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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant/Rave: I think Donna wants a friend. She always tries to go to work with me. Maybe she just wants to go to work with me and would hate a friend? Maybe I just want her to have a friend. I can’t decide!
    Rant: waiting for a phone call before I can start work.
    Rave: getting to goof off until I get the phone call!

    • Maybe you could try doing a temporary foster, to see how (if?) she gets along with other cats?

      • Emmaleigh504

        She’s going to visit my sister’s cats in a few weeks, so I can see how she does with them before I fail at fostering a cat πŸ™‚ I really should wait until after my trip to adopt another cat. Don’t want to get one and then leave for 2 weeks.

        • Just keep in mind that they may not like each other right away. I had my mom keep my two furballs for about a year when I was between houses and at first my two and her two hated each other. The hissing stopped after about a week and a month later there were constant three-cat pileups on the couch. Her old lady cat only made it to the acceptance stage, but that suited the rest of them just fine.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Oh I know! My last cat is forever called “the bully” at their house b/c according to them she beat up their cat. But I was there too! Francesca provoked Ashlee! There house is also big enough for the cats to be separated and still be able to hang out with humans.
            Now if Donna doesn’t like a cat I get for her, my apartment is not that big. This is why I hesitate. She’s really laid back now, but you never know.

          • I love the description “constant three-cat pileups on the couch.”

  • rave: new crush?
    rant: nervous now about attending the next hh.

  • I saw a lot of people wearing all white yesterday evening around 5:45pm at the Gallery Pl metro. Many of them were carrying white foldout chairs. They even had leaders holding up signs so everyone could follow them. I thought it may have been a wedding, but everyone was wearing white (t-shirts to dresses). Anyone know what was happening?

  • Rant: Batsh*t crazy lady in a Volvo weaving in and out of traffic coming down Georgia this morning. I was stopped behind like three other cars and she was honking at me to go faster, she pulled into the parking lane at a stop light and cut in front of another car at the intersection before the light even turned green, she’d speed up just to have to slam on the brakes when other cars stopped at the yellow light she thought everyone should be running through so she could make it, etc.
    Revel: She got stuck behind a truck turning left into an alley near Howard. I totally pointed and did the Nelson-style “HA HA!” as I drove past her.

  • Rant:Will someone explain to me why didn’t McDonnell take the deal. He could have avoided thousands in legal fees, and most of all kept his dignity.

    • justinbc

      I don’t think he had any dignity left to preserve, so maybe that’s why.

    • ego got in the way? felt like he was invincible? thought he could charm the jury?

      i think powerful/famous people who find themselves in similar situations think they’re above the law and they will never get punished because they are so powerful/famous.

    • He was hoping his wife would take all the flak and he would come out looking spotless.

      • Emmaleigh504

        that was so gross. what an upstanding, Christian, family man.

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        They both deserve each other. Look for a “reconciliation” soon.

        • As much as I think she’s made some pretty poor decisions, I think he’s the one who comes out looking worse in terms of their relationship. He used her so much for political gain and as soon as he could he threw her under the bus. I think she deserves the guilty verdict, but she’s not the wretch he makes her out to be.

    • If you truly believe you are innocent, standing up in court and admitting to a felony – no matter the benefits of that course of action – is a monumentally difficult task. Some people can’t make that leap; some people could make that leap but choose to stand on principle. Hind sight is always 20/20. But unless you have been asked to admit to a crime you did not commit, I would not be so quick to condemn his decision, nor speculate on exactly what you would have done in his place.

      • This is in reply to Moon.

        • Thank you for a very thoughtful response. I wonder if given the choice to plead guilty or go to court with such a lame defense, what would I do?

      • Accountering

        Well, based on the evidence and the fact that the jury convicted on virtually everything, I don’t think we need to speculate about on “admit to a crime you did not commit.” It’s quite clear at this point he did commit the crime, he just didn’t think he did, which IMO goes back to his EGO, and thinking he is bulletproof/above the law..
        Too bad Bob, you aren’t above the law, and I look forward to the day you report to prison to begin serving your time.

        • I said if “you truly believe you are innocent.” And in a case such as this, where the crime has a very slippery definition, he may have truly believed what he did was not illegal. Its not as if there was a dead body. So the Jury found him guilty, doesn’t change the fact that in this type of case he could of gone in and believed he did nothing wrong, and that makes it very difficult to plead guilty.

          • Accountering

            Agree completely. Like I said, “he didn’t think he did, which IMO goes back to his EGO, and thinking he is bulletproof/above the law..”

          • No in this case the definitions of the actual crime are very fuzzy, were the subject of lots if litigation, will be the basis for appeal, and have been found to be sufficiently vague as to be the basis for a new trial. It may have been ego, but that is far from the only plausible explanation.

          • Accountering

            Fair enough – will leave the legal stuff to you, but I certainly feel, based on what I know of the case, that he took liberties that he should have known were improper bordering on criminal.

          • I think McDonnell’s team erroneously concluded that the Feds thought had had a crappy case when they offered McDonnell the sweetheart plea deal, and McDonnell was emboldened by this. Yes, he’s got an appealable issue in the breadth of some of the jury instructions, but the beautiful irony of it is that the conservative Republican Fourth Circuit is the last place you want to appeal a criminal conviction. If I were Bob, I’d be getting ready for that prison Bible study group that he will no doubt be joining.

          • I believe that his convictions will be upheld. And, in this case, the jury instructions may have been just definite enough to survive an appeal. I do find it interesting, however, that everyone believes so strongly in a statute that gives federal prosecutors free reign to charge crimes for actions that most politicians, federal and state, take on an almost daily basis. Mr. McDonnell’s may have been larger in scope or degree than some, but on this theory of prosecution, most of congress could go to jail.

    • Did you guys see how he signed a law that denies pensions for convicted felons? “Instant karma’s gonna get you..”

    • Didn’t the deal include pleading guilty to one count? That would have made him a convicted felon which screws his political career. I think he decided he could shoot the moon (so to speak) and get off entirely, maybe counting on his wife bearing the brunt of the punishment. Clearly didn’t work.

  • Not a rant or a rave, but I had a dream that a Seinfeld pinball machine existed. I doubt they ever really did, but it would be a cool game!

  • Rant: White House Farmers Market. Too many food stands, not enough produce.

    • Ugh – I just moved back from the uK and I was frustrated by the abundance of prepared food stands at farmer’s markets. Markets need produce – not just hot foods!

    • Rave: Meg, for saving me the trip. Thanks for the heads up.

    • They have had anywhere from 3 to 5 produce stands when I have visited it — about the same amount as the MTP farmers market. I really like that they have food stands there.

      • I’m not saying the food stands don’t look delicious, but the purpose (originally) for a farmers was to display and sell fresh produce from local farms. That’s the beauty of them.

        • All of the so-called farmers’ markets I’ve ever seen on/near the National Mall seem to be mainly food stands, with a few produce stands.
          This doesn’t particularly bother me, since I’m more in the market for prepared food than for produce, but I agree that calling them “farmers’ markets” is a bit questionable.

        • I actually really like this market, and have bought produce there a few times. Since it’s only open at lunchtime, I’ll go, grab a lunch (which is far fresher and of better quality than anything else near my office) and pick up some produce from the stands for dinner. It works well for me.

  • Bear

    Rant: Insomnia. Have slept horribly all week – it’s like having a constant hangover. No fun.
    Rant: Still have not heard about two separate proposals that are past the time when they should have been awarded. My boss doesn’t want us starting on anything else until we have word on at least one of them, because we’re a small team and he doesn’t want us to be over-stretched. I am so bored. Hopefully we’ll hear something today, this client like to send official notices on Friday afternoons.
    Rave: No plans for the weekend, thankfully. The last few weekends have been busy and fun, but I am in desperate need of some down time. The only thing I want to accomplish is putting up some kind of chicken wire around my tomato plants – the squirrels discovered them and now I have piles of half-eaten green tomatoes all over the yard. Grrrrr.

    • I know what you mean about insomnia. For me it’s more like I sleep for a couple of hours, wake up and fade into and out of sleep. I ended up getting up at 5 this morning because I was exhausted but couldn’t get back to sleep. Once I get back to routine – regular exercise, no more sleeping late during three day weekends, etc. I’ll be all right. I’m doing a century ride at the end of this month and I have to start doing weekend training rides again!

    • I hear you on the insomnia, I’ve had it since I was a kid and have not found a solution for it. Sometimes moving to the couch or a different bedroom (if you have it) helps. I also read a lot of wikipedia articles.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I just got a new, fancy, ergonomic pillow to see if it would help my insomnia some. I used it last night and slept really well! It helped me get comfortable so I could stay asleep. Now I just need to figure out how to turn my brain off πŸ™‚ Good luck with yours!

      • Bear

        Turning the brain off is the hardest part. I resort to taking ambien from time to time if it’s been multiple nights of bad sleep, but then I feel groggy the next day. I also think our HVAC doesn’t work too well upstairs – it’s a lot hotter in our room than it is downstairs, where the living room is. I have a hard time sleeping when it’s too warm.

        • Emmaleigh504

          cold is supposed to help with sleep. part of the falling asleep process is your body temp dropping. perhaps a fan? with bonus white noise?
          I know so much stuff about falling asleep and yet most of it doesn’t work for me. I hope the pillow really does work and I wasn’t just exhausted enough to sleep through the night. I’m trying to hold off on Rx help for a little longer (mostly b/c I’m lazy and don’t want to see my doctor again).

      • I reach for Ambien when I can’t sleep but take 1/2 tablet – just enough to get to sleep but I don’t wake up groggy.
        Have you tried yoga nidra or other relaxation exercise before going to sleep?

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I am a big fan of melatonin, especially when I’m traveling and staying in a strange place (hotel). It does give me super weird colorful dreams. But no groggy after effects.

        • Bear

          I can only take 1/3 – 1/2. If I took a whole pill I’d be a mess! Part of the problem is taking it too late – like, it’s 1:00 AM and I can tell I’m in for a long night if I don’t take something. So I just do it and deal with the consequences. Unfortunately melatonin doesn’t do anything for me.

      • what’s the pillow? I need a new one, too!

    • Sorry about the lack of sleep – work stress perhaps?
      I hope you hear soon from the clients – such a bummer to put so much effort and then be strung along waiting for decisions!
      PS – remember me? We nearly met up on the same flight out of Uganda/Rwanda a few years back! Hope all is well!

      • Bear

        I do remember you! What are your post-grad school plans? That was too funny, a POPville near-meet up on a flight in East Africa – very random. And yes, work stress is part of it – trying to build a new program area here, and it’s not exactly the easiest thing to do. Especially when my boss is one of those types who likes to talk a lot about what should be done but doesn’t actually do anything. And it’s just the two of us at the moment. Talk about pressure…

        • Post-grad plans right now are diving into the job search! It’s tough out there…
          A big congrats on the new program area work – what a wonderful opportunity with rough challenges, I’m sure. I hope you’re enjoying the challenge – best of luck with the proposals.

  • Rant: The canker sores in my mouth are so painful that I can hardly eat, talk and sleep. Does anybody out there have a solution? No doctor has been able to give me one πŸ™

    Rave: Finally Friday!!!

    • Gargle salt water?

    • yes on the salt water (warm) – and you can use honey as a pain reliever. it’s kind of annoying to apply, but it does work!

    • Campho-phenique has always helped me – hurts like a b*tch to put on but then helps relieve some pain and heal faster. Also, gargling listerine for a bit numbs the area for me sometimes. Canker sores are awful – feel better soon!

    • epric002

      what kind of toothpaste do you use? i used to get them incessantly b/c of the sodium lauryl sulfate in most toothpastes. look for a natural toothpaste and read the label. rembrandt used to have one marketed especially for canker sores, but not sure if they still do. orajel can help until it heals. good luck- they’re awful!

      • I used to get a lot of canker sores. I also switched to a sodium laurel sulfate-free toothpaste, and while I still get some, it definitely helps. I also stopped using alcohol-based mouthwash, not sure if that has helped as well.

        I’m not sure what “natural” toothpaste is. Last I checked, toothpaste doesn’t grow on trees. Sensodyne and other toothpastes for sensitive teeth usually don’t have sodium lauryl sulfate in them. You’ll just have to get used to the taste of old people toothpaste!

        • epric002

          i would consider both kiss my face aloe vera toothpaste, jason healthy mouth toothpaste, and burt’s bees natural toothpaste to be….”natural”.

        • I use Tom’s of Maine toothpaste. I used to dislike it, but now I actually enjoy brushing my teeth. Weird, right? It just feels less harsh than regular toothpaste.

    • houseintherear

      Alum powder. It’s in the spice section at the supermarket. It’s the WORST and then the absolute best.

    • Drinking black or green tea helps. When the teabag is cooled you can apply it directly to the sores. It acts as a pain reliever. I’ve never tried green but black helped me!

    • Switch to a toothpaste that doesn’t have sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – this ingredient can irritate soft tissue.
      Try dissolving an aspirin on the sore for more immediate relief. You could also try clove oil or coconut oil on the sore, and eating plain yogurt.

    • There was a time when I kept getting canker sores on my tongue, which made me really ill-tempered because it hurt to talk.
      On the treatment front, I’d recommend Orajel. I think there’s also something stronger that you can get by prescription.
      On the prevention front: I never knew for sure why I was getting them, but IIRC my doctor recommended that I take vitamins, so I did (for a while) and my recollection is that it helped.

    • If they’re bad enough often enough, you could ask your doctor to prescribe an anti-viral med like Acyclovir. It’s used to treat herpes, and while canker sores are an off-lable use (and some insist it SHOULDN’T work), it made a world of difference to my chronic sores. I had been suffering with them since I was about four years old, and the acyclovir, though it’s a PITA to take, improved my life by a lot.

    • I don’t know why my post got shitcanned, but I’ll summarize.

      Ask your doc for Acyclovir. It is an antiviral medication which changed my life. I used to have canker sores more often than not, since I was about four years old. Since taking a 10 day course of the stuff, haven’t had one in well over a year.

    • I used to get canker sores when I had braces back in the day. This was in the early 90s, so we’re talking about hunks of metal stuck to my teeth…. no fancy schmancy Invisalign. My orthodontist would give me a special oral wax to cover the brackets of my braces. If you think your teeth may be the problem, perhaps you can use this kind of wax to stick between your teeth and your gums? I know it’s not a solution to finding the root of your problem, but it might offer temporary relief. Also, +1 to the warm salt water.

    • ask your doc for a scrip for kenalog in orabase. if you can’t get to a doc, you can buy orabase (without the kenalog) OTC. it’s a paste that turns into a weird colloid gel that will create a barrier/seal over your sores and give you pain relief. the kenalog speeds healing.
      i used to get canker sores all the time as a kid (apparently i suck at chewing) and always kept a tube of this stuff handy.

    • Rinse with peroxide and try chewing cloves – which have an anesthetic quality.

  • I tried a little butter in my coffee this morning (after reading yesterdays R&R about the many uses of coconut oil leading to a discussion of butter coffee/tea).
    Verdict – my coffee will continue to be butterless.
    Rave: Two ripe melons from my garden. My garden is still hauling!
    After not seeing the alley kitty for a few days, it walked past me like it belonged. I’m putting out food but can’t tell if the cat is eating it – or the squirrels. I still have thoughts of (eventually) bring it inside

    • Emmaleigh504

      Just leave your door open! My parents got one of their cats by mom letting my cat inside from playing outside. Mike Foggerty, a huge grey tabby was mistaken for my medium sized siamese, wtf om! He walked into the house and and made himself right at home. He was a great cat!

      • My dog would not permit this – I have to figure out a way to get past her “no cat” policy.
        I thought getting a sweet little kitten might work, but alley cat is a sweet little teenage cat (from what I can tell)

        • Emmaleigh504

          hmm I have no advice here. all our dogs LOVED cats except Fresca the greyhound who was afraid of them.

          • I tell my dog that according to her adoption information she is good with cats so she needs to get over the “no cat” demands.
            She stayed with a friend who had a hairless cat and for some reason this cat didn’t register as a CAT. My dog liked to lick the cat from head to toe. I was worried that this was a prelude to taking a bite…but they got along fine.

          • Formerly Broken Jaw

            What’s with your anminal names? Are you sure we aren’t related?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I believe the first and last names began with Fred C. Dobbs (extra points if you know where that’s from). Then there’s the family pet name, Surjet. It dates back to the 1800s. I come from a family that likes to name things. Maybe we are related, you have family in Indiana, right? My dad’s side of the family comes from there.

        • houseintherear

          I have some good advice! My dog is a westie (Pablo from yesterday’s Animal Fix πŸ™‚ ) and they are historically very anti-cat and sometimes try to eat cats. What works best for him with cats I adopt or foster is to pick up the cat and bring Pablo along. I usually let them out of their crates in the backseat (there’s a barrier that keeps them in the back seat only) and Pablo sits there as well. They just ride together for a while… sometimes I’ll even drive around town for an hour. By the time we get home, they’re cool.

          • Pablo is a cutie! Thanks – I’ll see if I can get alley cat to be comfortable around me then work on getting cat and dog comfortable around each other.

    • Re: coffee. One time I tried to make peppermint flavored coffee by adding a peppermint herbal teabag to the grounds in the percolator. This was a terrible idea. The earthiness of the coffee combined with the plantiness of the tea meant the drink tasted like a potted plant. Lesson learned: stick with the flavor syrups…

  • Rave: Back on my bicycle and loving rediscovering the city (and the bike lanes!).
    Rant: Husband in China so going it alone with the reunions with friends and the neighborhood. We’ll just have to do it all over when he returns!
    Rave: Heading up to Cape May to hang with family. So looking forward to it.
    Rant: Job searching on my computer. My Mac is going on 7 years old and has finally aged out of nearly all web browsers, Skype versions, etc. Getting to the point where I might have to get a new one since nearly any website crashes my browser.

  • Rant: a student in the graduate-level class I’m teaching sent me an email, which seemed like a blanket, copy& paste email so I suspect it was sent to all of her professors, telling me her life is really crazy right now but she will give my class her best, but she hopes I’m patient with her and take that in to consideration. Ugh. My responsibility is to teach the course material to my students, not to teach the course material to most students but hold different students to different standards because they made certain life decisions. And frankly, if your life circumstances are so stressful, defer for the semester; it’s not too late to be refunded tuition.
    Rave: i do love teaching this class every year, and it’s a great second job, even if it is monopolizing my free time right now.

    • That is awful. I would respond to her and tell her that while you are sorry to hear she is having difficulties, you teach the course to the students, and many of them are facing worries or difficulties. However, if she would like to sit down and talk about what your expectations are for the class and figure out whether she would be able to meet them, you are happy to do that. You need to be upfront about what you’re willing to do to accommodate her, otherwise it will drive you nuts all semester.

    • That does seem a little odd for her to say up front (rather than if she’s running into trouble with a specific deadline or something). As someone who had a pretty nasty bout of depression while in grad school, though, I’d be inclined to be a little more sympathetic.

    • agreed. while you are the teacher and do not cater to one student, I think responding to her to prompt a more personal, one on one discussion would help.

      I had something similar occur in grad school, where a family member who I was taking care of was given a very serious, and quick, diagnosis. The option of delaying my semester was not what I wanted, as the class I was taking was only in the fall and I was very interested in it, but I did email my professor (albeit a personal email) to let them know why I might not be as active in class initially as I, and he, would hope. It was his kindness and understanding that made him my favorite professor. A little bit can go a long way FYI

    • really? when i was in grad school, i ended up with some serious health issues that resulted in 4 surgeries during my last semester. there was one class where I just couldn’t manage to get my final paper in. my professor was very understanding and gave me a few extra weeks to hand in my work. i never thought i was being unreasonable asking for some extra time….

      • Maybe that’s the difference between a professional educator, and someone who’s just freelancing for some extra cash. The former is interesting in educating and mentoring the students, and eventually seeing them launched as full-blown grownups (which most college kids and many grad students are not). The latter wants to impart his/her wisdom, receive student adoration, and GTFO. Students of the latter are requested to keep their messy young adultness to themselves, because prof don’t care.

        • Wowsers. Lots of assumptions there, buddy. Although I don’t need to justify my credentials, I am a phd but work on the outskirts of academia. I’m confident in my pedagogy and do actually care about my students. Which also means I value treating all of my students fairly, and I don’t think this student’s request for special treatment was fair to the rest of the class, several of whom are in the same situation.
          I will also point out that the program I teach for caters to mid-career professionals, so the majority of my students are older than I am.

          • So why take offense if none of it applies to you? I think that’s what they call “protesting too much”. If you know anything about academia, you know exactly the kind of professor I referred to. And you’d have said, “Oh yeah, those guys…” instead of getting your back up.

          • Ah, I was pointing out the inherent flaws in your analysis because of your assumptions and apparent biases. It was meant to be a teachable moment, to help you improve your critical thinking skills. And you think I don’t care about my students.

          • Lol.
            Kanon, I thought you were ignoring that d!ck response, but then you came in with the zinger. You made my headache plagued afternoon, thanks!

      • Yes, but all the examples raised are uncontrollable health circumstances, which is a different case entirely. I have and will continue to work with students when those unexpected emergencies arise, and I have accommodated those with learning disabilities without issue. This current situation is not the case, and it’s not that uncommon: working full-time with a family. Most of the students in this class already work full-time, several have families. I’d be much more sympathetic if this was in regards to a specific assignment, and not at the beginning of the semester. I’m not heartless, I’m sure it’s difficult to balance all of those priorities, and I admire those who do it, but it’s not deserving of any special treatment.

        • I hear you. While the student shows admirable self-awareness that she’s juggling a lot, this sort of vague message at the start of the semester also reveals that she doesn’t have enough self-awareness to know what she can and can’t take on (or what sorts of accommodations are appropriate to expect). Based on my experience (and it sounds like your own), you’re going to be dealing with a train wreck this semester.
          Cleary gives good advice.

        • ah, ok…that makes sense. your original post could have gone either way — life is crazy could = i have kids and a job and am overwhelmed as well as i have a sudden, unexpected medical emergency.
          i worked full time during grad school as did most of my fellow students and would have never asked for extra indulgence because of that. it was the medical emergency that pushed me over the edge, though!

  • laduvet

    Rant: it’s official I work in a dysfunctional incestuous work environment and I am the minority. Must learn to keep my head down and not make a sound until an exit door appears.. (it’s so hard!!!)
    Rave: On a “detox” and are feeling and looking great!
    Rave: coming to understand what I really value in life

  • Rant: A friend I’ve had for about a year just stopped talking to me. Not only that, she has started telling others untruths and also private (medical-related) things about me that I told her in confidence. She won’t respond to emails, calls, or texts. Sometimes, a friendship kind of goes bust and I think “Well, I could have done such-and-such differently, I could have been a better friend, I could have should have etc.” But this time? I can’t think of a single thing I did or said that could have warranted this type of behavior. She is a grown woman. And it makes me feel like crap.

    • This behavior sucks and I’m so sorry you have to deal with it. Adults just shouldn’t treat each other this way. ((Hug))

  • Emmaleigh504

    Formerly Broken Jaw, I saw a kickball* chick do the walk of shame last night and thought of you and your interns!
    *Looked kickball could have been another group, def walk of shame, don’t argue.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Due to permissions and other concerns, I won’t be able to photograph a sports team next to a SR-71 Blackbird. πŸ™

  • Rave – Found a job posting for a really interesting position and I’m going to apply! I don’t really think I will get it, but I’m happy to know that there are other jobs out there for me. Plus it’s making me work on my resume.
    Rant – Slept poorly last night and feeling gross and tired today. Looking forward to spending my Friday night on the couch with some wine and TLC wedding reality shows. My life is so exciting!

  • Rave: Engaged! Hooray!
    Rant: How is it that wedding venues are already fully booked more than a year in advance? I guess this is what happens when you live in a town full of classic Type As.

  • Rant: People who spit when we pass each other on the sidewalk. It happened four times in six blocks this morning. I get it, you hate white people. But spitting is still gross. (Congratulations, I guess, for rattling/ angering me as intended. You know I won’t do anything about it.)

    • Holy cow, where do you live? I’ve lived here 6 years and don’t think this has ever happened to me. Unless it has and I’m just not noticing it?? I see people spit but I never thought it was because of me.

      • Columbia Heights. I would like to think that people just spit a lot (so very disgusting) but probability tells me it is unlikely that four of the maybe dozen AA men I passed just happened to spit at the exact moment we passed each other. Unless they’re spitting every three meters or something, and if that’s the case, wouldn’t you think they’d get dehydrated? Also, it’s the demographic combined with the frequency– if someone spits at that exact moment of proximity, it’s always an AA man between 20 and 50.

        • I noticed this happen when I lived in Columbia Heights too, but I didn’t see it as being “directed” at me. I just think some people spit a lot, although I have no idea why they do it. Keep your bodily fluids to yourselves!

  • Rave: The person who had RSVP’d for last night’s open house for my rental unit in Adams Morgan actually showed up. After three recent no-shows, I was getting pretty pessimistic.
    Rave: The other person who had RSVP’d e-mailed on Wednesday to let me know that she’d found another place in the interim and wouldn’t be attending the open house. I felt like replying, “OMG! THAT’S SO COURTEOUS OF YOU!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!”
    Rant: Last night’s attendee is looking at some other places and still thinking, which means I need to hold yet another open house.
    Rave: Yesterday’s cute photos/story about the kitten from the Frederick Douglass Bridge.
    Rave: Almost the weekend!

  • Rant: Your automobile is not a cloak of invisibility. Get your finger out yer damn nose.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Creepy Rant: I’m watching TV last night and the doorbell rings. I never answer the doorbell if I don’t know who is there and all my friends know to call first. I heard a knock and then after a minute, I heard heavy footsteps going down my front stairs. I crept into the living room to peek out the window (no curtains) and saw someone standing in my yard as though they were trying to see in. I ducked down and went back to the TV room and put on my pants (feel free to judge). I went back to the window and noticed a black car had been double parked across the street and was pulling away. So was this a car share service or delivery that was at the wrong address? Creepy! I was weirded out for a minute and was trying to decide if I should call the police but decided I would rather take my pants off and go back to watching TV. If that visual image makes this story even creepier, sorry.

    Sad rant: Joan Rivers untimely death.

    • pablo .raw

      A while ago, someone knocked on my apartment’s door, several times. I look through the door’s peephole and nobody was there so I opened the door and found my keys on the door’s lock. So it was a neighbor letting me know.

    • You know, it’s a terrible idea to pretend no one’s home. Because at least some of the time, the knocker is casing your place, and if there’s someone home, he’ll just say “wrong house” or “have you found Jesus?” and go on his way. (I wondered if that wasn’t part of the gutter cleaner scam. Get $20 from the folks who are home, get a flatscreen TV and a laptop from the folks who aren’t.)
      I don’t open the door, but I always make my presence known.

  • Rave: This weekend is shaping up to be a good one, date tonight, pumpkin beer tasting with my two friends tomorrow, and then going out with more friends to say good bye to one who is leaving (but its for NYC so it doesnt really even count as moving away), sunday REDSKINS.
    Rant: Really getting cooked up in my apartment working from home….i didnt leave my apartment all day for the first time yesterday. UGH

  • RAVE: Friday! Why do Fridays after short weeks always feel so much more deserved than after a normal 5day work week?
    RAVE: Yesterday was the one year anniversary of dating my partner. She’s the best and I feel so very lucky every day to have found her.
    RAVE: Planning to move in together at the end of October! I cannot wait to decorate and organize a home together.
    QUESTION: So, she is moving into the condo that I own. My current roommate is moving out. Current roomie & I had a lease/roommate agreement, and I want to do something similar for when my partner moves in. Do any POPVillagers have something like that in place? What if anything should be different from my platonic roommate agreement/lease to the romantic cohabitation one?

    • Not sure that I have any ready answers, but here are some questions:
      Do you think you two are together for the long haul, or are you not sure yet?
      Will this be just like a tenant arrangement, where she pays rent toward your mortgage but doesn’t earn any equity? Or — especially if you’re together for the long haul — will she be earning some proportion of equity based on what she contributes? If so, and if you split up, how will you calculate what you owe her?
      Will she be paying the same amount of rent as your roommate/tenant was paying?

      • We are definitely in this for the long haul. Current plan is for her to pay rent towards my mortgage, but at some point in the future (when we get married? after X number of years?) we’ll probably have a conversation about changing that. And I’ll still be responsible for all the normal landlord stuff (repairs, maintenance, etc).

        She will be paying basically the same amount as my current roomie/tenant. I’m paying more than her per month, as its my place and that’s what I signed up for.

    • Ally

      I live with my best friend who is also my tenant (I own the house). We just drew up a standard rental agreement but I threw in a few extra clauses to cover shared spaces and pets (things that were important to us both). Shouldn’t be any different than making a normal rental agreement — just put in clauses that may be important to you and to your S.O. as applicable. And congrats on your 1-year anniversary. It sure is nice when you finally meet the right person. I kissed a whole lot of frogs before finding mine.

      • Thats the exact situation I’m in right now – my roomie/tenant is also my BFF. We did pretty much exactly what you’re talking about for our agreement. Probably the one with my partner will be very similar, I was just wondering if the hive mind of commenters had ideas/considerations we haven’t thought of yet.

        Thank you! Oh believe me, I kissed a TON of frogs too and its just made me even more thrilled to have found my person πŸ˜€

        • Ally

          I guess the only tricky things with a rental agreement with the S.O. would be for contingencies in case things (hopefully not an issue) don’t work out. In particular, I guess it might be good to put in writing who handles repairs/damages when they happen (if you own the home)…if you split those or you cover them all, etc. Might also be good to decide if you’re doing a security deposit. In my case, I had my BFF pay $100 or so monthly into an emergency fund for the house instead (we stopped that after it got to a certain balance). And, worst case, including a clause about how the space would get divided if the relationship were to end and the other person was looking for a new place might be helpful (or, at a minimum, how much notice he/she would have to give you before moving out). Congrats again and, if you have separate bathrooms, you should be okay (grin)!

    • Heh, I know this isn’t the case and rental agreements are always good but this just reminds me of Sheldon Cooper’s roommate agreement with Leonard and dating agreement with Amy on the Big Bang Theory… (am I the only person who watches that show? yes? okay.)

      • You are not. It’s hilarious. The hypnosis/”pretending like she’s a chicken” episode is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

      • I’ve seen a couple episodes but not that particular one. Now I’m going to have to find it!

        • The roommate agreement is a running gag across many episodes. Basically Sheldon forces Leonard to sign a huge contract that spells out everything, including what times each of them is allowed to use the bathroom in the morning.

    • I’d treat her like a roommate until you got married. You’d be personally responsible for big maintenance issues/costs just like a normal landlord (plumbing repairs, appliance repairs, property taxes, etc), but then you’d split the normal roommate costs (cleaning supplies, lightbulbs, etc). You continue to get the full benefits of the mortgage interest deduction.
      If you got married, I’d probably convert all her previous rental payments into equity for her. After that, it’s no longer “my condo” but “our condo.”

  • Rave: I bought myself a printed tee-shirt, something I never wear, and made a totally cute and also totally Pinteresty outfit with it. FYI J Crew Factory makes great tee shirts and you can shop them online and there is almost always a sale going on. Great jewelery too.
    Rave: Bonus day happy hour tonight!
    Rant:…at Hooters. I’ll have to stop somewhere for food on the way there. I’ll drink your crap beer for a night, but please don’t make me spend money and calories on that food.
    Rave: my personal stock portfolio is up 44%. Bring on the Alibaba IPO!

  • Ally

    Rave: Just got my first new pair of glasses.
    Rant: Can’t decide if I look like a dork in a good way or a bad way now.
    Rave: At least now I’ll be able to see my cards at this weekend’s charity poker tournament!

    • houseintherear

      Glasses are fantastic. And if they ever don’t feel fantastic, treat yourself to a new really great pair. I do that about every 2 years. Just got some EyeFunc frames that are amazing. Enjoy!

    • New glasses always feel weird. I’m sure you look awesome in your specs. Rock on, fellow glasses-wearer!

      • Ally

        Thanks! I’m liking them so far. If nothing else, my intern appears to be taking me a little more seriously now. Side benefits!

  • Andie302

    Rave: diner en blanc – in advance I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was rushing around like a maniac finishing dinner right beforehand, but it was an awesome time! It was epic for people/outfit watching, everyone was in a great mood, zero rules were enforced (we were worried about bringing outside wine…I accidentally left the sparkling water out of the bag and threatened to drink the gazpacho with dinner if we didn’t get something to drink), and there was dancing after sunset. My only question is what the heck they were going to do with approximately 200 magnums of champagne! We lost patience waiting around to find out and ended up at Bluejacket.
    Rave: Despite the booze intake last night I feel WONDERFUL today!
    Rave: Cuteness overload on the way to work: 15-20 toddlers in the park together all wearing the same outfit. No way any of them were more than 24 months – just adorable.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: After a morning of goofing off, now I have to work. So don’t feel like working now.

  • Hey Andie302! The master bath in today’s Apartment Therapy house tour, it’s in New Orleans, is making me pull the trigger on the repaint. Luckily my floor and shower tile is lighter gray, but that pic makes me think it will look cool, not goth or depressing.

    • Andie302

      Oooohhhh…that’s going to be awesome! You should submit it for a before and after on Apartment Therapy! I’m totally jealous. I hope you love it!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I wish I could see a floor plan of that place. The kitchen was probably moved up at some point, but I want to know how they squeezed in a second bathroom. My guess is the closed in side porch, but not sure. It looks really nice. I’m a fan of all the grey.

  • Rave: Foster kitties are perfect so far with the litter box.
    Rant: Dog enjoyed browsing this “snack tray” before I remembered to barricade it.

  • Rant: HR emailed to tell me my next round interview was set up for next wednesday, but didn’t tell me what time to show up. i emailed back politely asking when i should arrive and still haven’t heard anything. should i just assume that it’s off? show up unannounced at 9am? email back and ask again???
    Rave: not a single meeting all day today…thinking about taking a nice long walk during lunch.
    Rant: pulled several 12+ hour days at work this week, so i feel like i deserve a nice leisurely lunch.

    • In my experience, especially if it’s a panel interview, they pick a date before they pick a time. The date is to let you know for your own preparation purposes. The time, however, is subject to the availability of those on the panel, and might not be able to be finalized right away. If they don’t tell you the time by Tuesday (the day before the interview) then e-mail again.

      • (Context: legal hiring, multi-round large panel interviews.)

      • yeah, that’s what i’m thinking. and i would call, but the only actual phone number i got was for the senior vp who i doubt is involved in scheduling minutia. i only have email addresses for HR and the other people i already met with. i already had 2 rounds of panel interviews, so this one is the final one with the C-suite. i’m sure they are all really busy people, but it still makes me nervous and leaves me wondering if i should pre-emptively clear my schedule?

  • justinbc

    Rave: All the stuff I’ve been reading about Pop’s Sea Bar, definitely sounds like an awesome new spot.
    Rant: No time this weekend to go check it out.

  • when’s the next HH? I’m in/out of town for the rest of the month, but I do love socializing.
    rave: flickr explore! managed another. I think this one guy James makes it all happen.
    rant: the disinformation spread about the Michael Brown homicide.
    rave: my new little line break thingy.

  • Raves: The NFL is back and cooler weather is just around the corner.

    Rant: Driver for a delivery company called LaserShip threatened me last night. He left the radio on in his van and it was so loud we could hear it clearly in our apartment. After it woke up my wife (who is very sick), I told him to turn it down. Then he got belligerent and threatened me. Shockingly, nobody at their corporate or local offices has bothered to call me back. Fun times.

    • “a delivery company called LaserShip” haha, so you have discovered lasership! Worst delivery company on earth. My husband and I have an unofficial slogan for them: “LaserShip, what CAN’T we break!?”

  • RAVE: Burning Man! Was amazing and so happy I could bring along my girlfriend for the first time. Reconnected with so many good friends and made tons of new ones.
    RAVE: Los Angeles! I’m telecommuting this week from my girlfriend’s ridiculously cute 1920s bungalow in West LA. I’m waking up at 630am and I’m done with work by 330pm. She has multiple fruit trees and a huge year-round garden full of herbs and veggies. Weather is incredible, we rode our bikes to Venice beach for the sunset yesterday evening, amazing cheap food is abundant here, and everything we need is within a 10 minute drive from her place (Trader Joes, farmers market, 50 different ethnic eateries, amazing bagels & donuts, the beach, etc). Her new cat is absolutely adorable and a total cuddlebug. Medical MJ is just icing on the cake. I miss my hometown.
    RANT: Heading back to DC on Sunday. I really like DC, but LA stole my heart this trip. I’ve been on the East Coast for the last 14 years, but I just fit it so much more easily with the lifestyle over here. Time to get serious about making a move.
    RANT: LA is just as expensive as DC.

  • rave: McDonnell verdict. Glad to see that slimeball got what he deserved (pending sentencing).

    rant: second month of trying, and we are still not preggo. I know it’s far too early to worry, but it’s so discouraging and I’m having a hard time stopping the tide of “what if something’s wrong” anxiety from rolling in.

  • Rave: Mid City Women Meet-Up group is meeting at Showtime Lounge this evening. If you’re a lady looking to meet some awesome friends in the “mid city” area (Bloomingdale, Truxton Circle, Shaw, Petworth, Eckington, or wherever), join us at 6 PM. Google our group to find out more. I swear, we won’t bite.
    Rave: Today’s “Friday” post. So many take out joints to try.

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