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  • Not that I care, but anyone else find it odd that the faces depicted are all brown? I’ve got to think that if all the faces were white, there would be criticism (and rightly so). Like I said, I don’t care about these things (i.e., forced diversity), but I know many others do.

    • The faces depicted are of kids who live nearby, in Sursum Corda, and who helped the artists paint this mural.

    • The faces are by an artist out of L.A. as part of the 5×5 program (the one that put trash in an Anacostia storefront). He said that this was a statement against gentrification and designed to showcase the people who used to live there before they were pushed out. Of course it’s a bunch of BS because nobody ever lived at the corner of 1st & N, and Sursum Corda is certainly still there!

      The triangles are a completely different project by a different artist, and was paid for by local developer JBG.

      • I know this is not what you’re talking about, but people actually did live there decades ago. Before they built Union Station and tore up the neighborhood, the area was home to a lot of poor Irish immigrants.

      • This conversation will end well.

  • I think these are cool and well done. Does anyone know who commissioned them?

  • Is there some significance to the lion motif in DC? I see it around a lot, particularly in the concrete lion sculptures out in front of several homes in Columbia Heights and Petworth.

  • I know I’m probably missing some grand artistic statement but that geometric design on the parking garage (?) is really, really cool.

  • The people who used to live there before they were pushed out? You mean the white Irish folks? Or am I missing something.

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