Shooting in the 4800 block of 7th Street, NW

From MPD:

“On September 21, 2014, at approximately 12:05AM police responded to a call for sounds of gunshots in the 4800 block of 7th Street, Northwest. Police arrived and found complainant suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Complainant was transported to hospital and treated by medical staff. At this time the complainant has non-life threatening injuries.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”


“Last night at approximately 12:00am, the Metropolitan Police Department responded to reports of gunshots in the 4800 block of 7th Street NW (near Decatur & Crittenden Streets NW). An adult male was found suffering from gunshot wounds to the face and attempted to transport himself to the hospital. The complainant was transported to the hospital and MPD is still waiting to interview him. At this time, the complainant has non-life threatening injustices. Update to follow accordingly.

Shayne Wells
Office of Councilmember Muriel Bowser”

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  • And what is councilwoman bowser doing abou this? It seems to happen very month now within a few blocks of this location yet there is no sign of active policing. I don’t have high hopes for mayor bowser when she can’t even get her own ward safe.

    • Isn’t that sort of like blaming the doctor when a patient shows up sick? Community policing falls in the wheelhouse of the police chief and the 4-D Commander. It seems like a reach to say that Muriel is responsible for this somehow…especially given all the progress that Petworth has seen in recent years. I’m gonna guess that your motive for posting this is more politial .

      • My motive for posting this is that I live right by here and there are shootings all the time. Sure I’ll blame the chief and commander too, but if a councilperson can’t do anything to get their own ward figured out, what hope do we have that they will figure it out when they are mayor? I’m frustrated and seeing no plan for solving any of it from any politicians, particularly the one with her campaign office a few blocks away on Georgia.

    • I’m no fan of Bowser, but that is a stretch. Really, you don’t need to go that far to try to find failings of Bowser in her own Ward.

    • Don’t like shootings? Don’t move to the ‘hood.
      Even I’m voting for Catania, but a random shooting on a Sunday night can’t be pinned to any single person.
      If that’s the case, then let’s try a little experiment that makes as much sense: “And what is President Obama doing abou this? It seems to happen very month now within a few blocks of this location yet there is no sign of active policing. I don’t have high hopes for President Obama when she can’t even get the Nation’s Capitol safe.”

      • Except Obama is the leader of a nation, and not responsible for oversight of local policing. While I kind of hope my council member takes an active role in setting local law enforcement policies. But good analogy though.

      • Have you been in that neighborhood? It’s definitely not the hood. Unless, I suppose, your point of reference is Friendship Heights.

  • Lovely. This happened steps from my house, and we definitely heard around a dozen shots rapidly fired through our back window. Time was closer to 12:45 am. We were surprised to not hear police sirens within minutes of the shots, given shot tracker and normal police reaction time to it. Also surprising how the area was “dead” quiet immediately afterwards… yelling, cars squeeling,… made me think that maybe it was just firecrackers. However, the cops were out this morning.

    • Agreed. I heard about 13 shots in two bursts right at 12:40 AM.

    • The guys in the houses on the alley between Crittenden and Decatur put off firecrackers all the time. It’s so frustrating to figure out if the police need to be called, or it’s just a false alarm.

    • Accountering

      I hate to say this, but did you call 911? Agree with Not a fed below, call every time. That is their job, and they will sort it out.

  • This sh*t’s crazy–went down about two blocks from my house. How does someone get shot in the face several times and live to tell it?!! Moreover, what did this person do to get someone so upset that he/she would shoot the victim several times in the face?!!

  • Is there any update on this event? It occurred not too far from my house as friends were leaving from a dinner party. A previous poster inquired to the whereabouts of police presence – where are the MPD vehicles that parked themselves on Sherman Circle? Gun fire with victims deserves a greater police presence.

    • They’ve started only parking themselves on the Circle between 5pm and 9pm three times a week. Usually once a shooting like this happens, they’ll start to park themselves later. I’ve never seen one past 11pm on my three years of living on the circle. Just give it a couple of days. (I hope)

  • “non-life threatening injustices”? Oh that requires some analysis….

  • Here is the contact information and bio for the Fourth District Commander. I plan on calling Commander Chisley-Missouri’s office and ask what’s being done to make this a safer area.

    “My name is Kimberly Chisley-Missouri and effective November 20, 2009, I became the Commanding Officer of the Fourth District.

    I am humbly privileged and honored to have come full circle and return home. I initially became a product of this area in 1971 when my parents bought a home and settled here; where they remain to this day. Later, when I was promoted to Sergeant, my first assignment was in this very District.

    Since I believe in fostering strong partnerships with the community, I am always open to new ideas and suggestions. Accordingly, I look forward to working and rekindling acquaintances with local residents, business owners and visitors. My office number is (202) 715-7500.

    My goal is to ensure that the Fourth District continues as a thriving, prominent area of our great city and a safe place for us all.”

  • Remember Neil! Dude only got 42!

  • Will only get worse now that our insane judicial branch is forcing us to allow open-carry idiots in the District.

    • So you think some of the criminals in the area are going to go through the licensing process to get more guns now? It’s not going to change a thing.
      Unless there are some urban cowboys out looking to be Mr. Vigilante who think this is northern Florida. But they won’t last long either.

      • “So you think some of the criminals in the area are going to go through the licensing process to get more guns now? It’s not going to change a thing.”
        It saddens me that you even had to explain this logical conclusion to the OP. Jesus.

    • Your comment is completly inaccurate. First, open carry won’t be allowed. Second, concealed carry will be highly regulated and the people willing to go through the licensing process won’t be criminals.

  • Is there any more info to this? Any insight into whether it random shooting where a Petworth resident was shot as they were out for a walk, or something more specific – drug deal, both parties knew each other, etc.

    • Even if the police know this kind of information, they’re usually not at liberty to say (unless it’s a clear case of a mugging gone wrong or something along those lines). At the Police Service Area meeting immediately following the fatal shooting at Quebec and Warder, the detective told the attendees that the police were investigating but couldn’t say anything yet.

  • As asinine as it sounds – I hope they put those bright lamps throughout the streets. The moment you leave the circle towards Decatur, the lights are really old and it’s almost pitch black in the surrounding streets.

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