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  • justinbc

    Same owners doing a reboot, or totally new operation? I thought Tel’Veh was pretty decent, and maybe a bit under utilized by the neighborhood.

  • What a shame, although not a huge surprise. Tel’Veh was one of my go-to brunch spots (and everyone I brought there loved it too) but I could never figure out why it was always so empty.

    • I think almost most businesses in that vicinity have a difficult time. Sure there are people around that live there, but not much other traffic I would guess. Wasn’t Buddha Bar around here too? And it closed.

      • I use this excuse with Carving Room a lot (which has great food btw), but then I see Wise Guys next door is always busy. And Sixth Engine, where I’ve had a couple of subpar meals, always draws crowds. Seems to be no rhyme or reason.

      • buddha bar was at least a decade too late.

      • I think most of the traffic comes from the people that work there, as opposed to people living there. I had a great dinner date at Tel’veh once. Food/service/wine was excellent.

    • I’ve never been but it seemed like a huge space. Rent couldn’t have been very affordable. Even if just people from the vicinity came, it should draw a decent crowd. All the buildings around there are pretty big.

  • If I’d known, I’d have stopped by before Tel V’eh closed. I generally liked the place. Good food. I am a vegetarian and a neighbor, and I love Mediterranean food so it’s a plus that at least some similar cuisine will be served there. I wish the new management good luck!

  • I just stopped by. They gave each of us a generous portion of bread, hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, a spicy red sauce, lamb and Balava. This was easily $15 worth of food for free. It was delicious and the staff were very friendly. Oh and free wine. We each had 2 glasses. FREE. I’ll be back.

  • I liked Tel’veh, but if this food is also good that will be exciting. The signage makes the restaurant look a lot less…classier, though.

  • Only thing I compare about: will there still be a bottomless brunch?

  • Keep working ,impressive job! kdbgdgfedgae

  • Well that didn’t last long… Rudy’s is out and Tel Veh is back in.


    I guess Rudy’s was more of an unplanned pop up? Maybe good wines are coming back… hopefully with better food that isn’t overpriced this time around.

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