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  • When I moved into the District in 1994 and even when I moved into my house in 1999, there was Eastrn Market, a few scattered Safeways in the city and a few other place in upper northwest. Not nearly enough to service the population.

    Now, just on the Hill(ish)/Atlas area there are based on memory so I am sure I am forgetting something:
    3 Harris Teeters
    1 Giant (plus one not far at RI Ave)
    2 Safeways (plus one in SW)
    1 Aldi
    1 Yes
    1 WalMart
    assorted boutique food/grocery stores and other coming options on H and the Navy Yard area.

    • it’s because dc is no longer a crack ridden basketcase. it will one day be a world class city. it is the capital of the free world, and deserves to be better – a model city of america. companies and americans are realizing this.

  • Drat, most likely will be moving out of Navy Yard when lease is up in mid-Nov so won’t get to enjoy this as much as I was hoping.

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