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The Curse of Frau Mueller, Gravensteen Haunted House at 50 Florida Ave, NE

Halloween in DC:

“Some friends of mine and I want to do a real haunted trail this year for Halloween – we were hoping for something with a trail, hayride, even a bonfire if possible. So that’s definitely outside of DC, but does anyone know of anything fun that’s an hour away or less? Thanks!”

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  • justinbc

    check out Markoff’s Haunted Forest

  • in high school my friends and i used to go to a haunted forest out in poolesville. may be a little more than an hour to get there, it was called markoff’s forest and it looks like it’s still around. i cant guarantee that it might not be a little juvenile, but i remember going there when i was 17 and having a good time. You could also always go out to Burkittsville, MD and talk to the locals about the person the blair witch project was based on. scared the crap out of me when i was little

    • me again. wow i just checked out the website and it looks like they’ve expanded and added some awesome new things since i was in high school. which i hadn’t moved away from dc!

    • There was no person the Blair Witch Project was based on. The whole thing was made up.

      I wish Goatman Hollow was still around.

  • Gravensteen haunted Productions present ‘The Curse of Frau Mueller’ is the only Haunted House attraction inside the beltway. Over 40,000 square feet on 3 floors of scares waiting for you. Located one block from the New York / Noma Metro and on-site parking is available.

    Based off the terrifying tale of Frau Helga Mueller, a German immigrant to DC in the late 1800’s. Local children turned up missing in the fall of 1913 and their dead bodies were found in Frau Mueller’s hut that stood on the site of this warehouse. Written in blood were the words, “Ich komme zuruch”, which means I will be back in German. Frau Mueller was never found, but every 20 years or so some spooky tragedy has occurred in the neighborhood that has been attributed to her and her curse. It is 2014 and she is back.. Come see this live experience in terror for yourself.

    Located at 50 Florida Ave, NE Washington DC 20002. This is an ALL INDOOR EVENT INCLUDING THE QUEUE AREA, so rain or shine you will be dry.

    • Sorry dude. I attended this last weekend and it wasn’t that great. Hopefully it gets better/more involved as the 31st approaches.

  • The Curse of Frau Mueller, in D.C. is a very big surprise adn very scary. I can’t beleive this is the beltway; so easy to get to. I used the NoMa station and walked about 5 min up Florida Ave.

  • Markoff’s is where it’s at. Definitely nothing juvenile about it anymore. I HIGHLY recommend buying your tickets online before you go because the line to buy them there can be upwards of an hour. The ticket is only your entry to the forest. The hayride and maze, etc. are extra, but the bonfires are free. And definitely do yourself a favor and get one of the cheeseburgers from the concession stand. De-licious!

    • I forgot about the food. Apparently the meat is all raised on the farm (or nearby). I was expecting sysco quality, but it was shockingly good!

  • Go to Burketsville, Md. That’s where the Blair Witch Project took place. Then for the scary part continue on to Charleston Casino and people watch

  • maxwell smart

    related discussion: what/where to go on actually Halloween in DC? Was looking forward to going out this year and then noticed that most parties, etc. are the weekend before.

  • Bennetts Curse is also decent. Markoffs is number 1

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