, and beside your apartment? Is it just cheap developers trying to save some money taking advantage of uneducated buyers? DC building code should be amended to require concrete on multi-family housing above a certain size.

  • That block will always hold a special place in my heart, since it was the location of the (thus far) only time I’ve ever been attacked in DC. Someone jumped out from behind a car and punched me in the throat while i was on my bike. Almost exactly two years ago. Nice little neighborhood

  • Beat me to it. Have been collecting photos for a week to send in to PoP but now that dream is crushed 🙁

  • The developers had been talking to a grocer but the grocer is not expanding in the DC area now. So we are still waiting…

    • That’s gotta be TJs. They are super cautious to invest money in a market. I’m sure they’d rather get people in AdMo/Mt.P to drive to 14th/U than cannabalize that business with another store.

  • I just want the developers to stop putting Condo Signs in all the tree boxes, up and down Columbia. I am happy they stopped trying to put them on Calvert… but still

  • brookland_rez

    Looks like a good spot for an Urban Outfitters.

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